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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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say two men attack a student in a freshman dorm, one of the men pull a gun. the student suffered a small cut to his head. today, framingham police announced his arrest in the case and investigators say the teen turned himself in after a car concerned to the case was found here in framingham. back at umass amherst, campus police say lacks dorm security played a part in the assault. they knew so these people clearly were escorted into the residence hall by a pier pine hall resident. and as i mentioned yesterday that building as well as all of our umass buildings are 24 hours a day locked. and require an escort and that indeed was confirmed by video and witness statements . he is expected continue arraigned in hampshire county monday on charges including assault with a deadly weapon and robbery. and at that monday court appearance we could learn more about the allege adsalt possible low a motive behind it. police say they have been talk
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but they are not saying whether or not any charges for that individual may come. live in framing happen, down hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: and we are following more breaking news. a five month old being carried by her mother and hit by a car last night in roxbury has died. the mother and bobby were rushed to the hospital but the baby didn't make it. the driver of the car did stop and is cooperating with police and tonight two women who tied to help that child child are talking about how heart bringen they are. 7's kimberly becomeman is live now with the story. . >> reporter: kim, this was not the outcome anyone wanted including those two women you were talking about. they rushed to the scene where those skid marks are around 8:30 last night. i took this off, i laid it down . >> reporter: recalling how he wrapped a badly injured baby in her winter coat, this woman says she and her twin sister jumped into action after a car crash steps from their roxbury home . we don't know how to stand back and just watch . >> reporter: they fund a
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carrier on her chest hit by a car, both hurt . you can't get lost in it, you have to figure out how to help . her twin sister a mother herself and cpr certified said she immediately started tending to the infant. i waved my hand above her airway to see if i could feel air coming out and i couldn't . >> reporter: they say some 40 people from the community rushed to the scene including the driver involved in the wreck . i unzipped her fleece and began eggs s on her . >> reporter: emergency crews arrived and whisked both victims away. today these sisters devastated to learn the baby didn't make it. for a moment i knew she was lifeless in my hands. but the prayers going through my mind, god in my hands, i just did what i was supposed to do . >> reporter: they say anyone who witnessed this could never be the same. worse case scenario is that people start to take things more seriously. start to value the way they move they drive. they pay attention.
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they learn. they make an impact. >> reporter: we understand the mother in this case is still in the hospital but she is expected to be okay. as for that driver, he did stop. we understand he is cooperating with police. he has not yet been charged. . >> anchor: some people in jamaica plain are back this their homes tonight of earlier today though they had to be evacuated because of a gas scare scare. neighbors tell us a house was getting renovated when crews there hit a gas line fire fighters say it was pretty dangerous so they had to evacuate the entire street. we heard a lot of fire trucks showing up and went out on the front porch and could smell the goes and then i saw the fire chief dunn below and i asked him if we needed to get out of the house and he said no, not yet. but we'll be knocking on doors if you do in about five minutes later sure enough they came knocking on the doors and we grabbed the animals and came out. >> anchor: the gas company had to shut off the gas and air out
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is back home tonight . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to your forecast. flurries making their way into our area this evening. you can see that blob of blue on the radar. many will be seeing some snowflakes but apparently not too much accumulation. and a little on the chilly side but a gorgeous winter day with the sun so where do we go from here? bri eggers standing by with the first forecast . kim, flakes before 50's, that's how we have been advertis advertising it the last couple of days and that is the truth. we are going to push this milder air in believe it or not. the flakes are in front of a warm front. the warm front giving us just enough lift to pop these flakes as we head into the overnight hours. it will take a while for them to really get there for us. you can see where that front is. you can see it easily more easily when we were looking at the temperature forecast there. the temperature maps but here we go with that ban of snow showers that works into the overnight hours running through the time line we're looking at this between 10 and midnight and this continues into the wee hours of tomorrow morning but what
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air that's coming in from the south and it chews away at snowflakes pushes the rain snow line back to the northwest and there a lot of locations that keep the temperatures coal enough to continue to see the snow long enough to get much in the way of accumulation. up here. a possible coating to maybe up to an inch that sort of most case scenario. any of that will be melting off as we move into the weekend. i mentioned 50 degrees so how long does that stuck around? more details to come in the extended forecast . >> anchor: we'll see you in a bit. a revere police chechnya serving for two people in connection with a cruiser crash in chelsea according to police michael guth row and jacqueline murphy are accused of staffing a wild chase that left an officer injured. investigators say one of the suspects tried to stab the other with a syringe. that's when the chase started. the officer lost control of the cruiser, slammed into two telephone poles, he is expected to be okay. >> anchor: the headmaster of boston latin school will keep her job despite accusations she
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of racivement and initial school review found one instance in which the school did not properly respond to a racial slur. the review came after two students started to social media campaign. raising aware those to what they believe was a school's failure to address racism. well, the students met with the school board last month and since then the school has said it will implement its own six step program to handle any further incidents . everyone is ready to go. everything is looking good so far . >> reporter: spring fever set setting in . it's the number one goal going in, win the world series . the boys of summer are back in action. sox spring training. >> anchor: how about that? the red sox get not guilty groove with new facons board . >> anchor: some added help in the bullpen could give the sox a big boost this year.
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florida with the latest on how things are shaping up. kim, there was a lot of hype centered around the 2016 boston red sox and a lot of that has to do with the free eight addition of david price. maybe a guy who is being over overlooked is craig kim brawl one of the most dynamic closers in all of baseball and isn't shy shying away from playing on the big stage . i want that ball at the end of the game. i want to wrap it up and let everybody go home happy . the off season result nag guy who can command the front of the rotation in david price and the last three outs in the th in closer craig kimbrall p the mentality every day i have the opportunity to pitch will try to be perfect . any new roll in later innings giving john farrell some much needed fateless will . we aed strike out visibility with both smith and kim brawl. and we've got the act to match upper if the game if it calls
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be designated to ur an kim brawl. kim brawl was converting saved opportunities in an astounding 90% for his career but faces a new challenge having to do so under the bright lights this boston. i do better in big situations. i love seeing people in the seats. i love the crowds getting loud and i think that's just a great atmosphere to have . we'ring thering ford to handing the bull to him for us. in getting to have some understanding of him i think he will thrive on the energy that is fenway. >> anchor: he is now pitching on a new stage in the al east and has some phenomenal credentials. in 12 games played he has never allowed an earned run against an al east opponent. recording at red sox spring training in ft. myers, trey . >> anchor: still much more to come on 7 news at 6:00 . >> anchor: an unbelievable story from boston. children inside. why detectives say the family
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doing to catch a suspect. you will see it on just one station. kip clipping coupons is the tried and true way of saving money at the grocery store . >> reporter: there are several new apps and web sites that can make saving easier. we'll show you what to download
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>> anchor: a roslindale family speaking to one station this. say they were targeted. swat teams barging in a home with children inside.
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got a call saying loved ones were being held hostage. that family says that someone used fear tactics to get their hands on cash. so tonight police are try trying to trace the calls and issuing a warning to neighbors. jennifer egan live with the intersuit you will only see here here. family is still in dis disbelief about all of this. mom was on her way home from work and got a call from a man who said he was holding her four daughters hostage. don't hang up or i will hurt them he said and she listened. the same phone number called me at work . >> reporter: it was a number simone cromwell didn't recognize recognize. they called me and said i am in your house. they named all of my daughters so i knew that they were familiar and i really felt they there were people in my house . they told simone on her way home from work they wanted money. at one point they even told
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one of the girls because we weren't moving fast enough. whatever the case was. >> reporter: boston police surround the home believing the girl ages ten months to 18 years old were in danger. the person apparently extorting the cromwells was never inside the home and in fact boston police believe he called the cromwells teen-age daughter first and told her, her father was in trouble. she gave her mother's cell phone number as someone who could supply money . long and short of it we end ended up wiring what we could get our hands on which was $600. so this whole frame kind of came loose . police busted in the front door and found the girl hide nag closet . it was the police. they were digging on the door and we thought that was the guy trying to come in . simone is relieved her daughters were never in think real danger but wants to warn other people . i have been telling everyone if you see a number calling you repeatedly that you don't recognize just don't
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>> reporter: that's probably the best advice. boston police say they are hear hearing about incidents like this more and more. they believe the people making the phone call are lifting information off of social media to make their threats more believable. live in boston, jennifer egan, 7 news . >> anchor: as we head into the weekend a last us are thinking about what's in store weather wise . >> anchor: i know everybody is saying a was chilly but i would take it and it's getting better . it's been one of those one terse where you have to have at least two different coats on stand by. the one, lighter one will be needed throughout the weekend as we see those temperatures rise to near 50 but flakes on the way first. we'll break it all down in the forecast coming up. ahead at 7 sports live from red sox spring training in ft. myers, we're going to introduce you to the red sox second biggest off season addition in craig kimbrall and how close did danny ainge come to make a deal.
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is talk about it before the break we are approving the friday. thanks forring with us. if you are curious about the weather we're looking live outside and it's beautiful shot . >> anchor: my brain is frozen. was it last weekend when it was just like unbearablably cold so . then.
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nine below last weekend and now we're talking highs near 50. current temperatures though mid to upper 30's for us. 37 in boston. that temperature popped up just in the last hour or so. we do have some milder air that will be working in from the southwest and south. can you fire up the front here where those colors change? it's a warm front that's pushing in but ahead of it we're getting enough lift and enough mows tour to bring us some snow flakes because the cold air is in place at this point. bigger look there, bigger picture here. glides through southern quebec and through the next 24 hours and it brings us some milder air in the meantime. so running through the time line here we go with those snow showers, right around 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. it looks like two hours either side of midnight here. we get that with a i air come federal government in from the south but it's happening in mid layers of the atmosphere. this is melting the snowflake making more scattered showers a possibility of even sleet to
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the cold the longest so the areas that will see the cold the longest will see the snowflakes fall the longest and that looks like the best chance to see a coating to an inch of snowfall but that's it. not a whole lot of snowfall that we're talking with before those temperatures get to 50 for highs tomorrow and then we can't rule out a possible pop shower for the afternoon. sprinkles though, rain sprinkles this is it for snowfall at least for this one a cotting to an inch more likely the north of the pike and also as you get near route 2 and not of route 2 a coating to an inch a possibility. there is a possibility for slick travel as we get into those wee hours of tomorrow morning. but i think by 7:00 a.m. most of us near 40 degrees and we keep that temperature going up, up, up into tomorrow. here is a look at the highs. mid 50's for some spots, not out of the question. although we do keep clouds with us for the better part of tomorrow and we're in for some more sunshine on sunday. that into the to be changed. sorry, wrong map of the rain
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pattern as we get into next week while tuesday is dry for us, monday could be more of a nuisance for the morning commute rather than any problems of i think maybe a slow go could be the case as you see 4:00 a.m. some sleet, rain, snow mix and potential for us is a system passes by mostly to our south but we're going to continue to watch that. it's really the middle of the week when we get this pattern shift and we could get our storm track setting up just so that they are just sending these things at us so we were watching this one possibly for wednesday, but now forecast model are saying there could be another one just behind it for thursday. we still have to nail down all of those details. where, when, how much, rain, snow, the track exactly so we will keep an eye on it, continue to track that as we get through the next few days. 7 sports coming to you live this evening from ft. myers, florida on site with the red sox in spring training. today the first official day of
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spring training of pitchers and calfers getting in light work and also offering us the first glimpse at the red sox second biggest off season addition. when our guys come in to work every day, they recognize that they are working through something individually but what we need to expect from all is to buy into our team conaccept . a team the red sox will luck a lot different in 2016p family on the mound with the additions of starter david price and closer craig kimbrall . everybody feeds off each other especially pitching wise. you have a few guys thriving and you can pick up other guys or try to help them out as a team effort . pat of the team concept involves adapting to a new position. something hanley ramirez is attempting in moving to first base. his third position in as many years . just get back used to it. we just have to get on the same page . ramirez indicating a healthy year in 2016 will aid
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the field and getting him back in the good praises among fans in boston. if we do that, everything will be fine. i think it's why we're here for, what we get paid for and why we prepare ourselves and to win and lift that trophy at the end of the year. now the addition of craig kim federal it year shaking up the bullpen a bit. a group that's been anchored in each of the last three years both koji turning 41 on the reof this year's opener less accident of bail operations dombrowski shying off prospects in exchange for kim brawl. no mat where he ends up pitching farrell is confident didn't he will excel. he is the true definition of a very good pitcher regard regardless of if he started for baltimore for the first five innings or when he went to the bullpen in texas and ultimately came to us he has been a very good pitcher regardless of the role. he is a veteran. he knows himself and knows what
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and we're confident that whether it's the 9th epping or earlier than that, he will pitch very well. >> anchor: in the mba one day after failing to close on a deal celtics president of basketball operations saying he came very close to completing a black buster deal near the deadline yesterday. a deal that would have likely included the brooklyn nets 2016 first round unprotected pickp meanwhile the celtics about on the floor tonight in utah doing so without david lee. the 32-year-old vet'd this afternoon this after 30 games in celtics uniform. his departure no big surprise. he appeared in only three games since christmas and did not see a minute of action in each of the past 18 games. in the bruins have the night off before closing out a road trip in dallas tomorrow night. that game coming up at 8:00. that's going to do it for us in
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is great spend tile with you at this 6:00 hour on a friday of we hope you have a fun weekend planned and make it a safe one as well. thanks again for spend time with us today . >> anchor: of course we do
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news at 11:00 if you like your news an hour earlier catch us on cw 56 at 10:00. take care, everybody. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million
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out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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developing news tonight. mad dash. hours before the vote in two critical states trump under fire for what he has said about the iraq war, and hillary clinton fighting to hold off bernie sanders. slamming apple. the feds fire back in a fiery battle over cracking the san bernardino killers' iphone, and n trump calling for a boycott. hoverboard crackdown after dozens of fires, some burning homes to the ground, the government says enough. a major new warning that could lead to an outright ban. walking free. after four decades locked in solitary confinement, a stunning twist in one of the most infamous cases in modern american history.


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