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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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7 news at 6 right even suz 7 news at 6 starts out in. first at 6 tragedy in kri appear rookie police officeringly from new hampshire is shot and killed on her first day on the job. officer ashley guindon was am ambushed with when a responding to a domestic shooting incident. police have a suspect in custody as they try to figure out exactly what went wrong. we have a team seven coverage the tragedy. we begin with john cuoco in newsroom. officer guindon grew in merrimac new hampshire he was killed in line of duty doing job she feld
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firefighters lined streets to honor newly sworn officer killed in the line of duty. >> officer ashley guindon took oath to seven and protect on friday. saturday, was her first official day on the job. that evening she and two other officers were responding to domestic disturbance in wood bridge, virginia. about 30 miles outside dc. when shots were fired at around 5:30. all three officers were hit, guindon died from her injuries. she clearly had a passion to serve others in way that went beyond herself. officer guindon was born in springfield. her family later moved to merrimac, new hampshire where she went to high school. a little piece of us dies in every law enforcement officer to know that this is an individual who member of our larger merry ma mac community family too makes it even more difficult to a try to reconcile localally. our condolences go out to sh aly mother and extended family as well as all of her loved ones throughout this department. and beyond. >> when more officers arrived on scene saturday, ronald hamilton
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>> as i understand he's an armed and stationed at the pentagon. authorities also found his wife 29-year-old crystal hamilton dead from gunshot wounds. >> hamilton, has charged that the point with capital murder of a police officer. first degree murder involving his wife and a malicious wounding of law enforcement officers two counts of those. and involving other two officers who were wounded as a result of this investigation. other two officers are being treated at the hospital. doctors say they tend avalena expect a full recovery. >> and hamilton is scheduled to be arraigned monday morning i've live in newsroom john cuoco, 7 news. officer ashley guindon grew up just minutes of north massachusetts bored mer merrimac, new hampshire tonight her neighbors are in shock with something like this could have happened. seven chris anderson has more from merrimac. sadness spreading across merrimac new hampshire sunday after tragic death of obvious
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very saddened to see somebody so young and first day on the job get killed. a guindon a farmer marine that graduated from merrimac high school in 2005 was a newly sworn in police officer in prince william county, virginia. she was shot and killed saturday night while responding to a domestic dispute. it's such a tragic thing for us a law enforcement family but erin more so for surviving law enforcements. a makeshift mef moral forming in front guindon's mother home in merrimac. residents including this firefighter and his family paying their respects to ashley. and neighbors are still in shock. >> i didn't even know it was her daughter until this morning. i can't imagine being, you know, in her position at all. merrimac police officers also helped guindon's mother sharon with her luggage and took her and sh aly aunt to the airport to flight to virginia. the chief says their focus is now on ashley family. we made sure she understands that we as a law enforcement community here in merrimac are there so serve her and support her in whatever she is going through.
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attended to. ashley guindon lost her father in 2004. and wrote about him in her high school year book. as i take flight it only makes me closer to you daddy and live for something rather than die for nothing. >> students at merrimac high school were on february vacation last week when they returned to class tomorrow. the school's principal says there will be a moment of silence to remember ashley guindon. in merrimac chris anderson, 7 news. >> also on 7, police are searching for answers now after a man was found dead outside a home in a chelsea overnight. that's where we find 7's kelli o'hara tonight with what we're learning about the investigation. >> good evening john. police have been out here all day long. investigators with at district attorney's office along with chelsea police, they just wrapped up their crime scene tape. they've in and outside of this how trying to figure out exactly how that man died. >> crazy. yeah. neighbors stunned to wake up
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crime scene tape and evidence tags lining their quiet chelsea neighborhood. >> it's a shame. a 34-year-old man was found lying on the sidewalk, neighbors say he was left for dead. when police found him neighbors tell seven news it was all by accident. >> they came for domestic or something. and when they got here they found a body on the corner. the guy was beaten up and found him on the street. all investigators will say is that when the victim was a discovered on the sidewalk he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. detectives say they are looking into at death and it's believed to be suspicious. >> and anyone with any information is exactly how this 34-year-old man died is asked to call police immediately. in chelsea tonight, kelli o'hara, seven news. all eyes are on super tuesday after hillary clinton took south carolina by storm. on republican i donald trump and ted cruz are going head to head with new polls showing that trump is the clear front runner this week. and nbc jennifer johnson has the latest.
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south carolina, hillary clinton worked the crowd sunday in tennessee. a super tuesday state. >> i need your help on tuesday. the tennessee primary is really important. clinton clobbered bernie sanders by roughly 50 percentage points. we got decimated. nasty what happened among oler african americans it was pathetic. a new nbc wall street journal poll shows donald trump trailing ted cruz and cruise's home state of a texas on super tuesday. but trump beating both cruz and marco rubio in georgia and tennessee with 30 and 40 percent of the votes. cruz and rubino around attacking trump, cruz good taxes the time unveil him for what ais donald trump is nothing but a first rate conartist who as trying to carry out the old edge con. the fact that donald seems terrified to release his taxes suggests that there's a bombshell there. trump says he reefed loo financial records but can't show tax returns because ice under an
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until the audit is completed, obviously i wouldn't show anything. i'll show it as soon as it completed i have nothing to hide. cruz is warning conservatives trump train could be unstoppable if the front runner rolls to big victories tuesday. >> for republican contender there are 595 delegates at stake on super tuesday. why that date is so critical for trump, kru and marco rubio who hasn't won a caucus or primary yet. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. today senator ed markey taking a substance in battle against opoid. and joining forces with hillary clinton. a doors ad presidential hopeful in news conference today. a miss clinton is first candidated to a release a plan to address the drug crisisproposal to spend $10 billion to expand treatment and recovery services. we need someone in the presidency who understands the
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understands the that this is now the epidemic in our society. so, hillary clinton has made this a 450ig priority. in 2014 more than 1300 people died from opoid overdoses here in massachusetts. stop and shop workers threatening a strike and protest area union leaders met to a negotiate a healthcare and pension and wages. but they couldn't come to agreement. now union leaders say workers all over new england may strike if stop and shop does not agree to the union's new contract terms. >> any company has audacity to come to us to ask forgive back when they are kind making shameful profits they are making we're going to have a problem a big problem. >> stop and shop says it wants to cut benefits and wages for new employees. a deal in a union workers do not want to accept. negotiations will continue this week.
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flames. fire started about 4:30 this morning. with a family sleeping inside. they got out okay. crew surrounding towns were called to the scene on willow road to help fight the flames. one fireman was injured and out. >> help from ladder 21. engine 21. we have one firefighter taken to the hospital for observation. at this point still no word on the cause of that fire. >> and a straight ahead on 7 news at 6 o'clock, it's a red carpet affair out in hollywood. the biggest for entertainment industry kicking off in just a few hours. films. and we'll enjoying mild temperatures for next few days. but it doesn't look like winter is done with us just yet.
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by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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it is big it is biggest night for enter tarment industry all year long. a lot riding on tonight academy awards. a movie based on a boston globe investigation could really steal the show. so the other big question, will tonight be a leonardo's night if the a "the revenant" could be a refer lags tonight. frontier epic lever the way with 12 oscar nomination including one for its star. leonardo dicaprio is 100 percent lock to win best actor. it would his first but his
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year in row fifrs time in 65 years a direct has won back to back oscar and only third time ever. the "the revenant"'s also a best picture front runner faces challenge for a two films that have guild award favorites. still a chance like a more crowd pleasing film could upset. no upset expected for best actress first time nominee bri larson a heavy favorite to live for room. it really just stunned people. everything i got is moved on. and first time oscar likely for sylvester stalone as supporting actor in creed. he's playing rocky 40 years later after he first played rocky and was nominated for the performance and didn't win night most anticipated moment could be opening monologue from chris rock. >> let's do this. >> and with the academy diversity issue on everyone's minds host chris rock is expected to set his comedic sites on the controversy. >> a local stuff good for support light.
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damon i saw good will hunting almost 20 year he was nominated for best actor in a leading rolei know leo is going to win. but still route for matt. after moving here i wovpd the movie again then we would drive by things --. oh, yeah i know that bar. >> and today was at gorgeous day to get outside. bri. it was and despite the clouds we will still being seeing stars tonight how many years have we been routing. how about tomorrow isolated showers? i've got all details coming up. coming up next in 7 sports nhl trade deadline is tomorrow. he could a training and could resigned. but possibilities are pretty much endless in terms of three
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all right there aren't many days we get a taste of spring in let february around these parts. it felt good. great to see people outside running about shorts on and makes me think this time last year, bri when we had all the snow still. >> what, last year? i've blocked that out. we had some fantastic weather recently. even saw pictures of people getting in the water a carson beach. i don't know if i go that far. but meteorological interwith is wrapping up for us tomorrow. astronomical winter we still have 20 days ago to a first official day of spring it does feel more like intin beginning of spring with temperatures nearing 60 degrees in most spots. pretty incredible. number one for the most days. 50 degrees or above in the winter for the city of boston. and last winter it took until march 4th to even climb above 40 degrees. so yes, this is far cry from last winter. current temperatures still holding in the 50s. bedford down through norwood a 52. 51 for the city of boston. 47 for worcester.
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you may have noticed that today. coming out of the south and southwest. it is an ushering in that milder air. and with the temperature above 50 we don't have to factor in a windchill. nevertheless, still good to pack on layers if you're going outside overnight tonight. few clouds out there for us right now. overnight tonight i think mostly clear as that mild air continues to stream in from the southwest. then we turn our attention to this system just to our west. the cold front is what will move through our area. and it is getting weaker as it getting closer to our back door. so we're not going to see a whole lot out of this but some isolated showers tomorrow, around midday into the early afternoon. a possibility for us. i give it about 20 percent shot. not a wash out by any means. we still make it into the 50s as we get into tomorrow afternoon. and we still will get to see some of the sunshine. look at these temperatures, very similar to what w had today. sxi and i wouldn't be surprised if one or two spots actually do hit that 60-degree mark. that's not out question either.
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some wet weather will come on wednesday. windy as well. and here's what we know so far with that system. models still not coming into line. i do think about half an inch to an inch of rainfall expected. and this is rain for the most part. gusty south, south winds 40 to the 50 mile per hour gusts expected a possible brief change over it a wintery mix, very early on thursday. we're thinking more overnight wednesday into thursday. so looking at the time line here, warm front push throughs overnight tuesday and into wednesday. we see rain. mostly with this event. then the cold front tries to make its way in overnight wednesday into thursday. and again, brief mix is a possibility. because look at how these that system. we are back with winter-like weather. mostly clear overnight tonight. a bit breezy bombing out in 30s for lows very mild night. mild morning a bit breezy tomorrow 54 to 60.
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colder temperatures. coastal storm. but for now, looks like it stays to the south of us. joe amorosino. bruins and lightning set for a show down tonight with a both teams 74 points tied for second as bs fight for play off spot, this season they have an eye on the future as well. with at trade deadline less than 24 hours away. erickson big question mark tonight could his final game in black and god bruins have three options they can resign the free agent to be play out the rest season with erickson team second leading scorer or complete a trade by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. 7's trey daerr has more from the garden as dawn sweeny gets first first trade deadline at bruins general manager. the bruins hosting tampa bay lightning tonight inside the garden. just one day away from the nhl trade deadline.
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most talked about guy for the bruins. we made offer and haven't able to find deal at this point in time. so sort of status quo on that front. you realize what he's impacted our night after night. and, it's significant. so we'd have to look to make sure that interest wernl we could have guys that can help more than likely bring in a player that whether in one move or subsequent moves fill that gap to me it would be a big loss for a hockey club for sure. sweeny clearly indicate a loss of would be very impactful to this team. and also indicated they won't necessarily give back a guy can immediately transcript on the other end. reporting inside td garden, trey daerr, seven sports. so far only move from done sweeny today placing zach reynaldo on waiver as guy he gave up a third round pick for in the off season. reynaldo lived up to his reputation spending time in the penalty box racking up a team
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we'll have much more from garth to find sports extra as count down ticks closer a kevin paul dupont joins us with his take on what bruins should do a mark from 98.5 the sports in studio as we take look at three of the worst contracts in baseball. all three belong to the red sox. that's tonight at 11:25 right here on 7 nbc. the red sox start up their spring training schedule tomorrow afternoon with their annual double header against boston college and northeastern. this year it is absolutely worth watching as hanley ramirez will make as much anticipated debut at first base against boston college. rodriguez will not pitch tomorrow. he shut down for the next 74 hours as an mri today revealed a patella sub lacks asian of his right knee. a temporary dislocation of the kneecap. rodriguez suffered the injury catching a spike on the turf shagging spy balls yesterday morning john farrell says there
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appear cartilage and ligaments is fine but there is some swelling. >> turn to the basket. what nice play by marcus smart. turner gotten him back in the game. >> even turner and a celtics bench leading the way to a key win over miami yesterday. the celtics have won ten straight at the garden and now have two-game cushion over heat for third place. danny ainge kept rossi intact a tread deadline and jared is thankful. we didn't make a trade, throughout season. or, at the deadline. and i think that's the biggest thing last couple of years players in and out we develop a trust with the guys in the locker room now. and we're just, we're just moving forward and playing the best basketball we can play. play of the day, brought by cap at that time one.
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records for steph curry breaking his own mark for three pointer and tying record fors are threes in game 12 coming from nearly 40 feet away. pulling up for that dagger 0.6 seconds curry beats the buzzer and thunder in overtime. earning our play of the day. that's sports. we'll have sports extra tonight at 11:25. all right joe, thank you. and we will be rig so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing. it's making choices for a healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path and i love it. the path to a healthier you starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of
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on this sunday night, trump slammed. the frontrunner drawing fire from fellow republicans and democrats tonight for refusing to condemn the former leader of the ku klux klan. and bernie sanders looks for a path forward after hillary clinton's south carolina landslide. fallen hero. officer and former marine killed on the job just one day after she's sworn in. tonight, the small town police department in mourning. young guns. the intense debate in one state that would allow the smallest hands to put their fingers on a trigger.


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