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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  January 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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out. one person who works there says it felt like a bomb went off when the fire began. the odor control section of the plant is not operating but the head of the mwra says it won't affect local air quality. i'm adam williams, 7 news. locked in a legal battle, bridgewater state university day care and a school employee back in court for child abuse allegations. those allegations came to light last year. >> but parents say the school covered the whole thing up. steve cooper live for us in boston with the latest. >>reporter: this is a chilling case of alleged child abuse and it took center stage here. suffolk supreme court earlier this afternoon, this is where the parents of the alleged victims go before a judge after filing a civil lawsuit demanding access to critical e-mails they say are connected to the case. >> and they have a right to know what happened. >>reporter: attorneys
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young alleged victims of a former day care center employee worked at the facility which was part of bridgewater state university came to court after filing a discovery lawsuit against the state's attorney general's office which represents the university. >> they all want to see something done because of what's happened to their kids. >>reporter: the attorney general's office wants the suit dismissed telling the judge they are trying to work with the plaintiffs. >> if we don't receive a response from plaintiffs who meet us halfway, how can we take action on the public records request. >>reporter: kyle laughlin pleaded not guilty to child rape. the center's then director was later charged with neglecting to report the suspect add abuse and now lawyers representing the parents want the attorney general's office to turn over critical e-mails showing who knew what and when. >> we're dealing with
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old, five years old who are not in a position to explain, even to their parents, what precisely them. and we're not going to get to the bottom of this unless we're able to get to this kind of information we're looking for. >> so the attorney general's office wants the civil suit here dismissed by these plaintiff's attorneys. the judge has taken all this under advisement and is expected to rule shortly. we're live in boston this afternoon, steve cooper, 7 news. also on 7 a tractor trailer truck crashes through a guardrail and lands in a ditch in woburn. a medical condition may have led to that crash. the driver is in the hospital. no other vehicles were involved. police in manchester, new hampshire are looking for this man. they say he tried to rob a dunkin' donuts in the early hours this morning. he allegedly left the store after failing to force open the register. someone in hull
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to donald trump supporters. police saw a trump campaign sign was set on fire last night. that sign is attached to a tree on the property of a construction company. firefighters were able to put out the flames before they did too much damage but they did leave the tree and the sign charred. police are investigating. read line commuters are hit with more delays because of construction on the longfellow bridge. the trains have to slow down to 10 miles an hour while they cross the bridge. a back log of $1.5 replacements. the red line's on-time rate is only about 75%. according to the herald the contracts are worth up to $6 million but a recent estimated budget for the project was about $3 billion and mbta officials are hoping to cut one billion from that estimate. the family's of el
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are finally finding closure. a settlement has been reached with ten of the crew member's families. the company will pay each family $500,000. the family of winthrop nato active keith griffin on the far left of the scene here is included in that settlement. cases are still pending with 23 other families. aville encounter all caught on camera. road rage resulting in an all-out brawl in texas. the two drivers were stuck at a red light when temperatures boiled over. one of them even forgetting to put his truck in park. >> he got out of the car with a bat. >>reporter: but he never thought it would escalate to this. a star wars style fight between a man with a bat and another with a long poll.
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obscene gestures to each other right before the fight. when the light turned red, he says so did the faces. the man bat tap tapping on the door of the truck got out but quickly got back in after he realized it wasn't in park. instead the man reached for a long pole and began swinging. darren was driving the car while his brother shot the cell phone video. >> it was kind of freaking me out at first. >>reporter: he says things escalated quickly but died down quickly too. >> those two drivers were gone when police got to the scene. police are investigating the incident as an aggravate add assault. 13 people saved at sea rescued from a sinking yacht off the coast of southeast florida. a coast guard officer said the whole yacht sank about 25 minutes after the last person was rescued. they say it's in an area where they won't be able to recover it so the
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look at this here. the snow crushed rotches at five different marinas and owners. people are hoping the marinas aren't totally storm. >> it was only designed snow. they are keeping the power on to keep the boats. >> the owners of the marina say the roofs were built to cope. a neighborhood in alaska is dealing with the explosive aftermath of an earthquake there. that earthquake hit early sunday morning causing gas leaks and fires. one family hurt in the explosion next door and got out just before their home went up in flames. the owner says she lost her pets in that fire. >> i have the love of my life. i have my mom and my brother and my children and i couldn't be happier right now. even though the grief
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there, i couldn't thank god more. >> officials evacuated about 30 homes and aren't allowing rescuers safe. the man on the prowl while a family was inside. what that suspect did not know is the homeowner is a police officer. secluded. it's very set back from the main areas. my kids come out and play out here. >>reporter: but there's something that makes this sunrise home stand out a little bit. this american flag with a thin blue line perfectly fitting because a police officer lives here with his wife and children the neighbors know each other. all the kids come out and play together. never had an issue here. >>reporter: the family is pretty spooked after they realized this guy was lurking and their house just after midnight january 16th. >> i left my dogs out at about 10 after midnight and according to the
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man was on my back patio at about 12:31. >>reporter: the family was still awake but they didn't realize anything was amiss until laurie noticed one of her surveillance cameras out back was offline. she went to check it out. >> i noticed the camera was gone. >>reporter: a neighbor's surveillance camera revealed this, the prowler wearing some kind of bag approaches the back patio, leaves and comes and goes several times. at some point getting rid of the bag. and for his trouble, what did he get besides the surveillance camera. >> it was a very inexpensive party light that you can purchase anywhere. >> yes, a $20 children's disco ball that lights up a room. laurie's sense of security is it diminished. >> any one of my kids could have walked out to let my dogs out. when i walked out to let the dog out, someone could have walked in. anything could have happened.
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call. a trooper lucky to be alive after being run trailer. incredible story. and a marathon moment a dog jumps in the race giving runners a special boost. and we're staying on top of breaking news in quincy. firefighters digging deeper to put out an underground inferno. we'll be right back. announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country -
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john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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an ohio trooper lucky to be alive. a tractor trailer going off the road running him over. newly-released video showing the 18-wheeler skidding out of control straight for him.
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talking about that terrifying ordeal. >> i never seen the train hit the trailer and then i felt the impact of the semi. >>reporter: this is the instant that landed caught on tape brad moore in the hospital. >> i think i'm staying in a safe area because i'm hard right to the semi and you can see it jack-knife in the video. >>reporter: the dash camera recording the accident capturing the terrifying moment of moore is sent underneath the tires of the truck. >> that's kind of what you see me barrel rolling shot me out. >>reporter: to understand how this is all set into motion, we have to rewind the video just a few minutes. caught on tape moore is dealing with a minor wreck on the highway. as he's directioning traffic, a semi drives over the tracks but stops. when moore waves him on, the railroad arm comes down. the train slams into the
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>> and in the video it almost looks like i'm going to be ran over a second time. >>reporter: but a small incline near that bush sends him rolling to safety downhill and away from the semi's wheels. gashes on his face and a broken left hand. >> it's a miracle. it's very -- it makes you think a lot. it's definitely one of those that, you know, foot this way, foot that way, no bush, it could have been really bad. so i'm very lucky, very fortunate. >> amazing that he walked away from that. the captain says he hopes to be back on the job there by next week. temps up near 50 degrees this afternoon. still mild tomorrow. forecast up next. and ahead at 5:00, a bus going on a crash course. the latest as police open up that investigation. and the race for the white house heating up
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. a blood hound can now check off a half marathon on her bucket list. >> she found herself running in the race in
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to take a bathroom place. she finished in seventh place. organizers say next year the race will be named the hound dog half and a special prize will be given to the runner who finishes in seventh. >> i love that story. it's one of my favorites for the day. i know it was a wonderful time to get out by yourself. >> the temperatures are going up. the question is how long can this last? >> exactly. i did a hound dog 5k and kind of old yeller at the end of that race. some flurries and sprinkles possible on friday but at this time does not look like anything significant. today near 50. tomorrow lower 40s. so again i think you can take your outdoor activities, your training activities outside tomorrow morning. no bitterly cold air in sight. temps close to 50. the city at 49.
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january thaw, you go into the books, you can actually find that there is a hint of a little uptick in the temperature between the january. and of those thaws happen, usually lose like today where the normal. norwood at 50. a lot of clouds out there but there were a few peak of sunshine. a cool front marching through central new york and central pennsylvania. but this is not an arctic front. this will not blast us back into reality with bitterly cold air or anything like that. it will set us back a little bit. still tomorrow the numbers are above normal. the normal high is about 36. the cool front marchs through southern new england quietly. sometimes they come through with a lot of noise and snow squalls and snow showers. clouds and then developing sunshine, breezy and still mild tomorrow. temps tomorrow between
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the city around 44. scituate around 43. dracut at 42. concord at 42. into the worcester hills, upper 30s to the lower 40s. this might be one area where it's not quite as warm today. jaffrey 39. cape and the islands 44. mashpee at 45. thursday mostly sunny skies, a pleasant day because i think we get rid of that breeze. this time of year even a subtle breeze can add a bit of a chill. that might happen for some of you tomorrow. temps on thursday in the lower 40s with less wind. then we talk about a possible weather system on friday. i thought at one time this cool front would try to grab this moisture, this storm, from the atlantic and yank it back into new england with some significant snows but i happens. i think they go their separate ways and this cool front comes through the region on friday with clouds for sure. there may be a couple of snow flurries and
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nothing more hon that. sunday mostly sunny skies, upper 40s, low 50s coming back at us monday of next week. see you at 5:00. looking forward to that monday of next week. joe stapleton would enjoy those nice temperatures as well. first stop we have to get through this rush hour. it's been a rough go here on route 128. along route 93 northbound coming up through somerville and stoneham. good news in both spots. earlier crash on 128 northbound by route 2 a is now history and 93 northbound an earlier crash involving an overturned car up in the stoneham area has also been cleared away for us. picked up a problem here though to know the expressway non. right travel lane blocked off by a two-car crash. we're backed up heavily. right back into braintree and right back on to route three and 128. southbound expressway dealing with a delay there as well. route 1 northbound has been a tough go up
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parkway and heading through the lynnfield tunnel. still tight getting by route 1 in peabody as well. joe stapleton, 7 news. the road to recovery, a new stem cell therapy helping to treat people recovering from spinal cord injuries. >> christa delcamp has more. >>reporter: six years ago scott drove off a dock and damaged his spinal cord. it left him paralyzed. while life hasn't been easy, he is grateful he lives in the city of cleveland. >> some of the surgeries i've had for some of the different devices and different things being done and created and studied with the consortium of hospitals have been able to benefit from the technology. >>reporter: so when he heard a company invented therapy. >> i think there's going
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that can be applied down the road to helping more kron can situations. >>reporter: the treatment suppresses the body's immune system from causing additional inflammation that can be permanently damaging in a neurological injury. it's been tested in stroke patients and shows promise. scott can't help but have faith. >> i do it from my chair for the time being, but if technology and research like this continues to advance, who knows? maybe i'll be doing it on my feet pretty soon. >>reporter: christa delcamp, 7 news. a star-studded comparison, jimmy fallon and patrick, what they had to say about this year's post congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks
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my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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dan patrick getting some late night laughs in with gumie fallon. >> he compared fallon so panthers quarterback cam newton. >> but you remind me of
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night. >> wow. thank you. >> okay. you're the next wave, energetic, new, exciting. [ applause ] >> huge fan of fallon. he went on to say he would take that because he likes how cam dances. >> fallon is so original and new. i think they love that about him. >> i do. i don't know about you guys, but you let us know. much more to come here in the next 90 minutes. >> 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking news first at 5:00, a tire flies off a truck killing a driver on the other side of a busy massachusetts highway. >> also breaking. >> a lengthy fire fight coming to an end in quincy. how crews finally reach the flames burning underground.
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temperatures flirting with 50 this afternoon. i'll let you know how long it stay. a message sent out from a california naval hospital that led to shooter. what officials are saying about the scare. and living on the edge. why people whose homes are crumbling on the california coastline could be prosecuted. we begin with breaking news at 5:00. a tragic accident on the highway in lexington. state police say that a driver was killed when a wheel from a pick-up truck hit the car. the truck was traveling south on route 128. >> so the tire then flew over the parrier and hit the car on the northbound side. kelli o'hara live on the scene with the latest on this breaking story. >>reporter: good evening. traffic is clearing now. state police say a young woman driving that pick-up truck earlier this afternoon lost a wheel somehow on the back of her pick-up truck killing that other
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troopers say the wheel
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