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tv   7 News  NBC  July 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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sgrvr the city steps in and takes actions tion after a boy drowns. >> and somewhat cooler temperatures. is this the relief we've been waiting for. >> a ceiling shattering moment at the dnc tonight it's a primetime push from the president. >> tim kaine job in new jersey. >> donald stealing the spotlight in true trump fashio fashion. >> and training camp quick off. >> and overcoming odds a historic surgery at the m sec a. >> how a team of doctors made it all happen. >> 7 news at 7 starts now. . >> 7 we're following breaking news police are in the middle of standoff.
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inside john cocoa is live. he has more unfolding details, jop. . >> this has been going on for showers now since about noon and police are not letting anyone get close they're keeping everyone back. closed deer crossing plaza to the foulmouth line. he told a local newspaper he's concerned a man several weapons. and we're told there's no danger to the public. we spoke to receptionist at cryogenictic business net door to the scene who was evacuated i heard a shot 1:00. >> that probably set the whole thing off. >> we didn't hear any more shots. >> so it's the sheriff department coming by and they
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kept us all safe. >> chief says someone has been talking and negotiator has been talking with this man and again the road is blocked and this is an active scene. police are working to try to help this man. and we're live in mash by, john cokorks 7 news. >> breaking news in boston. city officials taking swift action after a summer camp tragedy on southy beach. the director of the community center off the job. >> the mayor is parents. more details, kimberly. >> well, before the press conference the mayor met with victims' family and he didn't say much but they were devastated and went to city hall and announced he put director of curly community center on paid administrative leave pending this investigation. and now the mayor would not say what the director's role was when kaiser willis disappeared and the boy was attending a
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the curly community center and reported missing 2:45 p.m. on tuesday. and crews with boats and helicopters searched for him and sadly little kaiser willi willis's body was found in the water about five hours later. mayor's office says they are inging to piece together a better timeline of what happened. and 25 counselor and eight lifeguards were watching 56 kids at the time. >> it's that no family ever has to go through this type of loss. this is tough day. it was a tough day yesterday. and you know, just horrible day. our review has begun independent of what the police are doing with their investigation and assessment of all camps and free drop in centers will be completed this week. >> now the center will reopen for adults tomorrow for children on monday and in the
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recounsellers -- grief counselors on hand for anyone that may need them. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> understandably the heartbroken family trying to make sense of the tragedy. steve cooper continuing team 7 coverage. >> it's heartbreaking. >> grief is unimaginable for family and friends. shaken to the core over the tragic death of 7-year-old kaiser willis of door chest erin frantic four hourea found 15 feet offshore carson beach early tuesday night. police say little kaiser had wandered off from a summer drop in program located inside the curly community center at the l street badge house. >> it is an active investigation and we have investigators here now and we're trying to find out the last hours what happened to the child. >> and the badge house remained closed through the day and where earlier camp staff
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in memory of the 7-year-old and parents like colleen burns that spent a lot of time carson beach with her own kids are heartbroken and anxious for answers. >> i think the water is dangerous. it's dangerous for people if they know how to swim. it's dangerous interviewing witnesses. they have no access to surveillance because there's no cameras along day boulevard. steve cooper, 7 news. >> and 7 forecast. a lot of people dealing with a lot of heat. let's get over to bree edgars with a check what is going on. >> we caught the seabreeze today, 87. outside 128 still the heat wave rolling on low 90s for many spots. it is still in place for 15 mile an hour winds coming out of the east taking boston temperatures down to 79. that's a low gain and it could be warmer as we get to the
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now take it outside of 128 and we're still in the mid 80s. pitburg still at 0. a warm evening ahead of us and it's hot and muggy tomorrow. so foremany of us the heat wave rolls on into tomorrow making it day eight and as we get into friday relief from the heat and also from the drought with scattered downpours on the way. we'll talk about how much rain is on the way coming up in a few minutes. >> now on 7. >> russia if you're listening i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails. >> donald trump crashing the party. >> a person in our government crooked hillary clinton, here's what gives me -- be quiet i know you want to save her. >> hillary clinton is rolling out a star-studded lineup. >> hello philadelphia. >> it's night three of the democratic national convention. >> looking live now at the wells fargo center in philadelphia. packed house. it's night three at the dnc and
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today and democrats are keeping folk us. tonight, jam packed lineup that includes the president of the united states, live inside that convention hall we had the live look a lot going on inside, there byron. >> well, tim kaine's name was officially placed into nomination by a little while ago. now we wait to hear from him and from the president and vice president and everyone is talking about hillary clinton the dnc last night. >> after officially becoming the first female democratic presidential knowledge any hillary clinton makes a smash ago appreance via satellite at the dnc. >> we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> she had this mess am for little girls. >> i may become the first woman president but one of you is next. >> thank you all.
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>> be role models for other young girls. i think that was key for our girls, white, black, latino, distant matter. >> former bill clinton spoke about his wife as only a husband could. >> earlier today you nominated the real woman. >> i thought he did a tremendous job humanizing her and then to take the extra step in mostly showing the family side of her as well. >> last night i e un few the party. >> and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee. >> bernie sanders stepped in and called for a voice vote on clinton's nomination and this morning, sanders spoke to the massachusetts delegation urging them to come together to achieve victory in november. >> we have until november we k have to do everything we can to he lengt hillary. >> her running mate tim kaine did a walk through before his
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glad he speaks their language. >> there will be a personal touch [ speaking spanish ] i understand you. >> other delegates are more concerned about views on other issues. >> i am lgbt delegate i have heard different things. i want to know he has our back and will thereby in the long run. >> several delegates we talked to say they don't know anything at all about tim kaine and they're really looking forward to hearing him he introduces himself to the nation. that's the story line from the democratic national convention. i'm byron barnett, southern news. >> you can catch all the big and byron barnett will have continuing cover ramming of the dnc on 7 news. >> donald trump unleashing dnc sgrax encouraging russia to carry out a sign area tack on hillary clinton's emails. live for us to help us explain. >> donald trump accepteding a
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and rep presidential candidate calling on clinton to lead emails as setting of state. >> oops he did it again appears donald trump called on foreign country russia of all countries to hack u.s. government emails. >> yawsh if you are listening i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >> the republican presidential nominee spoke his support in florida it's not clear russia is concern he has a request for those who obtained them. >> if they hacked they have her 33,000 e maildz i hope they do. they probably have her 33,000 emails she lost and deleted because you would see beauties there. >> clinton senior policy adviser issued this statement this has to be the first time a major presidential candidate
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power to conducts pea nanl to her opponent. it's from curiosity to politics to being a national security issue. house speaker paul ryan said russia is a global men us left to a thug. >> trump said if russia or china had access to the emails he would like to see them. they're criticizing donald for encourage encouraging hackers to go after clinton. >> an incident on commonwealth avenue near harvard avenue the victims injuries are non life-threatening and authorities are searching for a suspect. >> police rescue a driver. that driver had a seizure behind the wheel and crashed into the side of a home and flipped over. neighbors say eight were able to rock the van back to free the driver's arm before police got to the scene. >> people should be helping out
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especially in time of need for something like this. if it was a number of minutes we got there before he might have lost his armor worse. yes it's nice to sai see they jumped in to help him out. >> the driver was freed before crews got there and was rushed for treatment. >> hitting the field. no brady, no problem in fox what coach belichick had to say about his quarterback situation. >> seabreezeing tomorrow heats back in for us we'll get the forecast next. >> and second chance mspca going above and beyond to save
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>> training cam surprise underway for the pats and there's excitement. >> tom brady is us is spended first four games.
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the deck. >> coach bill belichick kicks to the podium to kick ooh another nfl season where we knows he won't have tom brady at quarterback to start season. it prompted his coach to take a rare look ahead to week five. >> he'll return as starting quarterback when he comes back. and in the meantime, we have to prioritize the first part of our schedule and that will to >> they're ready to rally around jimmy but they don't expect to play hard to make up for the loss of brady. >> you know even when you play with the dpraetest quarterback we don't go out and say we have to play okay because tom is here. we always wanted to play good football. >> teammates are not readied to see brady leave just yet. >> we are thankful he's around now and he brings so much to the table. there's so much we can learn from having him around. >> coach belichick announces
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mirror. >> there's been some version of litigation appeal, appeal dependent own how the litigation goes. it's the same place foyer an a half. basically. so, there's definition to it now. we'll move forward based on that definition. >> we expect to hear from patriots quarterback tomorrow and that's jimmy garapalo and we could not hear from brady until heading into the first game of the season and that five. outside the stadium. dan harzly, 7 news. >> remember the "countdown to kickoff" it home. you can catch all the action versus arizona cardinals on 7 nbc on sunday september 11 at 8:30 p.m.. >> all right. speaking of cardinals feels like we're me arizona right now. >> yeah, right. >> hot out there. >> 120 but dry heat. >> exactly. we did have that seabreeze,
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that earlier. >> all day today in the city of fox and relatively cooler ocean waters and wind travels over it and that cools temperatures down. though it's hot and humid for everybody into tomorrow rain is on the way. that gives us relief from the drought. temps back to normal too into the weekend. hod on one more day with the hot temperatures and outside of 128. we did make it into the low 90s once again high for boston, 8 7 today because of that healthy chris christieing and 15 miles an hour breeze in boston right now and taking our temperatures down into the upper 70s not just for boston but beverly. 1 plymouth and warm evening away from the coastline mid 80s to 90 finchburg and i mentioned back to normal. what saturday that mean. our average high this team of year for boston 8 degrees and we keep it at those levels as we get through the weekend and even into the beginning of next week. we know we can use the rain.
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boston. you can believe it? we really could use any drop that we can get and unfortunately these scattered showers and thunderstorms that we see in the summertime they're hit and miss and really picky and choosey where they end up and here's what's happening into tomorrow. cool front drops in from the north and as it does so, how far south does it make it? could it pop ice lighted showers and storms tomorrow? i'm giving it 10% chance. our better chance for rain comes on friday. and you you can see why this low pressure along that front and can give us a good slug of moisture. that looks like maybe a washout on friday. could be on the way. if that low, though, travels any further south we still could miss out on this and making it more scattered showers and in nature rather than downpours and i do think though good potential here one to two inches of rainfall can it bring the lawn back to leafy don't know about that. we're so far in the hole at this point more than 6" in
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we'll take every drop we can get and keep a slight chance of showers around through the weekend as well. i think saturday will be sunnier day and better chance of staying dry. sunday, scattered light shower showers. mostly clear overnight tonight. temperatures stay mild dropping into 60s for most and tomorrow hazy sun and clouds and make it through one more hot day and maybe a great day to hit the beach beach as well a look at the 7 on 7 forecast showing temperatures back off to normal. low 80s to mid 80s as we make >> thanks. turning now to the road to rio in native alex holley and the gang planned there today. that's u.s. women's gym nass ticks team getting greeted by the rio mascot at the airport. she captioned this photo we made. it pinch us. you can nun here for the summer games nbc live reports from 7 nancy chen.
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that mascot. robot? >> weird little thing, isn't i it. >> maybe she can find out. >> coming up medical miracle brave bulldog hitting new lease on life and how a new glue, glue, helping him bounce back our new smoky pepper crusted filet. our new hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. but hurry, summer doesn't last forever. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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>> bring ham women's hospital is helping a bulldog get a
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knoll his mouth. after three failed surgeries was treated with tish eye glue bioengineered at bring ham. this glue can be used in humans with similar problems. >> a lot of tissue adhesives we have are bioinspired meaning we looked to nature for new ideas to solve problems. >> in similar situations we're looking in not just animals but going to human aspect and considering closing similar defect in human apps with something like this. >> and poppy is recovering quickly. >> and i love that name, too, little poppy. >> he's a cutey, that's for sure that tongue. crazy. >> big old jaws.
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what she told mario about blazing a trail. >> now on "extra." ? ? ? crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> if you become the first female president of the united states on. >> could it happen? the stars react today. >> yeah, girl! >> a.j.'s in philadelphia breaking news about tonight's dnc. what's the big scandal surprise? >> this is going to be good. >> plus -- >> donald trump and megyn kelly at it again. >> what just reignited their war of words and before he takes the stage tonight, president obama


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