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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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accident is is i93 south near route 24. we're live over the scene right now. it lookslike one car is involved but they actually had to close that very busy section of road to allow a medical helicopter to land and take the patient to a hospital. the car went into a guardrail and we're talking serious traffic problems. if you are a south shore commuter you know that i93 can be very hectic on a friday and then 24 heading toward fall river in brockton also gets very logged so this just complied of adds insult to injury here on a busy friday afternoon. no word yet on what caused the accident. if there are other cars involved nor do we know the exact condition of the patient other than to say that the person had to be airlifted to a local hospital. we'll continue to follow this story for you throughout the afternoon. >> anchor: mo breaking news for you at this hour. phillip chisolm the danvers teen convicted of killing his teacher has been sentenced to life in prison but it's complicated .
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minor and he has the chance of probably now after spending 40 years in prison. so a judge now sentencing chisolm to prison for raping and murdering colleen ritzer. sentences will be served at the same time and as you were saying because of hisage he does have the possibility of parole after 40 years so earlier today family and friends of colleen ritzer gave their victim impact statements which is what always happens before a judge decides on the sentence including colleen's mother who called chisolm evil . i wish i could have helped colleen but no one could have helped her that day because no one knew what evil sat in her classroom that day. that moment in time has forever changed my family and my family family's lives . >> anchor: chisolm's mother was also in court today and she said that she knows no one has suffered more than colleen ritz ritzer's family.
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here on 7 news at 4:30 a man . >> anchor: that man wassing aly already under investigation live in quincy with all of the detail for us. dan? >> reporter: well, quincy police say when you make a threat it a cop that's one thing thing. they are used to that. but when you threaten third family as well, well, that takes it to another level. salvatore mendez was already a suspect in a breaking and entering but is now in even bigger trouble. investigators say mendez left a threatening phone. >>age on the voice mail of the quincy detective investigating his case. he toll the detective he would kill hill and his family tonight. the detective believed that this threat was did you to recent court cases that he has with mendez . >> reporter: police arranged protective surveillance for the detectives and his family abwent look are to mendez. investigators say the detective had no trouble figuring out who
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he received a message from someone who identified himself as salvatore mendez. the call came in from a phone number and reverse look up of this phone number showed it list . >> reporter: he was found at marlborough hospital where marlborough police had taken hill after they say mendez was breaking windows and acting erratically. quincy police picked him up and charged him with threatping their detectives. $10,000 bail. machine dez's lawyer argued there was a question of criminal response the here. she had him exam uned about i a doctor and said he has a has tory of drinking to the point of blacking out. in this was he doesn't remember making any threats. in quincy, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: boston police are se seing for this man who they say is with aed for two armed robberies. police sayy used a large kitchen knife during the robberies. he was last seen around washington adboylston streets in downtown boston. police are asking anyone who has
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recognize him to call police right away. >> anchor: also on 7, a new mexico mom admits to drinking and driving after a serious crash that throws her baby from the vehicle. now the woman is facing child abuse charges. police say she crashed her v on a highway and when she realized her baby girl was tossed from the car that's when he ran from the scene. the baby is expected to be okay but an aunt says the mom shouldn't have custody of her kids for very long time . i think she needs to work on herself to be able to take care of her kids. she should try to quit dragging but she just goes back to it police tracked mom down where she admitted to drinking vodka that same day. a toddler in pennsylvania dies after spending 13 hours in a car seat. police say the young girl was put in a car seat at 9:00 p.m. tuesday and not checked on until 10:30 a.m. wednesday morning. the gil's mother found her and rushed her to the hospital where
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troopers described the family's home as a mess without running water. the girl's siblings are in protective custody. >> anchor: new details on a deadly shooting in michigan. the sheriff who arrested a gunman who carried out a shooting spree. deputy james harrison was part of the manhunt to find the uber driver who killed six me. he identified the gunman's car purely by chance . i noticed a dark colored which appeared to be a chevy hhr hhr. it was just by happenstance and god's grace as i came off that light that i happened to look over and spot a vehicle matching the description . >> anchor: harrison said he was surprised the suspected gunman did not put up a fight during his arrest. >> anchor: sports reporter erin andrews had to left the courtroom today during her lawsuit against a nashville marriott hotel. she left because jurors were about to watch the video that a stalker secretly took of her as she undressed in a hotel room. an expert estimates nearly 17 million people have seen what
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launched her $75 million lawsuit lawsuit. er inandrews stepping out of court before jurors saw the videos that have been haunting her for years. in a dark courtroom with security cameras blocked more than four and a half minutes of footage showing the sports reporter undressing her hotel room was played for the jurors. now they join millions who have seen the material on-line . 16 million people conservatively viewed that video video. michael barrett pleaded guilty to stalking and shooting the nude videos in 2008 and served 30 months in prison of the though videos still live on-line and more people view them each day according to computer scientists bernard jans jansen . it works out to every minute about 1.5 people watch that video. so right now someone is watching that video. . >> reporter: a psychotherapist testified by video about the panic andrews felt when her stalker got out of jail and she wasn't told as well as the
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. she couldn't get through the day without fear and anxiety. >> reporter: the symptoms she experienced about being publicly humiliated . she was depressed, anxious, obsessive and irritable and re reactive . >> reporter: barrett altered the peephole of her door and film her getting dressed. he was staying that in the room next next to andrew something he had requested prior to his arrival. but a representative from marriott international testified that request was never passed on to the nashville hotel which is a franchise. how certain are you that information was never communicated to the hotel? i'm 100% certain. >> reporter: the hotel maintains it did nothing wrong and bar health is solely responsible for what happeneder inandrews is expect 20 take the . >> anchor: a barn goes up in
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clydesdale horses trapped inside inside. the doors were locked and the fire was just growing. that's when a georgia teen-ager with no clothes and no shoes jumped into action to save them. some of the most stunning sunsets often come after the storm as is the story of a fire that ripped through a clydesdale horse barn in georgia. it was sparked by a lightning bolt . shook the whole house so one minute i'm in bed and one minute i'm standing up next to the bed to figure out what woman just went off . >> anchor: it rattled the horses especially this three week inside along with a dozen orders. barn doors were locked, shut with the power how "i had no clothes, no shoes, nothing. i was running through glass . >> anchor: mason martin may have been the reason they survived . i jumped in and i just ran it into into the door . >> reporter: busted through like rambo and opened up the end of the stalls and said mom this way. we were able to push the horses out that way . >> anchor: the fire destroyed the barn . it could take some time to
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this was a dream of mark and i's for years. we saved and we will have to start over. these guys are really fragile. everybody thinks they are real tough horses but they can be pretty fragile . >> anchor: horses doing fine including one due to give birth at any moment now. >> anchor: all right, i have seen those babies when they are born too, they are still really big horses. ahead on 7 news, a warning for parents. this is kind of shocking. >> anchor: a strain of super lies has reached new england. what you can do to keep this out of your house . >> anchor: plus, a unicorn on the run. how the dressed up pony ended up leaving police on a three hour long chase. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00, solve it 7 to the rescue of we helped a local woman in dispute over flowers for her mother's funeral.
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easton action big rig takes down a gas station sign.
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say new warning today about something none of us like. it's lies. and massachusetts is one of 25 states in the country dealing with what they are calling super lice . >> anchor: here is the deal. a strain much more resistant to the traditional treatments. christa delcamp shows us what you can do to try to keep these super lice out of your has. >> reporter: this 1 -year-old is getting checked for lice. sure enough, they are back. her mother says this is the fourth time in a year for her family. she was itching i said is your head itching. you know, she he wassing her head. it wasn't like she was likiving her head . >> reporter: she is not alone.
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super lice resistant to the main chemical in over the counter treatments. so the called super lice spread to 25 states including massachusetts. it's important not to man panic. lice are not a health hazard. >> reporter: to kill the super lice experts advise try to learn how to comb them out, use over the counter treatment repeatedly ask your doctor for prescription treatments. wash clothing and lunnens in hot water or there is always a lice clinic. there is nothing to be ashamed of. we tell the kids here, it not your fault. somebody gave it to you . >> reporter: lyla is learning how to keep it from spreading " they have a spray, use the spray before i go to school . >> reporter: lies clinics of america developed a w treatment for lice recently approved by the f.d.a. it appears to be most effective against super lice but the treatment costs about $170 dollars. in the newsroom, just ray delcamp, 7 news. >> anchor: let's move on.
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penny on the run from the law. the crazy three hour police chase started by a unicorn? >> anchor: the weekend forecast unicorns and rain dose, yeah, that good. numbers up next . >> anchor: a big promise there, jr. . ahead at give:00 a car crashes into a home and the driver gets i jetted and penned. why that driver may not face any criminal charges. >> anchor: we are staying on top of breaking fuse here this afternoon. the danvers teen who murdered his teacher sentenced to life in prison. >> anchor: if you see any break breaking news or you have a story idea we want to hear from you. you can give us a call from the 7 news tip line. we'll give that you number right now also on your screen 1-800-28 1-800-280-tips. >> anchor: if you are putting time in at the gym not seeing results you may want to rethink your workout plan . >> reporter: knowing what not do is just as important as knowing what to do .
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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>> anchor: faca releasing a photo from out of this world. let's figure this out together. a spacecraft snapped this photo of pluto's north pole. now we're getting highlights in here for you of you can see pluto's frozen canyons. egg% say the widest canyon is nearly 45 miles wide. i mean, that's like driving from boston to, i don't know, stowe or marlborough. i think if i'm doing the mileage that wide. amazing. >> anchor: yeah, i love it, i'm kind of a science nerd when it comes to stuff like that. isn't it fascinating in jr? >> anchor: pluto has crayola markers. or highlighters. wow, they are advanced. right now boston at 36. worcester 28. orange at 30 degrees. we have colors as well here on 7 news. winds gusting 25 to in some locations near 40 miles per hour hour.
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down into the wind chill temperature i should say down into the teens and 20's it. feels like 17 in worcester, feels like 23 here in town. feels like february. for tonight eastly clear. that cold wind fades away after midnight tonight but between now and midnight been you will still have that wind to kind of fend off this evening. temperatures between 15 and 20. wind chill temperatures this evening down into the 20's then those temperatures 14 to 20 will be overnight tonight. once the blue h old blue gets closer to us that will shut down the wind and the thing about high pressure has all sorts of dry air and it's moving slow so that means we've got sunshine both weekend days and eventually high pressure is going to set up shop south of new england and when that happens instead of the cold north wind it will start to grab some of the milder air in kansas city and that will be pulled into new england as we work toward the second half of the weekend and into next week. so the weather map tomorrow seasonably cold with the numbers tomorrow morning in the teens. tomorrow afternoon upper 30's to around 40 but some great ski
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any wind out there tomorrow for the kid ohs. temperatures tomorrow in the upper 30's to around 40. as well as yourself if you are taking the kid ohs or if you don't have kids and going skiing skiingp then as woe work toward sunday here comes that warm front, that milder air with high pressure down to our south with a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures on sunday in the middle and upper 50's and much the same for early next week. there is a cool front up in northern new england but i don't think that makes it down into our part of the world of tomorrow mostly sunny sky, temperatures between 35 and 40. boston 40 tomorrow afternoon, lakeville at 40. merrimac valley, sea coast upper 30's back into the worcester hills. fitchburg 35. jaffrey at 34. the ski areas in the low to middle 30's tomorrow afternoon and on to the cape and islands lots of sunshine. chatham at 38 and mashpee at 39. sunday there you go the warm front doing its thing. few clouds around sunday morning the temperatures on sunday afternoon mid 50's. monday there might be a couple of sprinkles around lunch time would be about it but otherwise mild and dry until the middle of next week.
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especially on a friday so let's go back to canton. what's the deal here. >> anchor: that's right. a busy afternoon got busier here on route 93 southbound the right by the route 24 off ramp, 93 south also none as 128 north in randolph had the left-hand lane still blacked off. a really nasty crash here, a life flight helicopter land a little while back. two right value of lanes are squeezing by but you wouldn't know it taking a look now at the map just one solid red line the whole way down close to a two hour backup now making your way from downtown boston down to the route 24 off ramp so just a nightmare in that area. checking downtown maybe good news 93 southbound not so bad terror neil tunnel but on the ride hand side of the screen solid to route 128 close to a 48 minute ride as well. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> anchor: in "healthcast" today a ground breaking new surgery performed. this week could mean good news for women who can't have children.
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cleveland clinic complete america's first womb transplant. the cutting edge replacement replaces the uterus in a woman born without one or has a damaged uterus. the woman should be able to conceive one or possibly two children before doctors remove the new uterus. now this is all part of a clinical trial that will see ten women under go that surgery. and ahead on 7 news. how this little, yes, unicorn, escaped and led police on a three hour chase. would have a lot of explaining
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> anchor: the sight of this unicore, yes, unicorn had people tripping out on a california road. that unicorp is really a pony. really? with a horn attached to her head. >> anchor: no? that's not a real unicorn? >> anchor: not this time . >> anchor: i'm outraged she managed to make a great escape, led police on a magical three hour chase, sara french has all of the details. this is juliette. she looks more like something you would find in a fairy tale that on a farm. . i love my pony. she likes apples an carrots . >> anchor: the horn on juliette juliette's head makes a child's dreams come true. she appears to be a real life unicorn that mix a living posing
4:57 pm
wednesday she had other ideas. she got afraid and then she pulled out of the give's hand and then came running a way . >> anchor: people driving down the road called 911 with an un . calls were coming in there is a unicorn running around on the roadway . >> anchor: unicorns are mythical crow , people don't see them. but juliette lived up to the legend leading the california highway patrol and area residents on a chase that lasted more than three hours. she was kind of running among in a couple of orchards with some white bloom so she kind of blended in with the scen scenery as well and she is not real tall so she turned out to be stealthier than we would have imagined . >> anchor: with the helicopter shining its spotlight, rene road in on her horse shady. their old friends of juliette's . they met before and then i just kind of walked off with my
4:58 pm
luckily we had the other resident there to get us on the property and get her in an enclosed spot . >> anchor: with nobody hurt t a firry tale ending for this penny but according to tatum she has some planning to do . she got in a time out because she wassing a bad pony. >> anchor: investigators say juliette's owners will not be cited. in the newsroom, sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: you have to admit that little girl and that penny to the are precious. >> anchor: indeed . >> anchor: that's a mischievous little pony . >> anchor: much more to come in the next 90 minutes. thanks for sticking around . >> anchor: a pleasure spending time with you. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: we are following breaking news. convicted killer phillip chisolm his fate. life in prison with the chance of parole . the journey to insure justice for colleen has just gun. >> anchor: colleen ritzer's family ripping the system after
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>> anchor: breaking news from the am pain trail. a shocking endorsement. chris christie throwing his support behind donald trump . >> anchor: weekend forecast detail of two seasons late winter and are we spring . >> anchor: a crash course in west bridgewater. a car slams to a home, the driver gets trapped underneath . >> anchor: and a daring rescue in minnesota. a neighbor jumping into action risking his own life as a home goes up in flames. >> anchor: we'll start now with breaking news. phillip chism. sentenced to life p piss on with the possibility of probably but in 40 years. the 17-year-old showing no emotion in the courtroom as a judge handed down that decision. he was convicted of killing his high school math teacher and at the time of the crime he was just 14 . >> anchor: his age played a big part in the judge's decision so we have team coverage of the sentencing. steve cooper and byron barnett are covering every angle of the story for us. let's get started first with 7's teach cooper live for news salem salem. steve?
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for seral hours today inside salem support i don't remember court before phillip chisolm learned his fay. the judge issuing that sentence late this afternoon. before all of that, this day was filled with so much emotion. victim impact statements, there were nine of them including from colleen ritzer's father. a dad's job is to protect his family. i didn't protect colleen. a dad's job is to fix things. i would do anything if i could fix this for colleen . >> reporter: one by one testimony leand friends of murdered danvers high math teacher colleen ritzer delivered gut wrenching victim impact statements inside salem support i don't remember court while convicted teen killer phillip showing no emotion . they not only lost their sister but the sister they loved they lost their parents especially the mother that they knew. the person that i was. the person that i will never be again. instead, they now have a mother


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