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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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wife, you know, it could have been worse. it could have been worse. >> reporter: the man recovering at home. he is not ready to see this guy but he wants to see him in future court hearings. first hearing is tomorrow in woburn district court. live in woburn, dan hausle, 7 news. >> kim: more breaking news about the former mayor of boston. ray flynn, he was taken to the hospital after this car accident today in south boston. witnesses are saying mayor flynn drove right no a building -- no -- no -- into a building. >> reporter: he was not seriously injured but it happened across from where he lives. down this private driveway. we're told he drove his car into the basement part of a building there under a the people living in the structure tell us they can't stay there because their landlord says it's not safe. this was the scene earlier today. crews working on repairing a large hole on the side of
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department place in budget boston. ray flynn was in a car accident. he was not hurt but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. police captain tweeted out photos earlier today of a large hole in the brick wall the home. police who live there say the landlord told them they had to stay somewhere else because the accident may have damaged the stability of the building. flynn served as mayor of boston from 1984 to 1993. he was later appointed united states ambassador to the vat dahn by president clinton. he was well liked an respected. we talked to a neighbor who says the former mayor was behind the wheel. >> i heard a loud bang then i looked out the back and i saw there was a large hole in one of the buildings. it was clear that there had been an accident. so i went outside and chicked to make sure everyone was okay. the mayor was being attended to. the most important thing is that he was uninjured. talking to people and had his wits about him. >> reporter: this incident
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right now the large hole in the basement of the building has been boarded up. the people who live there tell us they're in the allowed to stay there because it may not be safe. that is the story from south boston tonight, elizabeth norieka, 7 news. >> kim: to a weather alert. a frigid feel as an arctic front make its may in new england. hats and gloves an absolute must very soon as the temperatures continue to drop. you probably don't want any exposed skin. tonight temperatures expected to reach the coldest we've had all week and it gets colder from. there let's check in withier -- with jeremy reiner. >> reporter: we've wind out there as well. so the wind chill in boston close to 0 as we speak. worcester feels like 9 below. this is just cold front number one. the real deal is up here. this is the arctic front behind this arctic front. this is serious cold.
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moss noe at 8 below. big trout lake 7 below this. is going to charge into southern new england during the day on saturday. so your friday morning commute it's colds. we haven't had temperatures on the way for tomorrow morning since early january. but as we work into the weekend this will be itself coldest week weekend were a wind chill watch going into effected mid day saturday through mid day sunday. wind chills between 20-30 below 0. saturday afternoon, saturday night and sunday morning. here is a closer look. as we work through saturday evening which of course will be a date night for many of you the numbers head close to 0 and the wind chills saturday night and through sunday morning low and between 15-25 below. let you know how long the around. >> ryan: an employee of a homeless sheltner lawrence is off the job. police say the man hit a 4-year-old boy who was staying at the facility and the boy's mother is angry. steve coop ser live with the latest.
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report that was filed from lawrence police officers describes the disturbing details of how this 4-year-old boy was punched and then he was dragged down a hallway and tonight his frustrated mother is speaking out. >> my son's back, you can see, hand mark on him. his five fingers. >> reporter: the images are disturbing, adrian valentin who is autistic. when you saw the wept -- >> when i saw the welt on my son's back, i loft it. i started crying like i was screaming, i was shaking. >> reporter: adrian's mother told me she can barely contain her anger after police charge rafael prado of lawrence with several counts of assault and battery. >> he is a coward. he left running. you know, he left running because he kept shouting i took it too far. like i hit him. i hit him.
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say it happened inside the shelter for homeless families here where the man works. witnesses including the victim's older brother told police the boy was struck in the back and dragged down the hall. it appears cameras captured the incident. according to the police report while prado was being backed he confessed saying i know i committed a crime. but can you please give moe a break? >> let them investigate. let them find the truth. then they can take it from there. >> i need someone to get my son out of here but this is not obviously a safe place for us. >> reporter: practicedson, no longer working at the shelter. according to the shelter director, here at the police station the chief told us their investigation is ongoing into all this. suspect posted $1500 cash bail and returns to court next month.
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steve cooper, 7 news. >> kim: new details in the case against whitey bulger. the families of his victims could be close to sealing a deal with the feds but if they agree to take the money they must agree to the rest of the proposed deal. let's go to jadiann thompson who joins us with details of that offer. >> reporter: that is exactly right. the federal government is saying let's make a deal. they'll divide the money but the families take the deal if they do, they have to agree not to ask for any more. whitey bulger was convicted of 11 murders and in 2013 but the federal government is offering the deal to the families of all 19 victims. he was charged with killing plus three extortion victims as well. cash. that money once belonged to bulger. it was found inside whitey's apart. where he was caught. some of it hidden in the walls. payout would include any proceeds from an auction of bulger's other belongings.
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spoke to us about the potential deal. whitey was not convicted of killing his sister and he says he is ready for the case to be over. >> they put a close to it. you know it's like dragging us through the mud of it, you know. and it's like torturing us. it's bad enough we lost loved ones. but it's, you know, it's like us being tortured. i understand the government and paperwork and red tape and all that, you know. but for years, come on. >> reporter: if the deal goes through families would get about $37,000 each. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: coming up at 6:00 this evening people in foxboro asking for a beyonce boycott. why they're calling on patriots owner robert kraft to pull the plug on her upcoming summer concert. >> ryan: celtics staying
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a statement game thomas as
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. >> kim: beyonce may be facing the music after a controversial super bowl appearance, critics of her
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it a race baiting stunt. >> ryan: some residents in foxboro want to stop it. tim caputo is live with reaction, timm? >> reporter: initially there was a lot of excitement when buyionsy announced she would be coming back to gillette stadium to perform here this summer but after her performance on sunday night in front of the entire world at the super bowl, some are wondering if her message is somewhat inappropriate. >> reporter: normally the biggest name in music coming to town would be embraced by some are irked by beyonce's new song and her super bowl halftime performance. on sunday bay and her backup dancer -- beyonce and her husband are big supporters of the like lives matter movement and some believe
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there are a hand full on-line wishing she cancels her june 3 show. one woman called her a disgrace but just as many came to the pop star's defense: it's extremely unlikely she will cancel her world tour. >> some people were call on robert kraft to not allow here to perform here. kraft who was seen dancing wildly at beyonce's last performance has not responded to any of those complaints. live tonight in foxboro, timmtip, 7 news -- tim caputo, 7 news. >> kim: pressing right now dangerously cold. >> reporter: we're tracking record cold for sunday morning. numbers coming up next. >> doc rivers telling us that the celtics are not scared of anybody. they don't have any stars. they aren't elite but they're looking like a
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the second half of the season. 7 sports right after this
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>> ryan: mayor walsh is launching a new program to help keep the city clean. the cigarette boxes will be put in locations and the encourage smokers not to
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as for the polls the mayor has a few ideas. >> maybe some of it will be yankees red sox and see who throws more butts in what thing. [laughter] yankee one will be filled right away i'll tell you that but looking at different ways of trying to promote cleanliness in our streets. this is a lot of people call me and say somebody throws a bug in -- butt in the crevice, another policy to keep the streets clean. >> ryan: people can submit questions for the boxes through twitter. interesting. >> kim: he is trying to do something there. i don't think anybody is this weekend. this is the weekend if you have any older neighbors, on them. >> reporter: pets, too. >> how do they go out? >> reporter: we have a cold front moving through right now. teens boston at 19. norwood 18.
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threes are the latest wind gusts with the first cold front. wind gusting over 30. so that is driving wind down near 0. feels like 9 below in worcester. right now fitchburg 2 below. boston feels like 2. this helps to set the stage for what is to come. even colder weather. for tonight clearing cold. single numbers to the lower teens for your morning commute. it's been a while since we've had numbers this cold for morning commute. you have to go back to january 5th before you find a morning that was cold like this. again back on the 5th boston had a low of 8. 11 tomorrow morning, worcester on the 5th, a low of 3. i think tomorrow morning around 5. tomorrow is a cold day. but if you are out and about you can get through tomorrow. you can fend off the cold tomorrow. with a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures between 24-28. again that is just arctic front number one. but this is the main event up here. this is the leading edge of really wicked cold air.
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big trout lake at 18 below. a piece of that bitterly cold air breaks away from the mother load and comes down into new england for a couple of days. a cold blast of us coming at us saturday. saturday night and sunday. so much there is a wind chill watch in effect for saturday right through mid day sunday with wind chills between 20-30 below. this is serious cold. here you go 7pm on saturday. advertising wind chills anywhere between 20-25 below. boston wind chill about 23 below. worcester 26 below. then the numbers go lower. i think around mid night saturday night, sunday morning the wind chill a little quicker than i was hoping about 30 below. then on sunday morning wind chills between 20-25 pro- this is the wind chill. the air temperature even if you took wind out of the equation would be cold. boston forecasting 3 below. that will tie a record back to 1934. worcester, your record is 11 below. you get close. that record, this
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8 below 0679 last winter we went below 3 three times in boston. before that only twice since 2005. had when you can drive the temperature in boston down below 0 that is an impressively cold air mass but monday near 30. tuesday our next storm rain near 50. see you at 11:00. >> isaiah, turner, turner to the basket. takes it. boston has the lead and a chance to make it 3. >> devon is very fond of the big moment. >> i know a lot of people fade in the moments but i always took great pride in trying to perform. most importantly getting the win. >> thanks to seven straight
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all jar break on a high note. but it was thomas leading the way for the upand coming celtics. thomas matching paul shot for shot scoring a team high 36 points to go along with 11 assists. why he will be making his first all-star appearance in toronto. thomas admits there is always extra motivation when it comes to facing the logue's eit -- league's elite. >> he is one of the best guards in the world. you want to play against the best players in the world. as a competitor, you are, you should want that. i'm all for challenges and i'm all for going against anybody. >> he is great. he makes big shots. he is tough to guard. i've never seen a little guy that makes his, is -- you know, most little guys have been 3 point shooters which he is. a few you see one that gets in paint and the makes shots.
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r.celtics getting good news tate. mri revealed only a shoulder bruce for kelly olinic, he suffered the injury in last night's first half when jordan came down hard on his right shoulder. >> crucial road trip for us and everyone in here knows that. so it's a focused group. moving forward, it, see determination coming on for sure. >> embarking on a season long six game trip, given their success away from the garden the b.'s may be hitting the road at just the right time beginning with tonight's game in winnipeg. only the capitals have a bruins. the about. 's a different team away from home and much better on bolt sides of the -- both sides of the buck. the coach remains mindful of
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>> we're whe we want to be, in the play-off spot. the issue is not where we are, more where do we want to stay? this is why these tips trips become important. >> when you get on the around we're feeling confident and good about ourselves we're playing good hockey this. is a huge road trip. we have to be prepared to pray good hockey -- play good hockey. >> red sox season will get under way a week from day. new comer david price can't wait to begin the next chapter of his chapter in boston especially because of the defense that will be behindim. h >> i've been on some very good defensive teams throughout my career. whenever you have defenders that are going to go get the baseball and make the good plays, it lets that pitcher be a little bit more confident on the mound. throw strikes. >> subban will be out a
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under going successful surgery to repair a fractured larynx, i'm alex corddry. that is 7 sports. >> ryan: thanks, alex. >> kim: news at 6:00 will
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>> we have a lot to tell you about tonight. we're going to hear dramatic communications that led up to the surrender of the final hold outs from the weeks long protest in oregon. the battle for the black vote is heating up in south carolina with bernie sanders civil rights record coming under fire from a pretty powerful voice. the nightmare cruise is over but the anger and questions have risen over why the ship ended up in troubled waters. we hope to see you back here for nbc news. >> kim: hope you are staying warm. we'll follow that forecast for you and have more tonight at 11:00, thank you for joining us here at 6:00. i'm kim khazei. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis. have a good night and stay warm.
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tonight, dramatic surrender after a 40-day siege, anti-government protesters in custody. it's getting perm. clinton and sanders battle for the black vote as the civil rights icon slams sanders. and a republican brawl takes shape in the south. the polar vortex, tens of millions bracing for the coldest air of the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous freeze. u.s. olympic officials take action to calm fears over zika after a big star says she's not sure she'd go. and cruise nightmare. passengers who thought


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