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tv   Today  NBC  January 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. the big dig. the huge storm, come and gone, and now the cleanup begins. the east coast is waking up this morning to a mountain of snow. d.c., new york, philadelphia coming close to record-breaking snowfalls on saturday. more than two feet here in the bi apple. over three feet in west virginia. nearly two dozen storm-related deaths to report. travel at a standstill. some of the nation's biggest airports, paralyzed. on the roads, some stuck for nearly 24 hours. >> no food, water, bathroom facilities.
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>> on the jersey shore, severe flooding. we're live. republican front runner donald trump raising eyebrows again. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue, shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. >> as another billionaire considers putting his hat in the ring. clash of the titans. peyton manning and tom brady going head to head today in what could be the last time. with the super bowl on the line, who will come out on top? tina fey returns to "saturday night live" as sarah palin. >> god bless some of the united states of america. >> we have more of those late-night laughs today, sunday, january 24th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," blizzard 2016, live
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welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill outside on rockefeller plaza with our own mountain of snow behind us. >> indeed. dylan drier is back after being in the blue mobiles for days. >> it's nice to be standing outside. you have to get one of these coats. they really keep you much warmer in new york city. >> and gloves. >> we do need to get you gloves, jose. >> i don't know enough about this. sheinelle made her way to time square. she'll have more on the historic storm in a moment. >> sheinelle is 4'11". we think maybe this pile behind us could be around 16 feet. it's our estimate. as you can imagine, that's just one pile. it's going to take a long time for people to dig out from this. let's get you caught up. washington, d.c. and philadelphia are waking up to over 22 inches of snow this morning. new york city, we are looking at
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record here, 26.8 inches in central park. the town with the largest snowfall was in west virginia, 40 inches. serious note, 20 people are dead because of the snow. some shoveling show and others in traffic accidents. the airlines are slowly getting back up to speed, struggling to resume service. 640 flights already cancelled for tomorrow. cars are finally allowed back on the roads here in new york. that ban was lifted at 7:00 a.m. here. a travel ban that was instated yesterday. we have correspondents fanned out, covering the storm. our coverage continues today, of course. we begin with sheinelle, who is square. sheinelle, a little quieter there this morning than usual. >> it definitely is. it seems like most people heeded the warnings and decided to stay indoors to make it easier for the cleanup crews to do what they have to do, especially here
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the streets were virtually empty, with the exception of a few brave souls who decided to get out and about. behind me, as you mentioned i'm in time squares, guys in red suits are trying to clear the area. the travel ban was just lifted. people are starting to get out and about. one thing is for sure, for people who are at home and waking up this morning, they're finding there is a lot of cleaning up to do. connecticut, people are digging out from a monster of a storm. two feet of snow paralyzed the nation's capital, while 27 inches of snow piled in new york in less than 24 thundershower hours. where a travel advisory was lifted earlier this morning. broadway shows, cancelled. tunnels and bridges, closed. glengary, west virginia, under
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20 people died from this storm, most in traffic accidents. reagan international to remain closed until sunday. in all, over 6,000 flights were cancelled on friday and saturday. the annelines s airlines are hoping to get back to normal soon, but passengers aren't sure. >> i'm stuck for the next two days in miami. until monday morning. >> reporter: while the shoveling and plowing goes on, some of the stranded are finally free. imagine being stuck on the roads in blizzard conditions for 24 hours. >> no food, water, bathroom facility. >> reporter: i-75 in kentucky didn't get moving until saturday afternoon. same on the pennsylvania turnpike. people were trapped on the
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>> we were laughing, singing, praying. >> reporter: a little teamwork to get back on the record. the most severe power outages are in new jersey. 60,000 customers in the dark. costal flood warnings still up for the new jersey shore, where severe flooding is submerging some of the same areas hit hard by sandy. those who couldn't stay inside any longer made the best of the snow, sliding down capitol hill, the slopes of central park, or diving in like this panda at the national zoo. as the blizzard of 2016 winds down, there's still a rough road ahead. >> we'll take whatever mother nature gives us, and we'll keep working at it until we get done. >> erica and jose, it was coming down so hard and so quickly yesterday, so many people said they've never seen anything like it. guys? >> it was definitely something. that's for sure. sheinelle, thanks. >> we often hear about paralysis in washington, but this time,
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angry politicians. nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer remains in the nation's capital this morning. miguel, good morning. >> jose, good morning. the district of columbia getting two feet of thick and fluffy snow. this is what they're waking up to in d.c. it's shin high, knee high in areas. it looks enjoyable, but it crippled the city over the last 36 hours. 36 hours straight, we saw steady snowfall here in d.c. it was blinding, dangerous and, today, the threat is far from over. all of this snow has been accumulating for so long, there are concerns it'll weigh down rooftops, bring down power lines. today, the first responders will be out in force, checking the roads here. also, plowing the roads to try to bring the city back to its feet. the big question will be, d.c. was shut down essentially over the weekend. will it reopen for business on monday? as sheinelle eluded to, there certainly was some lighter moments here in the district of
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we saw people sledding near capitol hill. some folks were skiing across the national mall. even some police officers had a bit of fun yesterday, picking up a football game. there were some lighter moments here. again, there is certainly some concern here in d.c. today. folks trying to get back on their feet. no question about it, it's going to be a big dig here in the district of columbia. jose, back to you. >> thank you very much. flooding is a major concern at this hour. high tide hit an hour ago, and it has the water rising in costal communities. jacob rascon is along the jersey shore in wildwood. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there was no part of the jersey shore that was spared, but this area was hardest hit. as far as you can see behind me and in this direction and also to my left, there are homes underwater, with three or four feet. at the height of it, they say it was waist deep in height. many of the residents who live
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super storm sandy. another area hit hard by stone harbor. there was flooding in the streets, cars underwater, homes that took in damage. we don't know the extent of the damage yet because, really, the high tide is coming and, again, as you said, out here in wildwood, this area is totally cut off when the high tide comes from the rest of the jersey shore. in fact, if it keeps rising, we will have to check out, oz well as well. >> it's important you stay safe. dylan, is the storm finally over? >> the tomorrow is over. now we can clean up. a little help from mother nature to melt the snow would be nice, which i think we'll get. let's look at the blizzard. it started with severe storms and lots of rain. once the snow started, it continued to rotate around. we saw these streaming bands of snow sit over new york city for an extended period of time. i remember being out in it, and
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like, this isn't going to end any time soon. the storm is pulling away. even nantucket, up in massachusetts, doesn't have to worry about the snow. however, this morning's high tide, around now, is when we have the -- still looking at the higher than normal tides because of the full moon we've seen. the saving grace is winds are no longer on shore. we do still have costal flood warnings along the coast. some of the highest numbers. we didn't break the record for the snowiest storm ever in new york city. missed it by 1/10 inch. jfk, we picked up 30 inches. officially at jfk, it is the biggest snowstorm ever. >> seeing that number at jfk gives us another sense of what a travel nightmare this will be. >> i was supposed to leave this morning and i have to leave tuesday, if i'm lucky. >> if you're lucky. >> flights are all -- >> driving through the blizzard from roanoke to d.c. to new york was easier than trying to get to work this morning. >> thank god for the subways.
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turning to politics, all weekend. the presidential candidates battling it out there. we are now, if you're keeping track, eight days away from the iowa caucuses. a big name is now dropping hints that he may jump into the race. morning. >> good morning. you know, we're getting really close to finding out which republican and which democrat will get bragging righting coming out of iowa. the whole system, of course, is designed to whittle this down to two candidates. now, there's a possibility of a third independent candidate entering the race. former new york mayor michael bloom bloomberg. >> reporter: michael bloomberg would be the second billionaire to be in the race. >> what do you think of bloomberg getting into the race? >> i love it.
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clinton held meetings last night, the race is more complicate complicated, with the possibility of bloomberg running as an independent. bloomberg may run come march, but only if donald trump, ted cruz or bernie sanders are their party's nominees. trump supporter taylor becker. >> i think bloomberg getting in would be exciting. i don't know i'd support him, but i'd love to see another billionaire with his own money and his own mission. >> reporter: in iowa saturday, hundreds of trump supporters waited more than six hours. temperatures in the teens. to hear him speak. it's what he said earlier in the day about his own popularity that turned heads. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose voters. it's incredible. >> i have no intention of shooting anybody in the campaign. >> reporter: the battle for the democratic nomination, also fierce. hillary clinton finds herself in an increasingly competitive race
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>> i will promise you this, if you give me the boost in the iowa caucuses to send me on the way to the nomination, i will come back often to campaign, to win iowa in november. >> here in muscatine, at the high school, donald trump will hold another rally. before he does, he plans to go to church here. the evangelical vote is considered essential for anyone who wants to win in iowa. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." how are you? >> good morning, jose. >> let's talk a little about bloomberg first. he's considering going into the race, but it seems like he's putting a lot of barriers to the possibility of running. if, if, if, before i decide to go in, right sf ? >> that's right.
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clinton is the democratic nominee, he's not going to run. if it looks like she can get the nomination, he won't run. i think he thinks she is good enough to be president. if marco rubio, jeb bush, chris christie or john kasich were looking strong on the republican side, bloomberg wouldn't run. he put the parameters up. sanders and trump or cruz. it's because he wants to be president, he's just never found a viable path. i think he believes there actually would be a viable path for a third party candidacy if you had more of an extreme nominee on both ends -- being nominated in both parties, and sanders-cruz is what he looks at. >> a lot of the focus is on iowa as he head into the caucus next monday. the editorial board of the "des moines register" endorsing rubio and clinton. when it comes to the endorsements, especially in 2016, how much influence do they have this time around? >> very little. if a newspaper endorsement has some influence, it's more in a
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republican one. particularly, the "des moines register," it's known as a left-leaning editorial page. not the newspaper itself but the editorial page. it's more likely there are some caucus goers that might be influenced about -- on the democratic side, less on the republican side. look, i think what's remarkable about this last week in iowa, both sides are incredibly close. but the republican candidates, front runners, cruz and trump, it's nasty. they're going after each other on the air. as close as clinton and sanders are, the one thing we don't see, negative ads. >> what was interesting also yesterday at trump's rally is chuck was there, and i'm wondering if you're seeing the establishment republicans going toward trump, thinking it may be cruz. >> i think that tells you a lot about ted cruz's reputation in washington. it is very hard to see -- to find a republican senator that will say nice things about ted cruz.
8:16 am
these establishment republican types, are they warming to trump only because the alternative is cruz, or are they warming to trump because they can kill cruz and they think, we'll kill trump later? if i'm trump, i don't assume these people are with me. i think they're with me because he's not ted cruz. >> chuck, thanks. good to see you. >> you got it, brother. >> take care, man. this morning, you can join, of course, chuck for "meet the press." his guests include donald trump, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. lots to talk about there. we are keeping an eye on a strong earthquake that hit alaska. 7.1 quake striking there early this morning, centered in a remote area. strong shaking was felt more than 160 miles away in anchorage, sending as you can see, items tumbling from shelves. residents describe it as being rolled. no reports of major damage or injuries. a man hunt is underway for
8:17 am
from a southern california jail. officials say they broke out of the maximum security facility by sawing through steel bars and making their way through plumbing tunnels to get to the roof. once there, they repelled to the ground using a makeshift rope. prison officials say it's not clear if the men had outside help. the three were being held on charges including murder, kidnapping and torture, and are described as extremely dangerous. let's get a look at some of the rest of the country's forecasts. there's been so much focus on the storm here. things going on in the rest of the country, and a cool picture from space, i understand. >> things going on in space, too. who knew? we have a picture of the northern lights as seen from the international space station. how awesome is this? that is on my bucket list, to ever see the northern lights. probably never get the chance from space. but this is from a british astronaut, taking the gorgeous pictures. on land, we're seeing the storm system pulling away. still concerned about the high tide happening now.
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in effect. we have snow that will move into the rockies. just about 2 to 4 inc >> good morning, developing sunshine behind the big storm finally moving away from the cape and the islands over the last few hours, leftover wind. winds gusting between 20-35. driving wind chills into the single numbers, feels like 7 in boston, feels like 9 in worcester. snowfall totals again on the cape and the islands between 10-15 inches of snow. snow. you move up through southern new england and you had only a few flurries. sunshine tomorrow. upper 30s, melting snow on >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. football fans have been keeping a close eye on the weather to see if it will have any impact on today's conference championship games. which, of course, determine the teams headed to the super bowl. crews in north carolina will be clearing away snow and ice for
8:19 am
the afc championship is being played in denver, where there could be snow, as the broncos host the new england patriots. the pats are the defending champs, and we'll have more on that matchup coming up. up next on "today," tina fey takes on sarah palin. we have the highlights from "saturday night live" after these messages. >> so many of r you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. rthat is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. r now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. r your insurance rates go through the roof... r your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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thawing out from times square. >> people are out and about. >> nothing keeps new yorkers inside. a night of laughs on "saturday night live" thanks to tina fey's guest appearance. there to play sarah palin. >> dylan is in the orange room with that. >> tina stole the show with her hilarious impression of the former alaska governor. take a look. >> i'm here because we americans are struggling. so many of us have lost our jobs at the factory or reality shows about alaska, and we've seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crimes. we turn on the news every morning and are shocked to see we're not even on it because we've been replaced by immigrants like rivera. >> she's fun.
8:23 am
wants. it's like her mouth starts driving before her brain gets in the car. >> "snl" was hosted by ronda rousey. it was the mma fighter's first time hosting, which is outside of the box but i think she did great. >> i love it. thanks. still to come here on "today," epic showdown later today. who will reign supreme between tom brady and peyton manning? after these mess i appreciate you coming by. absolutely. the market's been there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've for this for a and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones
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>> good morning to you, live picture from boston right now on this sunday morning. logan airport reporting 6 inches of snow. you see the ice in front of the lens right there. some areas in new england saw more than a foot of snow. 8:27 right now. a lot of people digging out. along the coast there is still concern. you see the waves churning, this is in scituate. high tide hitting around jeremy reiner hags a ek charge of the forecast -- check of the forecast. down. the clouds breaking apart. the wind down along the south shore and the cape gusting 35-40 and the leftover as tropical storm. high tide, we've the 11:00 am high tide to go through. it's cold out there. doing shoveling and plowing feels like 7 in boston and it feels like 9 in worcester. these are the snowfall reports, nantucket a foot of snow. many cities and towns on the cape and the islands 10-15 inches of snow.
8:27 am
i'm not going to lie. i thought dry air would chew away at these amounts. boston 6, natick 5 inches of snow. the dry air did do a good nobody north of the pike. reading about two inches of snow. topsfield at 3 inches and say good-bye to the powerhouse storm, blizzard of 2016. higher amounts of snow washington, d.c. between 25-35 inches of snow. high pressure starts to move in through the day. developing sunshine, wind will ease a little bit this afternoon. tomorrow, sunny skies. upper 30s, upper 40s on tuesday. >> all right. we'll look forward to that. thank you. i'm nancy chen, today in new england returns right after this break. we'll see you t hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm
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[ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike to look for america all come to look for america to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
8:29 am
>> mess left behind after a massive storm now moving off the coast. parts of the northeast buried in snow. >> here in the bay state the high winds and high tides pushed water on to the show. >> plus the cape and the islands slammed by some of the most snow and wind. live on martha's vineyard and we've coverage all morning long. >> two big stories today. the other one is game day in denver. pats nation fired up as the team is looking for another a.c.f.championship win and the coveted spot at the super bowl. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> 8:30 on this sunday morning. busy morning here with storm force coverage. a live look in boston. copley square where the snow
8:30 am
of inches were left behind. the city itself seeing the northern edge of what was a massive and powerful winter storm. >> to the south of us, a little harder hit. scituate where high tide and flooding was a major concern throughout the night. again throughout the day today. those waves seem to have picked up already since we saw them about an hour ago, good sunday morning to you. 8:31. i'm kris anderson. >> i'm nancy chen. so the snow wound down but not before making a big mess all abeing lo the east coast. the washington, d.c. area slammed with snow and wind. the nation's capital measuring around 22 inches of snow. nearby in baltimore, maryland, they received a single day record of 25 and a half inches. >> north of the station's capital, new york city, also seeing the snow worst. ard midnight more than 26 inches measured around central park. the governor closed all bridges and tunnels. the travel bans are lifted.
8:31 am
>> in place ace long the coast like new jersey that was the problem. waves coming onshore flooding streets there and this storm is a deadly one. at least 20 deaths being blamed on the snow and wind. we've coverage with jeremy reiner and the worst is over to worry about. >> reporter: the 11:00 am high tide, that is the last components of the storm. well. the wind working against, with that astronomical high tide. boston. island. the totals were impressive. overachieved. snow. mashpee a foot of snow. marston mills a foot. new bedford 8 inch. briton 5.1. officially for boston measured out at logan airport 6.1 inches of snow for the city of boston. but around the metro between
8:32 am
then you move farther north. and the snow totals drop off. so we had blizzard criteria which is three consecutive hours of quarter mile visibility or lower. in these community, nantucket, accountham, martha's vineyard, marshfield and plymouth. blizzard of 2016. so the red indicating where you had the most snow on the cape and the islands and the pink shading about 6-10 inches of snow. plymouth at 9 inches of snow. metro boston about 5-7. milford 5, auburn 4 inches of snow. dudley only 2 and north of the pike insurance is where the dry air did a good job. dry air around. that is why the numbers ended up higher than my forecast but generally in the merrimack valley a flurry, matches of light snow leading to about an inch. reading about 2 inches of so high pressure starts to build in. it's a slow process.
8:33 am
lambert, it's your turn. >> at least the wind is not as strong as it was yesterday. look at the gusts from yesterday, block island 75 miles an hour. that is hurricane force. greater. shy of it in nantucket at 73. marshfield 70. the wind speeds this morning nantucket at 47 miles an hour but overall from boston west, the wind not overpowering. occasionally gusting to 20 miles an hour. but we're not dealing with a yesterday. even into the afternoon, the winds tending to frayed out a bit. however, big storm out there in the ocean. still have a turned up sea. still have some water back to the coastline. going to run higher than usually tides here. astronomical high tides as well. provincetown high tide around 11:00, nantucket around noon. most concerns the north-facing shorelines because we had such a northerly wind during the course of the overnight.
8:34 am
likely seeing minor in provincetown. sandwich north-facing here so that the water getting pushed toward you so you are going to have likely minor to pockets of moderate flooding during the high tide. scituate maybe a little bit of splashover into the city of boston. minor splash over the best of the coastalled intoing in pockets across the cape. north and east-facing shorelines. forecast and what we'll get close to 50 degrees, fall shy but enough warmth to get melting done. >> thank you so much. we've been talking about the wind and the snow. one of the concerns here in the bay state always were the high tides. >> flooding still can go to keep an eye on. along the coast including as kris mentioned in scituate. that is where we find jennifer egan. the waves are starting to churn already. >> reporter: we've been watching them. they're getting more and more powerful.
8:35 am
ocean we're seeing the sun break through the clouds a little bit, but, yes, the seas are getting stronger. they're looking at their next high tide around 11:15 this morning. we had one last night. we speak with the fire department earlier this morning. they said they didn't have any issues in town with the last high tide. they were' expecting possibly minor to moderate coastal flooding. in the areas that comment that to happen. that is humma rock, maybe a little bit of splash over the seawall. again they're looking at the next high tide coming up in a few hours now. we're seeing a little bit of spray come up over the wall. a little ways down from us. we're by the old scituate lighthouse, there is some strong gusts of wind at different times here, we're a little protected where we are. they've had some issues with
8:36 am
they're working to restore power to those customers. but again, all eyes on the high tide later this morning. right now, in scituate we'll be watching it too, general egan, 7 news today in new england. >> farther down south this in plymouth, road conditions very dangerous. this car went off the street last night and people say they were' caught offguard by all the snow. in rhode island, the men's hockey team at suffolk university not letting something like the snow keep them from getting home. their bus got stuck in knewport, rhode island. the team braved the cold to free the boston-bound bus. a little bit of team building. >> they're used to being on slippery surfaces. we got this. let's get down to sandwich where they were' rough moments last night. >> john cuke ox is live there. tell us about those conditions there. >> reporter: nanny, the tide is starting to come in here. the waves are starting to get big err.
8:37 am
creep up the beach here. when we first got here at about 5:00 in the morning, the water was out past these rocks here. or right now, sandwich pretty much in a cleanup mode while they wait to see the tide come in. snow blowers and blows like mario's clearing the way bright and early sunday morning in sandwich. >> heavy wet snow. it was tough to drive. it was stuff to see. a lot of slipping and sliding. >> reporter: on saturday, high winds sent heavy snow whipping off the beach alongtown neck road. >> insane. it's crazy. >> hope we keep power because it flashed a little while ago we have a generate a so -- >> reporter: the intense wind and snow did knock out power in spots across town. fortunately people were ready for that. >> typical thing, make sure
8:38 am
with batteries, and wood and the whole bit. >> reporter: the few cars on the road saturday were taking things slow. snow continued to pile up and visibility became worse. plows like mario doing their job throughout the night and the snow winding down the big concern now, possible coastal flooding. >> are you worried about the tide and you worried about the waters coming up and the high tide tonight and tomorrow will be interesting but this is the price you pay when you live down by the water. >> reporter: the winds continue to be strong here but this is the concern. the tide coming up here. just as water creeping up the beach hopefully not to any of the homes here. lye in sandwich, john cuoco, 7 news today in new england. >> stay warm out. there it was not just the cape. the islands were hit hard by heavy wind yesterday and into the night. >> they also had high tides to go along with the mess. brandon gunnoe is live on martha's vineyard and we saw over in scituate the waves were churning up.
8:39 am
>> reporter: the waves are still pretty high because we still have a good amount of winds. certainly not the high winds that we saw yesterday that started really before be in and lasted well intoed early mornings. at least 1:00 am. so the winds not what they were but if you can look, you can see the seas are still kicking up well but that is blowing snow has finally stopped. of course the crews if we could take video from this morning, we're out early. they have a done a great job clearing the roads. the guys worked all night and making sure the roads were as clear as possible. but the wet heavy snows did lead i should say to power outages across the islands here on martha's vineyard. but again this morning, it's about the cleanup. we found a lot of people out clearing the roadways. a lot of people cleaning their sidewalks. even the old-fashioned way. >> i've been out all night
8:40 am
>> reporter: what has it been like? >> hell, no, it has been blowing. you can't see. whiteouts, you know, stuff like that. you know. who needs a snow blower. because i'm a equivalent to 200 snow blowers right here. >> sometimes the old-fashioned snow shovel surface. that is the bottom line. >> reporter: you can see the extent, they picked the cable line down from the heavy wind so they're removing that. power outages were a problem here on martha's vineyard. at one time there was more than 500 homes that didn't have power but again, the crews have done a great job only a little more than 50 homes are still without power right now here on the island. live on martha's vineyard, brandon gunnoe, 7 news today in new england. >> boston here in the city, we saw a few inches of snow but other parts of the bay
8:41 am
of snow. >> nancy: susan tran is live in one of the areas that saw the most snow. you have a unique way of tracking the snow. >> reporter: nancy, it is game day. it is a very exciting day for all of us pats fans. so i thought we'd do some patriots math. here in falmouth it's the japan. i'm going to call it a chandler jones minus a danny amendola, 15 inches of snow in falmouth. i wanted to take a look at some of the road conditions here. when we drove down from boston the roads were quite clear and much of it here in falmouth is pretty darn plowed and nicely conditioned. we did speak to public works officials, and they said that they spent all night making sure they were on the roadways making sure they cleared it up. treated it and so when folks woke up this morning, they would be able to get where
8:42 am
clean out their own driveways and just get ready for the morning. after you get your work done, you probably should have some fun. i had the help from some public works crews to blow up my tube here before the generate a ran out. they did the best they could. now is the challenge to actually find a hill so that i can go sledding. this is all done before the game, right, so after you get your work done of plowing then maybe some sledding and then the game. so, i have this one mound right here. that is not going to go well. i'm just going to warn you. it's live tv so it's going to be funny. laugh at me when i crash. ready? [laughter] i'm going to find a better hill for the next time you come back to me but we're live in mouth. susan tran. >> she needs to find a patriotsest.
8:43 am
the biggest pats fan award. >> we're proud of you. >> in boston we're spared from the worst of the storm. >> but we did see a few inches of snow and last night the wind was so strong that you could barely see where you were going. danielle gersh live outside in downtown boston. things looking much better today, danielle. >> reporter: yes, things are looking pretty good. good morning kris and nancy. take a look. we're here at copley. there is snow. as far as the wind not a concern. i'm not feeling it. trees aren't moving so people are out here. we've seen runners and we've seen dogs and we've seen people heading to the store before the pats game. we also met a nice man shoveling out his car. he was from canada so he know as thing or two about the snow. he is also here for a cross fit convention so he enjoyed the workout but it was more us. >> i'm very determined.
8:44 am
the time. less than two inches and this is a lot more than two inches. >> once we came out, everything looks all right. >> reporter: now back out here live, the sidewalks look good. `there is a lot of people shoveling. roads look good. we've been seeing cars get by so issues here in regards to that. this is what i've been working on. i just started making a snowman. right now he looks pathetic but i'm going to continue working on this so maybe in 30 minutes the snowman will grow. danielle gersh, news. >> it looks like a snow kid. >> danielle is from los angeles so that maybe is an l.a.version of a snowman. >> good effort though. still ahead on today in new england we're going to look at the scene across country from the storm. a live look in new york city where the travel ban has been lifted. >> reporter: sunshine in metro boston. nice winter day. windy this morning. the wind fades away.
8:45 am
and the threat for coastal flooding. >> also talking football. can't forget about the pats' big game today. tom brady under a the team fired up and ready to go in
8:46 am
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>> nancy: 8:48 on this sunday morning, this is the braintree split. you can see the roads are pretty cleared off. the sun is up. it could be a nice sunday at least here. >> kris: sunny sunday after a stormy snowy saturday. roads are cleared so that is forward. >> reporter: storm moving out. we have a cold wind out there that will fade. i would say before that game gets going this afternoon, get out of the house. take the kids sledding or doing seeing yourself then you hunker down on the couch with the chili, go, pats, go. mild week. here is a difference compared to last year. last year this weekend the
8:48 am
kris lambert broke up a great point. at that time the city of boston didn't reach 40 until the middle of march. a i'm not saying we're not going to have snow between now and march but in between our storms it's going to warm up. onitures the numbers are heading for the upper 40s. so you got snow out there. with high pressure trying to move in the storm is finally storm. it really overachieved across much of southern new england. mashpee a foot of snow. new bedford 8 inches of snow. briton 5.1. at low pressure system 6.1. amounts. so the red indicating where we had the most snow. about 12-16 inches. plymouth 9 inches. mansfield around 6. hanover 8. working west along the pike milford 5. dudley at 2.
8:49 am
north of the pike, we cep advertising dry air would fend off the storm from metro boston. didn't do that but it did a great job in the merrimack valley. flurries and clouds and pockets of light snow. only a coating to an inch then back through the upper 495 corridor. high pressure slowly moving in. so the difference between the h. and the l. is setting up wind. it has been cranky. nothing like yesterday. that won't be the case. the numbers will continue to go down. nantucket a wind gust to 47 miles per hour. worcester a gust to 20 miles an hour. wind chills in the single numbers, providence it feels like 4. boston feels like 7. wedford feels like 11. if you are going out layer up. we watch the 11:00 am hai tied. brown, chatham an nantucket where there may be pockets of moderate coastal flooding. also on the south shore boston high tide again at 11:00, understand with the
8:50 am
the tide goes out so it's usually a one-hour window on either side of this. sandwich minor to perhaps moderate coastalled intoing in sandwich. chris. >> reporter: had plenty of wind with the storm yesterday and it looks like stared seeing improvement there. plenty of snow. although it was a sharp cutoff. in boston about 5-6 inches in the providence here. beginning where you are on the northern or the southern side of it dependinged on how much snow you got in central connecticut then you step down across the connecticut/border and it was hammer time. 35.5 at j.f.k. then you work your way down allen down, pennsylvania, 31 before 7 inches of snow. they averaged 32 inches of snow in the winter. they gotth winter' average
8:51 am
harrisburg and baltimore. at b.w.i.these are all biggest snowstorms for that area. so it's certainly a huge snowstorm when you went just south of our area. still a formidable storm. portions of the cape and the islands with a foot of snow. couple of sprinkles, maybe a passing isolated shower. temperatures to the lower to middle 40s in denver this afternoon for kickoff. 19 in boston. 19 in norwood. cold start to the day. wind steady at 10 miles an hour but wind diminishing through the afternoon. you can see there is not much going on to the west of us, patchy clouds working in as we work through the overnight hours. tonight j.r.mentioning how we went into the deep-freeze after the first snowfall. no deep-freeze this check. economic is out tuesday, 47 degrees. >> nancy: the storm made a mess across the eastern half of the country. >> kris: snow and ice snarling traffic. it made it tough for
8:52 am
people stuck and in need. bri eggers has more. >> reporter: treacherous conditions causing serious conditions. here is a look at a stretch of highway in kentucky. the unrelenting snow making life a nightmare. some people were stuck for 12 hours or more on this frozen federal reserve of interstate 75. in maryland fire crews walked through 20 inches of there. the heavy wind also spread th flames to other stores in the strip mall. on top of all of the snow and the ice some people in new jersey are dealing with dangerously high water. the water was nearly 20 inches high inside of homes yesterday and some of the homesoners say they finished rebuilding their houses after hurricane sandy and now they have to start over from scratch. the nation's capital seeing some of the worst of the storm.
8:53 am
many roads impassable. authorities are warning that it might take a few days before the roads are clear again. in the newsroom bri eggers, 7 news today in new england. >> nancy: thank you. coming up our storm force team coverage continues. >> kris: take a lye look at scituate this morning where the waves are a lot calmer. the waves are actually picking up a bit. we've live storm force coverage from al across the -- all across the state. >> nancy: the big day is here. the pats looking to dominate the broncos during today's a.f.c.championship game. a closer look at the matchup when we come back. the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of state who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world. is the one candidate for
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8:55 am
>> big day today. it's game on for the pats. bronxos have their eyes set on taking down tom brady they're worried about another star. >> good for them to dream. trey daerr has an eye on who they're keeping their eye on. >> do i patriot the patriots? i dislike the patriots.
8:56 am
>> reporter: strong to others. >> i hate them. [laughter] they're always in my way to get what i want so it's hate. >> reporter: a different patriot offense will be standing in the broncos way one featuring julian edelman. >> he is the starter. he is the chemistry. the veteran presence, the security blanket for brady. >> he does a lot of work underneath and stuff, but he catch. >> brady seems to know where he is going to come out. >> they have a great chemistry together. so i would say them two playing together for so long is what separates them. >> reporter: for an offense predicated on timing finding a way to pressure tom brady could be the key in disrupting the patriot' rhythm. >> we have to be quick. you get the ball off quick but our job is to get there quick also. >> i think that helps the line especially when you have a good pass rush.
8:57 am
>> brady is so smart back there. edelman and amendola find the holes. it's definitely between brady and his slot receivers. >> reporter: trey daerr, 7 sports. >> kris: stay with 7 news for continues coverage live trey and joe amorosino will be live in colorado all throughout the day covering the pats in the play-offs. coming up next our storm force coverage rolls on. boston. isn't that beautiful? the sun is out. shining bright. city seeing a couple of inches of snow but others areas saw more than a foot of snow in some spots. >> we have sunshine for the day. windy conditions right now.
8:58 am
>> anchor: waking up battered
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