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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> announcer:ews at 5:30 starts now. >> jadiann: we continue to follow breaking news for you this evening. thousands of commuters facing serious delays because of a track switcher issue that started at south station. the problem began during the morning rush-hour and it just keeps on going. >> adam: it's backed up badly there. the continuing ride home tonight is a real night mire, -- nightmare. ing about is live with the --ing about brandon is live. the problem. hundreds of people are packed into her like sardines at back bay station because of the electronic switches that broke this morning at south station. workers had to start operating the switches manually and that led to a backup. i believe south station the only trains running are going to providence or stouton so the back bay station is one of the stations where the other
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so you can see it's a mess. it's hard for people to even board the trains or get off the train because so many people are here waiting to board their train. going on. hour. it's a mess and also amtrak just told mass department of transportation that the problem with the switches is not going to be fixed for this evening's commute and may not even be fixed for tomorrow's commute. so you need to check mbta's website as well as their twitter. check our website at to see the latest because again, i mean this is an absolute mess. live in signed back bay station, brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> jadiann: it is a packed house in there right now. track trouble proving to be a challenge for engineers to fix. >> adam: doing it by hand. they have a been out there since this morning so let's get to dan hausle continuing our coverage. he is live at boston's south station. dan?
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commuters heir but some of the commuters are facing the same problems. only stoughton and providence line that is leaving here. look at this. you can see some of the passengers who have' run up to the cars. the cars are so full you've got passengers, no room for some of the people who want to get on the train. show you the problem. show you some of the workers working out on the switching system out there. apparently something crashed in what is called tower one. a low slung building that handles the switching system here. that caused a short for the switching system which handles not only amtrak but also the commuter rail. now you have workers doing two things. one, trying to fix that system having no success so far into this evening then you have another group of workers who are manually switching the trains. but they can only handle a fraction of what they usually handle electronically when they're doing it manually so you have those guys on the train watching some of the trains go by them switching some of the tracks to allow the trains to leave.
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just a few trains like this one going out and these trains being packed with anxious customers who have heard about you will a the commuter rail problems and are anxious to get their ride home. dan hausle, 7 news. >> jadiann: a long night for a lot of people. more on including the schedule changes for that commute. if you need that or your friends need that pass it along. we have video from sky 7 of the repair work that is underway and reaction from commuters as they struggle through to get home. all of it on >> adam: also on 7 a former football coach facing troubles charges. this winchendon man accused of having child pornography. the graphic images were found on his computer. authorities say the man had been a coach for a youth football league. >> jadiann: jonathan hall has more details for us. >> reporter: the former pop warner football coach faces one count tonight of pornography.
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prison time but he has no criminal record and enjoyed a good reputation in town but not anymore. in winchendon a pop warner coach in trouble. people who know him stunned. >> 100%, everybody i talked, to my dad, nobody would have guessed it. >> reporter: 52-year-old cash bail. a judge ordering him to stay away from kids under 16. the windows at his house covered to keep the world away. burak was home with his wife and grown daughter when local, state and federal police raided it armed with a search warrant. the document shows police found pictures of little boys and little girls on his laptop and smart phone containing "numerous digital image and video files depicting very young, prepublices scent children and toddlers either being sexually abused or posed nude in a lascivious manner. >> they shouldn't be around children.
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investigation began last fall when a homeland security agent allegedly discovered burak used a kick messager app to post nude pictures of infants. his girl sat in the back seat as he thought about all the cheer leaders away from the field. >> parents give them a lot of trust with their kids. they are over the houses watching game, they get a little older doing stuff like that. just neff know when something like that is going to happen. >> reporter: tonight there is no indication from police that burak has assaulted anybody but the investigation is continuing and the judge has told him while he is out, pending trial he must stay off the internet. live in winchendon, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> adam: 7 news following the investigation into a deadly fire at a home in plymouth last night. a 64-year-old man died when
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3-story home. firefighters aive rooked knowing someone may have been inside, but any chance at a rescue came too late. the house was engulfed in flames when crews got there. >> we're unsure for a long time who was in it and if somebody was in it and then when we fund out that there was somebody in it it was very upsetting and very, you know we feel very bad for the family. >> reporter: according to the state fire marshal's office this is the state's 8th death in a fire in less than a month. >> jadiann: water worries in haverhill. a bad break causing water to rush no a school library damaging books and computers. it's because of the a burst pipe. workers are using the february break to get things cleaned up for students before they return. susan tran has more on the work left to complete. >> reporter: it sounded lick a shower that someone turned on in the middle of a haverhill school library. >> books, computers, everything got covered with the materials from the ceiling and the water.
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>> this is the office area. superintendent scully took us on a tour of the extensive damage at the cons deepo school. go. >> there is materials, fire proofing materials on the beams between the floors. some of that material has asbestos in it. >> reporter: an asbestos remove team called in. as swells as well as -- as well as the high school but damage. the water rained down into the line rae, the hallways and the offices. >> if you had a bad behavior record you are probably absolved of your crimes. if the record has been so >> reporter: hundreds of books, dozens of commuters gone. good news school was out for winter break but the race to start monday. >> an awful lot of damage
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very hard to get it solved. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news. >> adam: lawyers for a marathon bomber tarn self-asking to step down. that is where he is being held at the supermax prison it's not uncommon for this to happen and one lawyer will stay on to help aide the transition. >> jadiann: a connecticut man called to court in charge to missing remains. felix delgado is accused of digging the bones up sometimes in the fall. police found remains at his connecticut home during a drug investigation earlier this month. investigators discovered remains were taken to the hope system tea in worcester. another -- hope cemetery. a woman in, is arrested in new hampshire accused of shop lifting from a store
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prosecutors say 49-year-old carole colder stole more than $20,000 worth of items from the sports authority in nashua and sold them on line for profit. she is charged with a felony and could face up to 15 years in prison. >> adam: two people under arrest after a dangerous drive in webster. an officer says he saw 23-year-old natalie sullivan get in a car accident. that is when she got into the passenger seats and 21-year-old jared brinkley drove off. apparently after the had he not he started driving away. the face face several charges including dui. >> a house in brookline goes up in flames. the fire started on the second floor of this home on orchard road. >> jadiann: following more news. a waffle house waitress facing charges accused of poisoning her co-worker. prosecutors say the woman spiked her co-worker's drink with a deathly dose of metamphetamine. it happened in december but
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not cooperating so it took authorities six weeks to get the evidence they needed to file charges. the poisoned worker is still fighting for his life. >> at one point he was critical. at one point he was on the life support system basically. he was being fed through a feeding tube and was in a comatose state so he was clinging to life. >> jadiann: evans is facing felony aggravated battery and drug charges. pope francis home from his historic trip to mexico. the pope commenting on trump's promise to build a wall along the u.s./mexican boarder and speaking out about considering contraception when it comes to the zika virus. kim khazei has more on why the pope is considering that. >> reporter: the pope spoke to reporters on his night pack to italy commenting on the use of contraception for women in zika infested lastin america. pope suggesting women who are threatened with the virus might use contraception to avoid pregnancy.
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abortion laws to be loosened because of the crisis. the pope say there is is a clear moral difference between preventing pregnancy and abortion hep it comes to the zika virus. the pope says avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. i would ask doctors to doth utmost to find vaccines. w.h.o.has declared zika a global health emergency urging women in latten america to avoid getting pregnant to avoid the risk of birth defects. critics of the pope's remarks say that while pushing for women to use contraception is a good start, doesn't help women who are already pregnant. in the newsroom i'm kim khazei, 7 news. >> jadiann: coming up on 7 news, expectant parent shocked by devastating news. one of their twins wasn't going to make it. the family holding object to a heart breaking sonogram.
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problems persisting this evening. signal issues with amtrak. causing thousands of travelers to face delays and cancellations and find all alternate routes home today. >> jadiann: a police officer is in the hospital after losing control of his cruiser. we'll be back. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done.
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in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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>> jadiann: heart breaking news for an expectant mother in kansas but a sonogram of the twins holding hands. win of the twins is not expected to survive. >> adam: the touching moment you are addressing shows twins bonding before birth. it's something parents say is no coincidence. ian and britney didn't plan on having any kids much less twins. >> we went in for the sonogram and they said there is one heart beast and here is another. >> reporter: from shock to excitement to hearing news no parent expects. with the hole in his heart and an abnormal brain one baby wasn't growing like he should. his sister is over two pounds. his only chance of survival would be heart surgery.
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brain. >> reporter:ed a each appoint it has been more bad news until tuesday when the doctors captured this. >> we didn't see much. he said there is his hand and there is her hand. it looks hike they're holding hand. >> reporter: baby mason has his hand wrapped around the growing sister twin. >> most twins when she is trying to take pictures, she said, with our twins it just seemed like she was very protective of her. >> reporter: because mason any never get to know his twin the special moment is something these parents say is no coincidence. >> we know it has a piece of them together that will last forever and it's special to have. >> i know i'm holding him and carrying him but i just want to be there for him. you know not knowing and she is the only one that can be there and holding on to him. through it and so, it's
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alone. >> adam: something neither baby has ever been from the second their hearts began beating. >> we pray for them. we love on them. every moment that we have them. >> adam: beautiful family. parents are praying both babies can survive but if it doesn't happen at least they know they have a special angel watching over them. >> reporter: the forecasts next. a few flakes but
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>> jadiann: a tumble weed takeover in rural australia. the tumble weed is covering the area. of course frustrating people who have to clean it all up. locals say it's been around for a couple of years but
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you can see from the video there. just how high it has gotten. i was reading that it's called harry panic. that is what i read on-line. >> adam: sound like something that people in colorado might enjoy. what? >> jadiann: i should double check that. >> adam: i believe you. it looked soft and the feathery not like the stuff you see in the southwest that will prick you and stab you. >> reporter: you see it coming and you have to take cover. shovel. quiet for the next few days. another cool day in store for us tomorrow. i put that in quotations because seasonal for this time of year but a mild week temperatures. certainly warmer than what we're deal with last weekend. current temperatures at the freezing mark. beverly. 28 worcester but we've had a bit of a breeze with us, and
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still seeing that breeze out of the north-northwest. anywhere between 10-15 miles an hour sustained winds but that is making it feel like it's in the teens for worcester, fitchburg, 23 is what it feels hike in boston. now the wind can make it feel a little chillier but something that is adding a little bit of warm at least how it feels outside is the sunlight. we're gaining day light. we gain about an hour and 13 minute through february, better with the peek next month pu the sun angel is getting higher so it's easier to make it feel 5-10 degrees warmer when you step out in the direct sunlight. we had a lot of that today. clear skies for us overnight. you can see the clouds that are micking it on -- making it on to the south shore and cape cod. there could be a few ocean-effect snow showers in the areas overnight tonight. you can see the band depending on which way the wind sets up. that will tell us where the bands set up. i don't expect any accumulation out of this but flakes could be flying as you get on to the cape.
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the teens and possibly even single digits overnight tonight. that is what the clear skies do for us. but then tomorrow, we do see the temperatures rebound close to normal for this time of year. clouds increase. tomorrow afternoon, then into the overnight hours friday no saturday, a few flakes for us as well. in response to a warm front. we're in for the milder temperatures as we kick off the weekend. near 50 degrees on saturday. we keep clouds arounds. watching a potential messy mix for monday morning. but next significant system looks like we have to wait until the middle of next week for this and here are the details that we know. not much. wednesday, thursday, snow mix to rain. where, how much, what? all of those things still to be determined. so we'll keep you posted on that as we keep an eye on it but timeline for that, middle of next week. >> kim: hope you are having a good evening. i'm kim khazei with a look at what we're working on for
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not a good night for a lot of people. the breaking news having to do with the commute. a track switcher issue led to huge delays. lock at all of the people. thousands forced to take the long way home. hoping for a ride. we'll show you their chaotic commute and update that situation plus live to fort myers as red sox pitchers and catchers report for spring training. those stories and much more. hope you stay right there and join us for 7 news at 6:00. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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>> adam: when you think of clem literature classes, you may not think jz but one university is looking to change that. >> jadiann: they say his music can teach deeper diminish lessons. stefan professor gramsy's literature class -- and you might be surprised what you hear. the music of jay different than shakespeare but that doesn't mean it's up worthy of the attention. >> it makes sense to think about how he is changing the game. >> reporter: he is teaching an entire course this semester on the hip hop mogul's early music and image. challenging his students to think about the deeper meaning behind his art and how it relates to other great writers throughout
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>> how do we collect information pertaining to his lyrics? what metaphors does he use. >> more interesting topics. >> reporter: ashley foster is an architecture student. >> i didn't think they would have a j.z.plas. >> reporter: that is part of one part of college that doesn't feel like the hard knock life. >> the doctor has been pleased with the reaction. >> it's cool to think about how his words stood the test of time. >> reporter: he is looking forward to making this class the encore he keeps get to perform. wow, cool story. >> adam: whatever works to get the minds cranking there. another 30 minutes of 7 news is straight ahead. i'm adam williams. >> jadiann: i'm jadiann thompson. 7 news starts now. >> announcer: breaking news, trains off track. thousands forced to take the long way home. what is causing trouble for commuters in boston?
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>> he said, help me, help me. >> reporter: people rush in to safe an officer. after a wild chase lands him in the hospital and a local mom wanted to give her daughter a new phone but when the phone didn't work the company put her on hold. until she asked us to solve it 7. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> kim: first at 6:00 we begin with breaking news, that signal problem with amtrak trains causing massive delays on the rails as thousands try to get home tonight. you see it right there. t. stations are just mob scenes right now a's people trying to pack into trains and officials say the problem will not be fixed tonight. we've coverage of this commute out there. let's begin with brandon gunnoe at boston's back bay station with a closer look at conditions there. >> reporter: congestion been incredible. in the last few minutes it has improved a little bit because of some people
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line, that is one of t busiest lines. but you can see more than 100 people are here at the back bay station waiting but transit police are telling me once you have the next rush of people coming after 6:00, it's going to be just as bad as it was earlier. if we can role video. it was probably shot 20 minutes ago. you could see there were several hundred people packed in like sardines here waiting to get on a train because of the this morning there was a problem with the electronic switches at south station. so that caused a problem for trains coming in and out of south station. the only lines going in and out of south station are going to providence and stouton so back bay and some other stations are taking some of the other trains. that is why so many people have must been packed in. transis police have been keeping people away from the arrive. but again it's just been an absolute mess as you can see. people.


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