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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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able to get away with it and that held b gustav son. he's been strong. the kneeling block just high with that stuff. and headed back out by pastrnak and escapes with that, getting a of play. five minutes to go, third period of play. riley sheahan with some hard work, dazzling, but a good save. without our mountains? without the things that stand in our way. that make us better. at coors, our mountain is brewing the world's most refreshing beer. lagered, filtered and packaged cold. our mountains make us who we are. your mountains make you who you are. whatever your mountain,
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>> 38 multi-goal games and no threes in there. still maybe, he's a great defensive player and if the net is empty near the end of the game he might be out there. the bruins will try to make that not even happen by cashing in on one perhaps here and can one win the draw from him? and he prevails back along further and up it comes to cat tatar and pastrnak and he shuttled it along. jam backed further by dekeyser
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further and send it up back to the point and that one ricocheted off a fallen player and it is miller able to get by one and one that reach art was able to go and kept alive and floated to the front and it would not go through to them and larkin back down to tatar and drifted back to richard and backhands one and a nice save and rebound and that one is knocked high by kevan miller and krug is up with this 4:10 to go in the third period. turning back is marchand and hands it back further now to the control of kevan miller. this shot is carefully held by mrazek and again, play is stopped with 3:54 separating these two teams from the finale of the game or the extension of it. >> you talked about it, the backhand chance for brad
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and the backhand for gustav son for the right pass save. he stood up beautifully, i think, with the skill of tatar and opened up tatar and the creative genius of brad richards. >> olympics in '06 in torino and the cup in '04, tampa bay and in chicago. >> pierre: he was all world in that stanley cup final. >> eddie: offside is called. speaking of all world, pavel datsyuk and let's watch the video montage of his play and the spinning play on krejci and the front of the net and quick against chara and this one, a masterpiece. >> eddie: so it is trotman who had one of the first three goals of a busy afternoon.
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was fed up the wing and here is helm with it and helm around behind and helm circling with it now and back out by gustav son and brought right back ahead again by marchand. marchand wanting to get by and the two go to the boards and cancel. five players in and marchand gave it up and the lay made by mrazek. >> that's an egregious turnover that's in the corner and not happy with himself and an opportunity for the bruins right here and soft on the puck and couldn't get any wood on it and man, oh, man, lucky for detroit, they couldn't get a stick on that play and the defensive player doesn't make a lot of
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you see it. pulkkinen. that, too. around in front and whittled away from pastrnak and seidenberg and that one ricocheted wide. looks like hayes. a nice anticipation there by the veteran leading a 3 three on two rush and that was getting in the way of it with gustav son and it was played back along for hayes. hayes brought it ahead and off the gloved hands of dekeyser and hayes and dekeyser goes in and quincy and settling it down is seidenberg again and seidenberg with one already and saw that pass directed and it can be with seidenberg and it can be taken on by pavel, and fed back and abdelkader and abdelkader and the shot was ripped wide.
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smith played it up the board and 2:10 to go and already at the hash mark and gustav son as they were going to pull him off. so now krug and here comes gustavsson to the bench with the extra man. the extra man is chara and sometimes he goes to the front of the net and this time he goes behind the net and play is stopped. >> a tremendous opportunity for the detroit red wings off the rush and he started with a good shot block against seidenberg zetterberg. >> smith over to abdelkader rockets that high and wide. the only thing that was
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>> eddie: mrazek peering out. eriksson and krejci to take the draw, marchand, chara and krug. as it is around behind and meanwhile, the empty nest and helm couldn't get him to approve and marchand on the attack and they fan them out and play it across to krejci. a hundred seconds to go as of now expect mrazek able to knock it down and kicked on back by dekeyser and punched further and set on by quincey. chocked on out to center and gliding back to take it now is ericsson. >> and that was out in the blue line. good eye, eddie. >> around it goes now and m radek and still the battle on to and they can be played back along and down and wide and so
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go and the face-off for the bruins. >> that's coming over and i just talk talked to francis. >> he's trying to get some attention and the referee doesn't want mihm to go to the bench. he's staying out and he's hurt. they have players on the ice right now. he's hurt. that's what he was telling the official. with the way that he's played this afternoon the bruins don't mind that straight off there. talking to pete van zandt in the runway. >> the drive and that was high and taken by abdelkader and lifted along with colin miller couldn't get there and out by zetterberg and it's abdelkader and trotman able to wedge it along.
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lose abdelkader now with 47 seconds to go, and connolly sent it back across and gliding ahead with it now and hoisting it back in is spooner and goes into the, and kept alive by colin miller and rolled along and settled down by hayes and hayes able to play at close quarters and sent on back to the point and colin miller and the shot one and ricocheted around behind in the last 25. punched back ahead against spooner and he's got hayes' position there and got it on to the back and collen miller right and the that one is ahead right and crashing in was abdelkader and front center and still time and they have to hurry and to the last nine seconds and colin miller ahead and the left run, and run by mrazek and mrazek and the red wings have won it!
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points number 66 and 67. the red wings are now three behind florida for first. and they move on to brooklyn to play the islanders. >> a multiple-point day, they salute the fans and on his 24th birthday petr mrazek had a different day than he probably the win anyway. thanks for watching the nhl on nbc. once again, our final score, red wings, 6, boston, 5 for eddie, and our entire crew, saying so long from detroit. coming up next except on the west coast it's your local news and at 7:00, 6:00 central it's "dateline" followed by snl and
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onfallon, the valentine's day special. thanks so much for watching from
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>> 7news at 6 starts now. police rescue ing passengers from a stuck tram from a ski resort. >> yeah, the whole thing happening at cannon mountain resort, and one person lowered to the ground there, obviously freezing cold temperatures now and rescue crews rushing to get those people down safely. people investigating why the
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>> and we are following breaking news with two serious house fires. right now crews on this site and one fire reported on rainbow lane. >> chilling new england boston dealing with arctic rush, and take a look at this, sea smoke off the waters of east boston. temperatures expected to take a dangerous drop tonight. >> but get ready with the bounce back and cold weather not here to stay. >> multiple records set with
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to -9 in boston and -17 in worcester. and the wind is dying down and many temperatures will drop below zero, the winds are lighter and don't have to worry about the dangerous wind chills like last night. and with the winter weather advisory until tuesday, with the potential of snow, sleet and ice accumulation accumulation. what i am thinking a coating of to an inch, and onset of 1-2 inches in the central part and 3-4 inches in the northwestern part of the state. and then turning into rain. >> today's bitter blast causing trouble on the tarmac, flights grounded because of those
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airport said that frozen equipment was to blame and crews not happy. >> earlier flight boards here at logan were lit with delays and still the case because of this extremely cold weather. >> well, it's valentine's day and i am at the airport with my husband at home. >> denise adams is one of the many people delayed trying to fly out of boston on this bitterly cold sunday. >> headed to d.c. on a business trip and supposed to be on the 7:06. >> all because of this. >> cold weather. >> anticipating problems earlier in the day, especially with jet fuel on the ground, and jetblue told 7news saying that they are precaution.
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>> michele said that she was to take off at 2 in the afternoon and pushed back to 6. >> our car started fine this morning but not the plane. taking off. >> i will have a drink or two, frustrated but you make the best of a bad situation. >> it's still a good idea to check with the airlines on the plane status. >> john, thank you, and the arctic blast causing problems on the tracks, red and orange lines needing rail repairs. sending out these pictures of workers fixing the rails in sub-temperatures. and look closely, orange line
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rail. on the blue line. >> new details in the waco supreme court justice of justice scalia's death. the owner of the ranch said that scalia looked peaceful. his body was taken to a funeral in el paso today, and his family back in virginia making funeral arrangements. flags are flown at half mast, with justices remembering scalia's devotion to the law. and candidates are weighing in on what to do next after the death of scalia, and president obama promised to make a change in due time and republican
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>> hours after justice scalia's death, president obama made it clear. >> i plan to fulfill my duties to name a successor. >> the president can nominate who he wants but the senate will play a part. >> we shall see unlimited abortion in this land without parental notification. >> justice scalia's influence on the supreme court. >> saying to act responsibly and act responsibly. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january 20, 2017. that is a fact my friends,
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or not. >> apparently they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee to replace justice scalia. >> democrats are worried that the high court could be paralyzed with eight members. >> also on 7 tonight police are searching for a man, zachary harr, 22 year-old from dartmouth mass, if you have information give police a call. >> part of the building that collapsed at arlington theater. look at the debris on the ground, two-foot section of the building fell to the sidewalk, no word what caused it, no one hurt. >> firefighters battled a blaze over night.
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cause of that fire under investigation. >> fire crews rush to a house fire in salisbury today, the mobile home was destroyed. officials say that it was vacant. fire was under investigation but authorities say it may be an issue with a hot water heater. >> a special day of recoveries of rinks across the state, to raise money for the hockey player's recovery. suffering a severe spinal cord injury at the women's classic in december. >> more news today a mississippi police officer shot trying to stop a convenience store robbery robbery. the officer noticed something suspicious and someone shot the officer in the head, and he was left in the street where
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>> i am scared and terrified, can hardly breathe. >> a stunt on a local lake turned into a deadly drive in michigan. the car crashing through the ice, one person killed and another one injured. happened after a winterfestival last night. >> a luxury cruise ship is going back to sea to return to port. repaired after cosmetic damage last week, and ready to set sail. passengers hopped aboard before the ship left a new jersey port saturday afternoon. >> a ski trip takes a terrifying turn, the bus burst into flames minutes after the students got off.
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>> a scare in washington state when their ski bus burst there flames, happened minutes after the students got off the bus. >> students weren't going to let that fire ruin a day of skiing. the staff was ready but on this morning things took a terrifying turn. a bus carrying a group of high
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way to a ski day before a mechanical malfunction caused the flames, luckily everyone onboard escaped harm and didn't way around for long. >> went minutes they were in the lodge and went from there. >> the kids even went skiing and the mountain offered free lunch and gear for those that lost stuff in the flames. >> they were excited to be here on the mountain and anything to accommodate them. >> not the normal day that the kids hoped for. >> all in all worked out all right. >> no word on what caused the fire. >> we were setting records like it was our job for the last
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