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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  July 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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brandon was at the news conference. we have more details. >> reporter: that's right, the commissioner with the boston police department held a press conference and said it was a tragic accident, but there doesn't appear to be any foul play. it was a situation where a kid gets away from you for a few seconds. we can take a look. 7-year-old kazer willis thursday. he got away between 2:15 to 2:30. his brother also at camp saw brother's clothes him, and that's an the director began a search. they called police around 2:49, so not much time later. they did an extensive four-hour search for the 4-year-old boy. they found him a little bit after 6:00, and he was pronounced dead.
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got away. he was a weak swimmer. one of the counselors was teaching him how to swim tha da and he got away and got into the water. the commissioner said a few words earlier today. >> we searched diligently for four hours. at pm 6:00 p.m. with the assistance of the quincy harbor patrol, they picked up on an image in the water approximately 20 they further investigated. they sent a robot down into the water where they got a good picture, unfortunately, of the young child, which confirmed our worst nightmare. >> his brother ralph saw his brother's clothing. >> reporter: this is a city-run day camp, sort of a drop day camp they call it. somebody asked the commissioner,
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they felt he did. it was just a tragic accident. we're following more breaking news. a couple pleads guilty nkz in connection with the 2012 men nights outbreak that killed people. it was from to charges involving the transfer of money. we have breaking details. >> no jail time recommended in es guilty pleas growing out of the shutdown of the new england compounding center in framingham. they're accused to ship tainted drugs around the country causing 64 deaths in seven states and sickening hundreds of other people. the first defendant to come forward was david who pled guilty to money laundering. he's a director to the company affiliated with the new england compounding center.
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she's a majority stockholder. the company had nothing to do with day-to-day operations but they're charged for how they moved around money after the deadly scandal broke. prosecutors say the operators knowingly sent out tainted drugs sometimes with expired ingredients and it led to 64 dead and hundreds sickened in a meningitis outbreak across the country. he pled guilty to oneou $119,000. as part of the plea deal, the prosecutor recommends no jail time for him. carla pled guilty to one count of money laundering, $4600. for her the prosecutor is recommending probation. sentencing is set for november. in january that's the time they're set to go to trial with two of the pharmacists involved in the case. they are charged with racketeering and murder.
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courthouse in south boston, dan housley, 7 news. more breaking news. no charges are filed against the video game company owned by curt schilling. rhode island state police are speaking at a press conference right now about the former red sox pitcher's company. it relocated to rhode island in 2010 in exchange for a $75 million state loan guarantee. it later went bankrupt leaving taxpayers on the hook for that money. investigators say a grand jury te studios case in october of 2012. rhode island state police say they conducted more than 100 interviews as part of that investigation. bottom line here, they say they could not find any evidence of criminal activity that they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. turning to your weather. a rainy and gloomy start to the day, but after the heat we needed a break. this is a live look at boston where we saw the sun pop out this afternoon.
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the chief meteorologist is here fresh off his southern italian vacation. >> the radar is relatively quiet right now. we had a bag of rain early this morning. for some of you, a beneficial rain and for the rest ornamental rain. not that much. most cities and towns a tenth of an inch of rain or less. in the northwest the sun came out in these locations first and cooked the atmosphere for another wave of scattered showers. ag i for the rest of the afternoon, scattered at best. as these continue to drift south they fall apart. here was the big bag of rain. we thought there would be beneficial train for much of new england but tracked just south of new england. new hampshire picked up an inch of a rain, spencer a third of an inch of rain. the city of boston .06 of an inch of rain.
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moisture. dew points in the 60s to around 70. at least we got rid of the 90-degree heat. this weather systems extending into ohio, so the chance of rain still with us through the weekend. also on 7, police are looking for a suspect after someone broke into a home and sexually assaulted an elderly woman who lived there. jonathan hall is live for us with more on this investigation. terrible story here, john police are warning the public now about this dangerous guy. a sergeant here tells me he cannot recall a similar violent break-in here in the town of hingam. an elderly woman they will only describe as being over age 70 called 911 about 9:00 p.m. last night reporting a stranger broke into her house and sexually assaulted her. >> the suspect had fled out the
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that's what allowed her to call 911. our officers responded there, several officers including a k # officer, and we were unable to track and pick up the location of where the suspect went. >> reporter: the man ran off on foot. the victim did not see any vehicle. police will not say whether this was a prolonged attack or a brief encounter. they can't be sure of the motive for the break-in. nothing was stolen? we don't believe anything was >> reporter: the woman did not know her attacker and was treated and released at a local hospital. >> that's sick to do to an elderly person. >> the victim describes the man as a white male about 65 years old with thinning gray hair, brown eyes and a thin build. >> it's strange and very surprising. really surprised to hear something like this. >> reporter: so not a lot of details about what happened. this did happen on the north
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the shaken victim is staying with relatives. jonathan hall, 7 news. former vice president al gore's daughter is back in court today. they were arrested during a natural gas pipeline protest in boston last month. gore pled not guilty. she was among 23 protesters arrested. police in vermont say a woman using a gps device drove up a uty evening. the picture sort of tells the story. you can see from that picture her car suspended there vertically on the pole's wires after she swerved quickly in response to her gps tells her to turn around. the driver from dorchester was not hurt in the crash. a 27-year-old man is dead after a serious crash last night. he was killed when his car collided with a tractor trailer. it happened on washington street and completely closed down the road there for several hours. a young girl in the car was
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nonlife-threatening injuries. an alarming discovery in kwi quincy. they discovered several dead turtles. they have contacted the mayor's office in quincy to find out what killed them. a developing story out of florida. the governor says four mysterious zika virus cases likely came from mosquitos in the miami area. no mosquitos have tested positive for zika, though. one woman or three menot virus through mosquito bites and concerns are growing as this is the first case not linked to travel outside of the united states mainland. erika edwards explains. >> reporter: one square mile of land just north of miami is florida's zika area of concern. four people there, one woman and three men, have been infected with the virus. florida's governor says the cases are likely the result of local mosquitos. now scientists are trapping and
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patient homes in search of the virus. >> while no mosquito traps have tested pop for the zika virus, the department of health is aggressively testing people in the affected area. >> reporter: doctors do not expect large outbreaks in this country, but they do predict there will be more homegrown cases. >> i'm almost certain that we're going to see more. the critical issue is how do you respond to that? >> reporter: the main mosquitos respone can breed in very small bodies of water, even bottle caps, so health officials say it's important to clear out any standing water. also, invest in a good bug spray. >> particularly, deet, up to 30%. we need to get over thinking that it's secretary repellent is toxic to us. it's not. >> reporter: also friday president obama was briefed on the florida zika situation and
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the first local outbreak of zika on the u.s. mainland. erika edwards, nbc news. now following the race for the white house. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail one day after officially accepting her party's nomination for president. she took the stage in pennsylvania with her running mate, senator tim kaine. >> republican nominee donald trump is campaigning in colorado. steve has the report. >> reporter: hillary clinton and tim kaine set off to campaign in critical pennsylvania and ohio, hoping they got momentum from their convention and slamming the republicans last week. >> it was a journey through donald trump's mind, and that's a frightening place. >> clinton is promises $10 billion for still needed to rust belt jobs. >> i'm not telling us it's peachy keen. we've made progress, but we have work to do to make sure everybody is included.
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about america and downbeat about donald trump. >> americans don't say, i alone can fix it. we say, we'll fix it together. >> reporter: a speech from a fantasy universe trump fired back on facebook, in hillary clinton's america millions of people are left out in the cold. in harrisburg where clinton comes tonight, many voters are conflicted. >> terrified by both prospects to be honest. mix pence hit the road and then the hit the trail and hit clinton. >> i heard a commitment to more taxes, more regulation, more government, more of the same failed policies. >> reporter: both conventions are over. both teams set. game on. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, harris burgburg , pennsylvania. stay with 7 news on air and online for the key moments
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right now to the road to rio. australia's olympic athletes move into the olympic village in rio. they deemed the village unfit to stay in last weekend. the mayor issued a formal apology about the living conditions in the village there. tune in for the summer games on 7 nbc. we have live reports from rio starting next thursday from 7's nancy chen. still to come this afternoon, why this statue of a sea gull is causing so much bedford. we continue to follow that breaking news out of boston. police update the investigation into the drowning of a 7-year-old boy saying it looks to come a tragic accident. a couple in dead ham federal court pled guilty to charges tied to a deadly meningitis outbreak.
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bedford. the statue of sea gull made to look like a woman. it's called a sea gull cinderella. while the creator calls it art, many don't consider it a fairy tale. >> we have more on the online petition to have it taken down. >> reporter: we know the story of cinderella the princess, but this sea gull sculpture is now the talk of the tune in new
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>> reporter: donna dodson created several large sculptures finished sea gull cinderella in 2012. after a few different stops, the colorful concept is on display. this work of art is causing a bit of controversy. >> i'm not surprised some people don't like it. everyone has a different opinion about art. art can be very personal. >> reporter: an online petition was launched to try and get it reap moved. the person leading the charge wrin poorly on our city. nearly 400 people signed the petition before it was closed. not everyone agrees. a rival facebook page was set up in support of sea gull cinderella. people who enjoy the sculpture and want it to stay put. >> let's have a conversation about this. let's use this, you know, surge of interest in the community to do something positive for the community. >> reporter: she's hoping this controversy doesn't affect her
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display their talents. >> i just think it'sge let's sa away because someone doesn't like it. it's a temporary project. >> reporter: sea gull cinderella isn't a permanent part of the art walk. it's only on loan until october. in the newsroom, chris anderson, 7 news. >> partly sunny sky the rest of the en weekend starts. a break-in at a home in brockton. a young teen all alone inside at the time. a man facing a judge accused of brutally attack a woman while
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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>> you see the blue sky. >> i think the rain is cleansing. >> the humidity is high out there. >> you know who we're going to toss to? jeremy reiner is back. we're excited to see you, buddy. >> great to be back here. now we're back at it. i wish i brought more rain with us because we need the rain. not much as changed and we're still in the drought and a lot of weekend. tomorrow is the nicer of the two days with a mix of clouds and sunshine. tomorrow is the beach day. sunday features a lot of clouds and few widespread showers. no 90 degrees in the forecast for a while. perhaps end of the next week we warm it up again. nantucket today three-quarters of an inch of rain. north waymouth, not much. only a tenth of an inch of rain. hehanre in that.
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only 0.7 of an inch in boston. last july we had quite a bit more redra. showers are in forecast, but scattered showers. what we could really stand would be to have an all-day drenching rain, a soaker. the pattern we're going to be in will offer a scattering of showers. one town might get three inches and then 10, 15 minutes away you have sprinkles or nothing at all. unless we have somhi on it, which you don't want, it's tough to get rid of droughts in the middle of the summertime. they end sooner or later, and that will happen. it won't happen on this storm's watch with the rain moving away from this morning and partly sunny skies. there was nuch humidity and moisture in the air where it feels moist and humid out there. popping a few isolated showers or storms. nothing significant or long-lasting and will fade away this evening.
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83. here are the dew point tm 60s a. it's mostly clear and patchy fog and muggy. the weather system partly responsible for rain this morning doesn't move much over the weekend. this portion of the weather system will reorganize itself and take another swipe at new england on sunday with a few scattered showers. so tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine, not quite as muggy as today. there will be the risk of an isolated shower or storm, i think, worer connecticut river valley and the berkshires. metro boston and the cape and the islands and beaches should be okay with a mix of clouds and sunshine. water temperatures are in the low 70s and high tide in the morning and low tide 2:45 in the afternoon. for sunday mostly cloudy skies and a few scattered showers and it's not ideal for the beaches. if you have outdoor plans with a tee time, should be okay with that. that's the case on monday, and tuesday lingering clouteds and
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middle 80s. see you at 4:30. time for fast track traffic. how are the roads this friday raef afternoon? >> it's moving again. we had that earlier crash by route 125 and andover. now off the highway but is still tight going here into medford coming up to the spot around route 125 on the andover will ming ham area. if you come down towards the cape right now, not moving badly along route 6. a little tight at the d moving the brown bridge. it's a 59-minute commute. northbound is not much better. joe stapleton, 7 news.
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assault in lou women. a syrian refugee mosted a young teen in a pool. a new beginning for a town overcome with tragedy. students get ready to walk the halls of the new and secure sandy hook elementary school. at 5:00, a new zika how officials say the disease is being spread and why the fda is cutting off blood donations in
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aneump: wouldn't you rather in a certain sense have japan have nuclear weapons. cooper: saudi arabia nuclear weapons? trump: saudi arabia. absolutely. more countries with more nuclear weapons. hillary clinton knows that's the last thing we need. she negotiated a reduction in nuclear weapons with russia and worked with both parties to get it passed. an unsteady world demands a very steady leader.
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ds for life. . we continue to follow breaking news at 4:30. we have an death of a 7-year-old boy from dorchester earlier this week. 30 minutes ago they came out and said they believe it was an accidental drowning. >> he was at a summer camp in south boston. we have all the breaking details. >> william evans laid out a time line of the day's events earlier this week. it was about 2:15 in the afternoon when swimmers at the camp came out of the water and went into the bathhouse to change.
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but later inside the boathouse his big brother noticed the 7-year-old was not there. so the search began for the boy. around 2:49 calls were made to the boy's mother and 911. crews searched the water and surrounding neighborhood and hours later they found the little boy's body in the water. they say it wasn't a strong swimmer, and in fact a counselor was working with him that very day teaching him how to swim. the commissioner is saying no foul play. the boy's death drowning. also on 7, a 22-year-old man is behind bars accused of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl in lowell. police say it happened at a state-run swimming pool. >> that man is charged with indecent assault. we're live in lowell with more on the suspect's past. what do you know? >> reporter: he had only been in the u.s. for two months before this alleged incident happened here at this pool. he's accused of touching this


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