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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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i'm live in south carolina where the candidates are fighting for a southern surge. >> a wild ride caught on camera. a spoptd robber takes off with man on his hood. tonight we're hearing his terrifying story. i didn't want to die. i didn't want to die. >> and a new program hoping to fight the opoid crisis here in new england. i had a can choice of coming here or the jail. and, i took this. because i do want help. it's getting recovering addicts a second chance. we'll take you inside now from the night team. >> 7 news at 11 starts now. first at 11, we're getting ready for an arctic assault. that's moving into new england. we are talking windchills. well below zero. before those temperatures take a drastic drop, we may see some more snow. meteorologist jeremy reiner here with a closer look. adam a couple isolated snow showers, it and snow flurries from weather system. now moving away. and there's another weather system now new york state as well pennsylvania.
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tomorrow. renewed chance of a few isolated snow showers and snow flurries. nothing significant. i don't think you'll even happen during morning commute. day tomorrow. and not have one snowflake. temperatures through the day tomorrow start the day in the middle 20s. again just a random snow shower through the day. 30 degrees by 2 o'clock tomorrow 7 o'clock tomorrow evening chilly. numbers in the 20s. then on friday, mix of clouds and sunshine. high temperatures on friday. mid 20s. but the coldest we could of the winter is staring news face. that comes at us on saturday morning a cold blast of air coming at us. look at these temperatures during the day saturday into sunday morning. temperatures lied slide into think el numbers below zero. windchills between 10 and 20 below zero saturday night into sunday morning. talk more about your weekend forecast when we warm it up. >> all right so breaking news tonight out dorchester where an rarmd robbery leads to intense stand off four men arrested for us.
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tense couple of hours for boston police. understandably also very tense time for all of the people who live in this area. it wasn't long ago this home you see right over there was excretely crawling with the s.w.a.t. team. tactical teams on scene a reasonabling and pleasant streets in dorchester after an hour of negotiating a woman and another holding a small child in her arms are walked out. there was a woman and young child in there that we got out of there safely police commissioner saying at least three men stormed the pleasant view store down the street around 6:00 p.m. wednesday. armed and masked. they got away with few hundred dollars. clerk tells us about it. >> come three guys that way. two that way come. and one go over there and come back. and they take this cigarette and money and go back again that way. witnesses were able to tell police where the armed men went. about 15 minutes later teens rushed to this apartment building. focussing on number 22.
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at that point, we had information that the suspects were in there. woefrd. cop came out and told us they had somebody held up with firearm. so he told us to move back so that's when we went in the commissioner said there were four people inside who were taken into custody. >> now of those four people that the commissioner says three of them will be charged with a robbery, while in a mask and holding a gun in all of this luckily no one was hurt. in dorchester tonight jadiann thompson, 7 news night team. breaking news on an f.b.i. stand off in oregon. let's go to 7 z brandon gunnoe f.b.i. the saying they surrounded final 4 hold outs who are occupying a wildlife refuge in oregon. three men and one woman around armed. they've occupying that refuge for 40 days. f.b.i. says they barricaded all exits and are moving in. the ranchers are protesting what this consider to be government outreach on federal land saying u.s. authorities are abusing their constitutional rights.
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and killed one of the group's leaders after they say he reached for around gun during a highway traffic stop. again the f.b.i. moving in on armed occupiers of refuge in oregon. so far no shots have been fired. situation. brandon gunnoe. caught on camera man taken for wild ride a. getting hit and then stuck on hood of a car terrifying moments there. ryan schulteis in woburn where ryan. >> adam t was real terrifying drive for that victim. in fact he said he was begging for his life and tonight he has message for that driver. >> i didn't want to die. i didn't want to die. cameras capturing moment of impact as alfred slammed by a suspect on the run. i turned to look, and the car come up over the curb and over the sidewalk. i landed on the hood of car he
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i could feel him picking up speed. it felt like 60 miles an hour. i was hanging on to the hood of window the hood of the car. and i kept on begging him. please, just let me off your car. stop and let me off the car. that's all i wanted. he finally was able to get off the car. i slid down off the hood on to my knees. both of my knees. from at that incident that point on i couldn't feel my legs from my knees down. police that diver 29-year-old tyson delgado dumped his car a few blocks later which led too to a massive search. this all started when investigators say delgado stole from his job during that investigation he allegedly assaulted an officer and took off moments mrart louis say he slanded into a tonight left with fractured ankle and toes. i would i would think he would turn himself in, he made a mistake, you know, turn yourself in. >> and despite being injured like that he's expected to be
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delgado does remain on run tonight live in woburn, ryan schulteis. >> also from the night team, a man who spent the last 30 years in prison walking free today. that's george perrot. he was arrested a 17 charged with raping a woman but judge tody saying the evidence doesn't add up. nick emmons is in new bedford with details. >> kim, all of these years youring perrot maintained his innocence back in 2011 the sister institute for investigative journalism brandies university looked into his case. with help of attorneys from the innocence project, george perrot is now a free man. >> freedom. free. out of custody, and into the arms of his caring mother. >> all of these camera george perrot a free man after 30 years behind bars. what is it like to walk with a free man? >> really, really hasn't sunk in yet. i want to spend time with my mom.
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beating and a raping a 78-year-old woman in springfield in 1985. it's very clear that he did not commit this crime. >> perrot's attorneys say the victim herself even said he didn't match the description of her attacker. he has so consistently said i did not commit this rape. >> judge robert j. cane found physical evidence entered in original trial is now inconclusive inconclusive. in life there are so few times when any of us have a chance to right a major injustice. for perrot's mother its wonderful feeling. a son she lost when he was just 17 finally back home. >> i can't say any more i'm just so happy. >> she says first thing she wanted to do now her son is home take him out for a steak dinner. now the common wealth does have one year to look at retrying this case.
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highly unlikely that another conviction would be brought down. because of a lack of evidence. that's latest live in new bedford, nick emmons, 7 news night team. two candidates reached end of the road in race for white house. new jersey governor chris christie former hewlett packard both announced today they are spaepding their campaigns after weak showing in new hampshire. remaining candidates are setting sights on south carolina where for some it could be make or break for their campaignses. jonathan hall is in in south carolina with more for us. john. >> adam you know some guys are going to have to spin it down here not donald trump. he can just tell it like it is. he won big in new hampshire he's poised to do same here in the palmetto state. the primary coming in ten days. >> with snowy new hampshire in the rearview mirror, their south. side. i don't usually do this.
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trump courting the veterans and active duty military a big voting block here. >> we have illegal immigrants being treated better than our vets. not going to happen. our vets are going to treated good. but we're going to rebuild our military. former florida governor jeb bush says he's guy for lead hill teary and his brother the former president on his side. we need strong leader with experienced ideas and resolve. in a state capital columbia, this camper is all decked out but not everybody's at trump fan. it doesn't really sit well with me i prefer somebody a little farther to the center. still trump has double digits lead in latest polls. marco rubio know he is can't falter as he did in new hampshire. this is very unique race some of you covered elections before never had race like. he finish third but claiming victory in new hampshire. once again for second week in a row, the results have shattered expectations. shatter predictions.
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kasich may be in trumping sights now. he knows he might have to stand up to attacks. i'm not going to pin cushion or marshmallow. but i'm also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. >> kasich survives. the process continues just six candidates left now on the gop side. and by the way, here in south carolina, trump leads in the polls by double digits. we're live in column south carolina, jonathan hall, 7 news night team. >> crews rush in when a home goes up in flames in fitchburg. fire chief who lives around the corner from that house heard a scanner call just after midnight one first to arrive. with help of a police officer, pulled a man from the first floor. firefighters were also able to rescue that man's sister. but they found the body of another sister on the second floor. when you pull up and no people standing oh streets and your house cars in driveway you know
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situation. guys got good job getting through house quickly and locating all victims. two other siblings saved are in critical condition tonight. investigators saying the fire does not appear to be suspicious. >> police in waltham found 17-year-old man, this is ware ham i should say, shot and killed inside his home on glen charlie road where they say he was shot several times. neighbors say man lived alone and worked at ware ham salvation army store. police there does not appear to be any threat to the community. >> a former school cafeteria worker in weymouth pleading guilty to raping a 15-year-old boy. her trial was expected to begin today. but 38-year-old janelle foley changed her plea. the charges stem from two incidents in 2013 involving that teenager. he was not a student at the weymouth middle school where foley worked. so foley now faces up to four and a half years in prison and she'll have to register as sex offender. a dog is spotted running wild narrowly escaping danger on
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police say lexi, that's the dog, was walking in and out oh of traffic on 495 this afternoon. officers eventually the busy interstate able to get the dog off road lexi owners say she ran off they let her out in backyard. police say lexi is lucky that she did not get hit. >> you don't often see that at all. lot of motorists driving could slammed on breaks caused an accident. just pounding in my stomach. i looked at it oh, yeah it's hurry. >> talking about the experience there police say dog is back home and doing just fine. up next an alternative to harsh drug sentences. we will take you inside a new program that aims to give people accused of a some drug crimes a second chance. and catching big air at fenway. we'll get up close with the people making that huge inside the park ski ramp. weather will cooperate for each
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a new proom at local jail is giving a drug addicts who have been locked up a second chance. so it's a last chance of sorts. for people battling a diction who find themselves on the wrong side of law. this program lets them choose help over handcuffs cheryl fiandaca takes us inside. >> it was a dorothy's birthday she couldn't have asked for a better gift than a hug from her son nick. >> i'm just glad he's back home and he's healthy and he's clean. now off of heroin, nick was released from court after finish ground breaking 28-day detox program at the middleton house of correction. it probably did save my life given a second chance put my all into this. the 20-year-old downward spiral began when he started drinking alcohol as a teenager. and quickly became an addicted to painkillers. and when that wasn't enough of a high he started shooting up heroin.
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behind bars and awaiting hearing on drug charges. >> if i had choice to coming here or jail, and i took this, because i do want help. from the outside the middleton house of correction looks like any other jail. but here on the second floor, an speshdzed detoxification unit addicts lives are changing. we met nick when he was two days away from finishing program. i have hope this time. i haven't been truly clean for 30 days since i started using when i was like 16. so this is this gives me shot i didn't have before. est sex county sheriff jails are full of people like nick addicted to drugs ask and who will who get released go back to doing drugs and committing crime. a sickle he believes has to be broken while inmates are awaiting trial you can't make corrective behaviors if someone
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life will continue to unravel. he says a nearly month-long program is first of its kind in our area designed to be completely self contained inside the jail. >> totally separate, and they won't be interinteraction with any other inmates. program voluntary and strict. participants are first medically and psychologically evaluated. they then get an individualized treatment plan with a daily therapy schedule and are begin an assigned counselor. for first two weeks, no visits from family or friends. >> you don't want, sean is the director of the program. >> so when you look, participants happy, and excited to be in treatment. and they are engaged. we look arthur in there we call them detox scrubs versus jail. unit. even officers are dressed differently with their uniforms and recreation on the unit we
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they were if you got pukt as we can. go back to court hoping in nick's case the judge will release them with an approved long-term treatment plan instead of sending them back to jail. >> lately i've seen a lot of friends pass away in past year. and it's ridiculous how many people are just going and i don't want to part of that statistic. i don't want my mother to be my funeral. really my biggest motivation. >> the sheriff's department plans to track participants over next several months. to insure the success of the program. the annual cost of run detox unit $1.17 million. sheriff's office is now applying for state grants to help pay for it. in the newsroom i'm cheryl fine today a can. now 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. well for most the winter the el nino has done a great job of not you arctic air to come crashing in that changes over weekend. look what happens to jet stream allows to come right into the northeast. and this is some wicked cold air.
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freeze's your nose hair. church him 24 below right now >> and piece of that arctic air breaks away and raises into ned for saturday and sunday. what is almost as amazing, as quickly as it gets into town, it's right back out by early next week. this is not a new pattern or anything like that. just can me oh. 32 in city bedford 28. couple weather systems to contend with one today few isolated snow showers that's gone. now whole new weather system with more clouds, and renewed chance of few isolated snow showers tomorrow. nothing significant. temperatures overnight 24 to 28. through day tomorrow. lot of clouds, a few peaks of sun. as well as passing snow shower. temperatures tomorrow 27 to 32. and it will be a behave similar to where away stand here in july si risk of thunderstorms the next day. some of you may got entire day tomorrow. and not see unsnowflake. again hit and miss snow showers. i'm trying to pick out a couple of areas one might be across southern new hampshire merrimac
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new hampshire sea coast. and coating to an inch. then perhaps another area south of the mass pike that you rhode island as well southeast mass. and any event for big air event out fenway you saw tim caputo's report next couple of nights good no arctic air. temperatures tomorrow evening in lower 20s. friday evening upper 20s. friday itself a little colder than tomorrow. normal high about 38. so we're below that tomorrow. and colder yet on friday with mix of clouds and sunshine mid 20s. then, arctic beast comes ripping through here during saturday morning a cold blast of air could one more round of snow showers on saturday thing about saturday is and saturday night will be the bitter cold air as well as wind. temperatures all by themselves are cold. heading down into single numbers saturday evening. and then you factor in wind it will feel anywhere between 10 and 20 below zero. morning. for date night. 7 on 7 forecast valentine's day most cloudy skies. 9 for a high.
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morning our next storm, believe it or not i think starts as a little snow on tuesday. but that looks like it will flip over to rain tuesday afternoon. temperatures heading into the lower 40s. good night. good night jr. look at this monster ride at fenway park. the historic ballpark transformed by that monster ramp. like a white monster. it is three times taller. good way of putting it there. all for at big air competition that kicks off tomorrow nights. night team's tim caputo live at fenway to show us more. tim, certainly this is no the bunny slope behind me. in fact the top of the hill is higher than all the upper deck seats here at that ballpark. this ballpark obviously hosts baseball games hockey games here football soccer as well. this is a first for them. fur agoing to do t you might as well go big. >> it looks like the colorado rockies are in town tonight. mountain range not baseball team. fenway park normally hieber
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winter wonder land for extreme skier and snow booeders getting practice in before tomorrow's big air event. i do these kind kind of events allot. probably my third one this season. what's truly insane how this man made slope dwarfs green monster. fame outfield wall 37 feet tall, top of the hill a whopping 140 feet high. 14 story tall structure even intimidating some competitors hopefully not too overwhelming i haven't hit jump yet. check out this view, now you see what fly ball feels like, these at let's reach speeds up to 40 miles an hour finish their frightening jump hopefully safely at home plate. definitely really cool to be snowboarding in a baseball stadium like not your average contest. that's for sure. when there's double diamond, on baseball diamond, grand slam takes on whole new and painful meaning. i think it's really cool to be in city as well. because not only do you get ski snowboard being people that love
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get bossy aspects and combine them into one thing. >> jr just mentioned next couple nights chilly. guz noor skier and snowboarders to make sure snow stays fresh on that hill there. maybe not so great for the fans who are coming out. but they will be plenty of people packing. . a good 20 thousand expected for the two night event that starts tomorrow night. live inside wintery fenway park, tim caputo, 7 news. i think any fan who is there lucky to be there. just to have different kinds of events. such a special place. that looks really cool. avid skier in house. love that story. beautiful. i think anybody could appreciate it. sports is next and bit of a family reunion at the td garden. joe's up next. what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying. one of these. sweet the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. so, if a rear
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the future of tough. and super duty, the rougher the going, the tougher the truck. hurry in for up to $7,050 total savings...on ford f-series... or lease f-150 for just $249 a month...just $249... at your new england ford dealers presidents' day sales event. and now, time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. celtics hit all tar break primed for play off push when they return and they are battle tested after being beating clippers in overtime just five days of a taking down lebron james. and cavs. this celtics team is dangerous. right now. paul pierce back a clipper getting roughed up during intro. jordan turned his attention to kelly. this hard foul resulted in bruised right shoulder that ended his night.
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this was a battle between the little guys. chris paul. gives jonas a fall asleep there as steps back for three of 35. nudging ahead there. but isiah thomas matched him bucket for bucket. celtics down 2. late in regulation all star gets baseline j. to fall and sends game to overtime. isaiah with 36. in ot. t show even turner in that extra session. celtics out last clipperses one 39-134 in overtime. bruins player threw out word embarrassed after last night's 9-twor beat down. black and gold allowed 57 shots. the most they've surrendered since 1965. if you're thinking they will now bring this whole debacle out with them on road for 6-game road trip, think again. >> that you play bad and you, you don't normally play like that? it's, sad you're wasting a lot of time here. i think there's some games that you can throw in garbage. and move forward and that's
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that game was only worth two points. and next game's worth same amount of points. obviously if you sit here ask dwell on it doesn't do you any good because we're going to fall behind in the standings. >> pitcher and catcher don't officially report until 18th but david price and many new red sox teammates are already on the job in fort meyers after an off season overhaul, they've got their sights set on october and beyond. because price says that's the way it should number boston. >> absolutely. that's, that's, you know just to get to the play-offs that's not enough. you know you want to set your goals high. that's, that's what this organization always does. that's good. celtics off for what's now a
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and that is our time on this wednesday agency always thanks for being with us jimmy fallon comes up next right here. i'm adam williams p.m. i'm kim khazei.
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