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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. this is 7news at noon. >> we're tracking some bruins here at noon today. at least 10 schools dealing with bomb threats here in the bay state. this was the scene just a little while ago in arlington. so one after another, schools are reporting that they received these threats. >> the fbi is now involved. sky 7 live over tewksbury, one of many schools involved in today's threat. you can see police cars on the scene there.
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is live at arlington high school. >> this is where bomb sniffing dogs from -- arlington police are going through the high school here. right now they're basically going floor by floor checking out everything just to make sure the building is safe, but all this happening after kids and teachers were sent home for the day earlier this morning. now, a suicide from arlington, this is a disturbing story, because police are dealing with similar that's at several other schools across the commonwealth right now, including ayer high school, newton high school as well, preliminary mouth south middle school was affected with a bomb threat. taunton public schools. tewksbury high school. we're also told the fitzgerald elementary school over in walt waltham. one thing is clear this afternoon, no one is taking any chances with these. >> law enforcement agencies from all over the region, including the
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the high school following a 9:00 a.m. >> for backpacks to explode in the school and then any surviving students exiting the building would be shot. >> arlington quickliy evacuating the 1200 students before deciding to cancel classes for the day. it was only while this was going on did police realize several other schools across the states were dealing with bomb threats as well. we made the decision to evacuate out of an abundance of caution. we have a peru ski in our high school. we have a daycare. we also have a special education program, and all of these programs are needed to be evacuated as well. >> so kids returning from a long holiday weekend were sent home. >> people think this is funny. it's disrespectful to a lot of people and their families. >> from a frustrated police chief, this message to the person or people behind the threats.
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unilaterally for these threats are committing serious felonies, disrupting learning in communities throughout this commonwealth and i have a high degree of confidence they will be identified and prosecuted for the felonies that they're committing. this is extremely disruptive to our communities. >> all right. these are pictures right new from sky 7hd over newton north high school where they're investigating the possibility of a threat there as well. we know investigators are on the scene there right now trying to flush out this information and now let's take you to tewksbury high school, and these are live pictures right now from sky 7hd over tewksbury high school. again, we were told by authorities that they are investigating a bomb threat as well. a series of them all across the state. more than 10 at this hour that are being investigated right now, and as we mentioned right now there are no injuries, but officials both school superintendents and law enforcement agencies now including
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various investigations right now. they're taking them extremely serious and they did have a message to the person or the people involved or responsible for these that they will find those people, they will find that person and they plan to prosecute them. they're fed up with what's happening here right now and so students and staff and parents as well all this a very fluid situation right now, but officials seriously. live in arlington this afternoon, steve cooper, 7news. >> a bitter blast slamming new england, boston bundling up this noon. it's down right frigid outside and the biting winds are really ramping up. >> in fact the wind has already brought down this tree. we're about to show you in wellsly. it fell at the intentions of route nine there and route 16 and police are rerouting traffic because of that, and i think everybody is feeling that deep freeze today. >> yeah, wind chills dipping to dangerous levels, so let's send it
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>> boston through worst, current right now 22 degrees in the city. 17 in worcester and we've had constant winds gusting at times, 40 40 to 50 miles an hour. in worcester. up to 7 in boston. 9 in plymouth. we've seen the warm just a couple degrees through the morning hours. these are sustained winds, 20 to 26 miles an hour. that's what you consistently get, but you know you've had bursts of higher winds. from boston out through worst, recent wind gusts in worst up to 45 miles an hour. we've had some peak gusts close to 50, so it's no wonder why some tree branches and even weaker trees have fallen over during the course of the morning. we have a wind advisory in place through 7:00 this evening and then after that winds dying down just a little bit tonight. they're still going to be gusty but they won't be 40 to 50 miles an hour and the air temperature is not moving all that much as we work through the rest of the afternoon into the evening. here is the snow potential saturday into saturday night.
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>> the bitter blast on the minds of the mbta. in fact commuters, as you know, faced a lot of trouble last winter. so this time around, workers were trying to get ahead of the problem. overnight they were prepping the tracks, and now of course our attention turns to the evening commute. so let's head out to door chester right now and jennifer eagan is jen? morning. the cold. passengers are keeping an eye on the weather and hoping things continue to run smoothly. >> reporter: the mbta taking steps to keep the commute on track despite the bitter cold. overnight the t ran trains on the red, blue, orange and green lines to keep those trains from freezing up. still there were delays. >> a disabled train but they didn't go into specifics. >> it was a little bit slow going, especially ones the train is in the stop, it just stayed stationary for >> it was slow. i came from harvard square.
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two weeks ago the company that runs the commuter rail blamed a train derailment on the single digits. no passengers were on board and no one was hurt, but buses replaced the train for part of the day. broke. state officials suggested the brake was a result of the cold. commuters along the red line are paying close attention to the t's steps to prevent wintery weather from affecting their ride. >> obviously we had the rough winter last time, but i feel make maybe they have taken some steps to improve things. of course not out of the woods yet. >> if we get heavy snowy might be worried, but right now they're doing pretty good. >> as far as the disabled train on the red line this morning, an mbta spokesperson says that was because of braking issue. as far as any possible snow for this weekend, the t says they're keeping their eye on the storms. we're live in dorchester, jennifer eagan, 7news. >> more bruins now. a car going off the road in easton,
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the ice giving way as you can see. rescue crews were able to help pull that driver to safety. >> let's get right out to 7's nicole oliver io. >> he managed to stay here until fire crews came. it was divers that actually got the driver out of the creek that you see behind me and it was fortunate the way his car flipped that possibly kept him from being submerged in the water. >> while out with his dogs, lee anderson heard an all too familiar sound. >> there was a smash, a crack and then about two and a half, three seconds later, the thud as a car was rolling into the brook. >> a man drove right off bay road in easton into this brook. his car flipped over and anderson, help. >> went to the driver's side window, yelled in, said, hello, anybody in there? and we all -- the person inside
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>> i said are you hurt? >> i said, no. >> i said you're not in the water, we'll wait until the fewer crew gets here. >> firefighters got the call and three divers went into the water to pull out the driver. >> we were pretty familiar with this section. area. pretty stable. we had to use the jaws to pop the door on the passenger side to take him out. he was a bit confused, probably from the shock. being cold, obviously. >> tow crews later pulled the toyota from the water. anderson says the driver was fortunate the car flipped low it did and that the driver was wearing his seat belt. >> the top of the roof was about an inch into the water. the tail that -- the back bumper and the front bumper are on shore. >> that kept the driver's body out of the water on an extremely cold day. >> very very lucky. >> firefighters saying a day like this hypothermia can set in minutes, so this driver is very lucky. he didn't really say he had any injuries. he was taken to good samaritan
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the fire truck department, i was asking the department of public works to see if they can have this guardrail extended out at least two more sections. they're hoping that that will prevent more accidents like this one from ever happening again. we're live in easton, nicole olivario, 7news. >> a logan airport worker called to court after protesting for higher wages. that worker is one of several protesters arrested when they refused to leave. her charges were dismissed. yesterday more than 100 airport workers were part of this peaceful demonstration demanding a pay increase from $11 per hour up to 15. the protesters say the airlines can afford to pay workers a fair wage. >> happening today, convicted killer, aaron hernandez is expected in court this afternoon to set a date for his boston double murder trial. the former patriots tightened is accused of killing two men in the south end in 2012. prosecutors say hernandez killed the two men after a run in at a nightclub.
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sentence for the murders of odin lloyd. >> boston mayor marty walsh making preparations for his final state of the city address. his first chance to take a look back and report on progress. public -- including his plan to expand full day prekindergarten and to fix up many of the city's older school buildings. but those plans still face a $50 million budget gap. mayor walsh will begin his remarks at 7:30 p.m. you can watch his speech live right here on 7 nbc. >> the patriots and broncos set to square off for a conference title, so it's the next chapter of tom brady versus peyton manning, a marquis rematch. two quarterbacks with a whole a lot of history. let's go live to the newsroom for the latest on that. kris anderson is tracking it for us. kris. >> speaking of history, two of the best to ever play in the history of the nfl. both sides are looking forward to this marquis matchup.
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what it means to see brady and manning going head to head again. >> tom brady is set to face peyton manning for the 17 and likely final time it. a matchup both players and fans are looking forward to watching. >> couldn't happen no better way, man. only way to go to the super bowl is go through them. >> these two guys going against each we're is like an epic battle. we get to go out and see who -- whose general wins the car. >> it's an emotional game, to be honest, peyton manning and brady, everyone always compares the two, but i think the patriots are really good at handling playoffs. >> peyton manning is looking good. it's going to be a hard one. >> brady is embracing the matchup. >> it will be fun to play another peyton manning led team. >> while manning is stealing a page from new england's head coach. >> bill belichick will be on new england, i'll be talking about them
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>> he has a 4-2 career record. he's preparing for his first afc title game as a head coach. he's facing the patriots team that is playing in this game for the fifth straight year. >> they're always in position. have a lot of respect for them. >> during a radio interview yesterday, tom brady said he never imagined in his 15-year career with the patriots that he would be going into his tenth afc championship game. quite a remarkable task. live here in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7news. >> kris, thank you. remember 7news is your home for continuing coverage of the pats in the playoffs. we'll be live in denver next weekend for the game. we have live reports beginning thursday right here on 7news. >> coming up on 7news at noon. fishing for trouble. an angler lands a great white after casting his line off a popular pier. >> and hollywood's biggest night getting boy kansas department of transportation. who could be sitting out at the oscars this year.
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cold air in place, but will that mean a storm storm by the time we
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>> now, 7 weather with meteorologist chris lambert. >> a cold afternoon after a cold started this morning. low temperatures down into the teens and we haven't made a whole lot of progress throughout the day. we've gone from 16 to 22 in the city of boston. added 6 degrees to get to 17 in worcester and we've also added in a lot of wind throughout the day, driving those wind chill values down into the single digits, even below zero. still at minus two in worcester. feeling like 7 degrees in boston. the wind picking up. 32 miles an hour in boston. 40 down in the vineyard so widespread to see 40-mile an hour gusts. weaver even had gusts higher than that occasionally gusting near 50 miles an hour. that will continue to be the case through the rest of the afternoon
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hours. we'll expect a mostly sun and clouds -- mixture of sun and clouds. >> same case tomorrow. batches of clouds and sun. quiet weather on thursday into friday. so we're still a few days away from trying to nail down a potential storm coming up here by saturday. wind chill values running 5 to 10 flew the afternoon. gusty winds will continue all afternoon long. we'll have the sunshine, mix of clouds and cold air. upper teens in worcester hills should reach the mid 20s. 24 degrees in boston. 26 south of the city. but we've had some strong winds throughout the day and for a look that over to danielle. here's some of the strongest wind gusts we've seen so far today. we got up to 60 miles per hour. and cambridge even close to 50 miles per hour. 45 miles per hour in worcester. so we've been dealing with the strong wind gusts and that's not going to change really as we head into this afternoon. heading home from work your commute home around 6:15 still dealing with the westerly winds anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour. as we head into the overnight and
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starting to die down. you can see more yellow here. that indicates the winds finally starting to calm down. tomorrow still breezy but not down right gusty like today. what does that make it feel like outside? tonight. for tomorrow morning we don't have to dress for the sub zero temperatures, but the single digits and then tomorrow afternoon it will start to feel like the teens, even some of you feeling like up to 20 degrees out there. so the next two days, today very gusty, tomorrow a little bit warmer, not as windy, still breezy. kris, back to you. >> that will continue to be the case even into the weekend and that's where our attention turns to ocean. injuring that will be working into the pacific northwest and down into california as we get into tonight and tomorrow, it will traverse the country and develop a storm system throughout the carolina coast line and this will become a powerful storm off the mid-atlantic i think coast line hammering the snow.
12:18 pm
slide off to the south of us, track number two would give us minimal impact if it does move off to the east, north east, then we would have a significant snow, wind and coastal flood threat. right now the highest risk for these heavy snows will be back through the mid-atlantic i think, down into virginia, it's a close call here in southern new england and you notice how some of these purpose elves, really a sharp gradient to the north -- hard to say if that happens across southern new hampshire o if it's just south of us, so i don't mean to to guarantee and lock in a major snowstorm, but it is something we have to watch. there is a potential that the heaviest could stay south of us. >> there's much more to come on 7news.
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a fisherman landing quite the fis wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over.
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a rare catch caught on camera, a fisherman in california reeling in handle. >> just because it was a great land. the fisherman tried several times to free the shark, but could not. the shark eventually got itself unhooked and swam away. experts say warmer went waters caused by el nino most likely brought the shark a bit closer to shore. also caught on camera, a police chase? los angeles ending with officers scrambling to catch dogs running across the freeway. the dogs were in the back seat of
12:22 pm
then they jumped out when the suspect surrendered to police. the dogs are now being cared for by animal services. >> a man in a crash is in jail again, arrested more than 70 times for pan handling. california police arrested 43-year-old kevin joy for being on a median without a permit. they say he had about $1,800 in cash on him. authorities say they have offered resources to him to improve his situations, but highest he's stick to go making a living by up and down handing. >> next who is boycott the oscars this year and will chris rock step
12:23 pm
. >> the oscars, stars boycotting hole's wood's biggest night due to
12:24 pm
there are not enough minorities in this year's organization. >> two big name hollywood stars are announcing they're not going to be showing up. let's go to 7 kris anderson. >> they're calling for change, kris. >> once again a frustration over lack of divert it's in this -- diversity. two of the industry's biggest names are threatening to not attend. >> let's let the academy with that with all grace and love and let's do us differently. >> in a video post the to facebook accident actress jada pinkett-smith says she's boycotting the awards and won't be watching them from home either. she made the dramatic announcement in the wake of growing controversy the lack of diversity among this year's of course or nominees. >> begging for acknowledgment or even asking diminishes dignity and diminishes power. and we are a dig fire hydrant
12:25 pm
>> her husband, wind chill smith ll smith who is one of the actors of color who did not get nominated this year. pitt pinkett-smith is not alone in her frustration. he blames hollywood studios saying the receipt battle asks in the executive officers where the gatekeepers decide what gets made. >> monday nights the president of the academy of motion pictures issued a statement saying she's heartbroken frustrated about the situation. she said the racial makeup of voters who decides the awards needs to change. as for the host, chris rock tweeted over the weekend, calling the oscars the white bet awards and despite awards saying there's pressure on him to boycott as well, pinkett-smith says he's the right man to host. >> chris rock, i can't think of a better man to do the job at hand this year than you, my friend.
12:26 pm
>> this is the second year in a row that the oscars have sparked backlash for nominating an all white group of actors, but this is the first year that prominent names in hollywood are taking lacks. >> live in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7news. >> there's much more to come in the next half hour. >> bruins today, bay state cools have evacuated. classes canceled after police say they received bomb threats. we're live for the latest. >> we have the wind continuing into the afternoon. we'll take a winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed.
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we're fog breaking news at noon. at least 10 schools dealing with bomb threats in the bay state. this was the scene just a little while ago in arlington. so one after another schools have
12:28 pm
>> the fbi is now involved. sky 7 over tewksbury high school, one of the many schools involved in today's threat, so as we take a look here, the police cars are on scene right now. let's go live to 7 steve cooper at arlington high school with more. steve? >> new information at 12:30. arlington police telling us they went through the high school smear just a short time ago they gave the all clear. no devices or anything were found inside the school. police were using bomb sniffing dogs throughout the high school this morning after kids were sent home for the day, but again nothing suspicious was found inside the building. now aside from arlington, police and law enforcement agencies all across massachusetts dealing with similar threats at places like ayer high school as well, taunton public schools. tewksbury high school as you mentioned, the fillets gerald elementary school in waltham and
12:29 pm
we're told a threat at the high school there, it's clear one thing, no one was taking any chances toll. law enforcement agencies from all over the region, including the atf, assisting arlington police at the high school following a chilling bomb threat just before 9:00 a.m. >> for backpacks to explode in the school, and that any surviving students exiting the building would be shot. >> arlington quickly evacuating the 1200 students before accused to cancel students for the day. it was while this was going on that police realized that several schools across the state were dealing with bomb threats as well. >> we made the decision to evacuate for inbound answers of caution. we know that other schools have received similar that's today, but we have a preschool in our high school. we have a daycare. we also have a special education program, and all of these programs are needed to be evacuated as well. >> so kids returning from a long holiday weekend were sent home. pretty upset by the threat.
12:30 pm
it's just kind of like disrespectful to a lot of people and their families, because a lot of families are really scared right now too. >> from a frustrated police chief, this message to the person or people behind the threats. >> those that are responsible for these threats are committing serious felonies, disrupting learning in communities throughout this commonwealth and i have a high degree of confidence they will be identified and prosecuted for the felonies that they're committing. communities. >> and disruptive to a lot of communities. this is sky 7hd earlier over norton high school. local police, state police, the atf and now we're told the fbi all working to track where these threats are coming from. again, you heard the police chief here in arlington saying they're all working together right now, trying to fracture down the person or the people responsible for all this. again, the all clear here a little while ago at the high school and the hope is classes will resume
12:31 pm
we're live in arlington this afternoon, steve cooper, 7news. >> a bitter blast slamming new england, boston bundling up. it's down right frigid outside, wind chills dipping to dangerous levels and that cold started really to seep in yesterday. >> it really has brought in some arctic air and very strong winds. if if you're outside, it can be dangerous actually. the wind bringing down a tree along this intersection of route 9 and route 16 in wellesley. let's go to chris lambert who are standing by with more. >> we've had a lot of winds gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour so that constant push of wind on these trees stressing them out. and a lot of tree branches falling well. 17 in worcester. those air temperatures, what it feels like outside, wind chill, 7 right now in boston. minus 2 in worcester not wind speeds gusting to 45 right now in worcester. 32 in boston. 37 and we have peaked close to 50.
12:32 pm
cambridge, arlington, places like that, 47-mile an hour wind gusts and it will continue to gust 40 to 50 throughout the afternoon. we have a wind advisory in place. that should be about it. and low temperatures tonight starting off tomorrow morning will be back down into the teens. wind chill factors close to zero. now we do have the potential for snow and wind on saturday. this is what we're watching. there's going to be a major ocean storm that develops noreaster. storm. if it stays a little more to the south, the impact would be more minimal here in southern new england. so a lot of talk and a lot of watch here as we head into the weekend. >> well, the race for the white house is heading up, a very busy day on the campaign trail for republican candidate ted cruz. his schedule will feature six meet-and-greets today and fellow republican john kasich will also
12:33 pm
as for donald trump he's in iowa where he's promising a major endorsement. we're also seeing a new poll as the front returns continue to battle it out for the top spot. >> let's rejoin kris anderson with more on the numbers now. kris? >> kris arc it's all about the numbers at this point. the latest ones out show that republicans more so than democrats are taking a hit from all of the negative campaign zag right? everybody knows that. >> donald trump and three other candidates will be at the same event in iowa today. ted cruz is packing in six meet-and-greets in new hampshire. trump is increasing attacks on cruz, not mentioning him by name at rallies. >> i heard somebody say we're going to build a wall. i said where did that come from? nobody ever said that before but me. >> cruz says issues are fair game but he won't launch personal attacks. >> if he or anyone else wants to engage in a battle of insults, he's -- he's welcome to do so. i don't intend to respond in kind. >> our latest nbc wall street journal poll results released just last night show the battle for republican nomination has given
12:34 pm
view of the party, but it's not having as much as of an impact among republicans. >> you can support someone who has the experience in getting results for people. >> our poll shows more democrats value experience over change. that could benefit hillary clinton. bernie sanders greets voters in iowa today. >> they want real change in the way we do business. >> the poll finds more than half of the democrats are unswayed by the tony of their party's campaign. >> who do voters like? that's a good question. hillary clinton has the highest positive numbers in the latest nbc news wall street journal poll followed by bernie sanders, ted cruz, marco rubio and ben carson tie and then comes donald trump. live in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7news. >> and there's more news today, a report says police removed nearly 1,000 guns off the streets and streets in massachusetts in 2015. according to the herald, officers and troopers seized 927 guns last year. at least 162 of those weapons were illegal.
12:35 pm
it's a requirement of gun legislation that was approved in 2014. >> glocester. four people overdosed in the city in a 24 hour period over the past weekend. and all four were also brought back with narcan and in a post on facebook the chief said in part, don't be ashamed of your illness. we're not ashamed of us. it's time to come and get some help. >> i think the post was a reiteration that we need to do better to reduce the shame, reduce the stigma. and to get more people to to come forward and get help for this. >> last spring the chief launched glaucester's angel program. he said more than 375 people have entered treatment since then. >> drivers upset in worcester after parking ban problems. some people say they woke up to find their cars towed away by the
12:36 pm
parking ban in place. >> clark university's first baseman dave is used to getting curve balls thrown at him, but nothing like this. >> so i woke up this morning. our other roommate knocked on my door and he said, hey, dave, your car is not here. >> his car was towed, along with the cars of his two roommates. all three baseball players out a $132 towing fee each. plus a $50 ticket from the city. and part of the problem these athletes say that the city didn't place. >> when somebody told me our cars were towed, i was kind of like the roads weren't even bad. i was just really confused about it. >> these guys guys weren't the only ones. across town at assumption college these grad students moved their cars in the nick of time. they said they were notified, but well after the parking ban started. >> last night they declared a ban at 11:30 at night but their message didn't go out until 1:00 a.m. >> in a statement from the city
12:37 pm
admit saying they made a mistake saying the timing of the declaration did not allow residents ample time to move their vehicles. therefore general forgiveness is being granted for all the tickets between january 17 and. for dave, he says the city needs to do better. >> it's not really about the money. it's really the principle. >> the winter parking ban has since been lifted. >> coming up, straight ahead, combating concussions. experts tackling a tough topic. how a new football helmet would keep athletes safe on the field. >> a rescue use on the wing. a pelican gets cop up on the fishing line. how an officer saves the day. >> dry for the next day. we'll have the weekend forecast coming homecoming? it' s awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra and get all the legroom in coach?
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a minnesota man having some snow day fun. taking a part of pants and freezing them outside. yes. >> he posted a picture to facebook and this idea went viral. people began freezing their own pants. making quite the scene in this neighborhood. the man says he got the original idea from his brother and has been doing it for a few years and we're definitely freezing our pants off out there today. it is so cold. >> i couldn't say it better, kris. hopefully we won't be doing that for too long either.
12:41 pm
there, doesn't it. >> at times with the strong wind coming in and the cold air in place. not a bad day sky cover wise. traffic smooth t smoothly. 22 in the city, but the wind is northwest. wind chill factor at 7 and temperatures in the teens and lower 20s. of course in minneapolis they can time of year. the wind chill factor in boston was 7. norwood 7, minus two in worcester. these numbers not changing much as we go through the rest of the day. if you look back to the rest into the great lakes down into the pennsylvania you notice the air mass doesn't change that much. these numbers will moderate a little bit, but i do expect us to stay below freezing for the rest of the week and dry through friday. back yard skating rinks finally freezing up and staying rock solid over the next few days with the cold air in place. we have some batches of clouds to work on throughout. sunday morning traded that in more more clouds this afternoon.
12:42 pm
and clouds this afternoon. these winds have been awfully strong through the morning how's at times 40 to 50 miles an hour. in fact there's a wind advisory in place. for more on the wind over to danielle. >> thanks, kris. here's some of the strongest winds we've seen so far today. 56 mile-per-hour gusts in welles -- we've been dealing with the strong winds >> that's not going to change as we head into this afternoon. they're still strong as we head into 645, getting close to dinner time, dealing with the westerly wind gusts 30, even 40 miles per hour. overnight they're starting to die down. they're calmer for your day tomorrow, but still a little bit breezy out there for most of the
12:43 pm
flexibility in what they serve. it would ease requirements on grains and delay a deadline to cut sodium. republicans originally wanted to allow schools to opt out of the rules entirely and first lady michelle obama has been working to make school lunches healthier now for a couple of years. >> a new study questioning whether teenagers smoking marijuana really leads to lower intelligence. researchers have found that pot smoking might be a symptom of something else that's causing a
12:44 pm
it's not clear exact what will that symptom is. researchers caution that even if smoking marijuana doesn't lead to lower iq scores there are other potential consequences of smoking marijuana when you're young. >> designers at a university hoping to make concussion concerns among athletes a thing of the past. after receiving a grant from the nfl, the department at the university of washington designed this new helmet for football players. they say it prevent skull fractures, concussions, absorbed impacts and fits the athletes better. the designers hope to have it approved for nfl and college athletes by next season and eventually for all athletes. >> coming up, tangled and in trouble. a pelican getting hooked and rescue crews raising against the clock to get that bird back in the air. >> and saying good-bye.
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>> a pelican flying into trouble in south florida.
12:47 pm
all tangled up. when a police officer noticed the pelican in distress, he rushed in for this wild rescue. >> and now vets are hoping to get that bird back on the wing. here's 7's with the latest it wasn't your typical beach rescue. >> he saw that he was walk well difficulty. >> he was patrolling at south point park when he spotted a pelican shaking. >> when i approached the animal i could see that he had embed aid hook on the wing and wasn't able to fly. and i could also see that he had a fishing line wrapped around the wing. >> he called the pelican harbor sea bird station and they came to help save the bird in distress. >> it's actually really helpful, especially that they can call and you say luckily we had enough staff members to be able to go out and rescue you use the animal. >> they scooped up the guy and brought him into the station. >> right around the elbow area was a pretty deep tissue wound.
12:48 pm
wound with the bone exposure. we're hoping to warm him up, game him hydrated and hope he makes a recovery. >> creating other problems they have to now deal with. >> the weather has been a factor. unfortunately once these birds are in the water and they're injured and they can't get up it's really bringing down their body temperature and it makes it harder to treat right away. we have to wait for them to warm-up before we can do any fluids or any treatments. >> the pelican is doing okay. >> he seems to be doing very well. active, bright, alert and response i single digit. just exactly how we like them. >> up next on 7. opening up, terrace morgan going one on one with jimmy fallon and that he had to say about his road to recovery coming up in the buzz.
12:49 pm
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topping the buzz, tracy morgan opening up about the near fatal car crash. >> the comedian threatening to go back. >> it must be weird having this whole thing happen to you, the coma and you come out and everything is different. >> yeah, things are different. >> donald trump is leading in the polls. >> i'm going back. >> no, you can't go back. >> morgan talked about several other cultural changes as well that happened while he was in a coma. after the 2014 car crash including david letterman's retirement and the new "star wars." >> high school musical stars getting together for a class
12:52 pm
the gang met up in an la high school gym to celebrate the 10-year anniversary. zac evan front was noticeable -- buzzing. the singer posting a photo of ring. that's what we meant. it looks like a lot like an engagement ring. maybe she got it from liam hemsworth back in 2012. two of the split a year later but apparently reunited a few years ago. >> trying it on for fun. >> ladies, there's still hope for prince harry is single. it was rumored the 31-year-old was dating princess maria of greece and den mark. the royals dismissed those claims. the two royals are actually distant relatives both descending from queen victoria. >> oh, well.
12:53 pm
glenn frey, a founding member of the eagles passed away yesterday. he wrote dozens of major hits with band member don henley including take it easy and best of my life and to come who are get "hotel california." he died from complications of pneumonia and other health problems. henly says it feels like he has lost a brother and he was just 67 years old. so young and a legend really. >> let's get a final check of our weather with chris lambert. >> wind advisory only up 24 degrees this afternoon. low 30s wednesday, thursday, friday, so it is a cold week ahead and then on saturday we are watching the potential for snow and wind to close on in here in southern new england. expecting this storm to provide a lot of snow across the midland i think. how far north it tracks. j.r. will have the update at 4:00.
12:54 pm
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