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tv   Today  NBC  January 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take," the blizzard of 2016. tens of millions still digging out. schools closed, flights cancelled and federal offices shut down. from the new comedy "fifty shades of black," marlon wayans. the one thing you shouldn't do with your boarding pass. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from good morning. it's monday, january 25th, 2016.
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stopped snowing. i'm willie with tamron and al. natalie is off today. morning jam, what else? >>d choice. >> frank si gnat tra sinatra, "let it snow." >> we were streaming live on nbc and this lived up to and overper performed. experiencing over two feet of snow. look at this time lapse we've got from virginia. he started filming on his back deck at 2:00 p.m. on friday. i could watch these time lapses all day. just unbelievable. >> holy cow. >> go to "new york times".com website. there's one overlooking central park. boom. >> wow. >> man. >> true snow blowing effect. >> up to three feet in the washington, d.c. region. new york city having the second largest snowfall in the city's history. just missed it. 26.8 inches in central park.
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from weather-related incidents. we have some statistics for you. let's take a look. top snowfall by state. west virginia, 42 inches. 39 in virginia. 38.3 in pennsylvania. maryland right behind. new york coming in at 31.3. then as you look at the snowfalls, the records that fell, this is kind of incredible, allentown, 31.. jfk, 30.5. harrisburg, 30.2. bwi, 29.2. laguardia and newark airports at 27.9. here's the other amazing fact. for the average snowfall for the year, check this out, okay? we've got more than a season's worth of snow in this one storm. 28 inches in dulles. philly, 22 inches, more than their average.
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normally gets 23.5. central park picked up more than its average. it really was unbelievable. >> it was relentless, too. as you said it was going to be. i woke up saturday morning and it was snowing hard. i went to bed saturday night and it was still snowing hard. it set up shop. >> you were very fortunate, tamron, to get back. there were 1,600 flights cancelled today. 279 cancelled tomorrow. you were like the last flight to get in? >> we were the first flight in. i think the only flight yesterday. i landed last night at 6:00 p.m. we were the first and only austin. i had to fly from houston to austin, and then to jfk. if i had to put a bet on that, i was like, great, it's not happening. i already made restaurant lists austin. then it took off, and we >> wow. >> did you really? >> amazing. >> franklin barbecue. >> i should have missed my flight. >> also, we were talking about there was going to be costal
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is wildwood and stone harbor, new jersey. i mean, this is good compared to what it was during the height of the storm. >> wow. >> so many people had major damage to their homes, the businesses. at some points, looked almost surreal because there were chunks of ice floating down the middle of north wildwood. the pd did a good job of getting people safe. it lived up to its storm. unfortunately, we'll be talking about this, there may be another one lurking. >> are you kidding? >> when, this weekend? >> the latter part of this week, thursday and friday, possibly. >> yes. >> i do have to say, we -- go back to austin, yeah. the 35-mile car pileup in kentucky, i kept thinking, what that? i know -- >> nothing. >> -- they started passing out fuel to people that they could
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but 35-mile car pileup? >> another on pennsylvania. >> eight miles, yeah. the temple university gymnastics team was stuck. >> and a basketball team. >> folks, a church group, held mass outside on the side of the road. >> got to go to jesus in those moments. >> they literally made an altar out of snow. >> so cool. >> super cool. >> the priest said mass. >> a lot of people found a way to have some fun in all of this. two members of the west virginia university swim team, look at this. >> crazy. >> this is great. they were holding practice. >> oh! that's crazy. >> tell her about the shrinkage, jerry. >> this started a trend. if you go on twitter and look up the videos, one, a girl jumps in and you see her feet. she's gone. she disappears. >> i like that one. >> talk about the polar plunge.
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the smithsonian national zoo's panda, i saw willie tweet this out and i kept looking at it over and over. >> you can't stop watching it. >> oh, yeah, right there, snow. right there, yeah. >> so good. >> little cold for the toes. here we go. >> doing the belly roll. >> oh, yeah. >> that's how we all felt. >> that's what we do in "kung fu panda 3". >> comes out friday. >> that's right. >> we worked with angie and jack. >> there you have it. >> those two videos played great in our house all weekend. >> i bet. >> speaking of all weekend, i was working all day. my wife, deborah, decided to do a little shovel duty in our backyard. she's wearing my boots, my coat and the shovel, our good shovel was in the basement and she didn't find it. this one, the handle is broken. >> she went for the bad shovel and still went in. i love her. >> still shovelled out some of the backyard. that was fun. >> then you had a picnic out there.
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park, and we did some sledding, along with about 20,000 other people. >> look at the crowd behind you. >> it was crazy. >> do you have a special sled, or you have paper? >> it's one of those foam rubbery things. i've got an old flexible flier, but it's upstate. didn't have it with me. where you could have some semblance of turning. all those things now have no -- >> they're inner tubes. >> it's like when we were in college and you take the trays from the dining hall and slide down. >> we may get more snow thursday one. i was with the olympic hopefuls, the gymnasts, who may be representing team usa. i was out practicing with them, that. >> that's impressive. lesson. we were in houston. al said, you know, listen, the storm is coming in. our producer was like, no, it's not coming in until 4:00 a.m. saturday. i said, it doesn't come in a vacuum.
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>> matt greenfield? >> greenfield. >> oh, yeah, well -- >> i said, matt, we're doomed. we took off at 8:53. our return flight was cancelled and they started to fall like domino dominos. shoutout to all of the people who work at airports. i was on the phone with a delta reservationist and she was telling me things people said. terrible. >> right. >> it's not their fault. >> one woman said, i want a letter that guarantees that my flight will land. >> she wanted a written letter? >> from the lady. she's like, ma'am, i'm in a call center. what do you want me to do? >> fax it. >> flight from houston to austin. i had 20 minutes to go 20 gates. i'm out of shape. that's what i learned. i did video of me running. that's my fast run. >> that's not exactly running. >> that's a fast run. >> that's my run. >> look, i'm like, oh, gosh. >> brisk walk.
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in "spy," when her moped won't go. >> you could have gone faster if you didn't record everything. >> look at me feet. >> my friend's dog, matte ie. this was in new jersey. >> come on. >> mattie is no dummy. i'll go in the house. >> don't want to go? >> no, i don't. >> look, just backing up. >> i tweeted out, that's when you love winter clothes but you hate winter. >> come on! >> your dog keeps backing up. >> she's like, this goes on forever. >> you stay there. >> you and young george were out hanging. >> we have a hill in our backyard so we did some sledding. george strapped on the skis. i had the video but it didn't go through because technology doesn't work. anyway, george -- >> proud dad. >> eight inches of powder comes
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lucy put on a hip hop performance for the ages. >> george was the host, i read. >> he welcomed everybody with trivia. it was one of the weekends where you make up games. >> you had a party to go to and i said, cancel and go to your house. >> you listened. see, our team didn't listen. >> it was matt greenfield so -- >> he's still stuck. greenfield, still stuck. >> good! executive producer's husband dan, 59 '9". >> uh-oh. >> look at that. barely can see him on their deck. look at that. >> oh! >> there he is. behind the -- >> dan is on the third step. i don't know why i had to say that. full disclosure. >> legal department. >> it's like the standards of practices said i had to say that. i don't know. >> what city messed up their measurement because they lost their -- >> washington, d.c. out at the national airport, they didn't clear the snow board off. they actually may have more snow
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if you leave snow on, it compacts. it ma i not be that accurate. they probably got more snow than they said. here's what we're talking about. as far as that next nor'easter, and this happens typically during an el nino year. you get an active subtropical jet. what we're looking at is this low wednesday. thursday morning, it makes its way up the coast. now, the models are diverge ing. a couple go up the coast and another goes out to sea. depending, the track is uncertain. we could see some snow, especially in the northeast. it's iffy but i want to make sure you're ready because this could be rather interesting. that's what's going on around the country. here's -- john almost made a fist to punch me. my cameraman. >> good monday morning, everyone. quiet start to the day. light winds, and sunshine this afternoon with the light winds.
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light breeze out of the southeast. turning west. and it will increase. breezy day, clouds around, and straight showers this afternoon. mainly dry on tuesday. temperatures mid 40s to upper 40s, a couple of times close to 50 across southeastern mass. thursday to to friday, a close path with the storm. latest weather. oh, my gosh, i feel like goldilocks. look who is in my chair. >> i simplified this for you. it is cold, period. cold, cold, cold. wear a jacket and bring lotion. >> oh. >> don't want that. >> cold want the ash. it gets ashy there and between the webs. >> what do they call that? >> little ashy ville. ashiest place on a black person's body, right here. >> i'll check mine.
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car don't hit you. >> talking about sledding experiences. sledding. >> get on top of a can, a garbage can, and somebody pushes you fast. it's fun, especially if you don't get hit by a car. >> especially if you don't get hit. >> the safety tip. >> it's how we do it in new york city. >> we don't need to introduce him but this is marlon wayans. he comes from one of the most talented families in hollywood. known for his role as marcus/tiffany in "white chicks" movie movie" franchise. his movies grossed $1 billion -- >> don't say this in new york. going to get me robbed with brooklyn people. billionaire, where you at? trying to get me killed? >> your phone blows up. >> can i get some of that? can i borrow a mill? she's watching. she's so cute, she's like, baby,
10:17 am
she'slways a mother. make sure you wipe your nose. be sure to have clean underwear. i never got that. she's like, just in case you get killed. don't embarrass me if i come to identify the body. i will act like you ain't my baby. >> has your mom seen "fifty shades of black"? >> no. >> let's show her a clip. >> uh-oh. >> thank you, mr. black. >> please, call me christian. >> christian. >> i hope i answered all your questions. >> you certainly did. >> christian? >> oh, my gosh. make it stop. >> white girls, get that elevator fixed. >> marlon's mom is watching. >> my mom probably isn't going to to this one.
10:18 am
movie," and when the body part went through the ear, she went, no. my mother was like, i got to leave. she's the groundhog, if she doesn't come or leaves early, it's going to be a huge success. ma, check this one out. it's not for you. i let my kids see it. >> really? >> yeah. "haunted house," i had this love scene. they're 13 and 15. when they were little, 9 or 11, and i took them to see "haunted house." i had this love scene with this dog. they closed their eyes. i was like, open your eyes. see that move right there? that's how you were made. >> they're in therapy now. >> right now. >> they unfollow me from all social media. i'm the most embarrassing father ever. i'm doing a show for nbc called "marlon" about me being an inappropriate dad. they may tune in, may not. it'll be fun.
10:19 am
screaming for parody. you had to do this. >> it called me. i was minding my own business and the movie came out and god said, "son, i need you to go get this one." it's a lot of fun. what they gave us was fun characters of which i can flip. "fifty shades of grey," his character was creepy, and i made mine a stalker. he's rich, but i made mine rich but shady. steals his money. he's a really, really bad lover. >> there you have it. >> not like the guy in " fifty s great, because i did some of those things in ninth grade. >> mom is watching. >> and he doesn't have a billion dollars. >> mom had ten kids so they come from somewhere. >> marlon wayans, thank you so much. "fifty shades of black" in theater this friday. here's a turn, are you at risk for a heart attack or stroke? new information to protect your
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>> you make black people blush,
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from new dietary guidelines to the average resting heart rate, there are important numbers you should be pay ag ing attention to when it comes to your health. natalie is here to fill us in. doctor, always good to see you. let's start with guidelines on sodium sodium, fat intakes. >> the recommendations include a restriction on the amount of sodium that we are recommending for people on a daily basis. 2,300 milligrams a day. i want to say that for people who are either hypertensive or have salt sensitive hypertension, as well as other risk factors for heart disease, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, may want to go to 1,500 milligrams. speak to your health care provider about that.
10:23 am
ral -- cholesterol and saturated fa rems recommendations. how do i measure this? >> the hidden source is not added sodium but in processed foods, in particular. you need to be very, very cognisant of that. speak to a nutritionist about serving sizes. >> let's move to waist circumference. it's a different number for men and women. >> i have a tape measurer here. put it around your waist, right above your pelvic bones, right here. you want it snuck but not too snuck, compressing the sken in. women, less than 35 inches. men, less than 40 inches. the metabolic syndrome is when people have too high cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides. this can contribute to heart disease. this visceral fat is a risk factor for heart disease. >> good target numbers there. let's move to heart rate. we have a lot of technology now. the fit bit and everything helps us track that. what's important to know?
10:24 am
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taking a look at headlines. the stage is set, the carolina panthers will face the denver broncos in super bowl 50. in the nfl game on sunday panthers qb cam newton ran for two touchdowns and threw for two more, including this 86-yard strike to corey brown. this one was a blowout from the start. carolina went on to beat arizona cardinals 49-15. to the afc, it was the broncos and the patriots. denver led the whole way but in the fourth quarter the patriots got within two points, scoring a touchtown with 13 seconds to go. new england needed a two-point conversion to tie it but it was intercepted.
10:30 am
on to health news for you, colon cancer screening is recommended to begin at age 50 for most people, but new data suggests a fair number of colorectal patients are diagnosed at a younger age. researchers at the university of michigan looked at those who were diagnosed with co-low rectal cancer in the u.s. between 1998 and 2011. nearly 15% were younger than 50 years old. possible warning signs of cone lon cancer include anemia and bowel changes. americans are buying bigger and more expensive homes these days. the average size rose to about 2,700 square feet from last from 2,650 the year before. almost half of the new homes built last year had more than four bedrooms. but bigger isn't always better if the housing market. builders aren't making as many starter homes due to land prices and lack of available mortgages for less-affluent buyers. and this weekend's severe weather on the east coast did some damage to the box office
10:31 am
hunker down and stay home, maybe flex and maybe chill "the revenant" stormed its way with an estimated $16 million. "star wars" was second. "ride along 2" at number three. al got a chance to hang around with the team from "ride along," kevin hart and ice coup. let's go to al for the weather. >> sunshine along the east coast, sunshine along the west coast and some showers. but watching something developing here in the south. we'll keep an eye on the sunshine back to the west. and by the latter part of the week we could be looking at a possible nor'easter again. plenty of sunshine due to the gulf, more showers and snow >> chris: good monday morning, everyone. quiet start to the day. >> good monday morning, everyone. quiet start to the day. light winds, and sunshine this afternoon with the light winds.
10:32 am
southeast. turning to the southwest. and it will increase. breezy day, clouds around, and straight showers this afternoon. mainly dry on tuesday. temperatures mid 40s to upper to 50 across southeastern mass.
10:33 am
with the storm. or stash. >> i heard you guys. >> i say stash. >> stash means you should keep it and not throw it out for the public to see. trash means you're safe to throw it out. >> i maintain my answer. passes. so many people -- and this is my boarding pass -- i blacked out the bar code and qr code. so many passes have that. the question is, are you safe to throw this out and crash it, or >> stash it. >> trash it. >> you're wrong, you're right. stash it. >> why?
10:34 am
get your name, your frequent flyer number, access to your airline account, and there are free apps online. you don't need to be a hacker. free apps online if you take a selfie with this or somebody finds this laying around, they can actually move flights around >> really? yeah. stash it, you're right, al, or rip it up into little pieces. this is my boarding pass from last night. you're not getting my information. >> shucks. >> didn't know that. >> next, hotel keys. for a long time, we have heard that you can get personal information off this. obviously, it's opening the door of your room. the question is, when you're done with the hotel key, do you trash it? is it safe to throw out, or do you keep it? >> i give it back to the hotel. >> you do? >> yeah, it's what you're supposed to do, right? >> stash it. >> trash it. >> tamron is right. contrary to all the rumors, there is no personal information according to hotel industry experts on the card. the only thing on the card is the code to open your room. as soon as you check out, it's gone. but there's never your credit
10:35 am
you're safe to chuck it. >> give it back. don't they recycle them? >> thank you very much. >> sorry. >> got one point. >> finally, talking about cell phones. so many people, huge market on ebay, craig's list, people are selling their iphones, android devices. you want to make sure they can't get your photos, old text messages. >> right. >> the question is, when you're about to get rid of your cell phone, do you trash it, safe to throw out, or stash it? >> if you erase everything, it'd be safe. >> how? just erasing a photo doesn't erase the photo. >> iphone has where you can erase all content but i don't believe it. >> i'll show you how to do it. the answer is, you want to stash it until you do what i'm about to show you. i'll walk you through it. today show iphone, we have it plugged in to show you at home exactly how to do this. it's right here. first, go to settings down here. hit settings. now, go to general. i'll hit that. scroll all the way down to reset.
10:36 am
>> hit reset. >> yup. >> hit that. passcode. in this case, we have a passcode. they told me i can't erase this or the "today" show goes off the air. normally, you'd type in the passcode. only then is it erased fully, and then you're safe to sell it. if you have an android, go to my facebook page, reports. i have a step by step on how to keep your information safe on an android device. >> this is real. i've done it but i have a stack of old phones. >> you're okay as long as you do this. >> really? >> you can't just delete it off. >> thank you so much, jeff. ahead, a dish that may bring back a lot of memories for you. cooking channel star shares her at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. p hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a
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on today food, we're kicking off a week of casseroles. and cheesy. >> yeah. >> kelsey nixon is here to share a recipe with us. good to see you. >> nice to see you guys. >> this is great comfort food. >> especially post-blizzard, where we were digging out. this is one of those things that's fantastic. look, we have a lot of ingredients over here. the good thing is, you probably have 90% to 95% of these ingredients already in your pantry. this is something you should be able to open the cup boards and start making. >> mix and match. >> great recipe for swaps. we're going with the classic. we update the classic dishes. we'll swap out the canned cream of mushroom soup and make our
10:42 am
we have butter and onions that i've sauteed and i'll add mushrooms here. these will go about two minutes or so. >> could you use any mushrooms you want snd ed? >> great way to clean up mushrooms you had on refrigerator. once they break down, we'll add depth of flavor. add a little soy sauce, as well, sherri. if you didn't have sherri, subsidy sub sti -- subty stitute if you didn't have that. equal parts fat, which is butter and flour. al, whisk in the chicken broth. then once that chicken broth gets in there, it's going to continue to cook. it'll bubble up. it'll thicken and we'll add cream, as well. what's great about this is we're replacing those canned cream
10:43 am
and '60s, and making our own. it's stuff you already have on hand. it shouldn't feel too intimidating. once this cooks down, it's going to look like this, a little thicker. this is where we're going to jazz it up. willie, do you want to add the mushrooms and onions? >> i do. >> add those in there. all that flavor, it's almost going to permeate the cream sauce. >> oh, beautiful. >> you could eat that by itself. >> you could. mushroom soup. >> bring that down for us. >> we have lemon juice to brighten it up. we have tuna. you can use any tuna, oil packed, water pack, or sub this for a ro tis tisserie chicken or turkey. this, we have old fashioned egg noodles, three cups, already cooked going in there. and some petite peas. great freezer staple to have on hand. like i said, this is something
10:44 am
cook. she's got the ingredients on hand and can throw it together in no time. this goes in a 2 quart baking dish. we have to talk topping because it's the best. shredded cheddar cheese and melted butter. when it comes out, you get the beautiful, golden crust on top. >> it's the crunch that really brings it home. >> it's necessary. you have to taste this. >> we'll sample this. delicious. thank you so much. i cheated and had some earlier. that's why i can say it's delicious. you can get this at coming up, ever wondered if your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to a biologic,
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if your college student doesn't know how to pump gas, you are a helicopter parent. >> now, there's help for you from a former dean of freshman at stanford university and mother of two, julie lythcott hanes, the author of "how to raise an adult," break free from the overparenting trap. julie means business. >> that's right. >> good morning. >> good morning, tamron and willie. thank you so much for having me. >> there have been so many articles of late focused in on this. parents, i think, recognizing that this is real and that it can hurt their adult children. >> absolutely. here i was, a dean of freshman, working with very accomplished students. students whose resumes and transcripts were impressive. yet, over the years, i noticed, fewer and fewer of them seemed really familiar with how to accomplish the tasks of life without consulting a parent. parents were happy to help. i had an advisee who texted her parent time zones away to find
10:50 am
even though she was in a building with hundreds of -- many humans who could have helped her answer the question. >> we can have a whole other segment on how we got to having kids that way, but let's focus on three kinds of over over parenting. how do you distinguish? >> over protective is the parent who says the world is scary, unsafer and unpredictable and, therefore, i must prevent at every turn instead of prepare my kid for what's out there. the over directive says, i know best. what leads to success and you will do as i say and do it extremely well. then the concierge is holding the kids' hand. i'll wake you up, fill out your applications, make sure you have what you need in your backpack, i'll argue with teachers and coaches. it's the handler. >> the good news, we know it can cause damage, kids will not be prepared socially, especially at
10:51 am
are habits that can be broken. where do we start? >> well, we start with stopping doing these three things. number one, don't say "we" if you mean your son or daughter. we're on the travel soccer team. we finished that science project. maybe you did. but stop saying "we." we're not going to college, they are. stop arguing with every teacher, principal, referee. stop doing their homework. too many parents are trying to achieve the short-term win of the better grade by redoing the math or rewriting the essay or doing the science project. >> you know, i hear a lot of parents say, i do all these things to help because i want to get them into the college so they will alone have a better life for themselves. what do you say to that? >> the short-term win of the better grade is leading to the long-term cost your kid thinks, i'm not capable of doing anything without my parents helping. they're young adults, bewildered, because they're unaccustomed to thinking and
10:52 am
it undercuts them in the workplace. >> you have a list of skills that 18-year-olds should be prepared to do. i have to do a confession. i'm a 45-year-old with a helicopter parent, therapy tomorrow. >> right now on the show. plenty of people could use it. >> 18-year-olds in your family should be able to do what? strangers. strangers. the right message is, learn to discern the one bad stranger ones. >> we'll have the rest of the list online. grab the book. this is "today" on nbc. light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories.
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afr trying brookse chocole, pele talk about online. lo at firstaste. i uld liquy it and bae in it. cue you, bokside! yo nefario plans have sceeded. nerious? arwe stillalking about ocolate? brkside. ta about dicious. you made it back from vegas? >> yes, we survived. >> barely, as you know. >> literally. >> we have zachary levi, and tyler henry. >> chris carmack. >> know him from "nashville." great singer.
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