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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  July 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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to south, we could miss out on this heavy rainfall. it's something we're watching out for because the potential is there. that is why the florida flash flood watch has been issued for south eastern massachusetts for tomorrow. the potential is there for rainfall to get 2-4 inches across the south coast of new england. elsewhere as you can see by these numbers, maybe a quarter of an inch you have to a half inch so activity with locally heavy rainfall imbedded in there. thunderstorms likely and where they set up, there is the potential of 1-2 inches of rain per hour which could cause some flooding issues, couple that with dry ground and the drought conditions, this could be something we're watching very closely throughout the day tomorrow. middle of the day is our best timeline for this. we'll get more details in the forecast in a bit. >> kim: we're following breaking news.
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this national grid site. you may recall this is the same site where they found remains earlier this month. >> ryan: officials announcing they found some new evidence there. amaka has the breaking details. >> reporter: the asking for the public's help to help identification remains. d.a. spoke and she identified specific traitz that the remains have including a fractured nose and a metal plate on the left leg. can see this is still a pretty active scene. everett police are out here as well as other investigatorsants they're certaintied around that dirt pile. we expect them to be out here for several more hours. >> i found her skull that. is how it started. >> reporter: now investigators are back for the second times to the national grid site as more remains are uncovered. >> we believe today that it was the machine, one of the machines working here that disturbed something and made visible the remains.
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of the middlesex district attorney's office says remains belong to the sam adult female found her three weeks ago. >> we believe at this point to have been one body here. we found a number of remains on july 7th. we believe these are a piece of the same individual. >> the first thing you think about -- [inaudible] >> reporter: this was a suspicious death based on the location and condition of the remains. they found fractures in the woman's nose, tooth restoration and evide a medical plate on the outer left leg, all distinctive traits the hoping will help solve the mystery. >> we're asking for the public's help in hearing that information and do they know one that has gone missing who might fight the description having the nose issue, having had teeth restoration and having the plate put in the leg. >> reporter: take a look again at the live scene. everett police along with other investigators out here
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sometime. the d.a.says they believe that the remains are belong to a caucasian woman between the ages of 26-52. they also say they don't believe that the remains were moved here. if you have any information. you are asked to contact police. for now live in everett, amaca, ubaka7 news. >> kim: patriots ready to rumble. the team is preparing for the start of the season without tom brady. he will be missing the first four games to serve his ing their hopes on backup quarterback jimmy garoppolo. joe amorosino is live. you did speak with garoppolo today. >> reporter: i didn't personally speak with him but he did hold court down here in foxboro. this was the first practice of training camp for the pats. over 12,000 fans came out. everyone trying to get a look at jimmy garoppolo. compare him to tom brady. yes he is more athletic but can he be as accurate? can he be throwing the tight
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once it's for real. the patriots are trying to prepare him to to just that. appeared to be business as usually for tom brady. the three-time super bowl m. v. p. a full participant for fade's practice of training camp taking reps with the first team offense but the starting job belongs to jimmy garoppolo. the third year signal caller knows opportunities like this don't come around very often. >> you got to go out. there take advantage of it. u opportunities in this league, and you might only get one so you have to make the best of it. >> reporter: don't expect the move up the depth chart to effect how he prepare force the upcoming season. >> my mindset hasn't changed. even rookie year compared to this year my mindset is the same. i'm trying to get out there. take advantage of my opportunities. when i'm in there play to best of my ability. >> reporter: one thing is for certain, garoppolo doesn't look for confidence and has the full support of his team mates. >> i've been preparing to be
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irwalked in here. it's just a mindset. >> the way he moves pocket i like how he can scramble out. keep it going. he is a competitor. hard worker which is always great. which always goes good with the team. >> reporter: garoppolo's current and former coaches say he gets rid of the ball quickly, he throws a tight spiral and has a phi football i. q. we are going to find out if that translates into the high-speed nfl game which is more complicated. say he comes out here and goes 4-0 what happens in week 5? bill belichick made it very clear yesterday tom brady is your starter in week 5. there will be no quarterback controversy here in foxboro. reporting live at gillette stadium, joe amorosino, 7 news. >> ryan: many have started comparing quarterbacks wondering what changes we'll see on the field. dan hausle last more on what fans and even gronk had to say. >> reporter: there is no
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better quarterback than jimmy garoppolo. there is at least one aspect of the game most would agree the understudy holds on edge. it's his leg. he came out of college a more mobile quarterback and throw t.b. 12 made anest to boost that part of game for the first four games of the season naan fans may see a new dimension. >> work to his strengths and we should be fine. >> reporte scramble drills and garoppolo won't say if coaches have told him they're going to insert any plays to take advantage of his ability to make plays on the run. >> we haven't got into that. we are just implementing the offense as we usually do and whatever they ask me to do i'll do it to the brevity of my ability. >> reporter: tom brady's favorite receiver praised garoppolo's speed and mobilities but stopped short of playing favorites. >> i like how he can
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somebody that wants it and goes out there and competes. >> better than tom? >> [laughter] >> no one makes better scrambled eggs than me. >> reporter: gronk dodged questions as well as tacklers. tom brady we all know is ultracompetitive but even he would admit if you lined him and garoppolo up for a 40 yard dash he probably would be the underdog. dan hausle, 7 news. >> ryan: countdown to kick off is on. 7 pats season opener. sunday, september 11 at 8:30pm watch it here. >> kim: breaking news from revere. sky 7 over revere beach and it's busy seen. you can see emergency vehicles there. the fire department telling us they're in the middle of a water rescue. there are some boats, rafts there in the water. there, they're moving a piece of equipment in as well. as soon as we get more information on what is happening here with this
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7 news in somerville. at a rally organized by a local black lives matter group. this is union square. tim caputo is there right now and joins us live. >> reporter: you can see the large group behind me. easily 10 people here in union square met starting at 4:30 this afternoon. due in large part to fact there is another rally happening at somerville city hall at 5:30. the organize told me they do not plan on marching to the other rally and potentially confronting the people in the real but they want to have a safe space here. this all stems from the black lives matter sign put up on city hall just about a year ago in august of last year that has recent lir stemmed controversy thanks in large part to the summerville police employees union which asked the mayor to take the sign down. the mayor hasn't done so so the group is planning on
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the black lives matter group, i'll step out of the way and show you the size of the crowd that gathered here today. has thrown their own rally, you see there is a diverse crowd out here right now. a lot of people plan on spending the afternoon here. this is not just in response to somerville and that employees union. this is a rally cry we've heard over and over again for the last year plus. all around country. but has been renewed here in somerville thanks in large part to the sign that organizers tell me a short this conversation going. >> one of our accomplices was wearing a black lives matter campaign tee shirt here and the mayor was here. he saw the shirt and they got into a conversation and he says he wanted to be on the right side of history when it comes to the black lives matter movement. and wanted to figure out how somerville can do that. they contacted us and said they they wanted to put up a banner in somerville on
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>> reporter: more and more people have been showing up. the rally could go for hours potentially but they say they'll stay in this park right here. live in somerville, tim caputo, 7 news. >> kim: thank you. the rally comes just an hour before the city's police union is set to protest at city hall and you see that banner. officers are upset about the black lives matter banner that has been hanging there over city hall. brandon gunnoe is live in somerville. we have explained that the mayor wants it if. >> reporter: for sometime the head of the police union has been asking the mayor and city leaders to take the black lives matter sign down. that it's outside of city hall especially after the recent killings of innocent police officers in dallas and in baton rouge. members of the union here in somerville, you can see have started to gather outside of city hall their protest is set to start at 5:30, they're holding up signs that say support your local police and cop lives matter.
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not all police officers here in somerville want this black lives matter sign taken down. the police chief supports it. and so does the mayor. the mayor was very adamant when he said the sign is not coming down. that of course all lives matter. but we must focus on every member of society and the problems that still face this nation. >> you know it's easy for you and i and others to say all lives matter. of course they matter. we need to point and call out what is wrong in our country. you know, say put up men's rights because it is a problem miss addressed. >> reporter: you can see members of this police force and union with all the recent killings of innocent police officers again in dallas and in baton rouge they feel this black lives matter sign outside of city hall here in somerville is disrespectful and they want it taken down. they're holding their own rail here at 5:30. see them starting to gather
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>> announcer: now on 7, passing the torch. >> president obama: she is fit and she is ready to be the next commander in chief. >> announcer: president obama making the case. >> president obama: there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. [applause] >> announcer: as he gives hillary clinton his seal of approval at the democratic national convention. >> kim: hillary clinton reading for her big night when he officially accepts the democratic nomination for mrs. . >> ryan: she will be introduced buy her daughter and it will be a family affair. let's go live to byron barnett on what we can expect tonight. >> reporter: for hillary clinton, it is the moment of truth after a week ever getting all these big endorsements from political heavy weights, the prosecution and so on, --
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gets ready to deliver the speech of her life. a surprise appearance by hillary clinton and a warm embrace. eight years after the two fiercely competed for the presidency, president obama gave clinton the strongest possible endorsement. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. american president with who could be our first woman president, it was emotional. it was the best of who we are. >> reporter: >> i wanted to cry. i thought it was one of the greatest moments because he was passioning the baton to her. >> reporter: tonight chelsea clinton will introduce her mom to the nation. >> my heart will burst this. election is so important to me because i'm now a mom as
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about my children. >> reporter: many say the public don't know the real hillary clinton. former presidential nominee dukakis said he and his wife kitty have been friends with the collectons since dukakis and clinton were young governors. >> it was a spouses group. kitty and hillary were part of that. she is funny. she is warm. >> reporter: clinton hopes she can win over support from bernie sande transformative week for me because i came in thinking like not my first choice but i'm willing to support her. but now i think we all have to get what kind her and defeat trump go i've seen it with others reluctantly resigning themselves to switching over. i haven't mate any transitions. i'm still a benchy supporter. >> reporter: -- bernie
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hoping that one unified backer in their fear will be fear of electing donald trump. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> ryan: a day after donald trump called for russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mails he said he was being sark kass tick in his comments. trump's vice presidential pick says he couldn't be more excited to join the republican's tibet. >> >> the phone rank and heard that familiar voice, i said, yes, in a heart beat because america needs donald trump. >> ryan: in mish today pence believes trump could be the first republican to win in the state since 1988. >> kim: what a wild scene on the jersey shore. a teenager hit by lightning, his camera shows every second of it. >> ryan: then at 5:30 the
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huge shake with his father by his side. >> kim: passengers capturing this as one of the engines catching fires. >> ryan: a warning for parents, two teens hospitalized after ingesting marijuana winches we're following breaking news including more human remains found inive -- in everett. police searching for clues after finding the bones of a
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>> ryan: a teen in new jersey getting a jolt. he was recording the storm near a beach when it happened. >> kim: he barely had time to over in a flash. >> i wanted to get a cool strike over the lightning and i got something closer to me. >> kim: this is more than what ethan wanted as he hoped to just shoot a picturesque bolt of lightning over the ocean. >> you can hear me get electrocuted in the video case. a little laughable now but not at the time. he took shelter when storms passed through and a broken chain on his bike left him
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it was cool but during the process it was not cool. >> reporter: there were' two bolts. the first was too close and ethan wanted to get out fast but another one about 5-10 feet away. >> it was the whole ground vibrate and it went up through my feet up to my body and out my arms. >> when i saw the video, that is when i realized we need to get him to the r. >> reporter: he walked away from the e. r. and scratch. >> if i wasn't holding on to the bike i won't be here because the bike grounded me. if i wasn't holding it i probably won't be here. >> now. >> kim: he learned his lesson. he will be more careful especially when working at the beach. >> ryan: a woman found safe after a search at revere beach. she has been found.
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forecast thunderstorms popping up in southern new hampshire right now but the real show starts tomorrow.
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>> reporter: we have heat today and hazy milky sky. you might have thought
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thunderstorms, most of the active staying in southern -- northern new hampshire. what thunder roars go indoors even though there is no warnings attached it's something we need to pay attention to. beach goers trying to beat the heat. the reels show comes tomorrow playing squeeze play with this front causing some of the thunderstorms in central, northern new england now and this low pressure system that is to the south of, those things coming together would create enough lift to give us a narrow band of heavy rainfall. but unfortunately, forecast models are not consistent with exactly where that band forms and where it ends up and we're watching out for it. that is why there is a watch issued. watch means watch out whereas a warning means act now. flash flood watch in effect for us through the overnight hours tonight through most of the day tomorrow because the potential is there to
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in some spots, maybe even up to 4 inches of rainfall in localized areas. locally heavy rain. thunderstorms will likely form some of them strong and where they do you get that extra bit of lift to squeeze out more precipitation we could see rates of 1-2 rates an hour which could cause urban flooding issues tomorrow. current temperatures a hot one, this evening it will be warm. because the dew points are creeping up already in the low 70's cape and the islands, it won't cool off a whole lot overnight. best chaps for rain tomorrow. we're dry on saturday i believe but then sunday, monday more scattered showers in the forecasts for us. so as far as the weekend goes outdoor activities best day for that will be saturday. cold play at gillette looking fantastic for that. forecast showing cooler temperatures for that. a shock don't climb out of the 70s
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closs colossal catch. >> ryan: human remains belonging to a woman found in everett as police find new evidence that might be help them crack the case. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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>> ryan: thank you for spending part of your schulteis. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, stay right there for 7 news at 5:30. >> ryan: now an inmate making a great escape in new hampshire. why his freedom didn't last long. >> jadiann: a problem forcing the plane to come right back down. >> ryan: a creepy criminal watching a couple as they sleep. how he snuck in and out without getting caught. >> jadiann: catch of a lifetime for a teenager in new jersey.
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shark. >> ryan: we're following breaking news. investigators finding more bones at national grid site in everett. the d.a.believes bones belong to the same adult female whose remains were found there on july 7. we'll follow the breaking story. >> jadiann: an escaped inmate in new hampshire not gone for long. police in manchester say that man got away from a facility this morning. officials were able to quickly track himow >> ryan: he did have enough time to try to start some trouble here. steve coop ser live with all the details. >> reporter: so this inmate was actually at the valley street jail. that big brick building off of elm street when all this happened just after 8:00 this morning but he didn't get very far this morning mainly because he was wearing a bright orange prison jump suit and he was also hand cuffed.


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