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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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efforts with lab, with mosquito control. >> anchor: so the cdc suggests all pregnant women should talk to their doctors about sihka exposure and both pregnant women and partners should be cautious it avoid bug bites. ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> anchor: we're following other bragging news. a suspect is in custody after leading state police on a high speed chase. the chase started on route 6 today and ended sky 7 over that scene when the chase came to an end. you can see the police cars there clearly blocking the suspects car. state police say this all started in rochester when the suspect was seen hitting his own car with a hatchet. troopers say during case he began waving around that hatchet and a enough right out the window. besides the hatchet state police say they found other weapons in the car. they tweeted a picture of two
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as police are wrapping up one scene in new bedford cameras catching another police chase while they were racing by and there it is. probably confusing at the beginning because they were talking about something else then the camera man swings around and there you see it. reporters were interviewing witnesses about the first car chase, sirens started blaring in the background when the second car chase was right there. missing its front tire the car comes racing down the road while police chase after it. >> anchor: that's driving right into danger. a man's gps takes him for a dangerous turn toward a shootout that's happening right there in the middle of the street. the driver throwing it into reverse to try and escape. kelly o'hara live for us in roxbury tonight with more on this. kelly? >> reporter: that man wants to remain anonymous but that man says they were very scared understandably.
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whoever is pulling that trigger behind bars. >> reporter: it's a sight and sound no one wants to see or hear. a gun being fired just feet away. saturday afternoon that is exactly what happened to one couple when their gps led them . they were greeted by gun shots. you can clearly see the young men running and shooting at each other. something that doesn't make police commissioner bill evans very happy.obvisly this particu incident is and hope hopefully we can ge bottom of it. >> anchor: evans said this is the problem when there are too many guns on the street. he wants to know who was involved. we're workg onhe video. we e it out to every officer. we're looking for identities of these two. >> anchor: as for people who live around here they say it's why many people are afraid to open their divorce and look out their window. nobody want to take a bullet to the leg. you know? but like we say, it is what it is. people been here for a
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when i am in house and i less and lock my door, i hear the sound but i don't run to the windows to see and look. not at all. >> reporter: the commissioner said if you recognize those young men please let the police department know and he says if more people came forward with video like that maybe they wouldn't have so much crime on the streets. in roxbury tonight, kelly o'hara 7 news. >> anchor: also today major milestone to tell you about up at the st bill that makes sure women are paid the same as men when they are doing the same sort of work. here is amaka ubaka live in front of the statehouse to give us more information. >> reporter: advocates say massachusetts now has the strongest legislation in the country when it comes to equal pay while women won't wake up overnight with larger pay checks advocates say that this law will
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as governor baker signs the eall pay bill into law. today in massachusetts we say equal pay for equal work is not just a slogan, it's the law. the law fights against janner did discrimination in the workplace and gets the state closer to chiefing income equality. experts say women make 82 cents on the dollar of what a man makes. i think it's incredibly apt that we would be one of the first states in the country here today to pass legislation to they are worth. the law was a bipartisan effort among democrats and republicans in the house and senate and was a unanimous vote. the law defines capable work for men and women, restricts employers from asking candidates about their salary history and establishes protection so companies can review their compensation practices and fix them. wedge equality is not just a woman's issue. it is a family issue.
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for equal work but they also say in the future they will be looking into paid family leave. outside the statehouse, amaka ubaka, 7 news. >> anchor: city officials putting new rules in place of a boy dies at camp. kaiser willis was at a beach in south boston hen he went missing. his body found hours later. kids will return to the camp for the first time since this tragedy. mayor mawa to prevent it from happening ever again. we have to make sure that when we get those, their kids in our care and custody that they are protected and safe. >> anchor: the camp will now require hourly head counts, life preservers, increased staffers and for the youngest children those increased staffers and two counselors per every ten kids. >> anchor: a swampscott man accused of burping down the very home he helped to build. witnesses capturing those tall
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kimberly bookman live in swampscott with why police say he allegedly did this in the first place. adam, take a look over my shoulder and you can see exactly what is left of this home. police say this fire not only ruined this house but endangered makes and fire fighters. watching his home go up in flames police say timothy brosnan made a stunning admission. he stated i did it, i poured gasoline, my wife is >> anchor: he is a self-employed carpenter that built his home on linden avenue. his defense attorney says during recent divorce proceedings a judge decided his wife would live in the house and they would split the mortgage 50-50. one day before he was posed to hand over the keys authorities say he set the place on fire. he has been going threw a difficult time in his life. it's the end of a 27 year marriage with three beautiful children. he is very emotional.
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the defense claims brosnan has not taken responsibility for the fire saying he has little memory of what happened except for suring fire fighters on scene that no one was in the house including the family pet. he made sure even the cat was out of the home. so if that doesn't tell you about what kind of heart he has when it comes to living, breathing things then i don't know what else would. >> anchor: police on scene say brosnan appeared to be and allegedly laughed as the s go. for his longtime time friend who said trouble before, it's all hard to believe. he is a very nice, kind man. he would help you anywhere, any time. he would do anything for you so it's out of character. >> reporter: the suspect is currently being held without bail pending dunk royceness hearing on wednesday each have been told his wife took out a restraining order. reporting live from swampscott, kimberly book man, 7 news. >> anchor: a house in somersete
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this intense fire. this ng. look at that orange glow there. fire fighters responded to a fire at the same building back in may. there are no reports of injuries. >> anchor: in the boston police community is on who ordering a hero. commemorating an officer on the 100th anniversary of his death in the line of duty. on august 11916 patrolman patrick carr was killed while responding to a call on castle island. the patrolman was one of four officers in fact responding to that call for a young boy who cannon. several of officer carr's grandchildren went on to serve as boston police officers. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 6:00, a close encounter that no one saw coming. a family describes the wild, sudden move about a gorilla at the franklin park zoo. >> anchor: plus, the red sox make a last minute trade but fans may still be left wanting
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>> anchor: caught on camera at the frank lynn park zoo a seeingly calm gorilla takes a sudden swipe at a crowd waving him. as you saw the protective glass did its there was some laughter there. family said a the gorilla just for a few minutes aloo r apparently it was a few minutes too long. jennifer egan has a longer look
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>> reporter: an unexpecteden counter captured on camera. this gorilla on all fours slowly looking around before standing up and leaping again the glass. he was fast. he was like lightning. mark mcdonald shot the video while checking out the exhibit in the franklin park zoo with his fiance say, michelle. no one was antagonizing him. they had been watching the 23-year-old silver back gorilla named okie for about ten minutes noticing he was communicating with the crowd punch a "wall street journal." i said i wish i got that on video. i started filming. >> reporter: mcdonald said once the gorilla started pounding his chest it wouldn't long before exy started doing something memorable. he looked right when he went left and planted a huge karate chop. i thought he would come through it, it was so loud. it sounded like someone took a sledgehammer and hit the window. >> reporter: the zoo tells 7 news his behavior occurs
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boundaries this. essay the behavior is nothing new and over the years he has learned,000 get a response from guests. despite the extra up close encounter the couple says they were happy to catch the experience on video. >> anchor: thank god the glass was there. jennifer egan, 7 news. >> anchor: that would have scared me for sure even knowing the glass was there. >> anchor: entertaining nonetheless. he was probably just saying like come on, guys. get cl good thing he had that glass and it did its job. >> anchor: so jeremy, we had a little rain this weekend. which was nice. what's up next? >> anchor: we need more rain, little bit more in the forecast that's up next. >> anchor: sports coming to you live tonight from foxboro, we are on site for the patriots hall of fame and the patriots night practice plus did red sox make a big deadline move today?
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>> anchor: we haven't heard from quarterback tom brady in some time but we are now holding a news conferencality gillette so let's listen in. thank you, guys. this is for kevin. you guys enjoy the rest of the night of kevin, we love you. you are an amazing person. you are an amazing teammate and
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he was a better friend there is no doubt. but we love you. there is tom brady wearing number 33 on this occasion to honor and it looks like that's about all we're going to get from brady other this a few hugs. there is robert kraft and there are fancy red jack there and it doesn't appear that tom brady is going to go back up seconds and see if he is going to take questions but probably not. he is a savvy guy. >> anchor: that's right. okay, so we're going to go over to jeremy reiner who is standing by. you thought maybe you weren't going to have time for weather but brady didn't talk very long. >> reporter: if the goat wants the microphone he can have it. that's another sign of ought, isn't it? football getting ready to roll. dry pattern rolls on. there is the risk of a few isolated shower tonight and tomorrow morning but essentially
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boston only 2.2 inches of rain, worcester 3.72, many cities an to you running close to five inches below normal. the fourth driest start to summer for the city of boston i wish these chances were higher, i know if this is your vacation week you are saying no, we do not want that. so serious drought. we have make up this rain somewhere, some time vacation or not. a 20% chance of a shower tomorrow morning and then i think remember a dry for the rest of the week of a couple of showers right now. the sea coas metro boston clouds, yes, not much in the way of rain, few sprinkles back through the worcester hills and they extend down through portions of exconnecticut. it's tied to a weather system that's still way up in morning new york so it's too far to generate any significant showers for us. even as it drifts across new england tonight probably won't generate widespread significant rain. low 70's right how so at least we catch a break from excessive heat and humidity. here is that weak area of pressure and that moves across
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morning so we'll hold on to risk of a few isolated shower and i think by tomorrow afternoon skies slowly clear out. wednesday and thursday featuring sunny skies, wednesday comfortable with low humidity. thursday the blue h is south of new england. that's the southwesterly flow. so at that time the numbers will jump into the upper 80's with a little more humidity. for tonight mostly cloudy skies, temperatures 62 to 66. morning cloudp a few isolated shower but again nothing widespread or significant and then partly sunny skies late tomorrow afternoon teat between 70 and 80 where you get the sun you will be near 80 where you hold on to clouds along the coastline and in particular that east wind boston tomorrow low 70's, cape ann the sea coast much the same of merrimac valley into the worcester hills upper 70's to around 80 degrees and on the cape and islands a lot of clouds tomorrow morning. some sun by afternoon. wednesday, thursday and friday great for beaches with temperatures warming into the upper 80's on friday.
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>> anchor: 7 sports coming to you live from gillette stadium where kevin faulk is taking his police among the patriots all-time greats and for the first time in 7 months we hear from tom brady publicly, more on that in just a minute but we start with baseball. mlb trade deadline going down today at 4:00 p.m. if you expect red sox to make a big-time deal and i'm sorry you had to come away disawoulded. chris sail the biggest fish to be had in the major league trade pool not getting traded today. the ace is stairing five time all-star was absolutely sky high and rather than part with a package of prospects they could have included andrew benetendi. dombrowski sitting this one out by keeping the farm system in tact. a reliever comes over from the twins in exchange for the minor league righty pat light. the sow paw carries a 2.65 era
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and is holding opposing hit tours a massly 220 average. he should be an upgrade of tommy lane coming out of the red sox bullpen. rich hill is on the move however it's not back home to boston. the dodger swing the deal with the a's to bring the 36-year-old to los angeles along with old friend josh redick. he hiller less represented his career battling blister and groin issues. still 9 and 3 with a 2.25 era and 14 starts on the year. elsewhere around the league the rangers push grabbing both jonathan luke roy from the brewers and beltran from the yankees. me working out a deal with the reds for jay bruce. back here at gillette stadium is the current patriots team gearing up for the 2016 campaign. franchise also taking imminute to celebrate the career of one of the grates in franchise history and a guy who up laid the foundation here in foxboro in kevin faulk. three time super bowl champion arriving in style to take his
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fame. also rocking a tom bradiers is gee faulk the team's all-time leader becomes the 25th patriot to don the coat and get the hall of fame treatment. maybe even more importantly than that how about the all-time greatest honor here? est getting kind words from the greatest patriot of all-time, tom brady, who spoke publicly for the first time in nearly 7 months. kevin was i know you guys heard a lot of stories about kevin. kevin was a, you know, what a pleasure to spend as ny him. his commitment to our team was exceptional. you guys saw it and you appreciate it but when you were standing two feet from him you into you knew he had your back on every play you really knew what was going on. >> anchor: mariners and curse in the 12th inning for some
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lifty going to deliver here dropping down the perfect bunt on a squeeze play to plate the winning run comes walking obun wrigley thanks to lester who earns our play of the day. the sox starting up a four-game set out west against the mariners craig kimbrel activated off the dl as he is now going to be available at the back end of sox bullpen. that's it for us live here in foxboro. let's hand it back to you. >> anchor: thanks so much. >> anchor: if you want to stay right there we'll be right back
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>> anchor: all right, everyone. that's it. that's all for the news at 6:00 on this monday. thank you so much for sending some valuable time with us. a adam william. >> anchor: i'm jadiann thompson in for kill khazei tonight have a great evening and we hope you can come right back here and see
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tonight, miami zika alert. the extraordinary warning from the cdc telling pregnant women to avoid a popular area of the city, as activates an ergency response. the gop nominee continuing to star with a fallen sold year's family. hundreds of dramatic rescues, residents form a human chain, to save a woman trapped in her car. protecting the olympics, security forces deploy in rio, as half a million people pour in, four


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