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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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injustice an investigation underway as witnesses and police tell different stories. >> and a teen badly burned after an explosion the device that caused his serious injuries. >> 7news at 5:30, starts right now. >> we have breaking news here first at 5:30 final report on the run away red line train is out. and it contains pictures from insides of the cab of the train that took off without a driver. there is your look today driver is off the job. we are learning more about moment that led up to train heading down tracks with no one at the controls. we are joined with more on brain
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time. . low incomair yeah. of the city. hundreds protest in utah calling for action after 17 year old boy shot by police over the weekend protesters march through salt lake city and ending police
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against police brew dalty. saying teen wrong dpul legal shot by officers on saturday. police say the teen was >> . >> can we do better? can we do better? i think we can. first we need to listen. and if can listen we can learn. >> shooting is being investigated in officer who fired the his weapon there is on administrative leave officer at police department in pennsylvania say they were food by ukrainian man who imperson is a at anyed teenager adened local hospital there for years. police chief says, a fake drivers licence and social card helped get arthur who went by the name asher pots into academy. the last week. he was actually 23, was arrested and now faces several charges including, identity theft. >> it is disheartening.
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lengths that he went on to. >> he now also facing sexual assault charges in connection to relationship he had with the high school students. >> . >> caught on camera wild police chase thaw streets of florida police helicopter, catching pier suit four suspect speeding way in stolen car. then the suspect ditched car in run away not even bother put car in park. that's when two of men stealing another car before again ditching to run away. they start running through backyards to get away frightening people who live in that area. >> be she said, guys booming her. she got scared. >> two of the suspects were caught and arrested police are still searching for two others. >> also caught on camera. thieves still money from girl scout florida police say than took the girl's cash box while me was selling cookies outside wal-mart. officials have not said how much money suspect stole the community has you can imagine outraged by what happened. >> taking from a kid.
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girl scout. is one of lower forms. >> p of right now police are still searching for that suspect. >> and we are following proper news today a -- warning though. these images you may find disturbing. colorado teen, badly burned this happened by an exploding e cigarette it blew up in pocket now teenager on roads recovery and he says he want to warn others not to make this same mistakes. seven syria french has the story. lying in hospital bed, 17 year old marcus is doing his best to remain positive. >> seeing your hole leg puzzled and all black don't make you feel too good about yourself. covered bandage. still kind of burns he is recovering from second and third degree burns. >> whole left side of my thy all of way down to like about halfway on calf this what injuries looked like after he says vaporizing battery exploded in his pocket while at school.
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get my jacket. on other side of classroom. five steps within that. sparks started flying. literally some like welding -- taking local hospital. burn unit recover. his can did he. sustained >> this plastic reconstructive surgeon says marcus not alone in is injuries. >> in past six months we have seen an increase in a number of burn patients as well as traumatic injury patients in relation to electronic significant retz and battery operated vapor device. information his favor says people and specifically teenagers need to know. you see kids you are going there is ticking time bomb is that one going to blow blow up. >> that oning and catch this kid on fire. high mess sfaj will be hertz by his peers. and prevents others from stlog lie in same bed that he is now in. >> i just feel they know who
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get rid of it or something. marcus already yawn gone one surgery. will need at least two more. teen says, given up vapor pen hopes others do the same thing. >> in news room. i am sara french 7news. researcher found evidence zika some scary symptoms group -- kyoto born virus and paralyzing condition known as -- almost 90% study patients reported zika like symptoms days before noticing decline like the inability to walk. syndrome typically last few weeks experts say they need more evidence to confirm that potential link. >> and estimate ahead on seven takes bizarre turn. a suspect using a shocking strategy to escape from the police. then at 6:00 super tuesday is underway. live look at polls right now. you can see people lined up there as fight to finish as voter continue to pour in. and new twist for the saint patrick's day parade in boston
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uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. >> police office driven to a detracks shun on california highway investigator say man
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children before leading police on wild prur suit. put the chase would soon take another bizarre turn. yes police say suspect used family to escape andry right now man still on the run. >> low speed, and high stakes. all over the paint riding shoulder. trying to get pass some of traffic. play by play from the air. calling dangerous game on the ground. >> he not going to get very far you can run but you can't hide. hours long ordeal in southern california. kicked off with a kidnapping. notion suspect would test east of los angeles shortly before 5:00 last night there police get domestic view answer call police suspect kidnapping his girlfriend and two young children boys age 1 and 5 heading south in hummer police pursuing just not very fast. >> he not breaking any speed records. the chase bold, but mild. slow but long. spaning multiple highways i couple hours 40 mines south through overing county.
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the suspect on the phone with the negotiators. hands cuffs on rearview mirror hello kitty on window before on run finally in coming top. >> lowers past tejdz moment california highway patrol was with guns drawn the man desperate. several times opening the door stabbed outside with the baby. and then going back in. five year even popping his head in and out of sun roof. then, just after about 10:00 the suspect makes his move. accepting woman and children around the vehicle and then making break for the hills shots fired. but man escapes today, police say want and her two children not hurt. >> well, coming up a tough loss for basketball team that celebrated well like second too soon. the crushing defeat. caught on camera. >> and we are tracking rain and winds for the morning commute. forecast is coming up next and then at 6:002 brothers accused shocking crime in bellingham disturbing discover are that led
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also all eyes on super tuesday. voters hit is polls. this live look right now at peabody we have seven team
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before while finish. to division three boys basketball state title game in rhode island over the weekend. player stole the ball and threw up high in the air over the head he thinking time had expired he and his team mates think they won game opposing player caught ball and called time out as one second left. that team then sent up prayer alley oop and scored right before the buzz her to win that title. 60-59.
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we talking about that game for long time. >> they will til their grands combidz that one. you can't celebrate too soon. >> can you. let's talk about weather. it was nice for us first of march for sure good first day of march we did have some changes a little bit winter weather tonight. it is. yes. here you go first of march average high 42. average low of 27. sunrise this morning at 6:19. going down -- actually check that just the one down 20 minutes. >> by the end of month average high of 50 degrees average low 36. so it is months where winter usually has hard time letting go although this is winter there has not been much winter but you can still pick up snow months of march. and i think we are going to see a little bit of snow on friday. although not from tonight's storm it is primarily just rain it could be couple burst of some sleet pellets. awoefr hills. but even out there >> here is that increasing daylight through the months of march. by the end of the month we pick up additional hour and 15 minutes of daylight. and of course don't forget about
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as well that's why by the end ever month we got sun sets after 7:00. right now boston, 38. fitchburg at 43. as we look down the 95 corridor. new york 45 d.c. 60. pitsburgh at 64. i am opinioning temperatures out because this is an another storm where warm air going to win battle. in new england here storm system right here. this had will past down the saints lawrence river valley. about when those storms do that, by now hopefully you know they mean rain that's what storms have been doing this winter. so your storm time line midnight tonight you see a little bit pink right here. so that's why i think we might have a little bit of cold air leading to a litle bit icing and perhaps couple of sleet pellets you know grounds relatively warm as well we are months march that sunshine grounds absorbed it owe >> like grace or you involvment i think maybe twigs tree limbs would be it.
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>> morning commute bit trick because of rain. winds in that winds will be fooit out south tomorrow morning. gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour even higher at times. cape cod wind advisory for both capes during day tomorrow. even back worcester hills tomorrow. winds will be a little bit feisty. gusting 30 to 35 miles per hour. so tomorrow morning, it is messy commute but feet like spring. 50s tomorrow morning. and then evening commute, feel like winter. temperature going wrong direction and then go downhill dramatically during afternoon hours. near 30 tomorrow afternoon. thursday cold day. here is the another storm says that i am will pass south of new england. on friday. right now it does not look like direct hit. but these storms have been rather shifty this winter but the thinking being right now is just glancing blow metro aabove south shore. you folks down along south coast and cape i think you may have few hours of some set delight snow down those location on cape. 13 inches of snow and then as we
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doing one day snows and next day you head another 60s see you in a bit. >> >> and good evening to you. >> we are keeping a close eye on today's primaries dozen states up for grab hours before the polls close here in massachutes. we also following more news including disturbing discovery in bellingham two brothers, accused stealing checkbook from a deadman. it is twisted story that does not end there. and, it is history. in general de. this year's saint patrick's day, pair read in southie getting cut short. we here is hope you joins. energy supply rates keep going up and down.
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>> join us every one there another 30 minutes of 7news straight ahead. >> 7news at 6:00 starts right now. >> 12 states up for grabs fronts front runners ready for battle. while the rest, struggle to play catch up. plus, voter turning out in huge numbers. could be record in massachutes. rain and winds tomorrow morning. much colder by tomorrow night. and disturbing discovery in bellingham. two brotherses facing serious charges.
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>> 7news at 6:00 starts right now. >> now on seven. the time has come, >> they can cancel election right now. nobody can win. nobody. >> you know america never stopped being great. we have got great american hole whole struggling candidates vying for votes. vote for donald trump tomorrow, is vote for hillary clinton in november. >> voters taking to the phones >> now it is time for massachutes to lead the polictical revolution. >> to have their voice heaved on super tuesday. >> here in massachutes, people voicing their choice in the state primary right now you are looking apt one of pomming places this one happens to be in awhoa. and, we are less than two hours away from the polls closing. here in state of massachutes >> and there lot on the line not just here. nationwide there are 12 states up for grabs some of them looking like an easy win for some candidates while others, just too close to call. as a result start pouring right
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have team coverage of the super tuesday primaries. let's get started with kimberly in the control room looking at democratic candidates. well you know after crushing defeat in south carolina, some thing hillary clinton unstoppable but not her rival bernie sanders and sit down interview with me during the campaign stop in milton he says he young voters working people, and independence, going to the polls for him. >> senator bernie sanders cast his vote his state of vermont. he counting on winning there and for states including massachutes. but even if does not, he in it until end 15 states voted. so last i heard we 50 states in the united states. >> the bay state sanders turf many ways. there lots of students and progressives and close to vermont. but secretary hiblg has backing of almost all of the massachutes, democratics establishments. >> we have taken o you will all of that. >> interestingly the one delegate who has not come forward, is senator warren. someone who shares lot of same views as you any know you always


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