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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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parents and six licks of murdered danvers iteacher colleen ritzer just hours before the convicted teen killer would be sentenced . i lost my beautiful little girl. colleen was my daughter, my friend, someone i could go to for anything. colleen was irreplaceable and i miss my best friend every day. the world is a much darker place without colleen in it. >> reporter: ritter was raped and murdered by the then 14 14-year-old chisolm back in 2013 hen he brutally attacked his 24 24-year-old math teacher inside a girl's bathroom at danvers high before stuffing her body in a recycling barrel and toughing it in the woods behind the school. colleen's mother during an emotional statement recalled the chilling moment when police told . we were not told that colleen had been found but that they had found colleen's body in school. i only asked two questions. how and they told me with a box cutter and who? was it the student? and they said yes .
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recent ruling by the supreme court when it comes to juveniles convicted of first and before sentencing chisolm sentence him to 40 years before being eligible for parole justice lowey addressed the events of three years ago . it's hard to imagine a family to endure. do you want to say anything to the family? >> reporter: his mother left without comment as did his legal team . >> reporter: are you satisfied with the judge's decision . i have no comment. i have no comment. have no comment. >> reporter: . >> reporter: phillip chisolm will remain in a juvenile facility until his 18th birthday then he will be relocated to the maximum state prison at cedar junction at walpole and he is first eligible for parole in the year 2056 when he turns 54.
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cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: the family of colleen ritzer voicing some frustration after today's sentencing. byron barnett joins us now with more on their reaction today. byron? >> reporter: well, tom and peggy ritzer say they feel devastate and betrayed over the sentencing. they say that their murdered daughter won't get a second chance and neither should her killer. today's sentence is un unacceptable in the laws must be changed . patriots of colleen ritzer outraged their daughter's killer will be eligible for parole after just 40 years. they say 17-year-old phillip chisolm should be locked up for the rest of his life with no chance of parole. they blasted decision by the state supreme court to outlaw life with no parole sentences for juveniles. that decision just two months after colleen ritzer's murder in 2013. chisolm was 14 at the time . the decision of the sjc is not only disrespectful to
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took, who love her. the sjc's decision was a bow trail to all victims and their families. >> reporter: the ritzer's say when chisolm comes up for parole they or their children will be there to oppose it . we will have to relive that day with every hearing as tom and i age, colleen's brother and sister dan and laura will assume this responsibility. however we want to be very clear at every parole hearing our family's voice, colleen's voice, will be heard. certainly given the facts of this case which could not be more horrific i believe somebody who commits murder in the first-degree should not have parole eligibility. >> reporter: the ratters say they hope the governor and legislature will amend this law that was changed by the sjc. they say while it won't provide justice for colleen, they hope that it will help future victims in their families.
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i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: oh breaking news part of the mark wahlberg's huh movie about the boston marathon bombing will not be fill in watertown. the filmmakers wanted to re recreate the shootout between the marathon bowlers and police on the actual street where it happened. they even wept around asking people who live there if it was all right. it turns out though they will have to find another location watertown officials releasing a statement and it says this. upon further reflection, filming the recreation of the watertown shootout when policen counter the boston marathon bowlers at the intersection of dexter avenue and laurel street is not in the best interest of watertown. >> anchor: more begging news coming from the campaign trail . this really meant a lot . >> anchor: a shocking endorse endorsement for donald trump. new jersey governor chris christie says he is backing the new york billionaire for president. the two made the announcement this afternoon in texas where trump is campaigning ahead of course of super tuesday . >> anchor: let's get over to tim caputo live in the control
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it's another boost for the g.o.p. front runner who surged just can't be slowed. new jersey governor chris christie who was once a contend contender in this race now backing billionaire businessman donald trump. christie's endorsement comes just one day after trump butted heads with senators marco rubio and ted cruz at the debate h houston, texas. trump who had dismissed the importance endorsements said he feels strongly about this one. today kristi said he is backing trump because he is most likely to win. the single most important thing for the republican party is to nominate the person who gives us the best chance to beat hilary clinton. i can guarantee you that the one person that hillary an bill clinton did not want to see on that stage come next september is donald trump. they know how to run to run the play book around the block. they do not know the play book with donald trump because he is . >> anchor: charlie baker who at one point backed crossrity said he is priced by christie's
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he said his endorsement doesn't . the early days of presidential campaign i said how i feel about donald trump and i next president of the united states needs to be somebody with a proven track record of working well with others and being able to collaborate and cooperate and as i've said before, i don't . >> anchor: governor baker would not reveal who he thinks is the best remaining candidate. he said he hasn't decided just yet but he knows for sure he will not vote for trump. live in the control room, tim caputo, 7 news . >> anchor: also on 7, a costly collision in west bridgewater. a man find himself trapped and in trouble after smashing his su suv into a home. he actually got pinned underneath the suv. he was thrown out of the drivers seat when he hit the house. jonathan hall live on the scene with the very latest. it looked like a chevy tahoe or one of those full size suv's, jon? >> reporter: you are right.
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police in west bridgewater say two days in a row now they have had vehicles ramming houses. likely do you to distracted driving. this was a wild scene and police say they are lucky here that the only person injured was in fact the driver. >> reporter: an suv rams a house. a man is pinned. a frantic neighbor fears a pedestrian has been run down. there is a guy under a van, a car hit a guy that's under a van . >> anchor: the chevy tahoe's 25 25-year-old driver trapped after skidding off the road striking a tree and slamming into the home. and elderly woman was sleeping and escaped injury at 6:30 this morning. she was in bed and she was scared to death. got a car that flies 30 feet through the air and smashes into the front of your house i imagine makes quite a noise . >> anchor: john had said the crash came just 20 minutes later kids would have been waiting to airbus at this house.
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charges. >> anchor: there was supposedly a witness to the actual crash since speed was obvious low a factor . >> anchor: first responders freed the driver but he had been trapped 20 to 30 minutes. these trucks are equipped with the jaws of life of course but on this particular call another tool came in handy. the fire fighters lifted the tahoe using inflatable rubber air bags. this fireman is using tanks used for breathing in fires to in inplate that air bag . we have a very limited space to get into and lift the vehicle. the air bags come in handy. handy.. >> anchor: the unidentified driver is in boston hospital. he expected to survive his injury and also expected to face likely criminal charges. police are subpoenaing cell phone records. they want to see if he was text texting while driving. they say it's also possible he could face an operating under the influence charms. they are looking into that possibility.
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jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: question, one man is dead after his car rolled over on 195 in somerset today. police say the man was ejected from the car during the rollover rollover. authorities closed off the right and middle lanes to clear the crash. all lanes are now open. a maynard fire fighter is now behind bars. he is charged with rapping a child back in 1991. now 59-year-old james mcgilvery in court for allegedly sexually adult is aing that child. the veteran fireman is being held on bail. the department said he will hold a hearing next month on whether he will be fired. for now he is on administrative leave. >> anchor: and there is more newser' following today. the aerial tram way at cannon mountain has been cleared for takeoff. it comes two weeks after it experienced a mechanic aproblem. those skiers needed to be evacuated, lowered to the ground by a harness. cannon mountain tweeted out this picture saying the tram's 5,000
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good to go. set to reopen tomorrow. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 0 clock a special mission in westboro. how a community is going above and beyond to help a two two-year-old girl battling cancer. approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our
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potential... unless we all do. together.
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in a school west borrow is on a meaningful mission to help a little girl with a cancer. two-year-old mira is suffering from a relapse of luke only what what.
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a bone more owe transplant . >> anchor: today her school is lend a helping hand to get her the help she needs. 7's susan tran live in west borrow with more on this story. susan in? >> reporter: adam, while she is fighting at mass general dozens of her friends and strang strangers all came here to her school. this i have been filling out these forms and just making sure that they can check to see if they a and a half. they are actually just taking a swab, going along their cheek of this will send it in and hope hopefully find a map for mira. tethered if a tank elf lines, dripping into this little two and a half-year-old's body toxic chemotherapy drugs. you went to show how big you are now? >> anchor: and still mira manages to reminute a pretty typical toddler. it seems cruel just as her beautiful thick hair came back so did her leukemia . if they don't treat her, the disease will kill her in two weeks.
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it just progresses rapidly. won you are done, go inside . >> reporter: now her family needs to rely on the kindness of strayingers to save her life . she does not deserve this. she deserves to live a childhood without this. >> reporter: mira's school organized a bone marrow drive hoping this quick cheek swab will be the tee key to finding a donor . theiredian heritage makes finding a match difficult . it's a very noble gift and a miracle drug that only one person can save another person's life. >> reporter: until mira finds a donor she decide to these lines fighting her cancer with only chemo. see wants to go home every day now. why are we here? where is mommy? >> reporter: fortunately this time they don't have to fight this battle alone.
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to wage war with them. choosing between the deep and the deep sea and the devil. what do you choose? we know the road ahead is hard but there is still a road. >> reporter: doctors say that bone marrow donation has advanced so much it's basically now just donating blood. if you want more information about an upcoming driver to get a kit sent to you, all you have to do is go to our web site live in west borrow, susan tran, 7 news. weekend with a warming trend.
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next.. >> reporter: clear skies for ton of we'll hold on to sunshine through the weekend i'm little chilly tomorrow then we warm it right back up as we work into sunday and next weekend. normal high 41. so tomorrow 39. again pretty close to normal. sunday, monday and tuesday high temperatures middle and upper 50's. warmest winter ever! well pretty close. we are at number two. meteorological winter and again when me s we want to find out the temperatures for a season we look at the three coldest months of the year. december, january, february. and so right now we're on pace for number two and we have a couple of warm days ahead, the 28th and 29th so maybe we can get over there and get number
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one of the coldest and then of course the record snow blitz. what a turn around. 30's right now the city at 32. wind is still an issue. a cold wind and you will have that through the evening hours so if you are heading out this evening to celebrate the week or whatever windy, co, win chills running in the teens to around 20. feels like 20 in town. the wind will fade away. temperatures this evening in the mostly clear. lows in the teens to around 20 with high pressure in new england right now and it stays with you with us for a few days and again we're told tomorrow. seasonal though. the temperatures tomorrow upper 30's to around 40 then high pressure find a home south of new england an when it happens, it will grab this milder air in the central and southern plains and pull it into new england and that's why we see the warmer conditions on the way so. there owes goes the warm front. the front edge of the warmer air cruises through new england tomorrow night that will be about it. sunday features mix of clouds and sunshine and so does monday of next week. temperatures for the next few days running in the middle and
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cold tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon upper 30's to around 40. boston tomorrow afternoon around 40. north of town upper 30's. back into the worcester hill the temperatures reach the middle 30's and again no as much wind as there was out there today. you take the wind out of the equation you are doing okay. chatham mostly sunny skies temperature in the upper third as. there is your warm front in the morning but a warm day. temperatures on sunday easily into the 50's so the numbers tomorrow in the upper 30's and then as we work toward sunday boston around 51 on sunday and then we head toward the middle and upper 50's for early next week your 7 on 7 forecast wednesday that will be our next storm with a couple of rain showers. temperatures middle of next week still way above normal. have a great weekend. >> reporter: fresh off their most important win of the season the bruins look to duplicate
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penguins in rally tonight. thanks it a 5-1 win claude julien's team entering the weekend tied for second in the atlantic division with tampa bay and reanswer very much in the hunt for home ice in the play playoffs. bruins making quick pit stop in rally before turning being to boston for a four-game homestand homestand. a tough stretch including tilts against the lightning blackhawks and capitols despite whipping by four goals wednesday night the bruins still have a minus 14 goal differential at home this year while their plus 31 on the road no matter where they play tukka rask knows the b's can be at the top of their game. they simply follow the script from wednesday night. hen we keep playing within our game plan get things happening and today was a great example. we got to make it 3-1 and therefore changed anything and the other team has to take chances and then they make mistake and we capitalize on
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hasn't always been the case. that was something . we lucked out right before the defender came over i don't know if he found a way to get it to me. he threw a helluva pass . i seen him before i through it. when i through it i couldn't see him no more so i'm glad he stayed this that corner. >> reporter: isaiah thomas capping off the bucks with a game high 27 points last night. but no look behind that past to jay in the corner as the moment that will be talked about a whole lot more than anything he put down on the stat sheet. tom was ing at practice the pats broke the internet. let's put the stop points aside. the all-starsric louse assist on call at a crucial point in the game. celtics clinging to a slim four point edge late in the fourth quarter.
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of what brad stephenson stealing on causeway street. like you say we play for each other and iget other guys going. if we don't have the right shot, guys make the right play that is what this team is about . we're open off by four. it looked like moo michael want wanted to cut them off a few times and big man came over and literally pulled it out of his ( (expletive) on that one. that was a great pass. he through it to the situation, do you know what i i'm saying? us needing a shot and a play. >> reporter: turner always one with words after i long shot to begin with but there will be no reunion in boston for joe john johnson. the 7 time all-star reportedly set the sign with miami after clearing waivers tomorrow choosing the heat over the cavaliers and every other team that was more of a contender than momenty. the 15 year vet heading to south beach feeling he will assume a large erole with the heat. the bc women as hockey team remains perfect. the eagle beating maine 5-2 in
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quarter finals and improving to 35 and 0. that's sports . >> anchor: thanks so much. >> anchor: we hope you can stay right. there counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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>> anchor: thank you soap for joining us today.
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>> reporter: i'm aam williams hoping you can come back for 7 news at ten ohhing clog on cw 56 56. have a great weekend.
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breaking news tonight. trump bombshell. chris christie shocks the political world by endorsing the front-runner hours after marco rubio unloaded on trump at the debate brawl. one of the most dramatic campaign days ever. nbc news investigates amid allegations from uniio the inside story of how undocumented workers worked at the site of trump tower. mass shooting horror. 4 dead, 1 wounded as a gunman opens fire in a workplace. a hero cop taking him down. tonight, what we've learned happened in the hours before the massacre. zika in america. the cdc warns of a surge in cases.


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