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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> i was watching tv. >> reporter: what did you hear? >> something go pop. i looked out the window is seen somebody laying in the ground. >> reporter: police say two men were arguing over a parking space. the gunman argued he had dug out the space where this gray car is. police say the owner of the car was going to move, but apparently was of -- moving fast if you ever. words were exchanged and the gunshot. neighbors can't believe it was over a parking space >> we're from tennessee. we never did this. when it snows it gets bad. it's not that bad to shoot somebody over a parking spot. >> it's terrible. ridiculous. i don't understand how it comes to that. it's never that serious over a parking spot? it's not even a lost snow out here. >> reporter: investigators say the victim's girlfriend witnessed the shooting and called police. he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to live. >> police are now telling us that the suspect in this case has been identified. he's 27 years old. they thought he lived down the
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the victim was taken to the hospital where he is being worked on at this hour. dan hausle, 7news. >> there's breaking news out of quincy. an explosion at the massachusetts water resources authority sent five people to the hospital. crews say a fire triggered the blast. steve coop certificate live with more on this breaking story for us. steve. >> reporter: adam, this was a very difficult fire for firefighters to fight here. one of the reasons why is because of the fire, itself, was so far down below the surface of the building here. you look behind us and see the firefighters on the scene. we're told the blaze, itself, is out by investigators are here as well after the explosion happened around 1:30 this afternoon and it's in five maintenance workers to the hospital. >> they were down in there working and boom. there was an explosion. >> reporter:the head of the massachusetts water resources authority describing the explosion that sent five workers to the hospital here at the nut
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plant at the end of c avenue and quincy. fire officials say reaching the heavy smoke was difficult. >> the access is 100 feet below the surface of the building. >> reporter:the fire went to two alarms after something happened with a piece of equipment known as an air scrubber. >> we had maintenance crews working down in the bowels of the building so three or four stories below the ground working on what's called the odor control. at some point, something went wrong. >> reporter: authorities say the public was never in danger, and the explosion and smoke had water. >> we have problems occasionally, but usually it's just the truck went down. today. >> reporter: authorities seem to know what happened but why is another story. >> we really don't vey cause right now. we will start to investigate into probably into tomorrow
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area and have the water evacuated so that we can see the floor and the sauer face we're working on. >> reporter: again, smoke still coming from the building tonight here. but the fire, itself, is out now. the fire chief says those who were injured were treated for breathing issues and they're expected to be treated and released from the hospital at some point tonight. the investigation into what happens here is ongoing right now. we're live in quincy tonight, steve cooper, 7news. >> a violent crime caught on camera. police now looking for two men who roughed up a store clerk and police say they demanded money and then hit the clerk with a gun. let's go outside to kelli o'hara live with the latest on the investigation, and how the clerk is doing this evening. cel -- kelly. >> reporter: good evening, kim. the man is recovering at home.
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people reacting to these photos of a convenience store clerk job. >> yiewfertly people are crazy now days. really have to worry about everyone. >> reporter: investigators tell 7news just after midnight two men walked in this market with an agenda. cameras capturing one of the men jumping behind the counter, showing the clerk a gun and pistol whipping him and making off the with the cash inside the register. >> it's an easy target. it's the only store open on this entire strip. >> reporter: people not surprised but disappointed. the mayor says they'll find these two men in order to make sure something like this doesn't happen in his city again. >> it's something we will not tolerate. we'll address like for insince one clerk working at 1:00 a.m. in a business. hours of operation are a concern to me. >> reporter: the mayor again says he doesn't want something like this happening again at all
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altering hours for 24-hours stores in his city. kelli o'hara, 7news. >> people who ride the redline dealing with delays today. it's expected the trouble will last for a few days. this morning commuters finding directions because of track work on the longfello wolf bridge. place. officials say crews should have it cleared in two to three days. >> if the speed restriction is still on there will be a notice. we will have to see how the track performs through the evening commute and later into the everything. what we're looking for is to make sure there's no movement in the new track sections >> you should know the mbta did notify passengers on the website early this morning to expect delays. >> also on 7, clouds moving in for tomorrow. along with some warmer air. here's a live look outside. this is the brain tree split. if you're heading home a lot of
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turn there. so winter weather today but it looks like there will be a meltdown this week. for more on that let's get to our meteorologist with your first forecast. >> adam, clear skies. nice winter day today. temperatures today made it into the 30s. not much of a breeze. pittsburgh, 37 . wooster 33 . not because of another storm but air. you hop out of new england. 20s and 30s and move to our southwest which is where our weather is coming from. cincinatti, 4047 . i -- cincinatti 47 . i don't think we make the 50 s but how about the upper 40s? 7:00 this evening, cool numbers near 30 . after midnight clouds on the increase. and by the morning commute the numbers climb to the low 30s for your tuesday morning commute. milder than this morning. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes . >> thank you.
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weather a big dig is underway along the east coast. washington, d.c., still crippled. the federal government government shut down again with two feet of snow there. with a look at the cleanup after the big storm. >> yeah. there's so much snow, actually on the nation's capitol that plow operators are taking breaks and school bus drivers are taking turns behind the wheel. across the northeast today there's something in the air. the sound of heavy equipment moving mountains of snow after a monster weekend storm. some of that equipment coming from the boston area. the boston mayor was happy to offer help. >> baltimore, actually where they're going, got their all time record snowfall this storm. whatever we can do to help other states. people are there for us whether we need it. >> reporter: for millions this morning was a rude awakening. >> i looked out the window, and my car was not there. >> reporter: from new york,
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washington, d.c., highways are slowly reemerging but they're soon. the storm is blamed for more than three dozen deaths, including a new jersey mother and child claimed by carbon monoxide in a snow-covered car. the monetary toll is estimated in the hundreds of millions. with flight cancellations topping 10,000, many airports resembled make-shift camp sites. rail travel was not better. >> it's the opposite of good. >> reporter: kids found the storm's silver lining with plenty to do on a day off. some, of course went off the deep end making the best of the blizzard of 2016. >> all right. officials are now warning people about the next problem after the ground. that could lead to accidents and even falls. >> all right. 7news turning to a great escape. three inmates broke out of a maximum security jail in california friday. tonight we're getting a closer look at how they got out.
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that these men should be considered very dangerous. ryan is here with more on their ee skates. >> reporter: adam, police say that was elaborate. the men cut through steel pipes to get to upsecured tunnels. then 24e crawled to the roof and repelled four stories using prison bed sheets. guards say there were head counts conducted that evening. just before the count a fight broke out. investigators believe it was a staged fight there to distract guards while the inmates escaped. authorities say the search for the three men as expanded beyond southern california. >> these three are extremely dangerous felons and need to be am handed and brought back into custody immediately. >> all three of the them were jailed for violent crimes. police say getting help from the public will be key to getting them back behind bars. in the news room, ryan schulties, 7news. a key week in the race for the white house.
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one week from today. the caucuses are the first indication of how the presidential race will shape up. many are working hard for ee -- endorsements. a week to go until the iowa caucus and candidates were making final pushes to set themselves apart. among the most vocal, the so-called outsiders in race including ted cruz who picked up the endorsement of rick perry. >> all the noise and everything that's passed, 177 hours and iowa will speak. >> while some consider wa wab -- iowa to be a republican contest between cruz and donald trump, new jersey's governor chris christie is powering in, vow be to be the standout of all governors in the race for president. but polls looking ahead to new hampshire show it's ohio's governor john kasich surging ahead to third, even second place. over the weekend there was a
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of clinton. a crowded race could grow more so. course sources close to michael bloomberg say he's thinking of a late run of his own but only if the general election sees a matchup between cruz or trump and bernie sanders >> i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> reporter: political promises and candidates courting votes leading up to the iowa caucuses. >> 7's dan hausle is headed to iowa this week. he'll be there for the next republican detate on thursday night. can you look for his live reports right here on 7news. >> all right. the patriots and the coach reflecting on a tough loss. >> we did a lot of good things. won a lot of games. and came up short in the end. it's bittersweet. >> bill belichick said the team is turning the page and moving on from the disappointment in denver. he's giving credit for his team
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>> even though they're not heading to the super bowl this year, he's proud of how they played. lexis christoforous is here with more on what the patriots are saying today. >> reporter: adam, kim, bill belichick took the podium delivering the euology to a patriots year that ended in sunday's loss to denver. >> sp came up short in the end. it's been bittersuite. >> reporter: bill bell check coming to grips with the season that fizzled out into the mile high denver air in the afc championship game. >> same basic feeling. 30 other teams have. and another team will have it next week. we've been in those situations. we've been on all sides of it. been on the good side of it. and we've been where we are today. >> the whole season was about getting to yesterday's game and we came up short. it's disappointing. it's a sudden ending.
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>> kicked. it's no good. >> what? that can be a killer. >> i feel like i lost the game for the team. i should have been out there >> reporter: he took the blame for his missed extra point that ball. but neither his coach nor special teams captain needed to. >> we feel like that. i feel like it's my fault and so do all the others. >> i feel like he's the best kicker in our league, you know, those things happen. it's football. >> reporter: so now it's onto the off season. and a chance to find comfort ash a journey that ended sooner than anyone anticipated. >> we're disappointed. but i think month or two from now you'll be able to look back and say, hey, there were great teams. we should be proud of what we accomplished. >> matthew slayter adding how tough the loss is especially with all the scrunity the patriots faced in the off season. he says the way the organization is built it never feels like a
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live in the news room, alex courdrey 7news. >> still to come an emergency injuries. >> and ahead of 5:30 a member of arrested. charges he's facing. >> harvard university closing a case of vandalism and how the school hopes to keep something like that from happening again. >> and in one hour, students at boston latin calling for change. the allegations of rational intolerance that prompted the mayor to step in. >> then, lighting the way. the project set for boston city building. >> but first a panda in d.c. facing stiff competition in the cuteness category. see the father who challengeded the bear to a snow battle.
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>> some american airlines passengerrers shaken up after a terrifying ordeal. their flight hit by strong turbulence and the plane had to make an emergency landing. >> and so severe, seven people had to go to the hospital.
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>> reporter: terror in the sky this morning 192 passengers heading from miami to miian are destination. american airlines was just hours into their flight when had hit severe turbulence. >> dropped >> everything went flying. it was intense. >> reporter: while the seat belt light was turned on passengers say flight attendants were standing in the cabin. after injuries were reported the flight diverted to canada. >> i'm just happy to be alive. you know, it was scary. >> it's an emergency response vehicle. standard procedure will be followed. >> reporter: paramedics and half a dozen ambulances were seen on the tarmac to eventual passengers and crew. according to american airlines three flight attendants and four passengers were transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. a bump in the trip -- >> i should be in italy at this point. but we're here.
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see the bright side. >> i'm glad to be in newfoundland. always wanted to come here. not under these circumstances. >> reporter: sarah french, 7news. >> glad they're all right. next, why two fugitives on the run end up having to call police for help. >> anes much sunshine for tomorrow but temperatures warmer by about 10 . numbers up next. >> then at 5:30, another town dealing with water problems like the one in flint, michigan. some ohio schools shut down as a result, and what investigators found in the tap. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders,
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brought to you by xfinity. >> so the remnants of this weekend's winter storm leading to this incredible image. we saw massive waves all along the south shore. and a photographer captured this beautiful lighting here. >> the announcer: now, 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy ryner. >> ?o no bitter cold era head this week. that's the good news. temperatures upper 40s. our next weather system at this time looks like snow showers on friday. the blue squares on the month of january indicating chilly days.
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that's the first time for this winter. unlike last winter where the cold and snow was relentless, not happening this winter. here's a perspective. a year ago the blitz started. in between the monster storms the temperatures were bitterly cold. we didn't hit 40 after january 24th until march 4th. tomorrow, upper 40 s to around 50. . that makes a world of difference. catch your breath. melt some snow. rain. melt it down. boston's seasonal snow, 10.4 inches, down. and wooster you're only a inch ahead of us thus far. lower 30s at this time. we melted snow today. we made it into the 30s. the city at 33 right now. bedford at 33 . there will be areas of refreeze later this evening to be aware of that. there are more clouds through ohio and pennsylvania and the virginias. it warms up down there in those locations. with the numbers out there at
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the milder air will come up into new england late tonight and through the day tomorrow. not as cold overnight tonight. the lowest temperatures will be in the middle 20s. this probably happens just after midnight. then the southwesterly breeze gets going and that will world cup -- will bump the temperatures to the low 30s tomorrow morning. so through the day tomorrow, milder compared to this morning. with a lot of clouds. that's the only tradeoff and a breeze. sometimes the breeze can cover up the mild feel to the air. temperatures tomorrow running between 45 and some of you may get close to 50 . boston, 49 . pittsburgh, 49 . down through the southeast and on the cape a fair amount of snow over the weekend and that will slow down your warmth. even in those locations, you'll melt snow. wednesday, morning clouds, afternoon sun. 40 . friday, we watch the weather system but at this time i'm thinking only scattered snow showers on friday.
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see you at 5:30. >> see you then, jeremy, thank you. a giant panda at the smithsonian national zoo captured the world's attention. >> and he'll capture yours too. maybe you've seen this video but he was overjoyed when he woke up to find a winter wonderland. rolls down the hill, grbs his feet and lays back and enjoys. inspiring video that a maryland father said he would challenge tian tian to a snow battle. jeff perez of maryland posted the video on sunday. and he, himself, enjoys the snow in a panda suit. we'll let you be the judge of who had more fun and who is cuter. >> i go for the real bear. >> you know what? the real bear looks like somebody in a panda suit until i saw this one. >> still ahead, it was the ultimate pickup game. see what happens when shaq shows up with police to play ball in a florida neighborhood.
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on the lamb 6789 -- lamb. where they prompted a police
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>> great to be with you as we start a new work week. probably handed your monday but another 60 minutes of 7news is straight ahead. i'm adam williams. stay right there for 7news at 5:30. >> breaking news. one person is shot when shots ring out in dorchester. what police say sparked the shooting. >> also breaking, five people rushed to the hospital after a fire and explosion in quincy. investigators still on the scene. >> plus a former pats player in trouble with the law. why he says he was defending himself. >> 30s today.
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