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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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shooting in dorchester. officesay someone opened fire offer a paring police. boston police say they've shut down the street. >> and they're trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. dan hausle has the unfolding details for us on the scene. >> reporter: behind me on nightengale street you see the scene of the shootings and carved out spaces with space savers there, and a gray vehicle up front with investigators around it. that is the vehicle owned by the man who was shot. let's show when police began their investigation. officers tell me that the man who owned that gray car parked in the spot that someone else said they had carved out. that person, in a black bmw, got into an argument. the man was going to move his car, but according to police, did not move fast enough. the man pulled out a gun and shot him in the gut. i talked to a neighbor who heard
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>> i was watching tv. >> reporter: what did you hear? >> something go pop. i looked out the window and see somebody laying in the ground, laying on the ground. you don't know what to think now days. just let them have it. have the parking spot. you don't know what people will do now days so. >> reporter: so investigators looking for the man who shot the person who was parked there, and you would think that the person who fired the shot, if he objected to a parking spot that he had carved out he may live in the neighborhood. that's one lead they're working on. but so far they haven't been able to discover if the person does live here, and they haven't found him. and a man is shot over a parking space and rushed to the hospital. he's going to live. the suspect is being sought. >> there's wreak breaking news out of qumsy. officials say five people have been rushed to hospital with injuries after a water plant explosion.
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>> crews are is he scene checking out what happened here. steve cooper live for us with the details. >> reporter: pretty tense moments here this afternoon that unfolded here. looking behind us, you see first responders are on the scene. we're about to get new information from the fire chief. but five workers were taken to the hospital with minor officials. officials say there was an explosion this afternoon. this happened at the end of c avenue and quinsy. it's on nut island. heavy black smokes with pouring from the basement. sky 7 over head as emergency responders rushed to the screening facility which is operated by the massachusetts water resources authority this facility we're told. officials say the incident happened three floors below ground, and the public was never in any danger.
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drinking water. he will tiesing that. the executive director saying they seem to know what happened they just don't know why. >> yeah. it's way down in the bowels of the buildings three or four floors down there were down in there working and boom. there was an explosion. a lot of smoke. and they evacuated out of that area immediately. called the fire department. the fire department came in. evacuated the whole building. shut the electricity off and went to work. >> all right. you can see all the fire crews and ambulances on the scene right now. we're told there's no idea about the extent of the damage to the building. as for the injuries we're told they're mostly breathing issues, nonlife threatening injuries. that's how they were being described. and the investigation is ongoing right now into the cause of the blast.
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>> also on 7 investigators in new hampshire on the hunt af an harming tack. an armed robber barged into a convenience store and slabbed a -- stabbed a clerk. according to officials the suspect walked into the store, took out a knife, and demanded cash. in paxton an animal shelter that burned to the ground is being rebuilt. officials say they're in the early stages of planning a new structure that will be better protected against fires. the animals will be given more room after the state said the previous sheltered was too cluttered. more than 50 cats and dogs were killed. >> winter weather created head aches inned mid atlantic. cities and towns are digging out from new york to virginia. the record breaking storm pounded the coastline dumping more than two feet of snow in many spots. government buildings in d.c. are shut down. people are digging out and digging with a major mess. brian moore has the latest. >> reporter: across the
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the sound of heavy equipment moving mountains of snow after a monster weekend storm. for millions this morning was a rude awakening. >> i looked out the window and my car was not there. >> reporter: from new york and philadelphia to baltimore and washington,washington highways are slow lie reemerging, but many aren't about going anywhere any time soon. the storm is blamed for more than three dozen deaths including a new jersey mother and child claimed by carbon monoxide in a snow covered car. the toll is estimated in the hundreds of millions with flight cancellations topping 10,000 many airports resemble make-shift camp sites. rail travel is not much better. kids are finding the storm silver lining with plenty to do on a day off.
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end, making the best of it. thousands are passengers are ready to take off after the weekend storm. we can tell that you logan airports with very busy there. it grounded 12 flights and despite minimal snow the trickle down effect meant 250 cancellations. >> i just looked at the screen. some of the new york flights were cancelled. >> i have to connect to richmond, virginia, and drive to norfolk instead of flying direct. >> and there are still delays and a few dozen cancellations at logan today. >> 7news turning to your weather. the sun spine making a big difference today. the snow is starting the melting process. slushy out there because of it, though. it's relatively nice, if i may say that. >> let's get over to jer jer and let him -- jeremy rider and let him tell us what he thinks. >> lots of sunshine temperatures in the 30s. east wind around five or six miles an hour.
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so it's all relative. pittsburgh, 38 . norwood, 38 . yes, melting to be done. and we have clouds beginning to move in. this is actually a warm front. it's the leading edge of warmer more so tomorrow. temperatures around midnight may briefly drop into the upper 20s. as we look off to our southwest coming from. look at the ohio river valley. numbers have jumped into the upper 40s. cincinatti, 48 . nashville, 54 . not quite that warm for new england but we're going to make a run into the upper 40s tomorrow. the tradeoff will be a lot of clouds. little bit breezy at times and might even be a sprinkle or two. this evening cool. midnight tonight temperatures will be the 20s. early tomorrow morning cool but not cold. temperatures tomorrow morning near 30 . >> we are following nor news today. three inmate who's escaped a
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still on the run. the men faces charged linked to violent crimes. officials say the group cut through steel bars, got to the roof of the jail and went down hues using sheets there is now a massive manhunt in the l.a. area. >> there was a disturbance at the central men's jail we feel strongly contributed to the planning of the escape. the public should expect the worst, if they're encountering them. >> investigators believe they did have help on the inside and are still in the u.s. officials say the men should be considered very dangerous. >> a dangerous disease is causing severe birth defects in hatin america and has been found in 20 countries and territories. this is called the zeca virus. it spreads through mosquito bites. it causes babies to have abnormally small heads and brains. women are advised to avoid traveling to affected areas.
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investigating a fixed match at the australian opener. gamblers hoping for that outcome put down huge amounts of money. all players involved in the match denied throwing the game. the latest allegations come after reports last week that 16 players fixed matches during the last decade. >> to the race for the white house. the campaign trail heating up with iowa caucuses one week from today. the candidates are on the road and making the final push. many are receiving big name endorsements along the way. >> last night it was a "boston globe" ebb dooring hillary clinton. today ted cruz gets a boost >> in our nation in 2016 faces a real cross road. >> a week to go inthe iowa caucuses and candidates are making final pushes to set themselves apart. among the most vocal, the so-called outsiders in the race including ted cruz who picked up the endorsement of rick barry. >> all the noise and everything that's passed, 177 hours, and iowa will speak.
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consider iowa to be a republican contest between cruz and donald trump, new jersey's governor christa delcamp ti is powering on in the primary states vowing to be the standout among all state governors in the race for president. >> i want to be the number one governor and that's what i intend to be. >> reporter: but polls looking ahead to new hampshire show it's the ohio governor surging ahead to third. on the democratic side at least one poll over the weekend showed bernie sanders with a slight lead over hillary clinton. and an already crowded race could grow more so. sources close to michael bloomberg say he's thinking of a late run of his own but only if the general election sees a matchup between cruz or trump and bernie sanders. >> well, i'm going to relieve nomination. he doesn't have to. >> reporter: political promises and candidates courted votes leading up to the iowa
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>> more people showing their d strong support and transforming the snow in his yard into a big d strong sculpture. 8-year-old dorian's wish it to be famous. >> i recently lost my father who was a cancer sufferer. it was my chance to give him a little bit, you know. to make him famous like he wanted to be. >> he said he'll add the boxing gloves to the d strong snow sculpture in honor of dorian's fight. >> what a great use for the snow. >> tugs at your heart strings. >> there's much more to come. a memorial moment a man reunited with a stolen childhood treasure. what happened when he found it was worth serious crash. >> a little hogging of the road going on here, ryan. a pair of pigs make a run for it in new hampshire.
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>> then at 4:306789 trouble on the practice squad. a practice player in trouble can the law. the details straight ahead. >> and at 5:00, a frightening flight. tur -- turbulence shakes up a jet. >> and police on the scene of a shooting in dorchester. we're told by officers it was all over a parking spot. details coming up. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise,
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>> a california man getting a missing piece of his childhood back. he found his vintage snow board while he was out shopping. the one-of-a-kind board was stolen from his grandparents' house when he was a boy. >> the board is worth big bucks. >> reporter: when 38-year-old nate lint stepped inside this shop to kill time -- >> i was blown away. >> reporter: amazed to find of same type of board he used to ride as a kid. >> i said, wow i learned how to snow board own of those boards and haven't seen one since mine
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>> reporter: that's because only 600 of these boards were made in 1983. >> didn't think too much of it, like, was super excited to see it. snapped a picture to show people. see, there's a '69 pointed on there. my uncle painted it on there way before he ever gave to me. >> reporter: that's when lint picked up the phone and called the owners of earth and ocean board shop. i asked them i said, where did you get this board from? it's a super cool, you're not going to believe this. but that board was stolen from my grandparents' house in 1990 off the front porch. >> stunned. >> there was a little bit of apprehension. it's a shaped piece of plywood. >> reporter:the owner explained how he acquired the board it was snow board season i want to say 2004. this guy comes in and . >> reporter: not only comes in but leaves the board where it sat for six years. >> last winter with the fourth year of drought we were pretty
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everything was for sale. i actually slapped a price tag on that board. >> reporter: much lower than the $6,000 one just like it is currently going for on e-bay. >> i told me merry christmas and gave me my board back. >> reporter: a priceless gift to it's rightful owner. who plans to mount ton the wall of his game room, along with this picture. >> that way i can tell my grandkidsed the story for years to come. >> all right. cool he got that back. coming up lighting at boston city hall. the mayor your honor saling new plans to brighten up the plaza. >> and we had a lot of sunshine out there today. more clouds. warmer, though. >> and shooting hoops an officer calling for big backup during a game of basketball during a became with kids and getted a shaq'ed size surprise. >> and we are staying on top of breaking news. firefighters on the scene of an
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flash flames triggering a blast
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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>> original design. the mayor says the lighting will liven up city hall plaza and create a safer area for people at night. >> and the boston yetti is back. police tweeting out this photo saying we hope you find your t pass. the snow mascot became a well known figure during last year's record breaking winter. i don't want to bring that up again, though. >> it is a little nasty to think back to that. you know what? it's ok. it was not as bad this time around. >> absolutely. at least for us. we're starting that melting process. lots of slush everywhere.
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talk about weather. last winter in between all those storms temperatures were in the teens. we didn't melt any snow. we had about, you know, 30, 40, 50 inches of snow on the ground by the end of february. no bitter cold era head. it's mild tomorrow, upper 40s. next chance of anything precipitation-wise there may be a couple of snow showers around on friday. the month of january, again, last week it was cold. but overall the month that's been averaging 2 above normal. this week ahead, it looks milder with temperatures heading for the upper 40s tomorrow. again, january 24th, 2015 we had five inches of snow on the ground. january 23, 6.1 inches. the difference from the 24th of last year until march we didn't hit 40 . that was that relentless cold and snow. tomorrow, the numbers are heading into the upper 40s. even on wednesday, the numbers will be in the upper 30s to low 40s. i think that will be how it plays had out for the rest of the winter.
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but at least in between the snow temperatures will be normal or slightly above. we're still inable -- in an el nino winter. here's a quirk too. snow, so far, boston 10.4 inches on the season. it's not that often that boston has more snow than wooster. i don't want to jinx anyone with you whacky. 30s right now. the city at 33 . plymouth at 36 . nashville, upper 30s versus the cape in the lower 30s. a lot of sunshine today, mostly clear skies with a few clouds moving in. the good news, at least if you do not like the cold, the clouds will deliver the goods milder air on the way. cincinatti, 48 . nashville, 54 . for tonight, not as cold. partly cloudy skies. temperatures bottom out around
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then they start it rise into the low 30s for the tuesday morning commute. and through the day tomorrow, a lot of clouds. breezy, mild temperatures tomorrow between 45 and 50 . sometimes that breeze can kind of, you know, mask a mild feel to the day. but these will be where the numbers finish tomorrow afternoon. boston 49 . dartmouth at 46 . drake at 48 . con cord at 49 . pittsburgh, 49 . out on the cape and islands, southwest wind off the chilly ocean and more snow on the ground means your numbers will be in the middle 40s. 7 on 7 forecast. wednesday and thursday loaded with sunshine. windy on wednesday. friday there is the risk of a couple of snow showers. it this time does not look significant but we'll talk more about that at 4:30. >> thank you so much. temperatures. time now for fast track traffic.
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>> reporter: southbound on the expressway, keeping it slow going. that's why we're slow going circle. averaging close to a 38-minute ride from downtown boston towards the brain tree split. good news, though. northbound side of route 93 and southbound, headlights coming towards us the southbound side, bridge. nothing much in your way there. heading out to route 128 or north of the city moving along nice by by route 93. route 1 on the right-hand side a bit heavy and slow going set up by a couple of earlier crashes. and on the mass pike, moving well. joe stapleton, 7news. >> two pigs are back home after police caught them hogging the road in new hampshire. >> that's right. they got these pictures of the pigs take a stroll together. when the officers couldn't really round them up, they posted the pictures on the police department's facebook page hoping someone would
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their owner came and picked them up. >> all right. we're staying on top of breaking news here. couple of stories. explosions sends people to the hospital in quincy. more on what ignited the blast at a power plant there 679 dorchester. police telling us someone opened fire in a fight over a parking spot. the latest when we come back. wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> the announcer: closed captioning is brought to you by luna. >> the announcer: it's 7news at 4:30. >> following two breaking stories. police on the scene of a shooting. officers say someone opened fire during a fight about a parking space. investigators on the scene of an explosion in quincy. >> several people were injured in that blast. but let's start with that first breaking story we told you about. this happening in dorchester. the victim was rushed to hospital after the shooting. police say it started with a man parked his clear in a cleared out spot on nightengale street when another man got angry, telling the driver he shovelled that spot out for his own car.
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