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tv   Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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now, for $79.99 a month online, get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. or with a 2 year agreement, get a $300 bonus. go to or call 1.888.get.fios. this morning on "today's take" "blacklist" star meg an boon on who is joining the cast. and what has everyone talking today and the unbreakable jania koski is back as our special guest host. all that and more coming up now. from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a 2016.
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one of these things is not like the other >> just heard our song. al and i joined by the talented dame allegedly. this is the "sesame street" "one of these things." >> the this is my dream scenario, has come true today. the girls are gone. it's just me and my boys, willie and al. so one of these things is not like the other. did you guess which thing is not like the others >> it's me. i'm not like the others. >> i didn't know. >> and we're back. >> jane is back. >> you always come with a bit. you really work hard with a bit. >> and some work and some don't.
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and sometimes it's "sesame street." >> i didn't know i would be on the 9:00 hour and i thought you just invited me for breakfast. >> chili breakfast. the chorizo was nice. >> the last time hi that i was pulled from the refrigerator from a long night. >> how busy are you now? >> i'm busy? >> yeah, dig. busy. >> you've got "kimmy schmit". >> officially airing on april 15th on netflix. as soon as you get your taxes if you can get some humor with kimmy. >> we all came to visit and got a behind the scenes. >> it was so fun. >> remember that thing. >> yeah, i'm sure that will be cut out. >> you'll have to watch. >> got picked up for a third season before they even saw the second season. >> so happy and thrilled to get that news. it's just the best gig ever so i
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a wheelchair by the time they finish. >> kimmy, get mow that water. >> and you'll be using that. >> for some reason. my accent will change. >> and jane is back on broadway. >> currently in rehearsals for "she loves me" beginning on february 19th at studio 54. tim us about the snow. >> so excited about it. in rehearse hall now and we're having the best time. it's so fun. i forgot how fun and creative rehearsals are. i forgot what it's like to be an actress and now i'm remembering, and -- and it's -- it's really -- it's a beautifully crafted little jewel box of a musical directed by the great scott ellis and means a lot for me to be a part of it and this is their 50th anniversary and i hope you'll all come and i'll sing a few songs and do a little dance. >> she can do it all.
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intermission because you have to get up early the next day. >> we'll take a nap that day. >> my big number's-ins that, too. >> we'll be there. >> thankfully you're not opening today because it's a mess up and down the east coast. >> it's the storm of 2016. >> where's her graphic? >> that's right. >> let's go live right now. dylan dryer is in the blue mobile. we won't see dylan and we'll see what she's on. she's on the outside cleaning the windshield. this is coming down. it is starting already'sville, virginia. more than 88 million people and 16 states in its path. according to flight aware 2,700 flights cancelled today. philly international airport, cancelling all flights tomorrow. as you can see. dylan's on her way to washington, d.c. take a look at our nation's get there. you can see the white house. snow has not started there yet or more.
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at as far as our accumulations. now already i've just talked to a friend in nashville. the city is shut down. snow. the know is ending in memphis. they picked up about 2 to 5 inches of snow. nashville before this is all over, you're going to see 4 to 8 inches of snow. lexington, kentucky. 8 to 14 inches of snow, and as you move to the east, it just gets heavier because of the coastal effect. all right, washington and baltimore. we are talking about a ton of snow. some areas to the west of washington will see three feet and generally 8 to 26 inches. snowfall falling at a rate of 2 to 4 inches per hour and city of brotherly love in central new jersey, shorn new jersey and 12 to 18 inches of snow with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. new york city, you're going to see snow starting around 4:00 a.m. saturday with wind gusts about 55 miles per hour. 6 to 12 inches of snow. ice is going to be a huge factor here, guys.
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of up to an inch in and around charlotte which means mother outages were already seeing power outages starting to click up. that's going to be a big, big problem, coastal winds, big problems. coastal beach erosion. flooding will be a mess with wind getting up to 602070-mile-per-hour guests, sustained winds of over 30 to 40 miles per hour. blizzard-like conditions. over the next couple of days. have you gone shopping to horde and get everything in that you need? >> no, and it's -- i mean, it's hilarious, new york is kind of 24/7 right. it's open 24/7, like the shelves hat whole foods are empty. people are stocking up. like the first day after winter. it's 52 degrees and people are running in shorts. it's still cold. it's still cold but they have their shorts out. >> people were going nuts yesterday and an old lady actually accused me of causing this and she said why are you scaring us and making me buy
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what am i, the puppetmaster? >> i think it's a high compliment if she thinks you control the weather. >> we'll sleep in over the weekend and hot chocolate. >> it's going to be great. we'll stay on top of that storm as well. i've got a story for you, al. how about this. >> the ghost story with the hook. >> on -- i didn't know what you were doing. on tuesday a minnesota cop spotted a car swerving all over the road in minneapolis, st. paul and when the cop pulls the car all over the road listen for the explanation p explanation that the driver gave for that swerving dangerous. >> what are we looking at over on the lap or taplet? >> i'm reading. >> why are you doing that? >> i don't. >> what are you reading? >> a james patterson book. >> you can't be using that is correct right? >> yeah. >> are you going to drive with
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>> i don't want to get it hurt. you would definitely feel terrible if that happened. >> just so matter of fact. >> i was reading. new james patterson book, is that badded? >> that is illegal in that state to be reading while driving. >> what's nice because it's in minnesota it has kind of a fargo-esque. hey, you know, that's really not so great. >> i really love that book. >> why don't you knock that off. >> i like alex cross, too, but, yeah, maybe not while driving. >> al, a 52-year-old charged with failure to drive with due care. driving while texting, terrible scourge and that's just ridiculous. >> but if the new james patterson book came out. >> it's a good one. >> ready to take a little quiz. we'll all take this quiz. quiz on youtube make the rounds to detect how much common sense you have. >> okay. good-bye, everybody. good-bye. >> here's the first one.
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pouring rain and no protection and not a hair on his head got wet, how come. >> he can't have an umbrella. >> is he under an awning. >> he had no protection. >> i'm going to say he's bald. >> oh, al roker. >> he's bald. i have a -- >> okay. next one. john's father has five sons named alan, blan, clan and dlan. what did he call his fifth son. >> elan. >> very good. >> very good, and put it up. >> jan. >> john's father. >> go away. >> taxi driver going down -- >> i don't like this game. >> one way street the wrong way. he passes 12 cops. why does he not get arrested. >> wait, can you repeat the question. >> pass.
10:10 am
one-way street the wrong way. he passes 12 cops. why does he not get arrested. >> why do you think? >> he's walking. >> what is it. >> it's a one way and can only be -- >> he's walking. >> he's walking on foot. >> ah. >> i get that. >> all right. >> okay. >> what is directly in the middle of australia. >> oh, lord. >> we're really still playing. >> directly in the middle of australia. >> ant reought of time. >> r. >> they didn't have the answer on the prompter. >> here we go. >> how come the pirate couldn't get into the movie theater? >> it was rated r. >> a cowboy rode to an inn on
10:11 am
he stayed two nights and left on friday. how can this be? >> pass. >> because the name of his horse was friday. >> thank god for al. >> you got two of them. >> you did great. you have a lot of common sense. >> terrible. >> i wasn't even close on any of those. >> i kind of tuned out. >> on your own >> chris: good morning, everyone. another cold start. >> good morning, everyone, another cold start, temperatures close to 30 this afternoon, and then we await this storm's arrival, at least the northern edges of it as we go to the weekend. starting to snow by mid morning in new england. and light patches of snow on saturday. breaking out in boston, higher totals to the south. and the best chance, 6 inches on the coast. gusty to northeasterly winds. 40-50 miles per hour.
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coastal flooding on sunday morning. tus always on sirius channel 108 and find hoda there every monday and wednesday at 2:00, and there will be more riddles and brain teasers coming up later. up next the "blacklist's" megan boone in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, that's cash back now, it's cash back d\j vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. p with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all."
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and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. megan boone is having herself a week. "the black list" star announced she's pregnant with a baby girl. congratulations. >> thank you. >> and double congratulations. she's engaged to her boyfriend dan estabrook. >> thank you. >> her character liz keen is having a big week, too.
10:16 am
episode of "the black list." >> we got back your mris and looks like you sustained three broken ribs and no other internal injuries. nothing much we can do about the ribs. toughen it out. >> i've broken a few before. >> i've noticed that. >> good news, the baby is fine. >> it is? the baby. >> right, yeah. >> you really have to be more careful now that you're pregnant. >> i have to say i'm much happier about my pregnancy than she is. >> congratulations on your baby. >> thank you very much. >> it's a girl. >> it's a girl, yeah, and i'm -- she's due in april.
10:17 am
months or five months pregnant which would be absurd so, yeah, i'm actually seven months pregnant. >> you don't look seven months. >> lock fantastic. >> are you already in deep on nursery and names and the whole thing? >> we've got a name. >> don't do it here. >> but we have -- we've got a jenny lind crib. that's as far as we've gotten. >> got a couple of months. >> got some place to put the baby. >> how is it filming filming being pregnant or do you have to do anything? >> the script modifies it for me. the writers have been kind. they have kept me out of the gun fights in the show. >> when i was at "30 rock" and my character was not alloweding to pregnant. they put a piece of blue tape on my bum and i was pregnant the
10:18 am
two weeks after we were done filming and by the end of shooting the blue tape >> so the camera knew to film above the blue tape line and when the baby was born, it's like the blue tape is here. >> had a little bit of that like right before the scene where they revealed that she's pregnant. even after, because we didn't want to go from liz isn't pregnant to liz is really, really pregnant. >> how did that a happen. >> so we tried to finagle that had a little bit. >> you've gone through intense changes. what's that been like for you? >> i think every season liz goes through intense changes and in my personal life, yeah. >> i have to actually thank the "blacklist." it's given me a home and family to work with and i think that that encouraged a lot of rooting in my life. and so, yeah. there has been -- it's been a life-changing experience. this job and this show and coming to new york. i what is in l.a. before so
10:19 am
people and meeting my beloved fiance fiance. >> so can you tell us more about the lucky man. >> he's a visual artist. he grew up in boston. yeah, i mean, what do you want to know? >> how did you meet, tell us everything. >> he was throwing a party one september and he -- he made had a lamb stew and a salted caramel pudding. >> i pretended i needed the recipe and he's like i'll get back to you. who is this? >> it obviously got better. >> e-mail for the recipe. >> i'm going to write that down. >> we've got a little something for you. we know you're a big fan of the
10:20 am
we've got some baby uggs for your sweet, sweet doubter. >> these are the cutest things. >> can you believe they make them that small. >> i can't even believe it, jane. i can't believe this. thank you. >> we're so happy for you, megan. >> i feel great. >> thank you so much. >> we're happy for you. >> cronocrats. >> thanks, guys. >> and just a reminder "blacklist" wednesdays at 9:00 on abc. >> with need this. easy game show ever with host michael ian black who we love as well after these messages. pwell, sir. after some serious consideration pi'd like to put in my 15-year notice. pyou're quitting!? ptechnically retiring, sir. pwith a little help from my state farm agent, pi plan to retire in 15 years. pwow! you're totally blindsiding me here. pwho's gonna manage your accounts? pthis is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. pwell, i'm gonna finish packing my things. p15 years will really sneak up on you. pjennifer with do your exit interview and padam made you a cake.
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pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. mom, dad. >>son. now that fedex has streamlined our e-commerce and helped us grow our business, i think it's time we start acting like a business. >>okay... here we go... >>oh, look at this... no personal items are permitted in the workplace. those will need to come down. we'll be doing some mandatory testing. and there's also a strict no dating policy. >>uh, but honey, we're married. that's going to be a problem. grow your business with the
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all right. we're gearing up for the easiest game show ever. that's what it's called with the great michael ian black and we want you to play around. a question to get you started. >> true or film, since "caddyshack" bill murray and chevy chase have never appeared in a scene thogt. >> impossible. >> i don't know. >> think about that. the answer is coming up. >> many of you will be spending
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headlines, there are growing concerns about the mosquito-borne zika virus. public health officials in el salvador are advising women to put off pregnancy for the next two years to avoid passing on the zika virus. the disease can cause a rare brain defect which causes infants to have smaller than normal head hand their brains don't fully develop. in the u.s. the cdc is advising women to postpone travel to 14 affected nations in south and tral america. there's an important car seat recall to tale you b.more than 70,000 britax seats are being recalled. the seats can be used as an infant carry but the carry
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happy strolling, and high school students in ohio came up a unique way to distract the player. on an opposing team during a free throw staging a mock delivery in the stands. as you can see here, a male student pretends to give birth and out comes a college-aged baby boy. crazy thing is it worked. he missed the shot. this video, we should tell you, was by storied rival sports media. al, it worked. in school we just waved stuff and yelled. >> and then they put the new baby in the self-propelled >> for $3,000. >> what could possibly go wrong i've ever heard. let's look at your weekend. here we go. we've got snow and blizzard conditions here in the northeast tomorrow and into the mid-atlantic states. also out west we're looking at rain and snow as well and in between and everything looking pretty darn good and as we move into saturday the good news is this blizzard, this nor'easter will be out of here fairly quickly and sunshine returns on
10:33 am
lakes and down into texas and the gulf coast and look for more snow out into the rockies and rain >> chris: good morning, >> good morning, everyone, another cold start, temperatures close to 30 this afternoon, and then we await this storm's arrival, at least the northern edges of it as we go to the weekend. starting to snow by mid morning down to new england. and light patches of snow on breaking out in boston, higher totals to the south. and the best chance, 6 inches on the south coast. gusty to northeasterly winds. 40-50 miles per hour.
10:34 am
morning. think it is true. >> you're using reverse psychology. >> jane. >> i'm sticking to true. >> false. >> it is absolutely true. they have never appeared in a scene together. >> wow. >> the reverse psychology worked. next, the first air jordans were
10:35 am
>> few. >> jane. >> true. >> willie. >> i'll go with false just for fun. >> how old do you think lebron james is? >> 30. >> and how old do you think -- >> i think you may have done that math directly. >> the answer is -- >> false. >> it is false. >> all right, willie gets the point. >> lebron james was born before. >> the creator of the thighmaster, my favorite question of the morning -- >> right now. >> false? >> i didn't -- >> you got to let me read the question. i know you can't wait. the creator of the thighmaster also created the mood ring. you say false. >> i say i'm enjoying the thigh master right now. and it's working. >> i'm enjoying you doing the thigh master right now. >> i think that's false, sir. >> it's absolutely true. >> really. >> thighmaster and mood ring. >> that guy is rich. >> or woman. >> don't be sexist
10:36 am
directed by steven spielberg but not written by him. true or false. >> true. >> i'll say false. >> it is false is the correct answer. >> who wrote it? >> i don't have that information. >> don't ask follow-ups. >> steve jobs did not work for apple. question. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> come on, man. >> happy on the trigger hand. >> did not work for apple for the majority of the '90s. >> that's true. >> that's the key. >> you say true. >> jane you say true. >> we all say true. >> that is is in fact true. he was ousted. >> that's correct. >> in the '90s. >> the game jenga -- >> okay -- >> al says yes. >> does not say true or false. >> the game jenga was invented by the architect of the eiffel tower. >> no.
10:37 am
>> can't be true, it cannot be true, therefore it might be -- >> it's true. >> you say true. >> absolutely false. >> finally true or false. "leave it to beaver" showed television's first toilet or as they say in france toi-let. >> who cares, first of all, and false. >> who cares, willie. >> that's an historic toilet. >> i'm going to go with false as well. >> i feel like it's more "all in the family." >> guys the answer is true. the first toilet on tv, leave "leave it to beaver." >> the beefs. >> now it all makes sense. >> there's your prizes. >> jane doesn't need one she's always been doing it. >> let me get mine. i've got it. >> thank you so much. >> i'm looking at a video that comes with it. >> this is for losing. >> got your thigh masters.
10:38 am
premiers tonight on pop. >> thanks again. slow cooked lamb. >> want to come up and have some lamb? >> i would but i can't. >> coming right back with that. >> what's going on. >> i've got things to do. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza . p for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with it is not recommended as the first medication p ...and should not be used in
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this morning on "today food," slow cooked lamb and couscous. so perfect for a kwoekened like we've got coming up. wanted you to eat light. >> here we go. >> i would like to no what part of the lamb is the shank? >> right above -- >> and can willie find mine? >> that's for of today's take after the show. >> okay. >> red wine, beef broth. anchovies, so here we go. first you take your lamb shanks
10:43 am
pepper them and you're going to heat up a pan ant a nice hot pan, medium heat. you want to brown your shanks. >> look out. shank. >> don't give her another chance to get in on this. >> i'm staying quiet now. >> you're going to brown these and get them all nice, and get them brown and you'll be done. once you take the lamb shanks out and take them on a plate like that and you'll chop up onion anselry an carrots, kind there. what you're going to dork and cook this basically in the fat from the lamb shank. got chopped up garlic and anchovies which adds a little emame kind of flavor to it and a little sugar, all right. green peppers, and you'll put in some tomato paste to add a little acidity and what is this again, sherry, i can't remember.
10:44 am
red wine vinegar, forgot for a second and some red wine. all right. you're going to cook this down for about ten minutes or so, until it gets nice and soft. now what you'll do next is take your lamb shanks and put them into your slow cooker now that they have been brown. put them all in. >> that's a lot of meat. >> do you have a slow cooker? >> i actually do. >> you'll pour in your vegetables and you take the vegetables and pour them in on top. and then you'll take some rosemary and make a little bouquet, if you wish, and put a string on it so it's easier to pull out and pour in beef broth and you will cover and put this on high for four hours, but if you've got longer, low, low for eight hours and then it will come out looking something like this. >> you don't have to do anything for four hours.
10:45 am
it out and put it on a plate. i make some israeli couscous which cooks up in six minutes. this will be falling off the bone and take the sauce and boil it down, reduce it or puree it and serve right with that. >> phenomenal, so good. >> so impressed with your cooking. >> and the other cut of meat that you can ask for which is more flavorful is lamb neck and cooks up great in a slow cooker everything. >> you need to know about the shank now. you all set? >> yes. >> get the recipe at and we want to give a shout-out to one of our food club members. thanks for sharing. coming up next, free money and another two words jean chatzky and another three does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family
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you've probably seen those adds saying you're entitled to unclaimed money. turns out they might be wright right. we're going to show you how to find that cash. >> gene is here to explain. >> what is this money? this $42 billion worth of cash floating around. >> it is life insurance policies policies, utility deposits, credits that you had at stores that you just never redeemed and after a while it goes into the state treasury and they hold it for you and willing to give it back but you have to step forward and say hey, it's mine and prove it's yours. >> can you explain to people how to find this money. >> pretty easy. it's a database of missing money.
10:51 am
you can go to the state treasury websites directly. you go there and type in your name and probably want to just use your middle initial and last name. that opens it wider and you'll search for addresses where you use to live, use maiden names if you got married and put all the information in there and it will pop up and say hey, you've got cash. >> most of these are free, is that right? >> these are free. if somebody tries to charge you for them, it's not necessarily a scam but you shouldn't pay more than 10 or 20% that have somebody do it for you. it's so easy to do it yourself i would try doing it yourself before you follow bread crumbs to ask a service to do it. >> may i ask you a personal question about this? >> i don't know. >> i have actually found unclaimed funds from moving from state to state where all the addresses didn't change and i was able to get that back. i recently had one here in new
10:52 am
information and when i put in my information they asked for it said this person was deceased. >> meaning you? >> yeah, meaning me. how do i correct that because well, i thought i was still here. >> go to the state treasury website and send them an e-mail and explain the problem they have. i have actually gotten money in the past also and gotten back some from my son. >> were you deceased as well. >> i was not and neither was he but there were some confusing factors and we had to prove that it was him and get the papers notarized and you may have to jump through those kind of hoops and that can be when you want to hire somebody to help you. it becomes not worth your time. >> once they prove it, they cut you a check in the mail. >> or direct deposit. you can apply for many electronically as well.
10:53 am
>> very much alive. >> kind of. hanging on. gene, thanks so much. we're back in a moment. this is today on nbc. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses.
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by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed.
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jane, we love you. thanks for being here. >> thanks so much for having me. >> enjoy your lamb shank this weekend, my friend. >> meantime, erica hill has been enjoying our lamb shank. >> i have been enjoying your lamb shank and you can enjoy yours while watching "weekend day." . we'll all be snowed in. this weekend we're talking about twin sisters now competing against one another. you'll likely remember gracie gold from the winter olympics and this weekend she's competing against her sister carly at the u.s. national figure skating championship. first time they have done it in this championship against one another and we'll speak to both of them before they go
10:56 am
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