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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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copping at us but it's going to be more about rain and wind than snow or ice. i do think there will be a little burst of light snow tomorrow evening around 7:00 or 8:00 for a few hours. the best chance of accumulating any of that snow would be back into the worcester hills. i think metro boston even tomorrow evening, the ground is coming off some warm days, so that ground is still going to be relatively warm and with the storm out near buffalo it's a southerly wind that takes over. so as we work toward tomorrow night and wednesday morning it's raindrops. not snowflakes of here you go. we have winter weather advisory in effect. more so to our west than anyone around the metro, fitchburg, worcester, watch out for some slick travel into early when morning but we're talking inside 495 certainly nothing inside 128 just wet roadways with this weather system. back to you. >> anchor: jeremy, we'll talk to you in a about. employees thrown into a freezer. scary stuff here during an armed robbery in a local chipolte restaurant. right now there is an all out
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commited this crime. >> anchor: let's get straight out to chelsea o'hara she joins us on the phone. she is in dartmouth where all of this happened. she has a closer look at the video and what's really going on here. >> reporter: good afternoon of real scary situation for people down here. dealsive tell us they are asking for your help to find out who robbed this chipolte last night at gun point and locked several boys in the freezer while they commited that i crime them say these two men were waiting by the back door of the popular restaurant right after closing time when an employee took out the trash, he burst the through the back door of that restaurant robbing people at gun point and locking three of them in the freezer and then they started struggling with two people and. one of those people was able to get free, ran across the street, dialed 911. those men made a a way with a couple of hundred dollars. with alarming detectives in dartmouth they had done let them know who commited this crime. reporting live, kelly oh hera, 7
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>> anchor: also on 7, dozens of people forced out after a hotel goes new flame in wakefield it. around 10:00 this morning. officials say the fire started in the basement and pedestrian to the second floor. everyone was evacuated as smoke filled up the entire butting. one person suffered minor injuries and there is no word on the cause of the fire just yet. >> anchor: a school in haverhill reopens after dealing with some major pipe problems. an entire asbestos removal team had to be called into cleanup after a pipe in an upstairs heater burst. the water then rained down on to the library. the hallways and some offices even. there this is video after all of that happened. the good news school was off for winter break when pipe there burst. local naacp is calling for change at boston latin school after alleged incidents of rac racism. the organization wants headmaster of the school lynn mooney to step down after a meeting that discussed the lack of action by the administration regarding racism at the school.
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incidents than originally thought that the school did not properly handle according to those representatives. two students presented with a binder of incidents involving racism among students. they also started a social media campaign to raise awareness to what they believe was the school school's fairure to address the incidentment an merge review said there was only one incident that the school did not properly respond where racial slur was ex exchanged from one student to another. in we're following more news today, the i land nation of fiji is make picking up pieces after getting wiped out by a catastrophic cyclone. least ten people. search and rescue teams are combing through the debris. fiji declaring a state of emergency as shers are starting to run dry. >> anchor: the damage has been wiped fit, homes have been destroyed, many low lying areas are flooded and many people have
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about what to do . >> anchor: cyclone winston may have passed but it's taken a huge toll . particularly emphasis will be placed on redebting of eastern division to our national grid so we can urgently assist and address the damage in our maritime regions . >> anchor: those whose homes are still standing are without power or water and there is little in the way of communication even food and basic seller are both scarce and in demand. the officials death toll stands at 10 but that number could rise with search teams still unable to reach some areas. a curfew remains in place and schools have been shut as agency starts to deal with the devastation left by close to 200 mile an hour winds. people are still being urged to stay indoors. there is a great deal of debris on our roads and in our communities. power lines have gone down all over the country and roofing,
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other hazardous materials pose serious threats to public safety safety. we are working hard to make streets and going once again but that will take time. >> anchor: for the people of fi fiji, a hard task lies ahead. >> anchor: and fiji is now scrambling to even restore power. >> anchor: a hidden danger killing a family in michigan. officials there is a a family of 6 died from carbon monoxide poisoning over this last week. deputies found the bodies of the mother, father and four children after being called to do a well wellness check. the neighbor says he is shocked. it's hard to describe how do you loss six family members and deal with it? i mean, pray for the family . >> anchor: devastating there. no word whether the home has carbon monoxide dealors . >> anchor: a series of rock slides closing parts of the highway in west virginia. the first slide happened sunday afternoon. no one was injured but neighbors
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section of the road right before the rock slides began. its best. so we're just going to, it's stuff we have to look out for, stuff drivers need to be cautious that could happen at something scary. >> anchor: look how huge those are. nation that were home said they heard loud booms and another large rock fell from the same . >> anchor: a dangerous drive ends with a firry crash in tennessee. fellow drivers pulling a man from that fire. if you can imagine even getting close to that just moments after the car went up in flames it turns out the driver wasn't the only thing that made it out in one piece. kris anderson has more details. once he hit that pole, it went up in flames . >> anchor: it was a scary sight of a jeep on fire on an exit off the highway . i was like we have to get this man out of the car . >> reporter: witnesses say jeep was driving down the highway when it was sideswiped by another car pushing the driver down the hill and into a
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moment later, flames bursting through the hood of the car . didn't find anything but a gallon of water irregular went back to try to wet him so if the fire got inside the car maybe it wouldn't burn him assed about or keep him as moist as he could . >> reporter: fellow drivers ride to find a fire extinguisher but the inferno started to spread. moments late area man ran over with a tire iron and broke . cut that seat belt. he appeared to have been completely trapped in the drivers seat because the steering wheel was pressed up against him in the chest . >> reporter: witnesses carried the man to safety and moments later loud popping noises came from the car. a noise they say they won't forget. please let us get that man out of here . >> anchor: a sight that brought tears to many was a bible. the only item salvaged from the charred wreckage . so if you don't believe, i don't know what to say .
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is expected to be okay. in the newsroom, kris anderson, 7 news. >> anchor: the author of to kill a mocking bird was laid to rest over the weekend. harper lee was buried saturday at a private funeral in her hometown of monroeville, alabama alabama. he died in her sleep on friday at 89 years old. lee's to kill a mockingbird was published in 1960. it was an immediate success winning the pulitzer prize for fiction and the neck year the classic novel has sold more than 30 million copies . >> anchor: all right coming up on 7 news at 4:30 striking gold. twin sisters scratch their way to luck of how they say their patience finley paid off . >> anchor: lore swift making a big donation. which super star singer is getting a big boost from t swift spot wipe wife of bill consist bee called to court in massachusetts. details live from springfield tonight . >> anchor: a bus goes up in flames on the highway. passengers opening up about this nightmare ride.
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>> anchor: two lucky twins learning that practice definite definitely pays off. so after years without success they have found some real lottery luck. scratchoff ticket . >> anchor: that's nice. now the twins are claiming some $6 million in jon money. nick emons has a closer look. one in three million can these twins beat the odds? you just never know it will be you. especially something that like big . >> anchor: something big that started with something little earlier this month. i looked up at my windshield and i saw a yellow lady bug . >> reporter: lisa took the yellow lady bugs a sign so she made a pits stop here at fast and easy smart to pick up lottery tickets including these two set for life scratches for her and her twin laura.
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together since they were 18. carefully following their mothers advice . to find a place with a light out . >> reporter: mom's advice paid off. lisa said she was park at her son's school hen she found out they won $6 million. . alike oh my god. i was like humider vent lating. i was like kim kardashian ugly crying . >> reporter: first thing she did was call laura. i was on a video call at work. she kept calling and calling . laura didn't pig up so lisa had to deliver the news via text message . come home now. scratch jon . i said huh? i said $6 million. that's what an she got my attention . this is lisa and laura claiming their prize at the california lottery distribute office . i don't even know if it's still sunk in because it's so ridiculous. don't think their new found millionaire status will change the two . you think like angels will be is something and all of this cool stuff will happen.
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bought about 20 pairs of sox. that's about the splurge so far . >> anchor: coming up net, easing some anxiety in a major airport introducing new therapy dogs to term national and why passengers say it could be a . >> reporter: partly cloudy skies for tonight track a little bit of snow on way for tomorrow night. the forecast is up next. ahead at 5:00 t tragedy in do door a suspect accused of stabbing a teen faces a judge in court. then an uber driver goes on a deadly rampage in michigan. what we're now learning about the moments leading up to that attack . >> anchor: a report from the fo fort. the red sox are ready to roll from south florida. more on big papi's big rifle as we continue here on the news station. >> anchor: if you are just barely getting by it's always worth it to take some advice and financial experts say they have great tips no matter what size of your bank account so tonight we'll share some ways to make
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>> anchor: a group of softball players hitting die machined for thrills and chills in wisconsin . >> anchor: they say they fund a unique way to combine winter and softball so the group is taking part in this snowmobile softball tournament. they hit the ball while they are on the ground and run the bases by crying their snow mobiles. players say it's a fun way to keep active during the winter months. it's awesome. you got to try it once and you get addicted to it . it's a good time because people get out and get cabin fever and get out here and enjoy winter a little bit . >> anchor: well, the players say they are still trying to figure out the best way to play the game. looks a little bit dangerous if you are not careful . >> anchor: then you get some cheese and some beer and you are all set.
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i have family in wisconsin so i can, i still don't do the accent that great but i love it. it's very nice . >> anchor: you can give us a taste? >> anchor: i just did. it wasn't that great. . >> reporter: i have familiar you bencha. it warms up, we but put the boat way. 37 in the city at this time. east wind 14. sea breeze that's how nice it's been recently. what a warm weekend and you know coming off of last weekend with a polar vortex temperatures this weekend 50's and 60's. the temperatures overall for the month of february averaging out about a degree above normal. the coldest on the 9th that was sunday new york the warmest and very first day although on saturday we hit 61 in the city. the numbers this week closer to where we should be for this time of year. the normal high about 40. snowfall for the season 25 inches of snow in the city. worcester 31. really in the that far from normal. worcester you are down about a
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make up that much with this weather system on the way. temperatures at this time 30's and 40's, the city at 37 with the sea breeze. plymouth also 37. farther inland low to middle 40's bedford at 45. norwood at 46. mostly clear skies, mostly sunny skies and the sun dose down about 5:30. that's nothing. have you noticed a of the daylight scooping up in the month of february? for tonight mainly clear and chilly. tomorrow morning the commute no issues. tomorrow evening it will be this storm just arriving. the storm will come at us in two pieces and part one will try to take advantage of just a little bit of cold air that sneak into new england late tonight and tomorrow morning and so because of that i do think there will be flurries arriving about 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon then a burst of light snow tomorrow evening for a few hours but even when it is snowing late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening it's cold enough in the clouds with the snowflakes but down here near the ground 37 to 41 should did a good job of chewing up those snow politician on roadways so not concerned about
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but later tomorrow evening and overnight tomorrow night through early wednesday i do think there will be snow accumulating on the roadways and the weather service they do have a winter weather advisory in effect for tomorrow night with a coating to an inch to maybe a couple of spots in the worcester hills. maybe one to two inches of snow and then after that it will transition over to some freezing drizzle for a couple of hours on top of this coating to an inch of snow so that might lead to travel tomorrow nighty wednesday morning but otherwise this essentially just becomes another rainstorm for southern new england during the day on wednesday. wednesday night, the rain intensifies and thursday morning the rain will be heavy and wind as well with winds gusting between 45 and 55 miles per hour hour. we move that out of here quickly on thursday morning. the amount of rain on the way with this weather system for everyone an inch and a half in some locations close to 3/4 of an inch of rain and here is the wind forecast for thursday morning. again gusting over 45 miles per hour.
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week tomorrow morning no issues. tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening fair with a little bit of patchy, light snow and that continues through the day on wednesday morning. the only problem one i see actually tore metro boston looks to be thursday morning with rain and wind. not snow. temperatures on thursday morning will be in the 50's for everyone everyone. see new few minutes . >> anchor: jeremy, sounds good. we'll check with you soon. let's check the roads right now. joe tape elton has an update and where are we right now? >> anchor: getting a red sox right now to our southbound expressway commute. right by the albany street off ramp you have a couple cars and a few trucks here pulled over to the side of the roadway it's been causing a big backup southbound on the expressway right back into the o'neill tunnel then after this spot picked up another crash here on the left-hand lane. these two trucks blocking traffic down by morsy boulevard adding to our already slow moving commute as you work your way southbound through the city. north of town dealing with problems as well. route 93 northbound on top of the screen. a crash they are trying to clear away by 133 in andover and
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route 93 right back through the wilmington area heading for downtown boston we do have company as well. route 93 southbound this traffic coming toward the camera eventually heading for the expressway and getting by those two crashes we were talking about. joe stay elton, 7 news . >> anchor: we'll check into today's "healthcast" for you right now. lightening the load. travel especially air travel can be a stressful one for anybody. now one major airport is trying to change that . >> anchor: what do they do? they decide maybe some therapy dogs. by a visit to those busy term national. . he likes to be pet right here . >> anchor: putty anderson an her ten-year-old terrier aren't flying anywhere today. but they are lifting spirits in terminal one . our job is to decrease stress in people . the animal ambassador program launched over the past year putting man's best friend in .
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petting not only a dog but warm blooded fur coated animals reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. feel how soft he is . >> reporter: putty and ballad also volumer it at local hospitals. but patty said their first day at the airport completely caught . one of our first customers stayed for about 15 minutes, sobbing crying. she just buried somebody an immediate family member. her knees got weak, she didn't the eight. she saw my dog and just hugged him and sobbed and cried . >> reporter: travelers said ballad is a breath of fresh air as they head to the gate . relaxing to see a pet at the airport. perfect timing i just had to say good-bye to my own pet so really nice to be able to feel love . a special interaction for travelers also powerful for patty . when you have the dog there is all of these miles and it releases endorphins. it's a gift that keeps giving and i am really happy and excit excited to be a part of the start of that gift . >> anchor: officials say right
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pets filling various shifts for airport therapy. in the newsroom, i'm sara french 7 news. >> anchor: still ahead on 7 news, standing together taylor swift helping a hand to concerna concerna. detail on the big to nation that
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> anchor: i got caught. totally caught . >> anchor: you tube mole. pop singer kesha gained another major supporter in her legal fight against her producer dr. luke . >> anchor: that's right. taylor swift is leaving out to help her friend, a swift spokesperson said the star donated $250,000 to help kesha. kesha lost a court fight friday. she claims her producer drugged and raped her. swift joins liddydemi lovato in of kesha. >> anchor: preparations under way in chicago for ferris fest where the movie ferris bueller's day off takes place. the celebration will include a screening, tour of the filming locations and a recreation of the famous parade scene. where they played the song. >> anchor: this will happen this may by the way .
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much more to come in the next 90 minutes. thank you for joining us so far . >> anchor: 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: facing tough questions. bill does be's wife under oath in connection with a case against her husband. >> anchor: stabbed on a dorchester street i'm teen-ager dead, another charged with the crime . >> anchor: plus, a dangerous drive in roslindale. a car plowing right into a home . >> anchor: a deadly shooting spree in michigan. an uber driver facing a judge. >> reporter: here is our next winter storm but with very little winter precipitation . >> anchor: big papi in the house. red sox fans welcoming a heavy hitter back to the diamond for one time time. >> anchor: we begin at 5:00 with a weather alert believe it or not after this beautiful day. a winter weather advisory issued for central and western massachusetts. so winter is set to make a bit a comeback starting tomorrow afternoon . >> anchor: for more on tying
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reiner. >> anchor: this is where we have that winter weather advisory outside 495 basically for worcester county west of there does not include the city of boston because i think it's going to be primarily rain in downtown boston but there could be a few hours of some light snow in the worcester hills that mainly lead to slick travel for a time tomorrow evening overnight tomorrow night and very early on wednesday morning. here is the storm system. it will actually come at news two pieces. part one will try to make the there will be in new england tomorrow. again, it's going to be brief but your storm time line we have light snow arriving around 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and then that will be patchy, light snow through the even hours tomorrow night and then you notice here green on the map as well. that's that sign of the warmer air with the storm system. the storm center like all of the other winter storms this year have been passing to the west of new england. and when that happens, sooner or later mild air winds out and that will be the case i think as we work through the day on wednesday.


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