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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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speak to parents w were coming here to pick up their children. and they said that their children were coming from the charlotte elementary school. as of right now, the scene looks very different from what it did just say 15 minutes ago. last time we did one the these phoners. school bus that was involved in away. as well as the white four door vehicle that was on scene here that had most of the damage from this accident. that's also been taken away. police, ambulance all emergency responders, they declared the scene as well. the road is now opened pick up initially that had been closed. now this road is all opened up. now four door vehicle as i mentioned that has been taken away. but that has the brunt of the damage from this accident from what we could tell. front of the school bus only had a slight bend in the front. that white four door vehicle most of its front end was pushed in. we're still working to get more
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we do we'll let you know we just did talk to parents we will bring you that as soon as we can. >> all right, john cuoco, thank you. continuing to follow that please. and we want to show you also this situation in foxboro that we've been following. a crew is on the scene of a fire in an industrial building. you can see lots of damage there. no flames or smoke it looks like firefighters managed to get it out in that building area of gillette stadium they are actually behind bass pro shops it was going for quite some time. i do believe we have pictures from earlier. there you can see some flames in this. and firefighters were spraying water into the building. we have a crew headed to scene on the ground. and we will keep you updated as we learn more. >> also breaking state health officials confirming that massachusetts has it's first case of the zika virus. authorities say the patient is a man who traveled to anner where
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zika virus spread by mosquitos right now there is not a vaccine or any treatment. and the big concern is for women expecting babies. because the virus causes serious birth defects if contracted by a pregnant woman. >> all right on to race for white house right now. donald trump making a debatable decision. republican front runner taking a risk by skipping out on tonight gop debate because of his feud with a fox news moderator. but, he likely still be getting plenty of coverage. trump is holding his own event in iowa. one for veterans. seven dan hausle is live in des moines tonight. happening there. this is a big day with the iowa dan. >> absolutely. now you might remember we were there in cleveland when there was first gop debate made more was there. well now, we've got a debate that's become more interesting. because trump isn't going to show up. >> on debate day here in iowa the big question, will donald trump dropping out hurt him or
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java joe's coffee shop donnie says he's actually more eager now to back him up. >> he's his own person like that because, he's i mean he hasn't even spent any money on his campaign you're going caucus for are him monday night whether adebates tonight or not you bet. you bet. republican corey miller is no happen he trump dropped out goes along with everything he's just not that interested in the people as much as i'd like him to be claiming he was treated unfairly in first fox debate trump last night rejected fox anchor bill o'reilly's plea. you're depriving people of seeing you. >> no i'm not >> a forum they need to see you in. no, everybody. we're go help a lot of veterans. trump plans an events drake university at the same time his debate a few miles away from event center trump absent ted cruz will take center stage. but, cruz the former iowa front runner wants to debate trump tonight or separately saturday.
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he's afraid of you. voters get to see just him on the stage. he doesn't have to sustain any incoming. in today's nbc news wall street journal poll trump has widened his lead in iowa. with four days until the vote. >> now if you're remember an early democratic debate a poed up off to side in case al gore showed pick up oh im ium told no extra podium here for trump to make some kind of last minute appearance. back there or the spin rooms that just beyond them the green rooms for all the candidates. there's no more green room for trump. we're live in des moines, dan hausle. all right. and on the democratic side senator bernie sanders' campaign released his medical rotors today. 1-page letter from democratic candidate's doctor says the 74-year-old is in very good health overall. senator sanders is taking two medications doctor says one supplements hormones produced by
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antiinflammatory. plus he under went hernia surgery last year. >> so with just day thing to go in iowa caulks sanders trails hillary clinton by just lee points. according to latest nbc wall street journal merris poll. clinton comes with 48 percent and then sanders with 45. and a closer look at the numbers on the republican side, donald trump is pulling ahead even further ahead of senator ted cruz. there's a 7 point lead among likely iowa caucus goers. trump comes in with 32 percent. and then that compares to cruz with 25 percent. you saw it dan in iowa he will stay there to report for us through the caucuses next week. so you can see his live reports right here on 7 news. there's more news we're covering here today weymouth man facing murder charges accused killing his he strange wife before driving head-on into car on highway. woman was injured in that crash 7's steve cooper is live in norton with late owes what police know.
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some chilling details of this deadly attack. a deadly stabbing that was witnessed by the victim's 11-year-old daughter who ended up calling 911 for help. >> 35-year-old martin mcdonald pleads not guilty to charges he stabbed his estranged wife 34-year-old julie meade to death inside her home street apartment in norton wednesday night. >> murder assault and battery and intimidation of a witness. prosecutor says it was meade's 11-year-old daughter who called 911. police received a telephone call from young female indicating that her mother had just be stabbed by her stepfather. the stepfather left in his truck. police say moments later mcdonald crashed his pick up truck into another vehicle along route 495. injure alcs woman from rhode island. when troopers arrived on the scene they say mcdonald confessed to killing meade. >> indicated to the trooper i hope you have cuffs i need to be cuffed. things of that nature. the trooper inquired as to what
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he se adjust killed my wife. meade father cried in court a prosecutors explained when police arrived at the crime gene meade three children her nine-month-old son three-year-old daughter her ten-year-old daughter and 5-year-old niece were all sitting in the living room crying near the victim. mcdonald is the father of meade's two youngest children. neighbors are shaken by this horrifying attack. >> i just feel for the kids. that's really what it is, you know, you got couple small children, so it's tough. >> the woman who was injured out on 495 in that accident we're told she was treated and released from the hospital today. as for mcdonald he's being held without bail tonight ordered by judge to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before he returns to court next month. live in norton tonight steve cooper, 7 news. two men are under arrest this evening after a string of violent events in brookline. it included shooting and a stabbings. and now, the victims are the
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and search continues for other people. jonathan hall is live in brookline to bring us up to speed. >> kim, that's right. two guys still out there on the run. and prosecutors say this all was probably a drug deal gone bad. at least that is one of their theorys. two of the 5 men involved are here at beth israel. an 18-year-old dorchester man is arraigned in his hospital bed after a violent day in brookline. >> common wealth's motion to revoke your bail after hearing is going to be allowed to be held without bail. state claims khari wilcox and two her men burst into an apartment on st. paul street in brookline attacked man inside with a piece of wood at first. >> hit in the head with two by four screaming where the money and one was waving a gun. wilcox's attorney told the judge her client suffered severe stab and she claims the in this case the man who lived
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aggressor. he stabbed individual and fought and killed. will coulds cox alleged partner 27 antonio brown is also here beth israel and shot and stabbed not well enough to be arraigned. >> i saw a white car tear away. 911 calls poured into police station just before noon as wilcox and brown lay bleeding in the street. >> oh my god i think he got shot. police dust cell phones for prints. one on way one driving stolen rental car which was found in boston near symphony hall chief credits one of his officers for saving the st. paul street resident who had been shot 5 times in the leg after the fight. >> we have a subject with gunshot wound. >> we know we're applying a tourniquet at the moment. we have leads. but we have a lot of work that has to get done. >> and a chief says a department is working very closely with a state police assigned to norfolk
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as well. very active investigation. and the top priorities to find guys are still out there somewhere. we're live in beth israeli jonathan hall, 7 news. also on 7, remembering a local legend buddy cianci a former mayor for parts of four decades died daffy a battle can cancer. cianci was larger that life in that tiny state he was forced from office two times and went on to serve time behind bars for corruption but loved by so many people there. ryan schulteis here now with look back about. buddy cianci was hospitalized yesterday after experience's severe stomach pains while taping his weekly tv show he was rushed to hospital and died this morning. in 2014 cianci was diagnosed with cancer underwent chemotherapy radiation the twice convicted felon was longester in mayor providence history first elected in 1974. during his sending time in office he helped transform providence interest a tourist destination revitalizing that city's downtown. but scandal seemed to follow him everywhere.
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pleading no contest to an you will saf his he strange wife's lover in 2002 he resigned from office again after being convicted on federal racketeering conspiracy. now he served more than 4 years in a federal prison. cianci was also known for italian cooking and launched a pasta sauce. sauce profits were supposed to providence school children but too came into question. cianci ran unsuccessfully for mayor again if 2014. but spent last year working a radio show host. he was 74 years old. in newsroom ryan schulteis. 7 news. new details about teenager known for using an affluenza defense is in drunk driving trial is back in the u.s. 18-year-old ethan couch landed in texas today. offices arrested him and his mother last month in mexico where they say he was on run after allegedly breaking his probation for killing 4 people in a drunk driving accident in 2013. >> nasa marking challenger disaster with a day of remembrance. if you can believe it was 30
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that space shuttle exploded just 73 seconds after launch. all 7 crew members include local teacher were killed. jadiann thompson here with how crew members are being remembered today memorials were held across the country and some even in space. and public service was held at the kennedy space center in florida where the disaster happened. >> after a half dozen delays leading up to shuttle challenger launched into unusually cold day for centrally florida. >> lift off. 7 astronauts families and friends and plenty of others watched from the grand stands. but shuttle launches have become so routine by january of '86 only one network carried it live for the country to watch. that is until is 70 seconds into flight. challenge go throttle up. year long investigation that followed would conclude cold weather caused parts of shuttle to break apart causing the
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in shock. the challenger 7 were remember emotional memorial service thursday a cape canaveral. it include as special tribute to alcohol earning most fame astronaut who was supposed to be first teacher in space christa mcauliffe. skri sta was taking care of a teacher's business. >> there was even a tribute on nasa latest mission crew on international space station. i would like to take moment of silence and recognize the sacrifice of all of those crew members and how their spirit and their legacy lives on in their achievement in space. achievements that follow the
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>> here in massachusetts mcauliffe are being remembered she taught. still to come tonight a roughing penalty. a hard hit that captured attention of the nfl and an and punishment. city reaching an agreement with wynn casino. plus hingham man held hostage in i ran is now speaking out about his ordeal. and we continue to watch breaking news two stories today. first in framingham where 13 children are inner injured when their bus collided with another car approximately 40 students were aboard the bus ininjured we are taken to local hots we're staying op top breaking 92 u.s. foxboro live fire at this industrial building. it's now out but fire crews are still this. this building is near gillette
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bargain of america is if you work hard, you should be able to get but so many families don't feel that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> hard hit out on ice but it was a ref that was on receiving end of this cross check from a calgary defense man. former bruin dennis viciously hit lineman into the boards. he wasn't penalized on play now
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alex corddry here with details. he absolutely level lines man done henderson it wasn't pretty and many people are calling for a suspension. wide man says he never intended to hit henderson. >> it was obviously no the intention all i would never heart lines man or ref. dennis proclaiming innocence. insisting his hit on lines man done hernandez son was unintentional. >> i took a pretty hard hit down in corner and had pretty good good pain in my shoulder and neck trying trying to a get over assist last secretary alooked avoid it. i think i went up to donnie where to go. or how to get away. former bruins defense man was not penalized for hit but reportedly being suspended indefinitely game. 11 year veteran is hoping his track record will play role in league's finally decision.
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been around for few years, and i think i've treated every official with the utmost respect. i would never intentionally try to hit lines man or ref or anything like that. >> now as you heard there, wide man was hit moments before he crashed into henderson. he looked dazed and confused this will be a delicate situation for league because we're talking about a lines man a minimum ten game suspension comes with. live in newsroom alex corddry, 7 news. >> all right. next at 5:30. from the super bowl to the baystate i like this coldplay announcing big show right here in massachusetts. >> plus, a scandal on the harvard campus today. carrie washington getting hasty pudding pot. we will have all the highlights. 7 day forecast more like march. couple of snowflakes and then flirting with 60. details up next. incredible jeremy stay on top break breaking news 13 children were injured when this school bus collided with another car. they were taken to area hospitals. we continue to follow this story and get you new information and
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the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. now 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> beautiful sunset moments ago partly cloudy sky. 39 in city. southwest wind nine miles per hour a bit of a windchill feels like 33. nothing bitter or around particular in nature. city a 39 bedford a 37. and a couple of cirrus clouds
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beautiful 7 set. that's our next weather system two trying to compete four for our attention. we're only going focus this guy over here i think that's main player. cold front and an area of low pressure. it's in new england tomorrow. this storm will stay off shore. but this storm over here will actually steal, grab some of the moisture. that's why we talk about the risk of couple rain and snow showers tomorrow afternoon. for tonight becoming cloudy. 29 to 34. and through your tomorrow, a lot of showers on and off. they won't widespread or long lasting or heavy. scattered about with rain and snow showers. because temperatures actually tomorrow morning climb into upper 30s. and then as the cold front is moving through, then we'll see a couple of snow showers toward second half the day. and a 3 or 4 o'clock tomorrow even. as we show precipitation time line. we also put temperatures on here as well. you notice down along south shore cape near 40 tomorrow
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afternoon. why you folks see rain showers and then up through new hampshire sea coast. you will have snow showers. some of those snow showers will find their way into metro boston tomorrow evening. i will not overly concerned because i think most of the day snow showers that are if they even occur for you, it will be a coming relatively light. not be able to accumulate on roadways. roads primarily wet. where we have snow showers accumulating would be grassy surfaces. and you know cold surfaces. patio furniture car tops, things like that. traveling tomorrow afternoon tomorrow night not an issue. again, a couple of rain and snow showers. temperatures in middle and upper 30s. then for saturday, a mix of clouds and sunshine. and a pleasant day with temperatures on saturday near 40. here comes a warm front saturday night. that might generate couple flurries saturday evening but nothing significance. that warm front delivers the goods on sunday with mix of clouds and sunshine. the normal high is 36. we're close to that tomorrow. saturday, before the warm front
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near 40. and look at sunday and monday. 51 and 56. 7 on 7 forecast, sunday mix of clouds and sunshine. monday middle 50s. tuesday partly to mostly sun skies. groundhog out there we have an our own ifl groundhog she won't see shadow. warm on saturday up near 60 degrees despite the rain. all right. interesting jeremy thank you. ahead on 7 courage under fire kansas police officer braves the flames to get a man away from his burning car. >> and when we and back latest on framingham, 13 children injured when their school bus hit a car. injuries are reported to be minor. students are going to the hospital.
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blood you're with us on this thursday. another 60 minutes of 7 news ahead. i'm adam williams. we have that school bus crash we're. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. breaking news, a scary ride for children in framingham when their school bus collides with a car. done deal city of boston clearing way for new casino in massachusetts. >> courage under fire. police officer rushes in to save driver in trouble. >> sunshine today, tracking rain and snow showers for tomorrow. >> 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> we're following breaking news right now a school bus crash in framingham sending more that dozen students to hospital. 40 kids were on bus when it crashed. right now 13 of them have been taken to local hospitals. 7's john cuoco live for us on scene with the very latest. john. >> right now this scene has been cleared. but earlier that school bus was
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the middle of the street.
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