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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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us byhone. >> -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> reporter: police arrested jimmy gaston. the store clerk was transported to the hospital after he suffered a cut knows from the box cutter. >> we're fortunately the clerk is okay. he's alert and conscious. >> reporter: as for the guys that jumped into action, they didn't think twice do you feel like a hero today? >> no, just helping somebody out is about it. i'd do it for probably anybody, you know? >> reporter: police have some pretty good evidence in the case because what happened in the store today was all caught on security cams. gaston will be arraigned on monday. steve cooper, 7 news. also police in manchester are shooting for -- are
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he was involved in a shooting at a hotel. they are also looking for another person in the room wanted for possession of heroin. an apartment goes up in flames in new hampshire. the building had four apartments. 50 firefighters put out the flames. one firefighter hurt. the tire constitutional under investigation. a couple was trapped inside this house after it started fire. police are opening up an investigation. the latest from row groton. >> reporter: a home in groton burned by deadly flames. a neighbor called 911, but firefighters didn't initially
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>> upon the initial arrival it became patient quickly that there were people unaccounted for. >> reporter: the flames were too much for police to -- the firefighters to handle. >> due to the amount of fire and also the advanced stage of the fire the building was compromised on our arrival, so we weren't able to send firefighters instances to make any sort of accuse attempt. >> reporter: family members showed up to the home to lined every find almost every possession burned and the structure reduced to studs. they tried to save whatever loved ones couldn't get out. because the home was burning for a long time, they're having a harder time finding a point of or jib and determining a cause. connecticut parents facing trouble and charges. george and nancy barnes locked their children in a bathroom for
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the children, eight to 19 years old were only allowed to leave to eat and go the school. neighbors were shocked by the news. >> the kids were pretty much -- `pretty much mentally abused before there's no love in that home. >> the children had been removed from the home for safety. the parents face multiple charges. a protest gathered outside of a courthouse in wisconsin about "making of a murder." the two men have spent years in prison for the murder of a woman in 2005. the netflix series has convinced many people that the men did not get a fair trial. earlier this month avery got a new attorney and will appeal his case. both of these lanes opened
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look at this, a truck in california up in flames after a crash. officials say two people were inside and able to get out without injuries. -- [ indiscernible ] -- inside the store where they made the arrest. police say the man is with a wanted for a number of things. a man tried to barge his way into a bank in north carolina. he took off when he couldn't get it open. police say if it wasn't for the manager's quick action there could have been some big trouble. it was a typical morning at a pnc bank in north carolina. >> the manager in the bank happened to be standing in the
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>> reporter: he saw a man in all black running across the parking lot towards the bank. >> he pulls on the door. >> the door opens a little, but the manager held on. >> he produced a small handgun and begins to strike the window of the door with a handgun and the manager doesn't give up. >> reporter: the suspect does eventually give up. >> he rains off without ever making it into the bank. >> reporter: bank employees had already pushed the alarm button and arrived to find people inside the bank frazzled. >> if the suspect had made it into the bank you never know what was going to happen l then. he's obviously agitated, obviously had a gun. it could have been much worse. >> reporter: police say there is one man to thank for this. >> i consider the manager a hero. >> reporter: police are still
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investigators say a coach stood by 2212-year-olds got into a brawl -- the school district is taking action. this isn't a boxing game and that isn't a referee. two boys whaling on each other as their after-school program -- >> it's very unacceptable. you're a grown man. you're supposed to be a role model for these kids. >> reporter: he said he learned of the incident when his son came home from the program in pain. >> i had to take him to the hospital and the doctors say he has a little muscle problem. >> reporter: he posted a video and the coach is furious. he has been fired.
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out if a lawsuit is necessary. -- [ indiscernible ] -- causing trouble. after hearing a roomer the team might move to san antonio, texas, he says he'll single-handedly prevent the team from moving to oakland. he trademarked the name as san antonio raiders. >> it was available, so we filled out the application and locked it in that night. that is my thinking. now it will cost them financially this they want to move to san antonio, so i'm
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move. one of the cars pope pope road ground in last year while in the u.s. is for sale in an auction. a super save. a good samaritan's fighting crime when a could be robber a.m. bushes a woman. then new at 6:00. >> we came into the room and said we'll see -- [ indiscernible ] -- a local family fugitive after they see a water bill. officers say they had no
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a man in england, helping a woman in danger.
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telling his story. >> she looks like she was being roughed up a little bit. >> reporter: he spank into action, no phone booth needed. he wrestled the attacker to the ground. >> i just -- [ indiscernible ] -- everybody was pointing at him saying it was him, it was him. i got him back to the bank, just held him down on the ground until the police turned up. he helped until the police got to the scene to bring the they have the justice -- thief.
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wax. a photo posted by a woman in fall river is getting a lot of comments.
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steak. here is the question. do see the face of a dog? the woman still has it. >> i'm looking close. i don't see it. >> >> i keep seeing a potato. 37 and clouds. wait, are those mashed potatoes there? cloudy skies.
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there are snow showers moving offshore. are this is the backside of a weather system moving away from new england. it has a date with the north atlantic, but not us. close call. this is a huge storm moving away. our weather is coming from over a year. that's a warm front. it's generating a couple clouds. more importantly there's warm air behind the front. seasonal conditions tomorrow. tomorrow we'll start with sunshine. as the front gets closer to us they'll generate clouds. sometimes in the winter things can get messy with snow and rain.
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sunday a mix clouds and sunshine. monday near 50. also, a movement over pennsylvania, but no cold air with that system. overnight tonight 26 to 31. tomorrow, sunday and clouds, seasonal, a little bit on the breezy side. boston, low 40s. north of town, manchester, 36, raymond 37. worchester and that area, 30s.
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the normal high is 36. right now this is our coolest part of the next several days with monday in the middle 50s. how about the 1st week of february? it looks warm. near 50 tuesday. wednesday periods of rain, near record warmth. the record wednesday is 59. we'll get close if not go over that. thanks. temperatures may be warming up, but during the winter there's nothing like a delicious cup of -- -- [ indiscernible ]. >> we have a simple recipe that will have you kicking soup to the curb. >> it's a classic dish that never fails to warm you up on a
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tomorrow stow soup -- tomato soup. >> the secret is the bread. we use the bread to thicken the soup. >> to start, met your butter in a stock pot. add chopped white onion. for more flavor add chopped garlic and basil. >> we cook this down for about 5 minutes. >> reporter: next the star of the dish, the tomatoes. >> they have very low asid tee. they are so smooth and flavorful. another 5 minutes. you can use very many table stock instead of chicken stock. let the ingredients hour. use bread. >> we find yesterday's bread works good.
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pour the soup back into your pot to make sure it's seasoned to your liking. >> make sure if you like a little salt and pepper it's important to do that. >> serve it with get cheese. delicious. >> i'm out of here. i'm going to go get some. >> it's excellent. you said you've been there. >> yes. >> we'll have to go. >> okay, great. a high school student making a difference. how the class president is helping others and getting a jump of her own. good afternoon. coming up on 7 news at 6, we are following breaking news, a man killed after a pursuit in lynn and why police say they were forced to use deadly support. a get away prompting a manhunt south of boston. we'll explain how police tracked
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plus, utility troubles for a couple. they got a water bill for more than $16,000. we'll have those stories and much more just ahead. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to
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done. i just registered. that was easy.
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student don't know or struggle with what they want to
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>> one student is helping others along the way. she's this week's class act. >> reporter: it was off to greater is a senior. congratulations. can i give you a hug? she's a determined young woman and everyone around her seems to feed off that. >> she always complete evaluates us. >> reporter: she's already a certified nurse assistant, a cpa.
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like it, so i never left. >> i like to invoke questions, questions that are going to get you to think. she'd come up with answers, give me these looks. i know she has something to share. >> reporter: she has been the coclass president, but she also volunteers at the paid trick center at the hospital, has organized blood drives and is an always i'mer caregiver. until then she's happy helping as a cna. >> it shows you how much people need help when they get older. they show so much gratitude. it's wonderful. >> when you grow up to be a doctor, the dream helps because, you know, every day. >> she's going to do whatever she wants, no one's going to stop her. >> reporter: she says after
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study diseases with the hope of one day finding a cure for them. >> if you know a student between six and 12 doing something outstanding for their community go to our website, >> i'm motivated by them. keep doing it. there's another 30 minutes ahead. thanks for watching. >> 7 news at 6 starts right now. there was cops everywhere, blood everywhere. he was on the ground. >> one person dead after gunshots rang out. what police say led to the deadly confrontation. a massive manhunt. a teenager tracked down after escaping federal customer. we folks on warmer weather. >> and too much to handle. one couple demanding answers
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the tune of sip thousand dollars. 7 news at 6 starts now. >> right now lynn police are still on scene. cleanup crews are here now as well. we're told this suspect was well-known to police. >> reporter: neighbors describe a scene. >> it went pop pop. next thing you know, it sound like a war. >> reporter: the district attorney says officers were
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