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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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breaking ns police searching for the suspects behind the violent crime in brookline two people were stabbed. shot. >> third man was found with several stab wounds. police are trial track down car they believe is connected to this crime seven jonathan haul live on scene he has latest on the investigation. and these people involved, john. >> well kim detectives trying to solve this crime and the active investigation continues. right here. the apartment building behind me is where it is believed this attack began. just before noon today. three victims being treated in the hospital in stable condition. two men have escaped we have surveillance image. the get way car. here is look. just into us from brookline police of that car it is white ford focus. which has been rent in new jersey. >> people busy harvard street couldn't believe their eyes midday car suddenly stopped. then two bloody men were either
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were lying in road. then third guy got out of the vehicle. i was going into church. when i heard the car sort of braking. and then i looked at man was jumping out of the back seat. an ed couple going to church saw one tall thin suspect, with a leather coast hurry off on foot. apparently talking to himself. as the driver sped away in that white ford focus >> i hear the car screeching i come around here and i thought it was going to hit the car or fronts. church. >> and kid jumped out. left his door open. they took off like bat out of heck. bribing line police believe all started half mile away. with a violent attack at apartment located in 1 198 st. paul street. >> it was obviously signs of struggle. inside of the foyer and upstairs >> and harvard street, at least one of subject there was suffered from gun shot wounds and multiple stab wound.
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we haven't got the confirm paying on anything else from the hospital. chief says the third victim suffered several gun shots twoundz leg and he was located at the saint palm crime scene. it appears the other four men got into a white ford focus and left. beacon. >> and harvard and beacon. joining kids had shit place at tleem near by elementary schools. saint mary. . pierce, and lawrence schools. . parents pinned up their kids >> i was in shock. but it is kinds of thing i didn't happen that much i mean i lived here for five years. i haven't heard of this kind of event. >> so hunt on for these guys. brookline police say they have the plate it is a new york licence plate gyr 3714. and police say all three victims are known to them we live in brookline. 7news. >> we brought you latest on the
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and on-line for updates any time head to our web site be sure download our 7news mobile and tablet aps aps. >> >> insane. insane. i i am. >> michael: up the -- i don't what else to say. >> driver talking about a close call on route 128 that run away tire that killed another driver in lexington yesterday, hit his car first. of. 77 year old grandfather talking about how he knows he is lucky to be alive. steve cooper spoke with him as he joins us live in lexington. >> kim we spent lot of time this afternoon john at his home in drake where twamly members are thank put it he is alive and certainly counting his blessings describing quite scene out here on 128 just 424 hours ago. and he says, a tire was just barrelling through the air, and
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>> juchlt freaky, frooeky crazy then. still shaken near death encounter. john standby his pick up truck you the side of his dracut home with vivid memories of run away tire on route 128 in lexington yesterday. that said over the his truck before slamming into a car travelling behind him >> in all just happened so fast it was just like man nerp of 1 or 2 seconds. it was over. >> but that was long enough for tire to crash through the windshield of this 2009 toyota camery, claiming life a 26 year old man from lexington who was behind the wheel. >> 26 years olds, and ghon heartbeat. it is just -- i don't know. maybe we need to take look at lot of our lives and just say what is significant. >>ive the fear three boys and grandfather, knows he is lucky to be alive. >> i feel very fortunate. i really do. very fortunate to be alive.
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would say is it just wasn't my time snut his thoughts and prayers at the moment are the victim and his family. >> i just feel so bad this poor family, is poor man and his family. >> impacted for lifetime. >> so random so frightening state police tell is us tonight this figure out had wheel became dislodged from that pick up truck. causing this tragic accidents. we live along 128 in lexington tonight. steve cooper, 7news. >> also at five -- hundreds of documents from the marathon bombing trial being unsealed. prosecutor along with attorneys submitted, a list of more than 600 court filings and exhibits that both sides agree can now the be made public. among them, dna reports, search warrants, and motions to suppress evidence. we are live tonight in south be with closer look for us. >> well adam this is just 100 pages of mountain of paperwork
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most procedural but if you start digging through it some pretty interesting notes. >> these newly released court documents now give us insight as to shapt then 19 year old was in was taken to beth israel hospital shot in head, face, throat, jaw, left hands, and both legs. his jaw wired shut when interrogators came to see him. instead paperwork shows he wrote answers in notebook which why the defence wanted this information thrown out. >> during that questioning, he assured he had and his brother were only ones involved in the bombing. he asked if his brother was alive. and requested an district attorney. at one point he wrote the word lawyer ten times and circled it. also revealed was the search of his yahoo! account thinks attorney felt it was too invasive finding information in thinks account like domino pizza confirms netflix orders and his pool life guard schedule and there arguments to keep sister helen from testing.
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death penalty just because she met with other dealt row inmates and since she was never brought in jury selection they don't know if jurors were fans of deadman walking film about her life's work. >> and this is just the tip of the iceberg. we understand the prosecution and defence are still arguing about more unsealed documents. reporting live from south boston. 7news. >> investigate tory lease new details about a fire in quincy investigator industrial fan mal fined and that sparked massive fire. after sawage plants. flames were actually several stores reunderground to took fiefrpts more than 24 hours to get it under be control. >> to the courtroom now, and former state senator making appearance today. admitting to probation violation. james was on probation in connection to a lowell groping case. a judge allowed him to travel to berma in aim but the probation department says he also traveled thailand during the trip without
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he agreed pay a $1,000 fine. >> investigate into the writing on wall at the boston public library. police trying track down vandals who left their mark there. cleaning cruises were out this morning scrubbing the spray paint off the stone walls victoria warren has latest now from boston. >> i was more tied. >> tall my years i never seen anything like this. world case of vandalism and graffiti on facade of boston public library any one can remember. >> i wish they would take people have more respect for it. i walked by with my kid. she was like daddy why there graffiti on library. come on it is just not okay. someone spray painted the walls. the statutes police got called out around 11:30 tuesday night. >> we think some watchful neighbors actually made the call to 9-1-1. and ex alerted authorities at that time. >> the suspect gone when police shareholder up. but they did leave some helpful evidence. >> they left can sprayist here
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can especially helpful because the stuff they are normally use to clean yeah feety was not working >> so we read the can. and it said use menial. it is working. >> library left clean. but many people walking by, left unset. >> it is disaster gusting. the people that put this on the building they should be held responsible for this. >> as you can imagine, there are lot of cameras this area. the library has handed all of their video over to boston police. so police can use it and in their investigation. . live in boston. victoria warren. 7news >> more news now and anti-government occupation in oregon taking a deadly turn. handed last night protestser was killed. as police tried to arrest the leader of the group. and, authorities took at least eight people in custody. let's go to seven ryan on to get more information on what's happening out west >> arm protesters still occupy
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just 24 hours after member of that dproup was kill and leader was taken into custody. >> it happened along stretch highway right mow area police federal agents is he reduce -- pulled over a caravan leaders from anti-government protest group, 45 miles from oregon wild life refuge they have occupied for almost a months, something went wrong >> one man died yesterday, as we attempted to take him into custody. because there is ongoing investigation, i cannot comment on the details. >> 44 year old lavoy finicum has been shot can skilled. he was spokesman for the fwroup and told nbc news. honestly, there are things more than your life. freedom is one of them. eight protesters were taken into custody including group leader. nevada ranch cher santa monica bundy and miss brother ryan. calling for release of two oregon ranchers convicted
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land and demanding local controlled all federal land. sheriff dave ward called for them to leave it has been ter aing our community apart. this can't happen any more. >> this can't happen in men. can't happen in harney county. county cross hairs of stand off the national debate that's attorneyed violent now. >> propose terse even face federal felony charge of conspiracy to inspeed federal officers into new room. 7news. >> now race for white house donald trump republican front runner citing feud fox moderator as reason he wouldn't participate in tomorrow night debate today opponents have some strong opinions about that decision. seven thompson here with more. >> well, donald trump not been trading desks of showing muscle in this race. so fax he not make backing down on this issue. >> so are you afraid? another trump headline grab. said by -- bye. okay. >> backing out of tomorrow
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there is huge risk we already see republican pounds on him. saying that he is too scared to go toe to toe with fox news. >> it is not fear. and not fox trump says. it is fox merchandize door rate tore mel began kelly how says was unfair at the first debate in august refusing to pull kelly for tomorrow, fox said, cap pit to lating politicians you will may the yums violates >> and seven points up in today's poll trump protecting his iowa lead and impressing voters. because they see strength, and they see guy who not going to bullied by a network that they like by the way. >> democrat bernie sander it went to white house today to discuss policy with president obama. who made no incoursements. but wrote book on victory in iowa. >> i am not saying we can do what obama bam did in 2008. i wish we could.
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but if there is large turn out i think we win. and iowa bowling alley hillary clinton agreed turn out is key. and i am asking all of you, to go to caucus monday night, because if you stand up for me then, i will stand up for you. >> clinton and sanders are tied now in iowa polls. >> sander also refusing to take part in a proposed debate this one would be response erred so by nbc and would take place a few days after the iowa vote. in news room. >> 7news. while donald trump may not be there seven dan housely will be he is headeded for republican debate tomorrow night and will be staying through the caucuses next monday look for his life reports right here on 7news. >> there breaking news right now tied to shooting death of unarmed teen in missouri. the u.s. justice department reached proposed deal, with city of the ferguson and this come after 19 year old michael brown was shot by police officer it happened in 2014. sparked months of racial tension
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deal calls for more thorough training of police officers and change to the city's use of force procedures. city council now has to vote on the plan. >> still to come here at 5:00. weathering storm. cars and trucks picked up when an apparent tornado touches down. we will head live to south throw. and then 5:30 the fate of school mascot now in question. after some say it is offensive. >> and fast food restaurant, warning customer who use credit cards to be on the look out. for unusual okay avenue at the. we will coming up in >> pizza shop bust. police say owner of whalen arealm was trying to recruit his teenage employee to have sex with men for money. >> and we staying on top of breaking news. police looking for that vehicle in connection with a string of violent in brookline today. three men stabbed. and shot. with a suspect on the run. if if yoke ice vehicle, or have any information, you are asked
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we will continue to follow the story and keep you up-to-date. >> tonight, when newlywed bling goes bang. bottom it had actually almost just spapd the problem has a familiar ring. kept breaking see how we solved
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about tries turn don't. national weather service says a tornado did touch down. there been some injuries reported but to much worse. seven live in coke floor. with closer look at this. >> here in so florida we used tornado we used to hurricane. so the national weather service confirming indeed, that an ef one tornado touched down here in coconut creek. bringing winds 90 to 100 miles per hour. >> winds quickly intense tied as you can see on this cell phone video. at one point, this reached 90 to
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>> that is a mini tornado coming by. ladies and gentlemen, and. >> an ef one tornado touches down first reports at around 9:30 am. at broward college. tossing cars like toys. we heard howling the winds we heard the rain was coming down. that tornado heading north acosco he could newt creek parkway flipping this city bus and ten helped wind more retirement community uprooting trees and roof shingles even lifting this metal. thre for story building over there that has roof taken off. >> so we are dealing with some we will dealing some leaking issues with the condominiums and residents that. red cross helping residents there. >> it was strong enough to pick cars up and flim them over it was strong fluff rip roofs off of buildings tornado touching down at least three times according to the national weather service >> we are investigating at this time, two crashes north bound. four crashes southbound.
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vehicle was travelling southbound. that flipped over and ended up northbound lane ofs the turn pike. >> at pfdl restore ing we really florida. >> so back out live you are looking at piece of bleach ever that was fluxed from field it is unwhy known how far that field was from where the tornado dropped you can see tree, have been uproot power was out for a while they have restored that. but this tornado slicing metal and reaking havoc here in south florida where about 20 miles west of fort lauderdale but the good news here is that there were on two minor injuries this could have been much worse. >> reporting live in coconut creek, florida. seven news. >> next on the 7news at 5:30, a gurn he on the pittsburgh turn pike during the height of the
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tuven shine for tomorrow, and then clouds in few flurries and snow showers on friday.
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with meterologist jeremy riner. wow >>'snal temperature for next couple of halfian butter cold site watch a little on friday
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snow showers and snow fleiss friday. city at 42 new bedford four warm paem day and some winds through the. winsdz a little about cranky gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour for some of you, there is winds capitol hill worcester feels like 24. jaffery feels like 29 there is cold fronts moving through southern new england being right now. and, there not lot of artic air no artic air behind this cold front but air colder behind that weather system that moves in later tonight. so, tonight, and tomorrow morning, morning commute tomorrow will be colder than this morning and because we melted some know on this morning, through the day today, there will be areas of refreeze over night tonight and tomorrow. with temperature tonight between 21 and 26 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. a little bit cooler tomorrow. less winds temperature tomorrow, 37 to 4042 city ride around 41. attleboro the 42.
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coast. cape 42. worcester hills upper 30s. fitchburg 39. and out on cape and island melting more snow. nantucket 43. okay. friday cloudy skies. flurries and snow showers on friday still somewhat of an an interesting forecast because you have a storm system off shore. the bombing stays way. we still have a cold front racing into new england being friday morning. and i think what might happen is that these two weather sims it will. and if this cold front could grab enough mist sure then couple snow showers. in even some rain showers as well. through middle part of friday and that might be enough to put down coasting to an inch some locations where the rain shower activity flips over to snow showers activity. especially up on cape ann. but, at this time i would the not think of anything more than coasting to an inch some locations. >> that's actually warm front.
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sunday days. ep monday of next week. >> thank you so much. and, a precious prayer has gone viral. thanks to sweet toddler. monitor. >> and mommy -- >> oh she only two. and they put her bed sun tape night without asking they are her usual nightly prairgs when this of left she should them on her own thanking, god for so many thing her parents and grad moe and santa claus. >> >> well thank god for how adorable she is. still ahead tonight. grey crime quincy haven't dals taking their toll on some his storic head stones. >> and seven gets look at new
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