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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  July 27, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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we're following breaking news for you right here at 4:30. boston mayor marty walsh just addressing the madia about the tragic death of the 7-year-old kaiser willis in south boston yesterday. >> the antibiotic's body was found in the water. adam williams joins us now at breaking news desk with all the details. >> yeah, police say they're speaking to camp counselors and exmily to try to figure out 7-year-old kaiser willis of dorchester juan wandered off from a sump camp just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. it was a four-hour frantic search before rescue crews located the boy's body in the waters off carson beach early yesterday evening. boston mayor marty walsh abruptly left the democratic national convention in philadelphia to come back to the city after learning about what had happened. walsh met with the child's
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they are devastated. >> this is a tough day. it was a tough day yesterday. >> just a horrible day. very difficult to put in words. >> the mayor also said the director of the curly community center where the tragedy happened is now on paid administrative leave while officials investigate. in our newsroom at the breaking news desk. i'm adam williams, 7news. right now. >> police are asking people to avoid the area. jonathan hall live on the phone with the very latest. you don't know much, but fill us in what you do know. >> yeah, route 28 is closed from deer crossing plaza and south gate village, another business section right across the street, all the way to the falmouth town line. this is the 700 block of falmouth road. crews have placed orange barrels on the pavement to blob the
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drive. sky 7 is above, we are not showing live video because of the situation. but police tactical units from responded with high-powered weapons. they've surrounded a building where several businesses are located in an industrial park. social media posts indicate people who work in that area have been evacuated, told to stay away from windows if they are inside. police are giving no information about what type of situation they're dealing with, but stress this is not an act of shooter more coming up at 5:00, reporting live in mashpee, jo than hall, 7news. also on 7, three people shot overnight in matapan. the call came in just after midnight. one person shot in the chest, the other two victims are expected to be okay. no arrests have been made. >> a pedestrian was hit overnight near fenway. it happened on boylston and ipswich street there. the traifer stayed on the scene with the victim until help
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the bar americas saying they were trying to get cash but made off with some booze as well. smashing a bar door, crawling inside and grabbing the car register, that's just part of what the surveillance cameras inside worcester's perfect game caught early sunday morning. >> we all strive very, very hard to have a thriving district here and the vague grants and people that do things like this, it's very detrimental. no one wants to go out in a place where they feel they're not about business after two men broke into the bar when it was closed and ransacked the place. retracing their steps, he shows that they first climbed on planters and tried to get in through an exhaust vent. when that didn't work, they were caught on camera tiptoeing around the basement. >> because you have to be real quiet when that's happening. >> reporter: one dropped several bottles of alcohol and took off and the other threw a metal object through the door and ran
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the actions triggered the bar's security alarm and when police showed up, they arrested the man without the cap offed as 46-year-old ortise of wore l worcester. but this man is still on the loose. that's why the owners and managers of this bar want the video circulated. >> the importance is to make sure they don't continue to do this in this neighborhood. people like that are shrinking around just waiting for everyone to leave. good riddance, i hope somebody finds the guy. >> kimberly boo, we're following more news today. three men connected to monday's deadly club shooting in florida facing a judge. the men were all arrested monday night after running from police but not being called suspects in the shooting that theft two teenagers dead and 17 other injured. today we're also hearing from one of the family members of the victims. >> my heart is heavy, and i miss him. i miss him. i really do. >> police say the violence was not an act of terror but they
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>> today marks 20 years since the bombing at olympic games in atlanta. one person was killed and more than 100 were injured when a bomb exploded at the olympic park. it turned out to be an act of domestic terror by a serial bomber. that man went on the run from 1998 until 2003 and in 2005 he pleaded guilty to three bombings in the atlanta area and said he wanted to disrupt the olympics because of his anti-abortion stance. a wisconsin court has decided the two girls accused of trying toil for the fictional horror character slenlder man will be tried as adults. the girls were 12 years old when the incident happened in 2014. police say they learned their -- lured their friend into the woods and stabbed her 19 times. the girls are charged with first-degree murder and could face up to 45 years in prison. a cry for help. a florida woman calling 911 in desperation when her husband pulls out a gun and attacks. deputies say moments after that call he shot his wife, leading
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officers arrived there on the scene. >> reporter: you're watching deputies driving up to gunfire sunday afternoon... just minutes after 26-year-old victoria rosatto called 911 on her husband, 26-year-old. >> he won't get out of the house. >> reporter: she said the couple were arguing over the couple's daughter and dispatch asked her about any other weapons accept an ar-15... >> h but he's very respectful when it comes to authorities. >> i know you're not gonna do anything but to make it safe so when they come in here, they don't shoot you, okay. lead go put it away. >> reporter: but the situation escalated. >> no. >> what happened? he keeps come closer? whaz did he do? >> reporter: video shows the deputy rescuing victoria who family says climbed out the window after getting shot. >> i know, baby. >> reporter: and bringing the three young children to safety,
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investigators returned today looking for shell casings. you can see bullet holes left behind in the walls while the wife cried this afternoon as he was charged with attempted first-degree murder. family and friends say this isn't the man they know. >> he was trying to get away from her a long time ago. >> family friends say the wife was shot in the pelvis and still in the hospital. now to the latest from california where two major wildfires are burning out of control. over 2000 firefighters are battling the big sur fire, which has acres in northern california. los angeles county has now declared a local state of emergency due to the fire there, called the sand fire. it's killed 1 person, burned over 37,000 acres and has destroyed dozens of homes. eight men were rescued from one of those fires on tuesday after the group got lost while hiking. when the fire flared up, the men said they were stranded with little water or food and didn't know which way would lead them out. but bulldozing crews spotted
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able to fly them to safety. >> ahead here on 7news, an attempted car, jamming caught on camera. >> the would-be robber gets soaked after the man turns the tables on him. >> and pulled over to pray. a pastor stopped by police but instead of a ticket, he gets a dose of kindness. and a tough talk from donald trump. the message he's sending to russia and the democrats today. plus, the countdown to the start of the football season is on as bill belichick speaks out ahead of patriots training camp. what he's saying about tz' suspension. it's all coming up here on
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caught on camera, this is dash-cam footage, capturing the moment, an attempted carjacker gets soaked. this all happening in louisiana. a couple of armed men walked up to another man at a car wash. >> but they were quickly washed away when he jumped into action. christa delcamp has more. >> y'all looking right down the barrel of it, and i'm just like, i'm not gonna do it. >> reporter: what should have been a quick runs for michael davis' car quickly turned into a fight for his life. 3 minutes into his car wash he saw soe >> and i turned, i'm not interested, i don't have any money or anything and when i turned back around a guy come around the corner with a gun, pointed it at me. >> reporter: the entire ordeal caught on his personal dash-cam. >> he said give me your keys and money, and i just took the sprayer and was like, what did you say? and i just sprayed it right in his face. and i went to hit him, and his friend came to run and i guess get my backside and i turned around and sprayed him. the whole situation was almost
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ordeal playing out like a scene from a movie. >> yeah, i wish it was a fun acting video or skit or something like, that but our lives were really in jeopardy. >> i wasn't going to give up my car or money to a thug like that. >> reporter: davis says what scared him the most is thinking about what could have happened. >> they could have shot me anyway, they could have done something to my disabled brother in the car. >> reporter: and he says he does not regret his decision to fight back. >> do what you can with the tools that person. you can intimidate somebody like that just by taking action. >> right now police are still searching for the two suspects who approached that man. in the newsroom, i'm christa delcamp, 7news. coming up here on 7news, this will brighten your day, taking a little dip, some homeowners in minnesota find quite the surprise in the little kiddie pool. >> benefiting with the sea breeze in the city of boston today, breaking our official
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and we're following that breaking news out of south boston. the merit of boston taking some steps after his 7-year-old boy was found dead in south boston.
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well, it's not just people. what need to cool off during these hot summer days. this is in minnesota, and you're looking at say taking a dip in a kiddie pool but he was more like taking up the whole pool. you can see how relaxed and refreshed that bear looks. everybody probably wishes they were dipping their toes in the kiddie pool, also seen snacking on some leftovers. the homeowner keeping his cool about the wild encounter. >> growing up in the northland, we're used to that. i was in boyscouts, and, now,
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around certain animals. so i didn't really panic. i just el told my wife to get the kids in the car. >> that family suggest others should consider keeping their garbage inside until trash day. >> he looks so comfortable just curled new that pool, hopefully cooling off. >> he looked great. >> we all need a kiddie pool. >> you know what they say, if it fits, it sits. and that's doing in the bathroom sink. hot and humid again for us tomorrow and rain on the way. it's been a while since we've seen that. temperaturing back to normal as you head into the weekend. if you're not a fan of the heat wave, we have to make it through tomorrow. hold on one more day. 87 for boston. but then we tapped into that sea
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heat wave for boston from many towns outside of boston, though, still very hot, that the low 90s. we're still sitting there right now. you can see that significant sea breeze, about 15 to 20 miles per hour. it's really down near the water. current temperature is 82 in boston. but, yes, holding on to the low 90s, nashua and new hampshire stretching down to norwood, very close to 90 in new bedford. we do have lots of sunshine out there, a few puffy cumulous clouds but take with a look to our north and west. cool front that's going to drop in for us late tomorrow. the question is how far south
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could it bring us some isolated showers and storms into tomorrow. a chance of, that i'm giving you about a 10% chance, that means that maybe somebody sees a pop-up shower in the afternoon and evening tomorrow but most of us miss out on it. then we pay attention to this low-pressure system that forms and zips along the front as we get into friday and could be some beneficial rainfall for us. forecast models trying to come eventual line with the details on that and again the potential is there for an inch to two inches of rainfall. and i know where lawns could use it. i don't know if they can bring them back to life, though. tomorrow hazy sunshine didn't clouds were hot and muggy once again. 90 to 95 for our highs. so it'll feel like that wave is continue, but keep in mind we did break it down in boston today and low tide right in the middle of the day, looking good for the beach tomorrow. we stay around the low 80s heading into friday and into the beginning of next week. >> thanks, we're starting route 28 to route 20. it's a tough ride. it stays heavy down towards route 9. the northbound ride saling along pretty nicely, up to about route 2 where you see the brake lights
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downtown plenty of brake lights here in both directions. northbound leading away from us, bogging down at medford and southbound, close to an hour commute heading down on the southbound expressway. joe staple torch, 7news. a police dash-cam video is going viral. th for an act of kindness. >> pastor wendell davis was pulled over in a town called sweetwater, but instead of getting a ticket, he was pulled over to do something else. >> it was my plan as i never planned to be stopped. >> reporter: pastor wendell davis says he never thought a traffic stop would end with him hugging a state trooper. >> can i have a hug? yes, sir. >> reporter: on friday davis was headed to dallas and was pulled over for an expired registration sticker and for not having a front license plate. >> i went up to that ... >> reporter: but the trooper didn't give him a ticket, he did something else. >> he then said i'm going to give you two warnings, and i'd
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requested davis make the changes to his car. davis gave him his word that he would. >> and he said my second request is will you pray for me. and i said absolutely i will. >> god, i lift him, i lift his family, i lift his coworkers, his colleagues... >> and of course i know the climate within america, but that didn't cloud my mind. that didn't come to mind. >> reporter: at the end of the prayer, the trooper had one more and i said sure. sure. you know. it's only almost 100 degrees out here, so sure. >> and said, can i have a hug? >> well, i'd never been asked that by a state trooper, okay. and so i said sure, absolutely. and i hugged him. >> reporter: what davis originally would have called a hiccup in his journey to dallas he now calls something else. >> a divine moment. just that.
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>> well, video of that interaction has now gone viral with almost 4,000 views on youtube. ahead here on 7news, receiving the highest honor, a group of world war ii veterans getting recognized for their
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france bestowing one of its highest honors on a group of american veterans. they've all officially been made knights. >> all the vets served during world war ii. >> reporter: retired u.s. army private first class demi remembers what it was like fighting in the trenches of france in world war ii. >> snow and ice, and we didn't have equipment or it wore out and wasn't replaced. >> reporter: on tuesday veterans from southern california were honored for their service with france's highest distinction. >> for me, it's a real honor to receive the mail from france. >> reporter: the french consulate is recognize these men with the insignia of the knight in the national order of the legion of honor, which was founded in 1802 by napolean. >> it's never too late to say thank you and especially with, you know, with the news and what's happening in the world now, it's very important to
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is a true friendship between the united states and france and we recognize today what they did for us at that time in world war ii. >> reporter: retired colonel air force colonel bob smothers says he is grateful to be able to receive the french honor. >> it's very special. totally unexpected at my age, came out of the blue. so it's nice to be honored so long after the >> what a very cool honor. and so deserving. >> sure are. >> much more to come here in the next 90 minutes, everyone. thank you for joining us so far. hope you're staying cool. >> 7news at 5:00 starts rate now. >> reporter: breaking news, the mayor announcing changes at a city-run summer camp after a young boy drowns in south boston. >> also breaking, a man barricades himself inside of a cape cod business, roads shut
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plea, donald trump calling for a hack attack. who he's asking the russians to go after, and how democrats are responding as the president prepares to make his push for hillary clinton. and the democratic national convention. >> plus, baltimore state prosecutor dropping all remaining charges in the freddie gray case. what's behind that decision? finally, some relief from the heat in some spots before the temperatures rise again tomorrow. >> and developing a game plan. and tackling some big changes to their roster at start of the season. >> we begin here at 5:00 with breaking news. mayor marty walsh placing the director of the curly children's center on leave pending an investigation of the drowning of a 7-year-old boy. the child was attending a drop-in summer program in south boston. >> today the mayor met with his family to offer his condolences.
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ever happening again. we're still in the early stages of the investigation, kimberly bookman has more on what was said today, kimberly. >> well, jadiann, the mayor met with the victim's family at 3:00 and he describes them as absolutely devastated. an hour later he came back here to city hall, and that's where he announced the press that he has put the director of the curly community center on paid leave. he would not announce that director's name or what that person's role was in the events yesterday but said this will all be paid leave figure out what happened. this all follows an incredibly difficult day yesterday when 7-year-old kaiser willis, who was at the center, came out of carson beach water reportedly around 2:50 p.m. and reported missing a half-hour later. he was found dead in the water 15 yards from shore behind the bathhouse. >> today the mayor says they're trying to piece together a timeline to understand where things went wrong.


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