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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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two rounds athe victim striking him. the fight then spilled on to the platform as the train pulled into maverick square t. station. a second victim his involvement at this point we do not know was also struck. >> reporter: police say there were 10-15 passengers on the train when the shooting started. >> as the train was coming in the doors opened and you heard boom boom boom and people started disbursing everyone. it was insane. >> reporter: suspect ran away. maverick station was immediately shut down and passengers were bussed as police began their investigation. what was going through your mind when all this was >> get out of there. i ran upstairs an got out. >> reporter: the station has reopened. passengers are able to get on the trains now. the two victims, two men 29 and 43 years old were taken to the hospital with nonlife
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police are still looking for the suspect who they only will only describe as a man. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> adam: also breaking at 6:00 a man convicted for his role in a cash on the ashborway in 2013 that left 20 people paralyzed. -- 2 people paralyzed. brandon gunnoe has more. >> reporter: it only took one day for the jury to reach a verdict after three days of testimony. this is 20-year-old nicklaus popodoplos homes after hearing the guilty verdict for a charge of neglect homicide after a crash that left two people paralyzed. the father of three he could no longer move about or communicate on his own. the massive catch happened in september 2013 on the ashashway in jamaica plain. police say the man was speeding when his s.u.v. lost control, crossed the immediatian, hit the
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truck head-on. another man in his car was not seriously hurt. two other teens were in the s.u.v. with pop top louse. a 14-year-old was paralyzed after being ejected. we're told the man faces up to two years in prison. live in brighton, brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> kim: 7 news with a dangerous forecast. we're dealing with a deep-freeze. bitter air mixed with the wind and it's bone chilling. >> adam: fierce winds causing a tree to come crashing down. police had to reroute traffic and if it's not bad enough get ready for temperatures to take another >> kim: there is good news about the whipping winds. let's check it out with j.r. >> reporter: winds gusting 25-20, they were' over 40 miles an hour for a time this morning and this afternoon, but they will subside later this evening
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way for tomorrow. look at the wind chill, feels like 1 below in worcester. nashua feels like 4 above. boston feels like 8 above. nashua 19. the city at 23. even without the wind it's a cold night out there. cold for the remainder of the week. thanks to this area of high pressure. meanwhile storm system comes into the west coast and so that it will be in this position late friday afternoon, friday night and so as we work into the weekend moves across the mid the atlantic states. storm. especially if you have travel plans down to 95 corridor friday evening, you may want to rethink the plans because d.c., baltimore, those are going to be the jackpot locations. 1-2 feet of snow likely. what about new england? track one, that would bring some significant snow into new england. night. track 2 is a more southerly england on the northern
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i'm leaning to track 2. think it's going to be some snow on the way for saturday evening and saturday night but not a major event at this time although track 1, track 2 we don't look a track in until probably tomorrow night at this time or at the latest thursday morning. >> kim: breaking news out of florida. the state's supreme court refused to hear the appeal of the disgraced f.b.i. eight john connolly. that means connolly will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. he is 75 years old. he was quitted in 2002 of helping whitey bulger's gang avoid police tipping them off to investigation. he spent ten years in prison on that charge and then connolly was convicted of killing the president of a florida gambling operation. the former f.b.i. agent was sentenced to 40 years in prison. he was trying to appeal but the state supreme court was his last chance. >> adam: we're following a developing story. many of the kids had to go
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the f.b.i. is involved trying to figure out if they're all connected. jadiann thompson at our breaking news definitely with more. >> reporter: today's event leaving many students on edge. more than a dozen schools in the region were dealing with bomb threats including arlington, billerica, groton and plymouth. just a few to speak of. all of those you see on the scene there. arlington high school evacuated before classes began. cancelling classes for the day. state police say 15 schools received threats today in the state of massachusetts. police inspected all the schools and the didn't find anything suspicious, that is the silver lining. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: breaking news from the patriots. line backer mayo is done for the season. the team put him on injured reserve. joe amorosino with details on mayo. >> reporter: it's not as big of a blow as it would have been two years or a few years ago but losing mayo to
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injury will take, test the patriots' depth at line backer. playing mostly in a reserve role he racked up 49 tackles and a tack but with chandler jones getting nicked up against the chiefs the pats could be a bit shorthanded in their front 7 there. for the second time in three seasons the mace and bronco -- patriots and bronco also square off for the right to represent the the super bowl. tough go back to 2012 to find the last championship game that didn't feature one these two model franchises. the pats and broncos top two seeds. patriots in the a.f.c.title game for a 5th straight year. patriots hoping for better outcome sunday than the last time these two teams met in the nfl's version of the final four. they're not taking their 10th trip to the under bill bell check for granted. >> we've guys like steven
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league for 12 years and never been in this point. you know we all have friends that play other places that haven't been able to experience this. so i think we all understand those of us who have' been here a while how fortunate we all are. >> i remember playing super bowl in 2010 and i kept telling myself oh, i want to get to the super bowl but i don't want to get there any more because i got there and lott. this was like i broke up -- were a girl friend so i want to get there and win it all. >> reporter: the focus has been on the showdown between brady and manning but it's the other side of the ball that may delayed which team will be heading to super bowl 50s. the bronco also tell us why that is the case in 7 sports. joe amorosino, 7 news. >> adam: speaking of, joe, the bronco throwing the first punch before sunday's game trash talking patriots players. smith calling brady a cry baby. dan hausle live at gillette.
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>> reporter: it came from a writer asked smith if he thought barack obama bradies with a cry baby. he said it's it's accurate. smith says it seems like this that earned tom brady the labor cry baby. every time he gets sacked he looks at the ref like you see him sack me. was that supposed to happen? he did that a little hard. please three 15-year-old penalty on him. get him fined. pats fans would rather throw a flag on smith's cry baby label. >> not the way he played. absolutely not. the guy can play ball and throw the ball better than he is the best. >> i think tom brady is the best quarterback ever and people are just jealous. they are always going to be. >> reporter: some fans say if anything to blame for quarterbacks like brady looking for an edge it's the nfl. >> the nfl protecting all
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it's not -- quarterbacks, it's something they're doing. >> they are all cry babies? >> that is the rule. quarterbacks. you can't hit them as hard. baby? >> i don't think he s. every nfl quarterback if they get touched looks for a flag. it's not his fault. >> reporter: there is a photo going around that shows tom brady helding a babe i payton manning saying daddy is coming home. we'll find out who is your cry baby and who is your dad i. dan hausle, 7 news. >> adam: joe amorosino and trey daerr will be live in denver this weekend for the big game. they're flying out early. live reports there start thursday right here on 7 news. >> kim: mayor walsh preparing for his annual state of the city address here in boston. and one of the hottest topics is expected to be public education. the mayor will be reflecting
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ahead to what is next. kimberly bookman in boston with the preview of tonight's speech. >> reporter: you know when walsh ran for mayor two years ago, he ran on a promise that he would improve schools. tonight many are saying he didn't live up to that. parents and teachers raise their voices over the direction of the city's schools. >> he is cutting our schools, cutting our funding. >> reporter: it comes hours before walsh delivers his state of the city address with an emphasis on how public education is improving here. he is expected to taut hiring of a new superintendent and 24 new principals, redesigning high schools and the partnering with a global software company. >> martin j. walsh. >> reporter: proud his record on public safety, crime is down, arrests are down, hundreds of guns were taken off the streets represent lick arc hand guns
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were recognized at the white house. he will likely reflect on meeting the pope and talking about issues of climate change, human trafficking, while also taking on big issues like race relations and energy efficiency. helping small businesses and paid parental leave as well as affordable housing. but not everything in 2015 was rosie. who can forget the 100 plus inches of snow and the controversial olympic bid. >> another part of his job is to make sure that we have fully funded schools. it's gone down every year so i'm disappointed. very disappointed in him. >> reporter: the speech gets under way at 7:00. a full wrap up for you tonight. reporting live in boston, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> kim: we'll be there. watch the speech live right here on 7 nbc tonight at 7:30. >> adam: still ahead on 7
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firefighter leaping into action when a driver goes barreling off the road into
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>> adam: a driver in easton involved in a wild wreck when his car plunges no a frigid pond. a retired firefighter heard about the crash, actually heard it and rushed over to help. >> kim: this is incredible. will you see with both men
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jonathan hall has their story. >> reporter: imagine you are suddenly off the road upside down and in shock. >> i knew something was wrong because i couldn't move around. i didn't realize that was up side country. it happened to 73-year-old leon rudman glad to be home after a bad crash. he has a sore neck but he say he is is fine after losing control of the toyota which flipped and landed in a shallow brook. >> thank god noter with a was coming in. >> reporter: you are a lucky man. >> that's what the doctors were telling me from the pictures they saw. >> reporter: it has been quite an ordeal for this tax accountant who believes he hit a patch of ice or a rock which made his car veer off of bay road by a guard rail and into the water at 9:00 am. a retired firefighter heard the crash and went to help rudman. >> the top of the roof was about an inch into the water. >> reporter: rudman keeps
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accident. he meant to . >> because i was upside down i couldn't find it so i kass able to wiggle out of the belt and i'm convince that had saverd my life. >> reporter: firemen cut away a door and pulled rudman out of the car. he is thank follow for their help questioning what went wrong. >> i felt the car like, go, loom like flying. i never being blacked out. >> reporter: tonight mr. rudman believes he was hour. he send his thanks for all the first responders who helped him including that retired fireman who happened to be walking his dog. jonathan hall, 7 news. >> reporter: cold night in easton, cold night in boston. forecast for the middle of the week up next as well.
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>> announcer: 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: cold wind at this time slowly fades away overnight tonight remainder of the week we've high pressure. cold high pressure sunny skies. why don't we head west young man and focus on our possible storm. it's just now getting to the west coast. now that it's reaching north america, we can put more date into a weather computers which will help to storm.
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we know that much. but where it goes once it gets to the eastern seaboard that is a mystery although there are some signals in the atmosphere starting to reveal themselves that is what the jet stream will look like, you see the jet stream take as big dip and you see this circle that is cut off. what the areas of low pressure cut off that far south it's tough to get england. when we had the whiz blizzard the cutoff circles were closer to new england. when they're this far to the south they don't share their moisture with the rest of northern america if you will. so right now, i think the heftiest swath of snow is going to look like this. virginia, maryland middle atlantic states. then just south of new england, not to say that we're not going to have any snow because we run the risk of snow saturday afternoon and saturday night. favoring southerly track which will keep the heftiest
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strongest winds to south which is critical because there is the threat of coastal flooding with the as tomorrowical high tide. at this time i'm leaning more towards track 2. an update tonight at 11:00 and much more tomorrow. until that weekend threat of snow, you've got sunshine coming your way wednesday, thursday, friday. seasonably cold upper 20s to the low 30s enjoy your tacos. >> reporter: when the patriots take the field in denver on sunday they'll do it without mayo who landed on injured reserve for the third straight season. this time, with a shoulder irish shoe and with an 11 hadn't 4 million cap hit next year mayo may have played his last snap in a patriot uniform. he has been relegated to a backup role but with chandler jones the patriots'
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they could use mayo's leadership heading into a hostile environment in the mile high city. >> they've had good teams when we played out. there the crowds get into it. they have a good team like this year. the crowd will be into it. they'll have a great team and we have to play our best. i think that's what it comes down to. we have had a lot of close games there. it's always comes down to something at the end. we have been out there once this year. i think we learned from the experience. they are a great opponent and it's, it'll take our max effort. >> reporter: the broncos boast football's top total defensive unit leading the league in pass defense and pops in the nfl with 52 sax but they're well aware of what a patriots offense at full strength can do and as pass rusher extraordinaryaire vaughn miller says they need to be at their sharpest from the secondary to the d.line. >> we can only control what
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i'm fully can have dent in the guys to -- confident for the guys to lock all that stuff and give us a little about the of tomorrow. you can't to take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself. he is a great quarterback. sometimes he doesn't even need an offensive line. he goes out. there he know, he has great guys. that he is throwing the ball to. >> reporter: bruins get a crack at revenge facing the canadiens for the first time since the winter classic. b's' leadinged habes by a point in a tightly packed eastern conference. a race ryan spooner is trying not to get caught up in. >> i find if you look at the standings a lot it's probably not the best thing. it's best to go and play and just focus on the game that you have to play and that's how it should be. >> is there always something on the line. whether we want to make it bigger than others or whenever. just go in there and look for one thing. it's a win. no matter how we do it what
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looking nor a win. >> reporter: nadle is done in the first round of a major losing to fernando at
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>> adam: thanks so much for joining us here for 7 news at 6:00 on a tuesday, i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei.
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we'll be following a lot of stories that are happening today including this one. show you this live picture as mayor marty walsh gets ready to give his state of the city air dress. we'll be carrying that live at at wegmans we believe the
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