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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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emergency in the mid-atlantic. make sure you have food and supplies at home. not just to last for the weekend but enough to last up to an entire week . >> anchor: also the patriots off to colorado. it's been a special journey for me to see where the team was and how it's gotten to where it's at . >> anchor: why julian elman said he has a lot to prove in the mile high city p a store clerk refusing to back down. what happened when a would be robber pulled out a knife. we're tracking winter weather a monster storm causing trip bling conditions in the south, trees crashing down and houses an streets in mississippi as the storm brought to made oh like chaos . right now that storm system is making its way through the mid-atlantic where washington, d.c. is blazing for a possible historic blizzard . meanwhile the bay state dodging a disaster as most areas
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could still see up to six inches. >> anchor: so when will the storm strike? let's get over to jeremy reiner for all of those details for us. jeremy? we have that blizzard martha's vineyard, nantucket is a winter storm warning, cape cod winter storm warning, south coast portions of the south shore also winter storm warning but you notice boston and worcester fitchburg nashua no watches, no wars, no advisories, not a big deal in terms of snow around the metro. blizzard cry tier aia not for the a.snow, for the blowing and driving that snow reducing visibility for a quarter of a mile or lower for three executive hours. that may happen tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening on martha's vineyard. again when they put the blizzard warning out they meaning the weather service an anticipates those weather conditions on martha's vineyard. looks like a 12 hour storm. midday tomorrow through midnight tomorrow night with light snow around metro boston. heavier snow focused along the south coast and wind will lead to some minor coastal flooding
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tomorrow night and 11:00 a.m. high tide on sunday. brie gets into that in a second. the storm system explodes off north car lie lina and will move east. if we didn't have arctic high pressure as big brother this storm would barrel up across southern new england and we would are concern of significant snow but that's not going to happen. high pressure hoping the rt strong not allowing the storm to purpose el us. we said we are on northern edge and it looks like we're still the case. tomorrow morning dry, light snow comes into the metro midday tomorrow. steady snow south coast. you notice these two different color bands. lighter snow manage will. steadier snow, could be a little bit dicey for travelling tomorrow evening and you notice with the blue shading does not reach boston nor worcester nor beverly. as question work toward midnight dryer air starts to shut down the whole weather event and even out on the to cape and islands gone sunday morning. one to three inches of snow an metro boston.
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coating to an inch north shore, cape ann back into metrowest. then you work farther south three to six inches of snow and numbers really go up. we talked about that sharp cut cutoff of snow. new bedford, wareham, westport and out toward the cape and islands six to as much as ten inches of snow possible late tomorrow afternoon ending tomorrow night. for more on the storm here is bri eggers . multi faceted storm for sure and there is a wind threat at least gusty winds especially for the south sore across southeastern mass, cape and ilan getting up to 50 miles per hour with those gusts. you've got that storm offshore and the rotation around it counter clockwise pumping winds in from the northeast and so with astronomically high tides full moon on saturday night, that water could also pile up against the coastline really the concern will be along the south shore and also for cape cod northeastern facing beaches for that erosion possible splashover major flooding is not an issue here.
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scenario. as i mentioned boston to the south where we really pay attention to this, more concern for the sunday morning high tide rather than saturday night. again, during the 11:00 hour and as i mentioned for the most part we're talking minor flooding, flooding but still something to keep a close eye on and we do out there as well. more on this storm to come in . >> anchor: thank you, bree. some winter woes for millions in the mid-atlantic bracing for the blizzard. the power follow storm is under way but the worst is the likely yet to come. now here is a live look in washington, d.c. where the snow could reach up to two feet. right now people there are being advised to stay inside for at least the next 36 hours. for most of the east coast roadways were nowhere to be today as a potential record breaking shovel buster of a storm threatened to make life miserable for more than 85 million americans.
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the donuts in this stocked truck far less glaze than the roads, big wheels were a big help. and charlotte the carolina panthers fought the elements to prepare for their nfc championship gail sunday night against the arizona cardinals. out of town fans may have trouble flying to the game because of ripple effects caused by thousands of flight cancellations. while some were stranded, others escaped to places with better weather. boston where there is no snow. >> reporter: washington, d.c. is the expected bull's eye for the storm. mo are than two and a half feet of know may fall over the next 36 hours . we have a forecast that i don't think we've had in 90 years. >> reporter: the national mall an monuments closed along with the rest of the government and residents were hunkering down . it's not much to do. we've already went grocery shopping for the rest of the week . >> reporter: store shelves were quickly cleaned out before the first flakes fell which is more than anyone can say for the roads which won't be seeing the light of day any time soon.
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you can get the updated track on you can also get that on the 7 news mobile and tablet apps . pats officially off to the mile high city getting ready for what pats fans hope will be a broncos beat down. they match up for the second time this season and with a healthier team this time around the pats have a different out outcome in sight. adam williams joins us now with more on this big game. adam? everyone getting excite and the team left gillette by bustl bustlier today with a large crowd of fans waving them on that group out to show their support despite the subfreezing temperatures this morning. buses took the team to rhode island where they boarded a plane heading for denver. the pats will have a day to rest up before the big game on sunday sunday. they did get one last home practice in before heading out and a key layer says he is ready for sunday, wide receiver julian el elman says it's good to be back and he is using every minute to improve before getting on the field at mile high stadium. there is always something to work for and you can always
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to continue to try to improve that's usually when you lay your best ball so we have to learn from the good things, bad things and bring it over to this denver game. >> anchor: pats fans we talked to today say they don't really care who the hero is sunday. they just want the pats to bring home a win. in the newsroom, adam which i am 7 news. >> anchor: with that big game comes some big bats and one company in denver is calling out the sam adam brewery. steve cooper live for us at the brew house with more on this friendly wager. steve? what a difficult assignment to spend so many hours here at the sam adam brewery today where this isn't a bet about beers, it's about beards and it's all going to be played out on the field on sunday in denver. you might have made a mistake. making this wager with the sam adam browery . from beard to beers the browery employees are betting on a pats victory on sunday .
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that's just the way we feel about it. sounds cocky but that's how we feel about our team . they they accepted a bet from their official hair bad ray rays from the denver beer company . the broncos win the guys from boston beer have to shave their beards. if pats come in here and beat the broncos then we're going to go clean shaven . it all began from this tweet when the denver guys challenged sam adams saying los losers shave their beards on monday. you whip you in? we are. pats have a tough time coming town mile high . sam adams brewer and founder says his employees will happily tackle the challenge . you guys at the denver beer company go out and buy some gillette razors because the new england patriots are going to win. and he says if you hissed his beard today no worries. he will still be sporting it next week . they will lose their beard.
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they will have the mat do you on the floor so they don't get it dirty. we will be gladly watching with a pint in hand. cook told his employees today before they left for the day you can leave the razors hole on monday, but come on back to work as they all celebrate what they hope will be a patriots victory out in denver this weekend. live in jamaica plain tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: what a fun assignment . >> anchor: love that one . >> anchor: i asked hill earlier if we watched to try anything. . a laugh though at the end i . he is a from eggal. he'll wait until later . a would be robber meeting his match in brockton. why a local clerk refused to . cambridge. what police say caused a driver . a monster storm making its way up north here. we're continuing to track its path as it bears down on the nation's capitol. you are looking live at the white house as snow continues to
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>> anchor: a store owner in brockton copping out swigging of she grabbed her own weapon when a would be robber pull out a knife and right now that man is still on the run . >> anchor: the store owner says
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ready. elizabeth noreika spoke to the owner . >> anchor: surveillance video shows the scary mows when a man with a knife lungs at selena's market owner. it also shows her trying back, grabbing a wooden club and . 06. he pulled a knife. >> anchor: she said she her the bell when the man came in and says she saw him walk around the store. he grabbed a soda and a bag of chips and then asked for cigarettes. when he she asked him to pay she says he got violent . he pulled a knife. i hit him he said i don't want to get in trouble. i don't want to get in trouble. thenity hook off . >> anchor: thankfully that hit scared him off . that time the only thing that came to my mind is try to protect myself. nowal said she doesn't hold
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sheeis just thankful she is okay and hopes this man gets the help she says he needs . he needs help. i hope somebody can help him . >> anchor: elizabeth noreika, 7 news. blizzard warning in effect for martha's vineyard tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. no warnings or watches for a city of boston. we'll break down the some up next. then at 0 clock a hostage situation in roxbury. what swat teams are responding to in this dangerous encounter. we continue to kept a close eye on the winter storm as it moves in our direction. we take a live look here at the nation's capitol. the white house where it's snow snowing pretty good.
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>> reporter: watches and war from the national weather service really spells out the dr. drastic cutoff to the storm. you notice all the red here martha's vineyard back toward long island those are blizzard
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that's the winter storm warning then the purple here in connecticut and rhode island southeast mass the winter weather voice are we lighter as of snow and you come up into massachusetts, boston, worcester pits feel, springfield nada, nothing, zip. because there will be very little snow from the event as you work up through north of the mass pike. now the blizzard warning does not say that there is an i mention apt of snow on the way like dc is receiving. but what is the concern is that on the island martha's vineyard tomorrow from 1:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. sun monk vice could be rye duesed to i aquarter mile or lower for three executive hours because of wind and falling snow snow. so we do know it's looking like a 12 hour storm and again there may be patchy, light snow that linkers after any night tomorrow night. bri was pointing that out on some of the newer model we looked at. she said don't write that off just yet. so again the bankruptcy of the storm 12:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m. tomorrow night with light snow around metro boston,
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as the cape and islands and also strong wind could lead to minor coval flooding. 11:00 p.m. high tide tomorrow fight and 11:00 p.m. high tide sunday morning. here is the storm system all sorts of snow in locations that have not soon significant snow in several years including washington, d.c. as well as baltimore. the storm wants to come due north. these powerhouse storms it's in their nature to continue moving north unless you have big old arctic boast of high pressure that will not allow that. it will force it out to sea. that thought process hasn't change all that much even though and a half s under a winter warp warp. patches of light snow around the metro midday tomorrow, steadier snow south coast, narragansett bay, buzzard area bay and the blue shading indicating the steadier know stays across southeast mass. it does not make it up into the city and then after midnight again there is that light snow that slowly wind down heading to the south shore and the cape by early in the day on sunday.
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sunday then developing sun. wide range in snowfall totals nashua nothing, maybe flurries, a coming possible. looly to see a coating to an inch. worcester to flaming ham natick you get inside 128 into the city of boston one oh three inches of snow, farther south three to six six. buzzards bay six to perhaps as much as ten inches of snow with this weather system. your 7 on 7 forecast, sunday morning clouds, sun in the afternoon, early next week any more storminess, no, if anything we take a break. we'll warm things you. upper 40's tuesday of next week. sweet. >> anchor: thanks, jr. with these frigid temperatures and snow what a better way to warm up than with comfort food . so today we're going to somerville for a tasty meal that will keep you full all weekend long. sara french brings us to five horses for some chicken and dump lens this week's what's cooking. with winter months who wouldn't want a warm bowl of chicken and dump links.
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this is a staple on the menu. i love chicken and dump links so tell me about this recipe? is this one of your most popular item . it's a very popular dish here. it warms your soul . >> reporter: if someone wants to make this at home, what's the first thing they need to do . get yourself a nice chicken chicken. you break it down into 8 pieces. two thighs, two drumsticks, salt and exampler your chicken, then seer it in a little olive oil . a lot of flavor and carmel carmelization. flavor packed. we like lots of flavor . >> reporter: this takes about 20 minutes . nice color like that . then remove your chicken from the pot . so now we're going to start building the soup portion of our chicken and dump licks. chef aaron likes to call to the body of the soup. diced carrots and onoffs, garlic ginger, time and oregano, paprika . fry it a little bit. get it very fragrant so now we make our flour, water and in
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stock so you inics that up well then we pour that right into the dish . now return your chicken to the pot. let it simmer for one hour until the chicken starts falling off the bone. remove the bone but leave the shredded chicken. now for the dump links add kosher salt, baking powder, flour, butter and milk. stir that through . >> anchor: do you all do this by hand? we do . is it better that way? this is getting thick . >> reporter: getting a machine to do something like this is . lazy? chef aaron uses an ice cream scoop tore put dump links in the soup. after about ten minutes you have your en and dutchling . . >> reporter: that's what is . . >> reporter: i'm sara french, 7 news. everybody. coming up at 6:00, tracking winter weather . nightmare nor'easter develops into a monster storm. the bay state bracing for snow and strong winds. some parts anyway . >> reporter: plus, sizing up a tall task. the pats taking off for denver.
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and top hats. we take a look at one of the pro shop's hottest sellers. it would be very useful for this weekend anyway. pats are in the playoffs obvious obviously . we have big story coverage to get you ready for the week.
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today in america, almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america,
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so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. p today we want to introduce to you a high school senior in framingham .
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student that has gone above and beyond to help others. here is christa delcamp with today's class act. he guess himself for a se sement we do called class act . >> reporter: will robertson, come on over here. >> reporter: will robertson is a caretaker of sorts. he serves framingham's hungry at pearl street cup board and cava a united way soup i canen one night at week . i try i to make it a goal every day to make someone smile or laugh. when give to pearl street i try to do that. values he learned the a young age from his mother, katie . he likes giving become to the community. he likes, he enjoys it . >> reporter: katie is a single mom and back when will was little, she said she relied on food leon panetta trees and soup kitchens to keep her family fed which will will found out about only recently . i remember sitting in my room and just like shocked about
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this is something that i received help for and i want to make sure that i candid the same thing that was provided for my family. katie admits it wasn't easy telling her son . receiving help an heading when you can is the which to give back. it's what it is about . >> reporter: the robertson's no longer rely on others and now will is repaying the kindness shown them ten fold. he is one of those kids that is so humble that he doesn't go around looking for recognition or praise . volunteering at pearl street is just the tip of the iceberg and he has been showered with awards . it's just amazing how much a teen-ager can how many different communities, i couldn't ever pick anybody more deserving then him . my family was able to get out of a rut and i want to help people do the same thing . >> reporter: will supports so many charities through sports turn the and fund racing events and to see all of them just log on to and click on class act. in the newsroom, christa delcamp 7 news.
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grid doing something outstanding in school, sports or in their community, you can nominate them on-line at i would love to see those stories . >> anchor: what an expiration to see what he does if his free time . >> anchor: we should go out and do more . >> anchor: another 30 minutes of 7 news state ahead . 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. the pats counting down to kick kickoff. new england looking to take down the broncos. call it a hat trick. fans gearing up and hitting the pats pro shop. why one item is flying off the shelves. we have big story coverage of the pats in the playoffs. >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> anchor: first at 6:00 winter weather not letting new england
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this massive storm is churning to the south and parts of massachusetts could be in the path of this strong system. there are serious concerns along the coast, the cape and islands . >> anchor: the storm is prompting blizzard warnings from new york city to washington, d.c d.c. meteorologist jeremy reiner tracking a weather alert. he kicks off our coverage in the alert is down on the vineyard . blizzard warning in effect tomorrow on martha's vineyard noon until midnight and we talk talked about this earlier in the week how it would be a drastic cutoff to the storm system. the track of the storm has not changed but you have the blizzard warning in effect for martha's vineyard then you come up the road into the city of boston and worcester there are no watches. there are no warnings, no advisories because it will be very little snow around the metro and out through metrowest and north blizzard warning does not mean the amount of snow what it means is visibility reduced significantly for three or more
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martha's vineyard.
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