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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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after a car was found dumped in boston and empty. jonathan hall is live for us in brookline with very latest on this continuing story. jonathan. good afternoon. a little bit rushed here because two men are being treated here at beth israel hospital and one of them has just now been arraigned. he's dorchester teenager well enough to face judge it happened minutes ago the judge accepted a defense request that his face be hidden from the public. 18-year-old khari wilcox is suffering from stab wounds and a judge arraigned him in his hospital bed on attempted murder and armed home invasion charges. brookline police say he was one of the two men found wounded yesterday on harvard street. wow, oh my god. the brookline police credit the public for dialing 91 after yesterday's stabbings and shooting as third floor apartment on st. paul street. and that led to the a crime scene on harvard.
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did you ghaet plate? >> will chalks and three other men stormed the apartment and this was a fight involving a gun and these one knife. the man who rents the apartment was shot multiple times in the leg. >> we have a subject with a gunshot wound. 198 st. paul street. st. paul street resident fought back and four attackers left in ford focus stolen in cambridge. two of them bleeding. police say three of the four men got out on harvard street just before noon, people didn't know what to think. >> there are two gentleman that i believe got hit by a car outside my store. then they got the picture. oh my god i think he's got shot. driver the focus sped off with door open using traffic cameras brookline and boston it was traced and recovered near symphony hall. detectives from local and state police are trying to track the case. >> did he see it was a drug deal? >> that is one of the theories we're looking at. >> police say they do have leads, and an other suspect up
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and also, about to be arraned. some time in the near future for armed home invasion. and attempted murder charges identified 27-year-old an tone neep oh brown. he is from cambridge. live in boston i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. we are following breaking news right now gravel truck rolled over on the highway in andover. you can see the truck there on 495 northbound near 93 south. crews are working to clear that area. police say there no injuries. a big day in iowa and race for the white house say a power play from donald trump continuing to a dominate the headlines. front runner says he's skipping tonight's debate and he's gearing up for a rally of his own. the but other candidates are ready to square off with iowa caucus just days away, nbc steve handle man has the latest from des moines. on debate day a big question will donald trump hurt or help? a java joe's coffee shop donnie cespedes he's now eager to back trump
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i like that because, i doesn't spend any money on his campaign. you're going to caucus for him monday night whether he dwatsz tonight or night >> you bet, you bet. republican corey miller is not happy trump dropped out. >> goes along with everything else he's seen so far he's just not that interested in the people as much as i'd like him to be. claiming he was treated unfairly in fox debate trump last night rejected fox anchor bill o'reilly's plea. you're depriving people of seeing you >> no i'm not in >> no. come on it's about the country. everybody we're going to help a lot of veterans trump plans event a drake university a same time as debate a few miles with trump absent ted cruz will be center stage. former iowa front runner wants to a debate trump tonight or separately saturday. it's not that he's afraid of me. he's afraid of you. move. voters get to see just him on
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sustain any incoming. today's nbc news wall street journal poll trump widened his lead in iowa with 4 days till the vote. i'm steve handles man nbc news dew poin. 7 dan hausle in iowa for debate and caucus his live reports begin today at 5 o'clock right here on a 7 news. >> also on 7 it's been 30 years since challenger exploded over atlantic ocean. christa and six other crew members killed in that a disaster honoredshe was a school teacher in new hampshire who graduated from framingham state and seven john cuoco is live with more on what they are doing to honor her legacy. john. >> ryan, christa kri mccallive a building here now bears her name and appeals influenced people in concorde, new hampshire where she taught.
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hampshire where christa first left her mark. looking forward to the future. always researching and that's what christa always would doing. special ceremony held to honor her legacy inside and far beyond the classroom. i think what she did left a big legacy and partners and i want to be a teacher. really inspires you just because of her passion that she had. i mean she was more than just an educator she was somebody that was truly passionate. today is the anniversary of the day many americans will never forget. and will always remember where they were when it happened. the day challenger shuttle tragically blew up back on january 28th, 1986. in a sha first in flight tragedy, 46 thousand feet above the atlantic ocean. >> hard to believe it's been 30 year. a framingham native would have been first civilian and teacher in space. full mission was set to be broadcast to students across the country. she wanted her students to learn in the classroom but she also
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world to learn all they could about the universe in which we live three decades later that philosophy still lives on. go. go, go where your dreams take you. you. now then and for generations to come. i touch the future. i teach. >> greg jarvis was aboard challenger he went to northeastern and a worked a ray thee on in bedford. live in framingham, john cuoco, 7 news. today those in rhode island remembering a local legend former prove den vincent buddy cianci has passed away. 74-year-old was still very active in rhode island politics right up until his death. adam williams joins us more with his life legacy. very well known politician there buddy cianci was hospitalized yesterday after experiencing severe stomach pains while taping his weekly it have tv show he pass wood this morning in 2014 cianci was diagnosed with cancer and an underwent
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felon was longest serving mayor in providence history first elected in 1974. he was the city's first italian american mayor and became a national star in the republican party. during cianci's second stints as mayor he helped transform providence into tourist destination revitalizing city's downtown. he was also known for italian cooking and launched a mayor's own pasta sauce. sauce profits were supposed to benefit providence school children that came into question. treasurer set from 2009 to 2012, sauce only made $3. scandal seemed to follow cianci. he was forced from office twice due to felonies. and went to prison for corruption. in 1984 he resigned after pleading no contest to an assault of his estranged wife's lover. and in 2002 he resigned from office again after being convicted on a federal racketeering conspiracy charge. he served more than 4 years in federal prison. and he ran unsuccessfully for
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cianci returned to his highly rated radio afternoon show and an announce his engagement to his girlfriend. buddy cianci was 74. in our newsroom i'm adam williams, 7 news. we're following this breaking news right now out of framingham. sky seven hd over this scene we're just getting our first pictures. this is an accident that is involving a school bus. again happening in framingham. gefing a live look over that top scene you can see the school bus there. we don't see any children but we haven't been told yet if there are any children involved in this or not, ryan. we do know a number of ambulance have responded to this crash scene here. i believe a car here and a school bus. you can see here a large response there as they attend to the front of that bus. looks like not lot of damage to bus maybe that front bumper has come off there but you can see here, it's bus 412 going on framingham right now you can see damage off the front there. looks like there is someone
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going on the bus. so not clear if there are children on there we do see a large response here lot of ambulances responding to scene equilibrium braking news. this time of day, ryan safe to assume there could children on that bus en route, definitely back home. but again, we don't know for sure if there were any children involved. you do see front of that week considerably more banged up than the school bus logically the bus is a lot tougher i guess than those smaller compact cars. but see a couple stretchers out there right now. so it looks like emergency responders are working with a possibly someone inside that sedan. that could be involved in this crash. looks like they are getting ready to transport that person in car to hospital stretcher out right now. you can see the on front end of bus here a lot of state police and lot of emergency responder there is dealing with something there. looks like they are trying to assess the damage done to the bus. also talk to some of the people that may have been on that bus. you can see here as we swing around front part here that this does continue to be a situation. we'll keep an eye we of course
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all right new here at 4, crews on scene after a house fire in medford. officials say fire started in front room of the house and quickly spread. the couple inside was able to get out safely after trying to save some of their favorite belongings from that home. the deputy chief says there was a lot of damage because of how the fire spread. >> yeah it was tough only because the fire went through a wall. and was up on second and third floors. it was a tough one. >> crews are now working to figure out the cause of that fire. >> 7 news now turning to your weather sun shining today overall very mild week for this time of year but we could see some rain and snow showers before the week's up jeremy reiner is here now. partly to mostly sunny skies. another mild afternoon. temperatures in the low 40s. 41 in the city. provincetown at 38. fitchburg 40. jaffry 35. we have a clouds beginning to fill up the new england sky. and that's out ahead of our next weather system. two weather systems.
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one over here. great lakes state a cool front. this will slide into new england during day tomorrow. at the same time, it's going to grab some moisture from this ocean low. now the storm out over the ocean is not going to back into new england. but i think this cool front is going to borrow this moisture. that will be in form of rain and snow showers. so temperatures tomorrow for most of the day upper 30s. this means that any snowfall accumulation will be a limited to grassy surfaces and elevated surfaces. but main roads tomorrow i think are wet. there could a light coating north of town late tomorrow afternoon. and they will on and off. not widely scattered. hit and miss. as we work into saturday a mix of clouds and sunshine. with warmer weather for sunday talk more about your weekend forecast in a few minutes. thank you, jr. we're following more news today teenager known for using affluenza defense is back in the united states. 18-year-old ethan couch arrived texas airport in handcuffs officer arrested him mexico last
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town and a hide there in mexico. he had wanted in texas for allegedly breaking his probation for killing four people in drunk driving accident in 2013. the teen's mother tanya couch was arrested in mexico along with him. she returned to u.s. earlier this month and charged with a hindering apprehension of a felon. leader of a militia group responsible for oregon occupation telling his followers to leave ammon bundy released a statement asking followers to end their armed occupation. it came day after one the followers was shot and killed by police during that actually happened when bundy and four other were arrest preponderance ammon wants his men to go home his father disagrees. >> let us take this fight from here. go home and hug your families. this fight is ours for now in the koushtsz. this gave up their home refuge that's only thing that brings you you guys out here others
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leaving refuge jed. police disneyland paris theme park arresting a man trying to bring weapons into the park's hotel. police say the 28-year-old man was caught carrying two handguns, bullets, and a koran at the disneyland hotel. the woman he was with was also arrested. officials are not calling this a terror related incident at this time. >> the world health organization meeting today to a decide zika virus should declared an international health emergency. the who says the mosquito bourne virus could infect up to 4 million people in americas this year. the organization's director general says virus could carry other health risks including birth defects that could cause brain damage. >> in humans, zika occasionally causes a mild disease of low concern. last year virus was detected in americas where it is now spreading sploesively.
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reported in 23 countries and territories in the region. the level of alarm is extremely high. >> there is no vaccine for zika and a cdc has issued an advisory for pregnant women traveling to many south and central american countries. all right ahead on 7 news, caught on camera, police chief jumping into action after vehicle goes up into flames on remote road in kansas. 4:30s a long legal battle over city of boston reach as deal with wynn casinos on 7 news at 5 norton man accused of a killing his he strange wife before causing a head-on crash facing judge we're learning more about who made an initial call for help. and we're following breaking news out of framingham where there's a crash involving a school bus. you can see here we just saw moments ago some children on that bus getting off the bus there being taken away. we understand there are some injuries with this right now they are being attended to we of course will follow this breaking
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we're following following breaking news out framingham a crash involving a school bus. >> ryan and jadiann we see here from sky seven, this is bus involved the bumper is off that bus. we've been seeing children being escorted off the bus. we're not sure on a be in of injuries, if they are serious
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what we're seeing we haven't seen anybody being transported on a stretcher or anything like that. i have counted three maybe four ambulances on scene a couple of firefighters. a big response here, also another bus has brought in presumably to take children to their drop off locations. children who have been pulled off this bus looks like 412 that's what it says on top of the bus. again a framingham public school bus. this appears to be at other car involved in accident. the school bus also looks like the fronts right fender bumper fell off there it doesn't appear to be horrific accident when you're talking about school kids on bus ask different speeds depending on what kind of road and how busy it is, that's how the proper response is what we're seeing right here. again a be in of children we've seen walking off of that bus, i should emphasize walking we haven't seen anybody being taken to ambulance or put on a stretcher or anything like that. but they have to double check there usually school buses don't have seatbelts if kids were standing about to come to a stop
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bruises and cuts this kind of thing that why you're seeing a response couple firefighters fire rescue ambulances on scene ready to respond if there are any there no word on how many kids were on that bus for what school it was coming, obviously it's given the time, about 20 minutes past 4, probably not a full bus. because it was probably dropping off the last bunch of kids. but, anyway as we see here looks like this white sedan is only other car involved in the accident. and we're working with sources out in framingham to foond more information. basically what we have right here what you see. this intersection being blocked off. and a several students being escorted off bus but it doesn't appear to be anything overly serious at this point anyway. >> yeah thank you adam we will keep everyone posted on that oos we get more information in to the newsroom. >> all right. a kansas police chief being called a hero after dash cam
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after that vehicle he was in goes up in flames. the chief found car engulfed in flames and owner lying a few feet away. from there it was race to rescue to get that man to safety. >> you can see the heavy black smoke in the air. a police chief in kansas instantly knew what was happening just minutes before dispatch relayed a chilling 9 one one call about a possible suicide. they advised us that the male subject doused his car in gasoline and left. the chief arrived on scene first. i drove down this way i parked right about in here. and of course the car was fully engulfed in flames. male subject on ground outside the vehicle. and i could see the owner of the vehicle laying right out in front of it in grass face down. officer sprang into action running to unconscious man grabbing him and drag him to safety. right before ammunition rounds
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when you show up, none of that stuff is really running through your mind you see what's going on react doing what you need to do fire got so hot it left twisted metal behind car even caved in on itself because of heat. if police chief hadn't been went i believe victim would su come. it was hot fire. couldn't land because of weather. so the victim was rushed to hospital by ambulance. >> you never know what's going happen day-to-day for sure even though we're a small town. victim is expected to survive. but is being treated for severe smoke inhalation. >> all right we're going to back for moment. crews are on the scene of a school bus crash. we're staying on top of this and bring you the very latest as we get information just watched a few children get walked off bus on to different bus. we know another vehicle was involved.
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before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow
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that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's conservative, and new day for america is responsible for the content of
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now seven weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. nice day this afternoon a lot of cloutsdz few showers nothing significant or widespread. rain and snow showers, i think if we see this snow showers boston south not until late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. much warmer into the weekend. and early next week. right now in the city, 41. bedford at 41. fitchburg at 40. south coast the numbers in the upper 30s. with clouds beginning close in to new england. two weather systems we watch for you. this one will be a primary player coming out great lake states and grab some moisture from that ocean storm. and kind of create clouds a couple of showers for tomorrow. becoming cloudy tonight. not as cold lows 29 to 34. and through the day tomorrow, again, scattered showers. i don't want to oversell the precipitation because i really think for most of the day it's much to do about nothing. same with snow. snow probably jumps out at you.
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some of you a coating to an inch on grassy surfaces, cold surfaces, you know car tops. patio furniture. that would where you have snow shower even occurring. so for many of you you go through entire day not have one flake. so as we start tomorrow morning again cloudy, and then the numbers are in upper 20s to lower 30s. in fact on cape islands near 40. that's why we're talking rain showers for you. then new hampshire back through berkshires, midday tomorrow, couple of snow showers around metro boston again 38 tomorrow with not much happening. then as we step into the afternoon, here comes a couple of rain and snow showers, 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. so that little purple there, through norwood and city of boston western suburbs couple of snow showers possible. kaep anne. it all winds down as we head late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening after we came out of last weekend especially you folks out south off town you folks north of down we just had a lot of clouds that may be case again tomorrow.
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comes a warm front saturday afternoon. and saturday night. and that thing lives up to its name. so that by sunday, the temperatures are heading for upper 40s and low 50s. monday of next week, hello february, mid 50s. and look at wednesday, cloudy with periods of rain. but warm, spring-like. temperatures middle of next week, flirting with 60. i like that to hear that jr time for fast track traffic. let's go over and check on the roads. >> thanks jadiann. getting a look right now tobin bridge out bound a lower level of roadway there all jammed up heavily con jest passing by earlier crash we had. right on the chelsea curve. the accident has just been cleared. still dealing with close to a 20 minute back up here you make your way from downtown up into chelsea. other problem spot route 93 north of city. had an earlier crash involving overturned dump truck you see long red line almost back to route one 28. coming into lawrence area.
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we are keeping an eye breaking news crews are on scene school bus accident. we of course are staying on top of and bring you updates an as soon as we get them right here
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