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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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person who drove right into that danger. night team amaka abba cue live in roxbury. jadiann, this, this happened 48 hours after that video was circulated. now the police commissioner hoping that video will be used to make a second arrest. a quick arrest one suspect behind bars another still on the loose after multiple gunshots. >> oh my god. >> i'm glad we got who was responsible. couple gps led wrong road in this roxbury neighborhood. where they are greeted by gunshots. >> that poor couple in the car, i'm sure, you know, they are still reliving that horrible experience. shots being fired you can clearly see young men running and shooting at each other. police commissioner bill evans spoke candidly frustrated suspect arrested was awaiting trial on an open gun case. >> very serious felon who, you know already has one open gun
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night out event withdrew says this video was sent out to every officer as a top priority to identify the two men. the one suspect is still out there, evans is confident watt community's help he'll be caught. >> police can't do it alone. we need the community's help. i think with this arrest today, you see just what the community help will end up helping us. now couple that captured vittorioso want to remain anonymous. we put video on our so that you can take closer look. if you have any information on who that second suspect is, you're asked to give police a call. live in roxbury tonight amaka 7 news. also from night team double trouble for new bed for police officers wrap up a tense chase only to have second chase pass right behind them. tonight, we know one person has been arrested in connection with one of those chases. nick emmons live for us in new
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afternoon here earlier today. on purchase street here that first chase wrapped up but just as investigation was getting under way, just steps away, over here on county street, another chase sped right by. sirens blaring down the streets of new bedford this afternoon. that's crazy. it's just insane state police involved in a lengthy pursuit involving a man they say was armed waving it around from rochester into new bedford chase coming to an abrupt end then the suspect's chevy blazer pinned baystate patrol cruiser and and an environmental police unit peep backed into the car behind him. then crashed into the one in front of himbrenda hernandez says she saw the chase play out online. >> they had to literally force him off the truck. >> it was, it was bad according to police the suspect, then tried to set himself on fire
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but he was taken into custody. then as officers were searching his car, another pursuit, just steps away. it was like two chases in one. a driver with no front tire leading two police cruiser down narrow road. you have kids all over place and people that don't care about smashing into anybody's car pretty much. no update from police on how that pursuit ended. but for brenda hernandez, she's just glad nobody was injured on such a dangerous afternoon. >> very g that one guy hurt i'm surprised really. yeah still we do not have aun date on what happened with that second pursuit. if it ended in an arrest or not looking to get more information from police there as as far suspect who was arrested here earlier he's 50-year-old man from new bedford. he was booked by state police. then taken to st. luke's hospital to be evaluated. latest live in new bedford 7 news night team. now from the night team.
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i've been avoiding win wood area where it has been reported. >> it's apparent, concerning. women in florida told to stay away. 10 new home grown cases of zika announce dad in florida. leading to cdc's emergency travel warning telling women to avoid a certain section of south florida. ryan schulteis live for us logan airport tonight. ryan. am today, cdc is warning anyone flying to miami any women there they should stay away from especially if theirre also any couple that is were recently in that area k drvment c is telling them to put off having children for at least two months. >> the win wood neighborhood north miami off limits for pregnant women after ten more suspected cases of home grown zika bringing total now to 14. >> this is not the end federal officials say there will be more people infected who don't even know it because the symptoms can so mild. >> what we're looking carefully is, is it expanding?
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looked at. >> cdc is sending emergency teams and advising women returning from area not to get pregnant for 8 weeks. >> 12 of the 14 are men. and this is one of those men tested positive for zika speaking through his daughter saying he feels fine. >> he feels all right. he feel all right. his doctors have told him to cover his arms and legs where when aleaves the house. tracking more zika patients live is up mosquito controlled di north of downtown miami. florida's governor blaming congress for failing to fund the fight against zika. we're going to make sure we fund our health departments and a fund mosquito boards. and vul of a the resources we need. that health officials are very concerned tonight because they continue to see high number of zika carrying mosquitos in that area despite all efforts to fight it. live here logan ryan schulteis, 7 news night team.
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witnesses capturing flames destroying the house. tonight, ploy say man who owned that home is the man who burned it down. brandon but gunnoe here with more. jadiann divorce can get nasty owner was being ordered to hand over keys to soon to be ex wiefl wife police say he had other plans. he watched it burn and said look at it go. >> investigators believe the fire that ripped through this swampscott home saturday was intentionally set by the homeowner. police say 57-year-old timothy connection to fire he stated, i did it, i poured gasoline. my wife is moving in tomorrow. >> brosnan defense attorney says his client built the house but during recent doors proceeding his wife would live in the house while his split mortgage 50/50. authorities say brosnan set the fire one day before he was supposed to hand over the house. he going very difficult time in his life. the end of a 27 year marriage with three beautiful children.
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fire. and adds, he was a polite and responsive to police letting them known on scene that no one was in house including family pet. he made sure even the cat was out of the homeso if that doesn't tell you about what kind of heart he has when it comes to living breathing things, then i don't know what else wouldpolice on scene a bros man appeared to be drink bloodshot eyes and slurred speech allegedly laughed as his house went up in flames. cliffed brosnan long time friend who never been in trouble before is all difficult to believe. he's very nice, kind man. he would help you anyway any time he would do anything for you so that's out of character. >> love and war man is being held without a bail he's back in court on wednesday and in meantime his wife has taken out a restraining order. in newsroom brandon gunnoe. >> two men arraigned in larns court data accused a breaking into hundreds atm and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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montero also stole cars and phones. phones are what led investigators to them placing number of crime scenes. major milestone for women in the work place. massachusetts governor charlie baker signing off the equal pay bill. bill insure women get paid as much a men who do the same comparable work. according to experts, women make 82 percent of what men make in massachusetts. bill also bars employers from asking perspective workers to give salary governor paker says massachusetts is ahead of curve on the this issue. i think it's incredibly apt that we would be one first states in country here today to pass legislation to an insure that people are paid what they are worth. >> massachusetts house and senate hue unanimous mousily approved bill this weekend. now on 7, big backlash against donald trump.
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his ignorance i don't think there anything mr. trump that will be more painful. iths a war of words in the race for the white house. well donald trump standing by his words even though many members of his own party criticizing his message. including senator jm and house majority leader and speaker the house paul ryan. on stage nothing new about khans online donald trump again hitting gold star f point remembering the last conversation she had with her son. i love my soldier so i will be, i will take care of them. >> celeste understands that pain her son was also killed by an explosion in iraq. you know, in a way, they've already gone through the worst days of their lives. i don't think this is anything mr. trump can say to them that will be more painful.
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families lining up against gop nominee with khan's convention speech till resonate pocket constitution is now amazon best seller. paul ryan even posing with one in a picture posted today. a subtle dig but maybe too subjecter for speaker's critic who wonder he and other gop leaders can keep supporting there nominee while condemning most recent controversial comments. senator john mccain. tough reelection fight for w. tough words nomination is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are best among us. we've seen this before, caught in controversy aga calling some mexicans rapists. questioning john mccain war hero status criticizing heritage mexican american judge only that seemed to do damage. this may not. >> there's a lot bigger issues in my view than being overly energized about offending one person or one family. if he cannot capture independents and moderate republicans in swing states, he has no hope of victory in
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topics. dealing with this controversy like so many others on his terms and his alone. >> trump originally made a comment about his wife not be allowed to talk on stage at the dnc. he has since tweeted captain khan was a hero. special guest for patriots fans tonight. what a pleasure to spend as many years as i did in the backfield with him tom brady pulling qb sneak surprising the crowd at the patriots hall of fame accepted 4 game suspension. trey daerr is live for news foxboro. jadiann today really about two things. pats hall of fame enshrinement and an annual night practice giving fans bit more of interest intimate feel. pats nation showing up in droves to offer support for both incidents. main distinction falls squarely on kevin fabbying. tom brady showing honoring his
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to announce new england patriots beings selection at the nfl draft in april, kevin falk honored his former quarterback new england patriots anton brady select. tonight, tom brady returning to favor throughing on patriots number 33 jersey to honor his former running bah i feel lot faster in this jersey already. respect. something we lose sight of in america in world right now. that's what that was respecting me as an individual. respecting the thing that i did and showing it right back. that's what that was for me. ultimate sign of respect, brady breaking his silence speaking publicly for first time since the afc championship game honoring his former tame mate. his commitment to our team was exceptional. you guys saw it, you appreciated it. but when you were standing two feet from him, and you knew that
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you really knew what was going on. patriots crowd appreciating the moment but brady did all he could to keep the attention on the man of the hour. brady brady brady brady brady brady thank you, guys. no, it's for kevin. kevin, we love you. you're an amazing personyou're an amazing teammate as great player as kevin was he's a better friend. there's no doubt. but we love you. thank you. >> kevin of fame class here, but one thing that was absolutely outstanding longevity. all of them a running back for 13 season every one coming here with new england patriots. reporting live outside gillette stadium trey daerr. all right trey, thanks. coming up next bit cooler and some gray skies out there today. jeremy alcs all changing we understand? >> yes a few isolated showers tomorrow morning. sun's coming back.
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swept away dramatic moments as rising flood waters due damage carrying dozens of cars down stream. >> the race to get a driver out of danger after his car spins and flips out of control. and satan in school. what a group calle introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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? sip in summertime with a frozen coolatta from dunkin' donuts. stay cool this summer with a new sour apple, watermelon, or blue raspberry coolatta. america runs on dunkin'. bring something satanic into school. a group called satanic temp says it has important lessons and wants to teach kids the tim caputo live for us 134 some salem group met to plan the proposal, tim. yeah they met right here in salem with name like satanic temp you might think this group is trying to teach kids all about lucifer but nearly opposite. they want to get religion out of schools. reading writing and
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to tackle religion. it's coming from an unlikely source. satanic temple is launching what they are calling after school satan. despite their own somewhat intentionally creepy promotional video probably no what you think we definitely don't worship a devil we don't believe in any god let alone devil. they met in salem to plan their roll out after school satan. it was created to counter evangelical programs that teach the bible in public schools. there's definitely some lack of separation and church and especially with evangelical christian moving into areas that may or may not be sanctioned. 2001 u.s. supreme court decision allows groups like the good news club in schools and we reached out evangelical organization that runs it after after school satan >> obviously we disagree with their point of view. and we don't believe that what they are teaching or would teach would be true. and they would probably say same thing about us.
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offer their program in schools that already have good news clubs. and since there are none in massachusetts, after school saw tan will have to start in other states. even if it was an option here we had hard time finding any parent ready to take this program by the horns. i think that everyone should have opportunity. i just don't see anyone enrolling their child. maybe don't jump out with satan try something else. >> try and ease into it a little. >> satanic temp religion, part political activism. they say isn't satire not joke. in fact they know devil's in details they actually created full cluck clim, math science and other activities for kids question at this point is will any school district adopt it. live tonight in salem tim caputo, 7 news night team. >> caught on camera, wild wreck ends an amazing rescue in florida. you can see here car coming from the left. it is flipping out of control
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group stranger rush over work to flip that car rescue driver trapped inside, driver money flown to hospital and being treated forehead trauma. wild weather strikes in maryland. two people have died in flash floodinga community that's near baltimore. rushing waters pushing cars prompting a state of emergency in that area. more than 100 people have needed to rescued so far. and even more rain is expected tomorrow. now seven weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> new month s dry weather expected for the next several days. we do have risk of few is lighted showers late tonight and early tomorrow morning. but that's not drought busting rain. incidentally eventually within crease sunshine we start to warm things back up july what we should have picked up 3.4 inches of rain. this us what we did pick up, about 9 tenths of an inch of rain. 8 driest july on record. for the city of boston. now move ooogie heed tomorrow again just few isolated showers
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dry. friday, 10 percent chance of a random thundershower. because of that time a little warmer and more humid. right now radar showing a few isolated showers here in new england. nothing significant. over here through new york state there are some showers downpours even thunderstorms. so we'll keep our fingers crossed these hold together. and move through new england late tonight and early tomorrow morning. it's from a weak area area low pressure this time of year red ls are feeble, january, february different story. so away take what we can get a couple isolated showers, and then that weather system fades away during tomorrow afternoon. so i think we will see partly sunny skies late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. then mostly sun skies for wednesday and an again or thursday. by high pressure allows swis wind to develop. and at that time temperatures will start to a jump into upper 80s and a little more humidity tonight mostly cloudy skies a few isolated showers.
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through afternoon. wide rang in temperatures along coastline east wind keeps boston south and north shore in low 70s. and then as you work back through merrimac valley you will see partly sun skies. a little warmer. upper 70s to around 80. jaffry 81. worcester at 76. now out on cape islands chatham 75 edgartown 76. wednesday mostly sunny skies. that's nice summer day high temperature upper 70s to around 80 degrees. we are now into month of august. this is down start to lose all sorts of daylight. sun went down this evening 8:03. august 31st. it's about 7:20 we lose 75 minutes of daylight. woo. in month of august. also the month of august, that's when tropics begin to wake up. this clump of thunderstorm activity that might become tropical storm earl tomorrow. hurricane center will check that out during day tomorrow quick note when storms are south of us hispaniola it's no game for new england or east coast.
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them. 7 on 7 forecast sunshine for the rest of the week and warming trend upper 80s. school basketball back before you know it sorry, kids didn't mean to say it big papi has message to all students. wake up. it's david ortiz of boston red sox. get out of bed and get ready for school. your future is yours. david ortiz delivering a wake up call to boston students teaming boston public schools to make sure kids time. by recording that automated call, information about how you can sign up for it will be released in the next couple of weeks. so stay tuned to that. whatever works. yeah. whatever it takes. that's good one though. i think so. and trey daerr coming up next in
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all of those people that say that we're cheaters just tell them come our meeting radio come in our practice one day and see what we do. and understand dwr we are what we are. and why we new england patriots.
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on his shoulder during 13 year nfl career. it appears he still may have bit point to prove. inducted patriots hall of fame today. among biggest supporter is former quarterback tom brady. brady speaks publicly first time in seven months. since pats fell afc championship game. they do it so wearing number 33 jersey paying former running back back. famous wore a brady jersey nfl draft. two shared back field in 5 super bowls, and in the podium deflategate or any of that stuff just mutual respect between one another. what a pleasure to spend as many years as i did in the back field with him. and his commitment to our team was exceptional. you guys saw it up appreciated it. but when you were standing two feet from him, and you knew that he had your back on every play, you really knew what was going on. respect.
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in america. in the world right now. that's what that was to me. respecting me as an individual. respecting at the end of day a showing you right back. that's what that was for me. brady donning number 12 jersey back for pats annual training camp night practice inside gillette stadium nearly 25 thousand patriots nation fine's showing up work out here cheering on every patriots have day off tomorrow before returning to their normal practice field on wednesday morning. major league trade deadline coming on. you hoping red sox to make that big splash move unfortunately, you're coming away a bit disappointed. chris sale the biggest fish to be had out on open market. didn't wiped of going anywhere. lefty ace is staying put in chicago. the red sox did make a move grabbing aarm from al central ironically enough reliever comes over from twins and exchange for
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30-year-old 2.65er amount and 39 appearance this is year. hold holding opposing hitters measly 220 average. tommy lane coming out red sox bullpen. play of day brought to you by xfinity. dream team 20 touring olympic my injury wra. they are ready half court hook up alley oop watch out lob city. coming jordan throwing down our play of the day. the red sox playing a late west coast game at last balance they are scoreless in the sixth
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jared leto.
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 512, austin! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? >> jimmy: welcome! oh! [ cheers and applause ] that's what i'm talking about. hey. hot crowd! oh, i can feel it! hot crowd tonight. welcome, everyone, welcome, welcome, welcome to the "tonight show." this is it, you made it. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much for being here. [ cheers and applause ] welcome, everybody.


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