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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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revealing itself though down rough connectit as well as metro new york city. and this will be the brunt of our wintery precipitation. once this overspreads metro boston over the next one to two hours then as we approach midnight tonight, that's when we'll see the snow go over to sleet and then freezing rain but you notice as we're showing you this time line it's never really heavy precipitation. it's just light and patchy overnight tonight and through tomorrow morning. also slowly warming late tonight and tomorrow morning. i do think though that the cold air is going to linger in the worcester hills as well as the 4 495 wore door before the changeover to sleet and freezing rain which again is by midnight. this is the amount of snow on the ground. coating to an inch or less boston south shore, one to two inches of snow outside of 128. 495 route 2 corridor, southern new hampshire plan on three inches of snow before the changeover and there will be left over patchy, freezing drizzle tomorrow morning on top of one to three inch of snow we get.
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hours tomorrow morning in the worcester hills route 2 corridor southern new hampshire, fair conditions metro boston but eventually we see warm air take overthrew the day tomorrow with rain in here tomorrow evening and a warm rain at that with temperatures tomorrow evening heading for the in middle 50's. wheel talk more about that in a few minutes . >> anchor: be sure to stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the winter weather for updates any time you can download the 7 news mobile and tablet aps or check on-line at . >> anchor: fire and ice in some parts of massachusetts. over the weekend seesaw several i'ming fires like this one in worcester just one of three that broke out in that city alone . >> anchor: in weymouth crews battled three house fires and frigid temperatures. nicole oliverio has the details. fire guts a triple-decker. ice fin the job destroying the worcester home. the freezing cold temperatures caused problems for crews trying to put out the fire . our ladder pipes weren't working.
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the apparatus didn't work so it was a challenge all the way around . >> anchor: this was worcester's third fire in a span of several hours which created problems with the department's equipment. most of the crew that's were working tat at this tire had been to the previous fire and hadn't had a chance yet to >> anchor: worcester not the only community to battle multiple house fires overnight. in weymouth crews responded to three fires in just two hours. the fire chief says two are caused by people trying to warm their types, the third fire remains under investigation. again, the weather making things more difficult. cold weather operations, long delays, you know, the frozen, we did well with that tonight . >> anchor: in worcester fortunate low no one was hurt. only one person was inside a first floor apartment and he made it out safely. but it was a busy night for fire fighters. it's been a long time since we had so many multiples in one night . >> anchor: the cause of this fire remains under investigation but fire fighters say it's too dangerous to go inside so the building is going to have to be torn down.
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news. >> anchor: a deadly fire in fall river as flames rip through a three story home there last night. the fire broke out at this house on eastern avenue. fire officials discovered the victim's body on the third floor floor. fire fighters say the bit el cold made it harder to flight flames. one fire fighters was hurt when he slipped and fell on the ice. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. new bedford looking to reunite people with stolen belongings. police there recently recovered these items. you can see watches, julie and other valuables if you recognize any of these stole stolen items call new bedford police. wareham police searching to a suspect. the rob are hit the 7-11 friday morning threatening a store clerk with a knife. the suspect ran away with cash and the clerk was not hurt. police ask anyone with information to give them a call . >> anchor: a man is under arrest after a hit and run in auburn and police say he is a repeat offender. redors say she slammed into another car yesterday on route 20 then drove off. decemberives say the 41-year-old was drunk.
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worcester man has been arrested for driving under the in ininfluence and his license has been us ponded for 15 years. he is being held on $5,000 bail and will be arraigned in court come tomorrow. >> anchor: caught on camera skiers being lowered down from the stranded tram. the ski resort in new hampshire says a mechanical issue caused that problem. the weather at the time below zero. one of those passengers was an 8 8-month-old baby. sara french has that story. >> anchor: a day on the slopes at cannon mountain ski resort in new hampshire turns into a harrowing rescue when two tram cars suddenly stop leaving dozens stranded 40 feet in the air for almost three hours in subzero temperatures. after what passengers described as a severe jolt, one tram came to a rest near the top of the 4 4,000 foot summit. the other near the base of the mountain. among the 48 people trapped, an 8-month-old baby. with mercury around a frigid negative 4 degrees, blankets
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help guests stay warm until help arrived. then one by one, ski patrol and fire fighters repelled each person down through a trap door from the trams. thankfully, no one was injured frostbite. cannon mountain officials say a mechanical issue, not the cold, caused the brakes to somehow engage and get stuck making for an unexpected downhill situation for those on board. the tram way has not yet reopened. crews are still working to resolve the issue as for the stranded guest, cannon mountain offered them all vouchers to come back another day. in the newsroom, sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: series of coast guard hearings will be serving for answers about why el faro sank near the bahamas. the ship went down during a hurricane in october killing all 33 crew medical on board. the hearing starts tomorrow and will focus on question weather misconduct, negligence oh flawed safety inspections may have led to the ship's sinking.
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from massachusetts. winthrop native keith griffin, jersey or jeffrey that is mathia mathias and march yet wright whose family lives in brockton . >> anchor: brazil's president said the country is moving forward with preparations for the littlics despite the sihka virus scare. before the start of the games the country will be successful trying mosquitoes that can carry the virus. saturday was a national mobil mobilization day with military and hundreds of thousands of health personnel working to fight the insects. experts say the virus is sweeping through parts of latin america and several potential oh civilians have voiced their concerns. sihka is mostly harmless for adults but it's been linked to a serious birth defect in newborns. >> anchor: well, pilots are speaking out about the dangers of laser attacks on planes after another incident yesterday. a new york bound virgin airways lit was forced to turn back to london's heathrow airport. a laser was beamed into the cockpit temporarily blinding the co-pilot. a spokesman for the british
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emphasized the dangers of the attacks . what potentially the biggest fear from these er attacks is it's going to happen right at the critical moment on landing both pilots could be blind and that aircraft could end up off the runway with injuries not only to the crew but the passengers and obviously that would be a very serious incident. >> anchor: the captain says the only solution is to make carrying a laser illegal . >> anchor: a man in oregon lucky to be alive after he is pulled head first into a wood chipper. police say his harness got stuck in tree limbs being fed into the chipper then he got mulled into the machine but his leg tripped the safety bar at the last moment shutting off the blades just inches from his ed head. he suffered a broken leg and head injury but is expected to be okay . >> anchor: checking news across the country, fire raging in a home in brooklyn, new york last night. more than 140 fire fighters battled these flames. you can see totally engulfing the fire.
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the cause is still under investigation. >> anchor: police in california are serving for the person or people responsible for attacking two pedestrians with blow darts. the two victims were struck last friday. police say both blow darts are about four inches long. they say it happened on san francisco's golden gate bridge. vet or are working to figure out whether any video of that crime exists . >> anchor: a dramatic cliff rescue along the california coast on sunday. lifeguards used a crane to save a man swept off a reef. you can see the 19-year-old stuck in the cove after a wave swept him off the reef. lifeguards swam through some really rough waves to get to that victim. he said the whole thing was pretty terrifying. oh god. i thought i would drown. there was a point like where i was hanging on the rock over there and i thought i was going to down. very scary experience. >> anchor: for the if thely he only suffered minor injuries but a very busy weekend for lifeguards there on saturday. alone they responded to more than 12 rescues . >> anchor: a massive earthquake bling new zealand's coast on
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amateur video captured a cliff collapsing into the sea below after a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck in the south island of of dust spreading a cross the sea. police say there are no serious injuries or damage. next week marks five years since the deadly quake that killed almost 200 people there. >> anchor: a lawmakers in kentucky filed a little blue pill that could make viagra, has filed a bill that is that could make viagra harder to get. the viagra bill says that men cannot receive a trip for the mail enhancement drugs unless they submit i written letter letter from their wives to visit a doctor two times and swear on married. the lawmakers says it is a response to a bull that requires women to consult a doctor before getting an abortion. she admits the bill has no chance of passing. >> anchor: ahead on 7 caught on camera, crooks use a sledgehammer to break into a store and some think this could . >> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news at this hour.
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contain flames as a home burns there for hours earlier crews on top of the home trying to put these flames out. >> anchor: some call it a miracle pill. helping heroin addicts stay drug free. so in the middle of an open void epidemic why isn't it being prescribed more? sheryl fiandacca uncovers the sobering facts since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood
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that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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>> anchor: series of smash and grab burglaries. several stores in south that what been targeted by crooks. the masked men have been seen ran saabing shelves and stealing cell phones. the stores left trashed and a matter of minutes there is police are now trying to if these burglaries are all tied together. alex d.e.a. rmis has detail . they took the register, they took everything that they could . >> reporter: crooks inside this store caught stealing everything in sight and leaving behind a big mess . they break a lot of stuff. window cases, the door. most of the phones are missing . >> reporter: the early morning heist happening saturday at 9:27 west 29th street. it's insane of we have
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but even with that, they came in the any el of the night, like nobody seeps to hear nothing . it wasn't just that store. crooks striking again, cameras capturing as they use a sledgehammer to smash the front door. this time, stealing nothing. not too far away, that same day another store hits, this one on west 35th street. you can see as the crooks even turn on the lights to get a better look at what they can get their hands on . nearby business owners say it's heartbreaking to see this happen next door to his pizza shop . he is hoping these bad guys get caught soon before they strike again. 7 news. >> anchor: up next a valuen dine's treat for military families. how a local salon said thank you you. >> anchor: light snow on the way for this evening and then by tomorrow night, rain with temperatures in the 50's. the forecast is up next . >> anchor: frozen over
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neighborhood worried about a messy thaw . >> anchor: as the temperature rise it's causing pipe problems across the state of many homes and businesses now flooded. how you can prevent this from
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>> anchor: we understand that a garbage truck has fallen off i 59 right there. there. you can see it landing right on the street smashed to pieces right there as we zoom into the scene here look like it almost hit ray truck nearby but it did fly off i 59 in miami a garbage truck . like you can see it tell down to the road below really destroying most of that vehicle and we are hearing now that one person has been transported to a local hospital there in miami, ryan. we don't know if that's someone who maybe was struck by that vehicle or possibly the driver inside of that but at least one person injured. you can see it that shot just how far that fall was coming off of that bridge over there .
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you can see the fire department there on the scene as that truck just smashed right into the ground a very heavy vehicle that smashed into there and were you saying one person taken to the hospital at this point. we understand from authorities dunn there but quite a scene there you can imagine this is monday. it's a rough time for drivers crying to get around that area but just the mess left behind is pictures. >> anchor: all of this happening in miami so these pictures coming to us, this happening on i-95 there in miami miami. it's near little havana. if you have any familiarity with that area happening just a short time ago. so we'll continue to follow that for you as we get updates from that scene. >> anchor: boston at 22 right now, beverly 21. worcester at 125. we've got some patches of light snow around the city down through the south shore and then that picks up again as you work down through connecticut. and this will be our storm that we deal with as we step through
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right here as you look close the aprotecting no. this is a narrow window of opportunity if you will to pick up accumulating snow. this is not going to be a big amazing considering the fact that we had the arctic air and the record cold and weekend but if there is nothing to lock down that arctic air then the storm just comes along and flicks the cold air out of the way. now this moving process is going to result in a mess for a few hours. so we have the snow coming at us mid evening. there is the rain snow line again nothing to slow it down as it moves through the merrimac valley. the only concern will be from midnight to 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures near the ground of very cold. even the ground itself will be cold so dislodging that cold arctic air off the surface of the earth, that's a slower process than at 5,000 feet. that's why we see the snow easily go over to sleet then sleet to freezing rain but going from freezing rain to rain the last step in this winter hodgepodge of weather that takes the longest especially away from
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about traveling later on tonight and very early tomorrow morning there is likely to be slick travel because of the snow and then the patchy light, freezing rain and drizzle. at 7:00 tomorrow morning there is not much falling out of the sky. again, this storm comes at news two pieces and i think the first piece shuts down by 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow morning. when the snow changes to sleet around midnight most folks will have picked this up between one and two inches of snow closer to the coastline, cape ann, south shore cape cod coating to an inch and this will be the area where we have the left over poor travel early tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. not because of any more snow or freezing rain or sleet but just because of what's happening this evening and overnight tonight. and then for several hours tomorrow it's much to do about nothing. clouds and some scattered showers with warming temperatures. temperatures will surge through the 30's and 40's tomorrow morning reach to 50's tomorrow evening and then this band of heavy rain will come through tomorrow evening at this time. winds will be out of the south and quite feisty. there is a high wind watch in effect city of boston, cape ann, south shore, cape cod.
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and southeast between 40 and 45 miles per hour tomorrow evening. so that's part two of the storm. the rain, warm temperatures and wind then it's all gone as we work into wednesday and there is no arctic air to sweep back in behind the storm system. so if you don't get a chance to shovel away slushy snow overnight tonight don't worry, it won't freeze uptight or anything like that. thursday sees our first day where we're talking about seasonal weather for a change. there you go tomorrow. again an isolated shower for muff of the day then late day rain with temperatures tomorrow very late in the day between 5 and 58. it won't be 5 p-3-tomorrow morning of still cold and raw tomorrow morning even in boston. but by tomorrow evening's commute the temperatures will be in the 50's. considering where we were on sunday morning what a turn around. wednesday and thursday mix of clouds and sunshine. wednesday middle 40's. thursday seasonal near 40. see new few minutes. >> anchor: the 40's but i'm looking at a group of veterans and families having a dream come true. a surprise makeover complete with a little star-studded treatment where a boston salon
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love for valentine's day weekend. >> anchor: it's making for a one of a kind spa day. elizabeth noreika has more. >> anchor: unique salon in west roxbury showing the love to dozens of military families this valentine's day. the beauty parlor getting people dolled up for a good cause . i got my haircut, colored, and they were working on my makeup . >> reporter: the salon offer offering free makovers to massachusetts families with relatives serving overseas and relatives killed in the line of duty. finding a way to put a smile on their faces in troubling times. it is fantastic. they are walking in, they are smiling and it makes us smile. it makes us happy . >> reporter: kim's son is in the marine corp and serving a tour in afghanistan. she says she is sad that he is not home but the day of beauty is helping her get through it . i think everybody should look at it from big picture, you know? we've got children going over overseas and it's not easy and i have a very good support group .
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to feel beautiful but also a day for military families to help support one another . i want to just kind of give them a nice day to be happy again because i know their heart wears deep . the salon making this valentine's day an unforgettable day . i met so many wonderful women i think they will be a part of my life going forward . this is incredible. on valentine's day what more could you want. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 6:00 the long thaw. frozen pipes starting to burst and that's just the start of it. cities and towns dealing with . >> anchor: overcome by ice a neighborhood in revere hit hard by the bitter blast. how a frozen flood is creating . >> anchor: a raging inferno. fire fighters in dedham taking on the fierce flames. coming up on the other side of the break. hello where we will report on a volatile in the day for the race for president. the battle over who pick the
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front and center. george bush entered up the campaign fray and donald trump is waiting to pounce and boy did he. another new study raises troubl troubling questions about heartburn medications. can they raise your risk of having imden that? we hope to have you back here for all of those stories and
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>> anchor: kanye west is fresh off a album release . >> anchor: west tweet heed is $ $53 million in personal debt. his album is available on the music streaming site tidal. he also asked facebook founder mark zucker berg to invest $1 billion to support the greatest artist of all-time. interesting. >> anchor: you know, they say you spend what you have. i guess it just goes up. there. there are, everyone. another 30 minutes ahead of 7 news . >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: get ready for a messy storm time lineup next . >> anchor: water pouring from pipes. a problem in homes and businesses all across the state. fire tears threw a home in dedham. crews tackle it from the roof. a revere neighborhood encased in ice . there is nowhere for the water to go . >> reporter: why neighbors say their trouble is only beginning of the last seen in the colon saturday night.
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for a missing man. right now at 6:00, we begin with winter weather. a triple threat with its sites set on massachusetts. snow, ice and rain all moving in and it's going to be a mess for the next 24 hours . >> anchor: take a live look outside. right now parts of the state under a winter weather advisory. all part of a powerful storm system moving right up the coast. >> anchor: there is a silver lining of the storm is bringing in some warmer air with it. so what can we expect as it evening? jeremy reiner standing by tying >> anchor: this is where we effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning. briefly snow then it goes over to sleet and freezing rain by midnight tonight then it ends as some just plain old rain early tomorrow monk before some heavy rain tomorrow evening and a warm rain at that. long way to go before we talk about warm rain. temperatures teens and 20's still cold the city at 226789
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we have seen patches of light snow in and around the metro for the last several hours and there is a steadier burst of snow now coming out of metro new york city. this will be our one shot of the accumulating snow. is this right here which is now new york city. because you notice the rain snow line that also advances north fairly quick so that by midnight it's already up into the merrimac valley. then getting rid of the cold air near the ground again cold air up in the clouds you can easily move out but the cold air near the ground kind of sticks and clings and that will be issue to see sleet and freeing rain overnight which will then wind dunn as drizzle and freezing drizzle toll morning and that's part one the storm. part two will be tomorrow afternoon but at that time the temperatures are in the 50's and it's just focusing on rain and some wind as well. so when that snow colin hanks over to sleet and freezing rain around midnight most towns two inches of snow western suburbs, city of boston coating to an inch then we'll have patchy, freezing drizzle overnight


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