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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now at 6:00, an alarming attack in north andover but when police arrived, they get a much different story. then, a deadly discovery in mansfield where the search for a missing man takes a tragic turn. mild today and even warmer tomorrow. but just how long does this springtime last? this it is a countdown to the caucuses in iowa, candidates coming out strong in the final hours before voters hit the polls. first at 6:00, a spring too rose wrap up the weekend. temperatures reaching the 60s in parts of the state and it's not of yet. this winter warmup expected to
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>> but fans of winter, we know you're out there, don't worry, this season will be making a come back. meteorologist briers has a check of the forecast. social meal ya split 50/50, some people really enjoying mild temperatures, the others saying where's my snow? something for everybody in the forecast, highs today for the mid and upper 50s, nearing 60 degrees in norwood, possibly even some of those grills being broken out for the patios this evening and you can see that mild air just to our southwest, pushing in and arch priv fig into tomorrow and we could actually break the 60-degree mark in boston tomorrow, low 60s for some spots. mostly cloudy overnight tonight and even our morning lows are warmer than our normal afternoon highs for this time of year. so, braking it down hour by hour, your 7 to 7 forecast, clouds increase the afternoon, slight chance of an isolated rain shower tomorrow, but look how warm those temperatures are, right around the 60-degree mark, we keep it through the workweek
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when does the cold return? we will get to those details in just a bit. >> all right, bri, thank you. we are counting down to the caucuses in iowa. presidential candidates going all out before voters head to the polls tomorrow and there is a lot on the line. dan housley live in iowa with more on how the candidates are gearing up for the first real test of the political season. >> reporter: sunday is a great day to kind of show off your evangelical support in this state, cut got a big boost, but the same time, well, he didn't exactly knock it out of the park when he went to services. cut attending nas iowa saturday with his wife, at one point, mistaking the communion plate for a collection plate and trying to put money in it. is >> great to be here. he will be unbelievable. >> reporter: at this event later, trump got a boost from jerry falwell, jr., who said evangelicals shouldn't apply a
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>> it is like when off sick child, you choose the doctor most qualified to treat that child. you don't necessarily choose the one who shares your faith. >> reporter: outside church, senator ted cruz said he accepted the pastor's call to pray for his opponents. >> i'm lifting up in prayers all the candidates who are running, god's blessing, peace, love. >> it was marco rubio a member of the gang of 8. >> reporter: cruz's commercial train fire on fellow senator, marco rubio. rubio calls cruz the front runner, likely playing the expectations game. >> he has 10,000 volunteers, spent millions of dollars here, every endorsement that he wanted so we always knew that going in, but we feel really good about the progress that we are making here. >> reporter: hillary clinton emphasizing family on this final weekend push, husband, bill, and daughter, chelsea, lending a personal touch. >> i couldn't imagine a better grandmother for my children than my mom but i also couldn't imagine a better president. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders' campaign announced it
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raising $20 million in the last month but unlike clinton, without a super pac. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> reporter: the candidates like christie and kasich by this time tomorrow will already be an to new hampshire but those with so much to gain or lose here, sanders, clinton, trump, cruz, rubio, they will all be right here planning their victory parties. we are live in des moines, iowa, dan housley, 7 news. also on 7, an alarming attack in north andover, a man claims he was helds at knife point until his attacker raun ran off but when police got there, they found a much different story. john cocoa is live in north an dove we are more on this investigation. what can you tell us? >> reporter: police were given a story of a bloody attack at knife point, but they say the man claiming to be the victim was actually the attacker looking to steal drugs. when north andover police
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around 11 sunday morning, they were under the impression someone had been stabbed in a violent armed robbery. officers found evidence of a struggle and enough blood to assume one or more people had severe injuries. the 22-year-old supposed victim told police two attacker came into his home and held a knife to him. he said there was a fight where he injured one of them before they took off. but once police did a little digging, they said they found a much different story, one where the victim isn't a victim at all. neighbors say this person has been a problem before. >> he grew up here. he has been troubled since he was 10 years old. so i wasn't surprised. sadly enough, but i wasn't surprised. >> reporter: according to police, the person who claimed to be held at knife point actually gave false information to cover up an armed robbery he committed. police say he had someone deliver heroin to his home at woodridge, then he stole the drugs. this suspect is now charged with
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and two counts of assault and battery. >> well, when you're a parent with children who live here, to think that happens, like, a few doors away from you, i know it happens everywhere now, but -- >> reporter: an additional charges are pending. as for the other people involved, police haven't released who they are or their conditions. live in north andover, john cocoa, 7 news. a tragic discovery for a family in mansfield. the search for their missing son takings a deadly turn. the son went missing yesterday afternoon and early this morning after hours of searching, police found his body in a pond. kelli o'hara live in fans field kelli? >> reporter: sad situation, all police will say at this time is this is a death investigation and their hearts and prayers go out to the family. the hole in this mansfield pond, its only reminder what happened
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and firefighters forced to make a heartbreaking recovery after a man fell through the ice and discovered dead early sunday morning, a day after family reported their son missing. mansfield police tell 7 news they got a call around 2:30 yesterday from concerned parents, wondering where their adult son had gone. investigators say they searched and their evidence led them here. that's when they discovered the map in the water, police posting this message or their facebook page, saying their hearts and prayers go out to the family. now, police are not releasing that man's identity at this point in time nor are they going on camera. all they say, again is their hearts and prayers go out to the family and anyone with any information exactly what happened in this man's death is asked to call police, asap. in mansfield tonight, kelli o'hara, 7 news. people in portsmouth, new hampshire, on alert tonight after a thief breaks into several cars and lights them on fire. tonight, police are searching for suspects trying to put a
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7's kris anderson has the story. >> reporter: kathy youngs was sound asleep in her portsmouth, new hampshire home, early saturday morning until -- >> at 4:00 in the morning, i heard a pop, woke up, heard -- looked out the window and it was a -- just orange light. >> reporter: her roommate, michael rice's car, was on fire. the ground where it was parke still shows just how intense the flames were. >> that's my life right there. >> reporter: rice's vehicle destroyed by the flames, the inside burned down to the frame. >> all you can do is silt there and watch, call 911, said, oh, we have already got a report and the fire department was there within another minute or two. >> reporter: and it was a busy saturday for portsmouth, firefighters and police. nine vehicles broken into and vandalized across the city. six of them, including rice's car, set on fire. >> it just seems so stupid. this is just -- i don't know. >> absolutely terrifying. i mean, why would anybody want to do that?
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don't know who's responsible for the vandalism but appears the criminals only went after cars that were unlocked, taking what they wanted inside, then lighting six of them on fire. >> there's no reason for that, other than malicious, because they don't benefit from any of that. >> reporter: the broken glass and charred street all that melbourne street. police are increasing patrols with hopes of tracking down whoever is responsible for this destruction. in ports mouth, new hampshire, chris anderson, 7 news. a new hampshire man facing charges after driving dangerously fast. andrew than was arrested for reckless driving after police clocked him going over 100 miles an hour on interstate 93. he will be in court next month to answer to those charges. and today, two college students have been charged in the abduction and murder to of a 13-year-old girl in virginia. nicole lovell was found dead in north carolina on saturday and a vigil isthne right here, was held in virginia last night.
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tech freshman david eisenhower with first degree murder and sophomore, natalie coopers with improper disposal of a body. >> this investigation is far from over, as we continue to conduct multiple interviews, processing additional evidence related to this crime. the focus in this investigation is to now reconstruct the timeline leading up to nicole's tragic death. >> local, state and federal investigate. video tonight, the orange county sheriff's office releasing video of two escaped inmates returning to jail. this is in southern california. jose naere and john thank too were captured yesterday after being found in a stolen van. officials say they have already tightened security at the jail. and straight ahead here on 7 news at 6:00, they worked together their entire career but now, the retired officer is fighting to keep his k-9 companion and the community is doing its part, helping them
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following some breaking news. authorities investigating a death on the campus of u mass lowell. police say a student was found dead in the bathroom of a building on the north campus around 5:30 this morning. we are told the death is not considered suspicious. it is under investigation. and 7 news now turning to an unbreakable bond with man's best friend, when an ohio police officer retired, his partner did not. the k-9 is city property though, so instead, he is now headed to auction. and now the community is helping out, doing whatever it takes to keep the former crime-fighting companions together, no matter the cost. >> there is a bond between us and it is very special and i hate to lose my buddy. >> officer matthew hickey retired earlier this week from the marietta, ohio, police
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ajax, will not be retiring with him. ajax was appraised for $3500 and because he is city property, he must go to auction. so hickey started a go fund me account to try to buy ajax. hickey says he is grateful for the community's support and hopes for changes at the state level. >> i think we need to start the state and get legislation passed to where officers that retire in good standings gets the k-9. either medically or either if they have retirement, when they retire, they get the dog for either a dollar or whatever. >> reporter: but state says hickey forfeited his right to the dog. >> another section of this particular law says a law enforcement officer leaves the unit and in this situation, officer hick ski -- hick ski leaving the unit. that section says the officer forfeits the right to purchase the dog under this provision. >> reporter: the bidding for
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hopes to keep his partner in crime, fighting that is. that go fund me page has collected more than $49,000. hickey says after he buys ajax, the rest of that money will provide bulletproof vests to k-9 police dogs, just like ajax. the month of january, almost in the books. we kick off february tomorrow, but it feels more like april, so, just how long does the spring tease last? we will get to that forecast coming up next. and coming up next in 7 sports, every year, a number of patriots say no thank you to the pro bowl. it is understandable, tom brady beat up, but why malcolm butler? why didn't he go to tonight's pro bowl?
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president.
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well, the weather had us january.
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temperatures into the 50s, nearing 60 degrees. warm start to february tomorrow, rain and wind in store for wednesday. that feels more like a spring storm, so is winter done? i really don't quite think so. but our sunsets recently have well. we are increasing the hours of daylight. beautiful shot there from winthrop this evening. now it is a mild end to january, a wrap today with temperatures above normal, tune of 20 degrees above normal. so that leaves us with an average temperature that's about three degrees above average for the month and we could actually february. very different from last weekend. very different from last year. highs today, low 507s for worcester, 48 for orange, take it into boston, 56, almost 60 degrees in norwood and those number does bump up as we put things into the books for the day. wind direction coming out of the south-southwest and that is helping to sort of usher in that milder air and those temperatures get yet another boost as we get into tomorrow.
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with us today, some milky, hazy sunshine for part of the afternoon and we keep partly cloudy skies, we will call it, through the overnight hours, but look at where our temperatures are at right now, close to 50 degrees in most spots, all of us stay above freezing overnight tonight, dew point's getting a boost and that sort of acts as a threshold. so, air temperatures can never drop below dew points that's why we are going to have very mild temperatures overnight into early tomorrow morning, so an early-morning run tomorrow, highly recommended. we start with the beautiful sunrise, i do believe and we see the clouds increase as the day goes on. slight chance of an isolated pop shower as we get into the afternoon to evening hours, you can see this forecast model, about 5:00, ushering in some of that wet weather. but most of us miss this all together and it looks like maybe a 20 to a 30% chance of picking up to a 10th of an inch of rain. so, not a wet day by any means, partly sunny, those temperatures need to be adjusted because this
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for our highs tomorrow, nearing 60 degrees, even into the low 60s in some spots. so, near record warmth, another shot at that for wednesday as well, but wednesday will look a little bit different with the wet weather and also with the wind, wednesday afternoon and evening is really when we get that mild air pumping in and also a whole lot of rain. could even be some rumbles of thunder with this colder air that comes in behind that cold front. a back and forth week, but all in all, temperatures staying above average for the earn tire workweek. it isn't until this weekend that that more normal winter air settles back in, taking our highs into the mid-30s and you so that he storm on friday offshore for now with those model trends, but it could clip the cape and islands. we will keep an eye on it. of the seven pate throw antibiotics who said no thanks to tonight's pro bowl, malcolm butler is the most surprising, the first-timer had the most to gain from the national spot light, including just the pure
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one of the best in the game and now we know why the super bowl xlix hero is not in hawaii. espn's mike reese reporting that butler suffered a knee injury at some point during the afc championship game. he still played in every single defensive snap, recording seven tackles. reese said the injury is not serious and surgery is not expected. super bowl week is under way. the denver broncos, the first to arrive in san francisco, landing less than an hour ago, the panthers set to land at any moment, the first big event is tomorrow night as media day shifts to primetime for the first time. >> rodriguez, score! matt grizlick rips it home, the bu terriers their 30th bean pot championship. >> this year's bean pot tournament begins tomorrow this year, like so many before the field, wide open, bc, bu and harvard ranked in the top ten and northeastern is one of the
6:22 pm
the huskies enter their semifinal matchup against about u riding a six-game winning streak, trying to hoist the bean pot for the first time since 1988. they have come close in recent years, appearing in four straight championship games, falling to the terriers in overtime last year and this year the huskies say they want it even more. >> we have been pretty close the last three years here, we made the finals and we lost by one goal or so, you know, in ot last year. so we came close and we want to get it done this year, you know? as a senior, last shot to it, nothing better to come out on top here. >> there's an edge, we have been there and we've lost, you know, two close games, boston college, quebec, two or three years ago, later in the third period last year, we obviously lost on overtime, you know in a tough situation, where boston university had a power play and scored. um, and i think it will motivate us a little bit but our kids are focused on what we need to do
6:23 pm
since we have last won this tournament and we can't control that. that's the issue. all we can control is the now. >> coming up tonight on sports extra, a bean pot preview plus hockey guru kevin paul du pont join us in studio talking bruins at the all-star break and we will go 7 in 7 with the "boston globe's" dan shaughnessy, all tonight at 11:25. what a college basketball game at bu this afternoon. terriers hosting lehigh, under 20 seconds to go, down 73-70, a three-point attempt blocked but fanning scores the putback and the fall, free throw tied at game at a 73. same scour, bu, the ball, under two seconds to go here we go. >> nobody in the vicinity. >> the pounding, the drives, handled. got it to go!
6:24 pm
>> not exactly how they drew it up but john papale cop verts at the buzzer around the terriers walk with a wild win at the who were, 75-73, terriers 5-5, patriot league play. patrice bergeron the only bruin taking part in tonight's nhl all-star game in nashville. zero patriots flag tonight's pro bowl in hawaii. that's sports. >> jim, thank you.
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7 news at 6:00, thanks so much for joining us. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. we will see you at 10:00 over on
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