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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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provided by u.s. captioning company. >> first at 6:00, a deadly drive in dorchester. a man crossing a street is hit and killed by a plow. the accident happened just before noon. >> tonight, investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: as the area tries to dig out from last night's snow, a tragedy in dorchester. boston police say a dump truck with a plow on the front hit and killed a man. the man was crossing the street when he was hit. >> i heard a little crash and a little scream. >> reporter: people who live nearby are horrified by what that saw and heard. >> it is horrible. it is not something you see
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it is crazy. >> reporter: investigators spent hours at the scene taking measurements and pictures as they tried to figure out how this happened. witnesses say the man was in the crosswalk at the time of the crash but police have yet to confirm that. for now, the neighborhood is shaken and they are hoping people slow down. >> they do drive reckless but what do you say? people are in a rush. everybody is in a rush. >> a snowplow in connecticut the center of transportation trouble. a train in stanford slammed into a plow after the truck got stuck trying to cross the tracks. no one onboard was injured during the crash. no one was injured. winter weather definitely leaving its flashing on massachusetts. marshfields one of the coastal cities where people spent the
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more than a float of snow there and it caused flooding along the shoreline. >> reporter: people in marshfield spent their sunny sunday digging out one scoop at a time. storms slammed into the area bringing high wind and lots of snow. this winter wallop did not bring the kind of damage that people in the area have seen in the years past. >> this is nothing compared to last year. >> it is cold and windy but not too bad. >> reporter: with the snowplowed and winds at manageable weather, many spent the afternoon watching the waves rolling in. mother nature put on quite a show for several hours. >> these waves were completely hitting these houses right here. crashing them. >> reporter: and that did cause problems. yesterday, it was the snow and wind. today, it is the waves crashing
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wall section of marsh field and that is causing flooding. >> the water is coming through. every high tide, the water is coming over the wall. >> reporter: over the wall and not through the wall like it did last year when the sea wall was breached causing major flooding. >> we've been watching where the wall breached over there earlier and it was high tide. it looked like it was holding up ok. >> reporter: crews spent months repairing the sections of the wall and it appears to pass its first test. >> i don't run until someone calls and we didn't get it this time. >> reporter: as for the water on ocean street, residents say it is a part of life. >> the water goes in and the water goes out and hopefully, it does not cause too much damage. a park was closed for flooding concerns.
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vehicles around noontime. the fresh layer of snow could be on the way out. temperatures climbing above 30 for the first time this week. >> reporter: that is key so nothing like last year. we will climb above 40 as we head into the middle of this week. we know where the concentration of snow was, along the cape, south coast as well as the islands. more than a foot of snow in some spots and the high tide today. beautiful pictures when you get them in pause. nicole sending that in. we do see improvement this week and i do want to cover this here because it does seem eerily similar to last week, almost to the day, not last week. we saw last year. it is not a flashback. last year, we did not hit 40 degrees until march 4 and that was the snow blitz that came because we could not get the melting but we will get the melting and conditions are
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calm in many locations. clouds moving in overnight and it will get cold so slick spots are a possibility. what is wet now is refreezing. 16-24 for the lows today and tomorrow lots of sunshine in store for us. 34-39 starting the melting process and boosting into the 40's for tuesday and wednesday. how long does that last and are we keeping an eye on for this next weekend? we'll cover the details in just a few minutes. >> reporter: the officers in washington, d.c. will be closed tomorrow after this weekend's blockbuster blizzard. some a areas got up to 2 feet of snow. much of the traffic was stopped in its tracks. today, the big storm turned into a big dig in the mid-atlantic. highway crews working to get the roads open again.
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jennifer johnson that latest on the cleanup from washington. jennifer: sounds of recovery as the dig out begins. blue skies are a welcome change that paralyzed millions. >> it is not the heavy wet stuff so it is not bad cleaning up. jennifer: hundreds of cars need to be removed from highways from pennsylvania to kentucky. hundreds of thousands of people are without pow per. >> there is a great deal of work that needs to be done to recover from a weather event of this severity. jennifer: new york's airports are open but the airport in washington is closed. governors are still urging people to stay off of the roads. >> the travel ban has been lifted that does not mean people should go out and take a ride and see the sights.
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fire hydrant hampered efforts to save this house. heavy snow is collapsing roofs, facility. sunshine has led to celebration. a friendly snowball fight in dupont circle. a paralyzed east coast is finally moving again. washington. back locally, a robbery is caught on camera. the thief making out with a carrying right there. police say this wasn't the only business targeted. kelly o'hara has the story. >> kicked in the always, stole one of the safes, you know what i mean? they made off with a couple thousands of dollars in cash from the night before. it is unfortunate but there is
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>> reporter: the pee -- pizza pizzeria made sure his cameras were recording. >> when he came in, he had a hat and mask on and he decided to take his hat and mask off and we got video of his face. it is not easy for a small business to survive and to have smrch come in and terrorize that, that is not right. >> reporter: this was smashed in and it was is boarded up up now. >> there were other breaks that were found 7:00 in the morning, 8:00 in the morning, the timeline is similar. it is possible he is a suspect in all of them. six in one morning is a lot. >> reporter: ramono's is back open but he has a message for who did this. >> i hope you get caught.
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can do the get him off of the streets. firefighters make a chilling rescue in andover saying three men fell into the frozen pond. investigators say they were ice fishing on fields pond this afternoon and they fell right through the ice. all three were rescue and taken to the hospital. drivers back on the roads after last night's storms but conditions in brockton were dangerous today. investigators have not said if anyone was injured or what caused this crash. despite the cold and wet weather, this house went up in flames. you can see the firefighters battling the fire. it was completely engulfing the house. investigators say no one was inside at the time. we're following more news today. investigators were on the hunt for three escaped inmates in california. the three men broke out in a maximum security jail. they crawled through a plumbing
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stories. investigators say it was sophisticated and well planned. >> there was a disturbance at the central men's jail that we feel strongly contributed to the planning of the escape. the public should expect the worst if they are encountering them. >> investigators believe the escapees had help on the inside and are still in the united states. turning to the race for the white house and the candidate gearing up for the iowa caucuses, which are now a week away. we're learning another candidate could be joining the race. we have the details. >> reporter: donald trump started his day at church as he tries to build support among evangelicals. trump'sselves -- service where he made a surprising claim. >> i could stand in the middle of times square and shoot
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voters. >> reporter: ted cruz made light of the remark. >> i can say i have no intention on shooting anybody in this campaign. >> we turn on the news every morning and shocked to see we're not on it because we're replaced with immigrants like heraldo rivera. >> reporter: they are looking at the possibility that billionaire michael bloomberg could enter the race. that would only happen if trump, cruz, or bernie sanders' are the party's nominees. >> i'm going relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> reporter: polls have clinton running neck and neck with bernie sanders while cruz and trump battle for the lead. still ahead on 7 news at 6:00, troubling tee shirts at schools.
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spell out an offenseive message. live from new york, tina fey. we have more on what she had to
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troubling tee shirts at an arizona school after a photo appears to show these students spelling a racially offensive word using their shirts. administrators are dealing with the backlash. >> the students could face serious trouble. >> reporter: few words provoke anger, the n-word spelled out on these shirts is one of the words. >> yes, i know two of the girls. i know the parents of one of the girls very well. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i'm not sure what to think. i'm upset about it. >> reporter: none of the
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wanted to talk. >> outraged, disgust, disappointment, feeling all of those things. we will be addressing the need for sensitivity training and discipline. this will not be tolerated. >> reporter: she did not say what the punishment will be but two of the girls on the soccer camera were not suited up for the recent game. the girls are facing a five-day suspension and they are forcing a tough conversation. >> what they did was not right at all. it is not their place to do that but that is not a black person's place to say that either. it is a controversial word. >> reporter: online petition calling for the girls to be expelled as more than 30,000 signatures. up next, much of the east coast already tired of the snow after the record-breaking storm. a town in wisconsin is still asking for more. >> reporter: it depends on who you ask. we haven't been above 40 degrees
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make it there this week. a whole lot of melting in store. announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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7 inches of snow may have stopped the bus but it couldn't stop the suffolk men's hockey team. the men pushed the bus when it got stuck. they were able to free the bus and get back to boston. >> wow. >> good thing they are strong athletes, right, to do something like that. a bus? >> you need a little muscle to do the shoveling we've had. it is weird how backwards this snowstorm was. >> reporter: exactly true. more snow for boston so far this year than worcester and the ski resorts are asking where were our snows? it was focused on the cape and south coast yesterday.
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of year. the other thing that is eerie, it seems, it will send a chill down your spine but weather doesn't carbon copy itself. last year, we did not hit 40 degrees until march 4. we did not get melting done. we will get melting done. you will have to shovel if you're in one of the jackpot areas. temperature trends as we head through this week, tuesday, wednesday, and that is when we see the peak in temperatures. conditions are already improving breeze in nantucket up to 15 miles an hour. current temperatures are above freezing for boston at 34 right now. 34 in nashua and 24 in norwood. we will see the wet spots. the melting we got done today refreezing tonight.
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plummeting overnight tonight but it is a cold one. we make it into the teens in colder burbs and closer to the city. west winds is a big improvement. tomorrow, mostly sunny and light winds and that is key so it will feel like it is in the mid to upper 30's rather than factoring in the wind chill. clouds move in then they move out and we'll get melting done. cold air is still with us for now and it is all the way down into florida. we've seen highs where they are heading there for vacation. we will get the milder air working in from the southwest as we head into the middle of this week. i show you the temperatures climbing well into the 40's. here you go. southwesterly flow pumping in the mild air. the cold air, it is still winter not far from us and that takes over as we head into the end of the week. ties -- highs tomorrow are close
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as we head into tuesday, looking good with temperatures climbing into the 40's. computer models want to take us to the upper 40's and flirting with 50 degrees. with the snow pack, we may have a hard time climbing there. nevertheless, still melting in store. here is the mild air working in and the cold comes back in for us. winter is not over for the snow lovers and we're watching for the official of snow showers as we make it into friday. just a chance and it looks like it clips us with this system that is out to sea for now. we will keep an eye on it. you see the raindrop on tuesday looks like light rain showers overnight tuesday into wednesday for some, not all. most of us stay dry. >> so while the east coast recovers from the monster snowstorm, this town in wisconsin has a snow problem of its own. townsend doesn't have enough to build its annual 30-foot tall mascot.
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going on for half a century may have to wait until next year. >> reporter: he is the winter mascot and at 30 feet tall you can't miss him. >> people miss. it is like a welcome type of sign to the winter. >> reporter: this year, it is missing in action. >> not enough snow, too warm, too much rain. >> reporter: since the 1960's, they have built the snowman. >> it is not often that you get the build a 30-foot snowman. any time you build a snowman where you're using a backhoe it is fun. >> reporter: they created a 96 special cap for the mascot. he became world famous last year after going viral. >> he made it around the world in seven days. went viral on our social media feeds and we got a great response for him so it was fun. >> reporter: this year, there are things about constructing a 30-foot snowman that builders
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>> the very end when you're putting on the size 96 stony chromier and putting on the finishing touches, the eyes and so forth and standing back and looking back at what you did. >> reporter: there is always next winter. >> they want to keep the memory alive with less snow on the ground. residents are planning to make little ones in his honor. tina fey is back. she returned to "saturday night live" and reprised her role as sarah palin after she endorsed donald trump last week. >> what is the big deal? take a chill pill, jill. we're mad. we've had been had. year not -- we're not so glad. >> she found that -- >> i know. how did she do that? >> the outfit.
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>> tina fey with the sweater, which makes headlines on its own. her first impression of palin dates back to 2008 when she ran with john mccain. it is so spot on. >> i got confused last time congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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coming up on nbc nightly news, the latest on the bridge
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coast as many are digging out today, many more are trying to figure out how and when they will get home. we'll show you how one country is turning into a cashless society. what is it like to only use cards and apps to pay for things? we'll show you. inspiring stories and grit.
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