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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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alarming allegations a dentist heading to court after a patient says he inappropriat inappropriately touched her. a gps guiding one car in the middle of a shootout. now a suspect is behind bars and we are getting a look at the dash cam footage. new polls for the race for the white house as hillary clinton is seeing a push after her star-studded convention. >> announcer: this sara french. >> i am chris anderson in for christa del camp. >> sarah: she is make emceeing strides against breast cancer which is a great event coming up. >> chris: the rain is here. >> danielle: we need the rain for anyone who went outside and did the rain dance, it is much appreciateworcester gotten three quarter of an inch of
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central mass, it has started to weaken. as the showers moved across the boston area it is starting to taper off. steady rain in 495 and 128 for the boston metro area, that's where those showers are a little spottier in nature. as we head into the afternoon the rain is more isolated. by 3:00 the best chance of any isolated showers are south of the pike and drying out through dinnertime. temperatures today a little bolo average. mid-70s. the sunshine peeks through later this afternoon too and stays with us for the next couple of days. more on your forecast coming up. some breaking news now. salem police are investigating after officers say that a man told them that he killed his wife. this all allegedly happened early this morning. that man is going to be arraig arraigned later today in salem district court. happening today, a worcester den thirst go before a judge after alarming allegations. >> chris: one of his patients
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inappropriately during an appointment at his office. victoria warren is where the man is expected in court today? >> reporter: that's right. he will go before a judge inside the worcester courthouse after worcester police showed up at his dental practice yesterday. they spoke with him and promptly arrested him. this dentist is 54 years old and he is the only doctor that is listed at the worcester practice. police say the 35-year-old woman went to see dr. nikhil going to the dentist office for years and yesterday abruptly left her appointment and went to the police department saying during the appointment she was indecently assaulted. the doctor is now facing a charge of indecent assault and battery and was arrested yesterday and is scheduled to appear before a judge here today. live this morning in worcester, victoria warren, 7 news today in new england. right now one man is behind
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video now of this entire or deal after a gps had one person driving into danger. that car coming across a terrifying scene as a group of people open fired on each other in that neighborhood. we want to get to 7's john co co who has all the details from roxbury. >> reporter: a flurry of gu gunshots fired in roxbury saturday. one suspect has been arrested while another is still on the loose. >> oh, my god. >> i am glad we got who i >> reporter: the couple's gps led them down the wrong road in this roxbury neighborhood. ending up in the middle of a shootout. >> that poor couple in the car i am sure -- they are still reliving that horrible scene of shots being fired. >> reporter: you can clearly see young men running and firing at each other. police commissioner bill evans spoke candidly that the suspect arrested was awaiting trial on a separate open gun case.
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around with another gun. >> reporter: this video was sent out to every officer as a top priority to identify the two men. officers are tracking the second suspect. the commissioner is confident with the community's help, he will be caught >> the police can't do it alon alone. we need the community's help. i think with this arrest today, you see just what the community help will end up helping us. >> reporter: and the couple that recorded that video asked to stay anonymous, but we pos posted it to our web site, and police are asking if call. in roxbury, john coco, 7 news today in new england. happening today now, a man charged with man slaughter in connection with a deadly brawl in dorchester will be back in court. prosecutors say a 26-year-old hit brian hingeston while hingeston was trying to break up a fight in april. hingeston hit his head on the pavement and later died as a as a result. children are going back to a boston summer camp less than a week after the child died at the program.
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disappeared at carson beach in south boston. his body was later found in the water. the camp will require hourly lead counts, increased staffers for the children. a brand-new poll for the race for the white house. hillary clinton on top by 8 points. the nbc news survey monkey poll has her leading 54% to 42%. the same poll showed no after the rnc. a new cnn-orc poll show hillary clinton on top getting a 7-point post convention bump. the polls show clinton ahead of trump 52% to 43% and this comes after trump was leading for a time after the rnc. and those poll numbers aren't the only bad news for donald trump as he continues to come under fire for comments that he made about the parents of a muslim-american who was killed in combat. more and more people are now
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donald trump apologize and that includes a politician from right here in the bay state. >> thank you both very much. >> reporter: donald trump facing more backlash over comments about a muslim family who spoke during the democratic national convention. now gold star families are demanding an apology from the republican presidential nomine nominee, including massachusetts congressman seth moulton who served in iraq. the group, which also includes boston marathon hero carlos arrendondo sent a le t for comments he made of the mother of a soldier killed in iraq. trump suggested she might not be allowed to speak on stage and he himself have made sacrifices creating jobs. trump is not done his controversial comments. at a rally he had choice words for his opponent hillary clinton while talking about bernie sanders. >> if he would just not have done anything, just go home, go to sleep, relax. we have been a hero, but he made a deal with the devil. she is the devil. he made a deal with the devil.
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>> reporter: clinton was at a rally in nebraska. billionaire warren buffett took aim at trump's comments. >> our families haven't sacrificed everything and donald trump and i haven't sacrificed anything, but how in the world can you stand up to a of parents who have lost a son and talk about sacrificing because you were building a bunch of buildings. >> reporter: meanwhile, the khan s remembering their hero son. the mother talking about her >> i love my soldier so i will be -- i will take care of them. >> reporter: trump is also facing scrutiny from the "new york times." the newspape is reporting that the republican candidate deferred the draft back in the 1960s after years of being healthy. the times is reporting that trump suddenly was diagnosed with bone spurs in his heels which allowed him to avoid the
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his heel spurs have healed. president obama and the first family will be making their annual trip to martha's vineyard for a two-week summer vacation and on the same day gop donald trump will be hosting a fundraiser nearby on nantucket. later this month democratic nominee hillary clinton will also be on nantucket for a fundraiser of her own. happening now, a zika warning in florida. health officials telling pregnant women to stay away from one area of miami. the warning comes after more cases of the sunshine state bringing the total to 14. 7's lorena estrada mass more from miami. >> me being pregnant, i am just really in shock. >> reporter: kristi anne davis is in wynwood and pregnant. she borrowed our insect repellent when finding out she is walking through groundzero for the zika virus. >> i am disheartened about the situation and i just found out from my mother-in-law. >> reporter: the u.s. center
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women who are thinking of being pregnant to stay away from the wynwood area after ten more cases are announced monday. not only are pregnant women advised to stay away, pregnant women and their partners must take steps to prevent mosquito bites. those in the area having sex should use condoms or abstain during pregnancy. the district is within the the zika virus locally. gabriel john tells people he is one of those people. his daughter translating that he is doing just fine. >> he all right. >> reporter: he feels all righ right? >> he feels all right. >> reporter: doctors told him to cover his arms and legs while out of the house. >> my concern are my grandbab grandbabies. >> reporter: she says her daughter lives in opa-locka and needs to stay there for now. >> she is pregnant. >> reporter: nearby families
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she attended the clinic area in the transition area for something not related to zika and was given repellent anyway. a mosquito-transmitted illness illness that can cause birth defects. the normal outdoor seating was not so filled on monday. asking women in the wynwood area to be tested for the zika virus and advising any couples who have hold off having any children for at least eight weeks. reporting in miami, lorena estrada, 7 news crist crist pretty alarming update. more rocky weather. look at that lightning. crazy lightning cix captured overnight. we will tell you where. tom braid seth talk of the town as his former teammate reaches a major milestone. >> danielle: we saw lightning
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connecticut over the last half hours. we are seeing showers but starting to taper off. more on your forecast coming u up. staying on top of breaking news out of salem where police say a man walked into a police station there saying he had killed his wife. we will have all the details
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you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130.
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wild weather leading to major flooding in south carolina. streams looking -- streets looking like streams. the state was hit with several inches of rain. streets completely under water. cars trying to drive through i it. several roads had to be cut off because of the high water. serious lightning strikes. caught on camera in baton roug rouge, louisiana. you can see the bolts of lightning flashing in the night's sky. weather officials say lightning storms in the city the rest of the week. take cover when you see something like that. >> incredible to see that vide video, danielle.
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and as i mentioned earlier saw some of the lightning strike some of them popping up from southern connecticut there, but most of the rain as it is moving east starts to weaken. we haven't seen anything in the form of severe weather today. we have a couple of flood advisories, but we are welcom welcoming this rain. it is much needed and those showers pretty steady inside 495 and inside 128 here, a little more scattered but most of the heavier stuff is down to the southeast toward providence and thing is where it is going the day. notice as we head into lunchtime, isolated showers down to the southeast and any rain we see heading into the afternoon will stay south of the pike and as we head into this afternoon, 3, 4:00 star starting to clear out and we will start to see more sunshin sunshine. and what is going to help that sunshine is this front has kind of been stalled here over the past couple of days bringing us that doomy, gloomy weather with these scattered showers that we really do need.
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things up, clear us out, and bring us back to seasonal conditions for this time of year. not seasonal are rainfall situation in boston. the rainfall deficit from june 1 has now jumped to over 5 inches. we have only seen 2 inches. a little over 2 inches of rain in boston since june 1, so we can use any rain we can get here in worcester they picked up close to three quarter of an inch of rain. cooler temra temperatures on the cooler side upper 60s to low 70s along the coast. so for today, temperatures sta staying below the average. mid-70s close to 80. the sunshine as we head into the afternoon and we will keep an eye out for scattered showers this morning. if you have a tee time scheduled for later today, you will be in good shape. temperatures dry out. temperatures will be pleasant hitting the golf course in the mid-70s. for tonight, partly cloudy and cooler. temperatures in the upper 50s into the low 60s.
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there and a little cooler. those winds are nice and light and we could see patchy fog develop as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. dew point trend nice and comfortable tomorrow. dew points dropping into the upper 50s and low into the mid-60s by friday. here is your seven on 7 forecast. turn up the heat closer to seasonal conditions wednesday and thursday and lower the humidity for those days too. friday we are bumping up the temperatures upper 80s and as we head into seattle, watch a chance for isolated storms. also salem when one group tries to gain approval to be allow in schools. the national satanic group said they went to offer another option to students. >> chris: not everyone in the town are on board of this idea or what that idea stands for. 7's tim caputo has this story. >> reporter: reading writing and redemption? a new afterschool program wants to tackle religion and coming from an unlikely source. the satanic temple is launching what they are calling
9:17 am
creepy promotional video, it is probably not what you any we definitely don't worship the devil. we don't believe in any god let alone a devil. >> reporter: the satanic group met in salem to have their roll jute of afterschool satan to counter the programs that teach the bible in public schools. >> definitely some lack of separation of church and state with evangelical christians moving into areas that may or may not be sanctioned. >> reporter: a 2001 u.s. supreme court in schools to reach out to the evangelical association that run it is to get their thoughts on afterschool satan. >> obviously we disagree with their point of view, and we don't believe that what they are teaching or will teach will be true, and they probably will say the same thing about us. >> reporter: the satanic temple will offer their program in schools already have good news
9:18 am
afterschool satan will have to start in other states. even if it is an option we had a hard time ready to find any parent waiting to take this program by the horns. >> i think everybody should have the opportunity but i don't see anyone enrolling their child in that. >> don't start with satan. try something else? try to ease into it a little. >> reporter: tim caputo, 7 news today in new england. welcome to the hall. pats fans on hand for the big night as kevin faulk take miss plac well deserved. the mimi loss.
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big night for the patriots hall of fame, but in typical tom brady fashion, he stepped in and stole the show. it wasn't intentional. he was tight lipped on the deflategate suspension. instead tv 12 turned his attention on the focus of the kevin faulk. >> sarah: all eyes were on faulk as he accepted his spot in the team's hall of fame. we have more on the team's big night. >> to announce the new england patriots selection. >> reporter: at the nba draft, honored. >> the new york patriots and tom brady selects -- >>reporter: throwing an a patriots number 33 injuries tow honor his former running back.
9:22 am
jersey already. >> respect. approximating that we are losing sight of in america and the world right now. that's what that was for me. respecting me as an individual. respecting the thing that i did and showing it right back. that is what that is for me. >> reporter: the ultimate sign of respect, brady break his silence breaking his silence since the afc game talking about his team shared with in five super bowls. >> his commitment to the team was exceptional. you saw it and preer 1998 it and when you were standing two feet from him and you knew he had your back on every play, you really knew what was going on. >> reporter: the crowd appreciating the moment but brady did all he could to keep the attention on the man of the hour. [chanting brady] >> it is for kevin. you are an amazing person.
9:23 am
he is a better friend. there is no doubt. we love you. thank you. >> sarah: pretty amazing. >> chris: tom will have one of those red jackets. it is funny they are the same age. he and kevin faulk. >> sarah: isn't that funny. still ahead on today in new england. a tricky situation for a england police officer. the traffic trouble he had to wrangle. a cat is back safely on the ground after being trapped in a tree for weeks. tree for weeks. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing.
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we got a fish tale for you this morning. a group of fisherman making a colossal catch in florida reeling in a 13-foot hammerhead shark right near a beach. there is the big fella. you see the moments they were able to get the shark to take the bait and they brought it to shore and released it. the fishermen were proud of their big catch. >> people don't really understand how big and how great and how strong these animals actually are, so it is an amazing feeling to actually it is a huge accomplishment. >> chris: the fishermen say they hope to find a huge shark again once it is bigger. the animal rescue league of boston with a dramatic save. the crew got a stray cat down from a tree that has been there for two weeks. the property owner tried calling different organizations to save the cat when they finally reached them. the cat was healthy and was taken to a shelter to recover. a police officer in maine far in rates his actions on
9:27 am
middle of the road. >> we have a possible mad cow situation here. we are going to handle this. we are going to handle this. well, you guys, we need to step over the side of the road and put your hands up in the air. don't rush them, man, the police. >> sarah: the cows wander aid away from a local farm. with a little talking to they "moo-ved" you like that, chris anderson. i didn't do it like you deliver it. >> chris: you aceed it. gold star. still ahead on 7 news in new england, something in the water. what test results are showing about the waters in rio. >> danielle: the water falling from the sky is a much welcomed sight. how long this will stick aroun around. speaking out with a road from recovery. hear from a secret service agent after a deadly new
9:28 am
for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all stop & shop produce is triple checked. crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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some breaking news this mornin morning. an investigation under that by salem after police them that a man killed his wife. a police chase coming to an end in new bedford but not before another one pass business. a poke-brawl. violence erupts near crowds playing a new england." >> sarah: welcome back, tuesday morning. thank you for sang with us. i am sarah french. >> chris: i am chris anderson. danielle was talking about a rain dance to bring the showers on. archdiocese sarah good for the lawn, the garden. >> chris: the dancing for the rain. >> sarah: both, danielle. >> danielle: i am writing my weather blog and that is the title of it.
9:31 am
the umbrella heading out the door. steady rain inside i-95 and 128, the showers are scattered in nature. the three-hour loop and heavier rain as it tracks east across central massachusetts, it is really starting to weaken and lose steam. the heavier rain now is to the south and east and i think if we continue to see showers into the afternoon, that is mainly where they will be focused as we head into 3:00 this afternoon. this morning still scattered showers out there. current temperatures upper 60s and low 70s. another cooler start to day. by this afternoon, temperatures warming up mid-70s. we will be close to 80 degrees. also going to see that sunshine poke through and it sticks around for a couple of days. more on that forecast coming u up. we have some breaking news. salem police are investigating after they say a man turned himself in early this morning telling them he killed his estranged wife. the 50-year-old man who police believe is homeless will be arraigned later today in salem district court. right now a man is behind
9:32 am
roxbury and those shots were captured on this dashboard camera during a dangerous drive. the people in that car were listening to their gps which had them turned right on to that street. >> that is when they came across that violent scene. 7's john coco has the story. >> reporter: a flurry of gu gunshots fired in roxbury saturday. one suspect has been arrested while another is still on the loose. >> oh, my god. >> i am glad we got >> reporter: the couple's gps led them down the wrong road in this roxbury neighborhood ending up in the middle of a shootout. >> that poor couple in the car i am sure, you know, they are still reliving that horrible scene of shots being fired. >> reporter: you can clearly see young men running and firing at each other. police commissioner bill evans spoke candidly frustrated that the suspect arrested was awaiting trial on a separate open gun case.
9:33 am
open gun case and here he is running with another gun. >> reporter: evans said this video was sent out to every officer as top priority to track those two men. they are still tracking the second suspect. the commissioner is confident with the community's help, he will be caught. >> police can't do it alone. we need the community's help. and with this arrest you see what the community help will end up helping us. >> the couple that recorded that video asked to stay anonymous and we posted it to our website. police any information to give them a call. in roxbury, john coco, 7 news, today in new england. in ayer are looking for an alleged bicycle thief. stole this bike that belongs to a 14-year-old boy with autism. the boy's parents reported that the pike had been stolen over the weekend. friends have started a go fund me page in an attempt to raise money to buy the teen a new bike. three massachusetts men facing charges after an alleged shaving scheme.
9:34 am
stolen gillette razor blades. investigators say one man stole the razors while working at gillette. the suspect allegedly sold the razors on e-bay. also this morning, police in new bedford running into trouble twice. officers were just wrapping up a lengthy pursuit with a man who is harmed with a hatchet and knives. just as they were wrapping up that investigation, the dangerous situation, another pursuit began in what was another very them. [sirens] >> reporter: sirens blaring down the streets of new bedford monday afternoon. >> that's crazy. it is just insane. >> reporter: state police involved in a lengthy pursuit involving a man they say was armed with knives and a hatchet waving them around from rod chester into new bedford. the chase coming to an abrupt end when the suspect's chevy blazer is pinned by a state control cruiser and an environmental unit.
9:35 am
behind him. crashed into the one in front of him. >> reporter: brenda hernandez saw the chase play off online. >> they had to literally force him out of the truck. it was bad. >> reporter: according to police, the suspect then tried to set himself on fire with butane, but was taken into custody, then as officers were searching his car -- [sirens] >> reporter: another pursuit just steps away. >> like two chases in one. >> reporter: a driver with no front tire leading two police cruisers down a >> you have kids all over the place and these people that don't care about smashing into anybody's car pretty much. >> reporter: no update from police how that pursuit ended, but for brenda hernandez, was just happy that no one was injured on such a dangerous afternoon. >> very grateful that no one got hurt. i am just surprised really. >> reporter: very unfortunate. the driver from that first pursuit was a 50-year-old man from new bedford. he had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out. a story you will see from
9:36 am
from the secret service agent critically injured in a deadly car crash in new hampshire back in december. garrett fitzgerald speaking out at a charity event in ipswich. fitzgerald suffered a you spinal cord injury when an unlicensed driver slammed into his car in wakefield, new hampshire. that driver died. fitzgerald was working as part of democratic nominee hillary clinton's protective detail at the time of the crash and says the support of the community has he >> it has gotten me through the very tough days, tough -- tough times, and made my recovery what it is right now. i still have a long road to go, but, you know, it's -- this community has been absolutely amazing. i couldn't -- i couldn't have asked for anything more. [applause] >> sarah: fitzgerald was presented with a $30,000 check. new this morning, issues with fare collecting machines resulting in losses of revenue
9:37 am
the union says workers weren't able to collect from 24 of the 84 machines meaning that riders did not have to pay. the t is facing a $110 million deficit. according to "the globe" employees may still be laid off despite workers taking buyouts. general electric is showing off plans for its new global headquarters in boston's fou four-point channel. the company releasing these pictures showing the headquarters which is set to open in 2018 and will be hope to 800 employees. and balloon crash in texas. officials say weather was not a factor in that accident. police say the hot air balloon hit power lines before it crashed saturday killing all 16 people on board. investigators believe the balloon did not malfunction because it was preparing to land. >> very preliminary on-site examination reveals no evidence
9:38 am
>> chris: this morning the los angeles times is reporting that the balloon pilot had four prior convictions for drunken driving on the his record, but they don't believe that alcohol played a role in this crash. family of victims of the crash paying their respects at the crash site on monday. buses dropped off dozens of people who left flowers and other items to pay tribute to those 16 victims. caught on camera, an al all-out brawl breaking out on the streets of new york after pokemon g in a park. people say that area is a hot spot for users of the popular app and they were there the night these punches started being thrown. cell phone video shows the moment a rowdy crowd turns violent. one young man punches another not once but twice, knocking him to the ground. chris miranda says he was there and involved. >> he got out of the car and came over and run their mouth, trying to fight, and everyone kept telling him we are not
9:39 am
there are kids. >> reporter: kids like cassandra who roams the park phone in hand. >> this a good place to play pokemon? a good place to play here. >> yes. >> reporter: the avid player says she sees dozens people playing here every day and no difference saturday night when the fight broke out. >> there was at least 20 people at the park and when a fight started happening a bunch more people came out of the stores. >> reporter: videos was posted to youtube and brawl. but it wasn't about the game but nasty words escalated to violence. >> the guy said don't come at me or i will hit you. the guy kept coming at him so he hit him. >> reporter: police officers arrived and the crowd scatte scattered. now peace returning to the park where in place of shouting -- [shouting] -- >>reporter: this happy jingle. ? ? ?. >> sarah: that brawl is not the only -- that drawl is not
9:40 am
a couple was arrested after they abandoned their son to plate popular game. they admitted leaving thaivr 2-year-old son alone for two hours while they were playing the game last week. a neighbor called 911 when saw the little boy outside crying and trying to get inside the house wearing a diaper and t-shirts. the parents were charged with child neglect and endangerment. officials are saying that the water in rio is clean despite reports that it is dangerously high levels of pollution in the water. the tests indicate 1400 athletes are at risk of getting sick while competing in water events during the rio games. water quality warning signs have been removed from rio's prominent beaches. security tend up in rio. armed soldiers guarding the athletes villages and roads. navy boats are patrolling the waters. it comes after the private firm that was third provide security
9:41 am
over the weekend. 7's nancy chen in rio covering the action leading up to the opening ceremonies and throughout the games. her live report starts at thursday. happening right now, a man is behind bars after he tried to fight police officers orlando. officers took the suspect down when they pulled him over for smoking marijuana. the man then pushed those cops and drove off. did you see that on the video. police eventual'!ally tracked him down and taking him into witnesses praising their officers for not using their weapons during this encounter. >> i think they held a lot of restraint, and they could have tased him, could have pulled out their weapons. they could have batoned them. it could have went a whole another way but eventually he got cause. better off he didn't lose violence. >> the suspect has been charged with drug possession and illegal possession of a firearm. a pilot takedown caught on camera in kentucky. he tackles an unruly passenger
9:42 am
>> sit down. sit down. enough. you put your hands -- sit down. >> the pilot brought the passenger to the ground. police say the suspect attacked a flight attendant and threatened members of the crew. investigators say he was drunk at the time. he faces a number of charges including assault and public intoxication. apple making a big change. this tech giant announcing that he will replace the gun emoji with a water gun emoji in its new software outrage of the texting symbol following the shoot information dallas and baton rouge -- baton rouge. hollywood outrage, why some are taking shots at matt damo damon's latest film. get your ice cream treats from the boston police? why they are taking these good eats on the go. rain or shine. always sounds good to me.
9:43 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130. no, contenders. boston police department has a new addition to its patrol force. colorful new addition. maybe it is just the balloons. police commissioner william evans unveiling this brand-new ice cream truck for their s so-called operation hoodsy cup effort. since 2010, officers have turned out 120,000 free hoodsy cups to all the children in the
9:46 am
national ice cream sandwich day. >> chris: to you like traditional. they have -- they have the neapolitan and the inside out with the vanilla cookie and the chocolate ice cream. >> sarah: making me hungry, danielle. >> danielle: i don't care what time it is. ice cream sandwiches sound good. 6 a.m., 9 a.m. outside, we need the weather. this rain is starting to weaken as it moves into the boston area are seeing steady light showers and more scattered inside 128. and a lot of that heavier rain is focused to our south, mainly down toward providence and into connecticut this morning. we did pick up close to three quarters of an inch of rain in worcester. good news there. heading into the rest of your day. we will continue to see scatte scattered showers as we head into lunchtime and notice the focus will be mainly south of the pike for any more showers that we see heading into this afternoon i think.
9:47 am
4:00. if you have a tee time scheduled. we will start to see the sunshine again. good news there. this front has been stalled off the coast and has been bringing us the muggy weather, this doo doomy, gloomy, these scattered showers well, but in is going to start to move offshore. again we are clearing out as we head into this afternoon and overnight into tomorrow, high pressure is going to start to build south, and this will bring back the sunshine and bring back those temperatures in the 80s and bring back more seasonal conditions we should be seeing for year. although we really shouldn't be in such a bad drought. severe drought extends from central mass to the north shore into southern new hampshire. so as i was saying, this rain really a welcomed thing and for the first time since june, our rainfall deficit in boston is actually over 5 inches. current temperatures out the door, upper 60s, low 70s. so temperatures are below average for today. and we will stay there as we head into this afternoon. highs today mid-70s closer to
9:48 am
through this afternoon. winds are onshore 5 to 10 miles per hour for today. again we have a tee time scheduled for this afternoon i will keep it. temperatures in the mid-70s and drier by this afternoon. for tonight, partly cloudy and the winds will be calm and we will see some lower humidity. so we will see patchy fog developing and notice those overnight temperatures developing upper 50s into the low 60s. dew point trend for the next couple of day also drop those dew points into the upper 50s for tomorrow. that is comfortable and then into t0s thursday and into friday. here is your seven on 7 forecast. for today temperatures in the upper 70s. we will watch for scattered showers as we head into lunchtime too. drying out and warming things up as we head into wednesday and thursday and then friday, those temperatures climbing into the upper 80s. quell watch the chance for isolated storms as we head into saturday. also on 7 now, you know who he is, a bay state native with a string of hollywood hits, but matt damon is coming under fire. >> some are causing this movie
9:49 am
big blockbuster film "over the way race d over the way race is depicted in this movie. take a look. >> reporter: being slammed as white washing. matt damon under fire for lead role in the film "the great wall." >> i am enrolling new chinese school. >> constance wu calling out the movie tweeting, we have to stopper petch waiting the racist matte that only a white man can save the wld damon like malala, mandela. >> reporter: one the most expensive movies made in china made by john imo and produced by legendary east. damon plays a mercenary that fights dragons and monsters. the science fantasy is distributed by universal. john defended casting damon telling entertainment weekly this is an english, a hollywood
9:50 am
but wu isn't buying it saying money is the lamest excuse, so is blaming the chinese investo investors. white actors playing people of color is nothing new. mickey rooney was a chinese landlord in "breakfast at tiffany's." miami stone played a part chinese pilot in "aloha." was criticized for not nominating a single actor of color at the boycott, oscar so as white. >> we want to see more opportunities for act hes with color and stories about people of color. >> reporter: putting the pressure on hollywood to flip the script. "the great wall" is scheduled to be released next february. next up in 7 sports, sox hoping for late-day heroics against seattle as the team takes this one late into the game for a second straight night. almost time for kids to head back to school. how david ortiz could be waking
9:51 am
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the red sox with a second straight dramatic victory coming from behind once again. this time taking on the seattle mariners. boston trailing se the 8th until aaron hill dialed deep with a solo home run to tie up the ball game. next inning, more of the same, mookie betts at the plate this time. he gets the go-ahead home run there. the sox go on to win this game 2-1. more news, last year's first-round draft pick is set to join the team. the sox calling up andrew
9:54 am
school look back and david ortiz has more for the city. >> wake up. it is david ortiz for the boston red sox. get out and get ready for school. your future is yours. >> sarah: all right, should that be our alarm in the morning. can we get it too? >> chris: your ringtone. >> sarah: big papi recorded the wake-up call to make sure kids get to school in town. information on how you can get signed up to receive the call will be next week. >> chris: though it is big papi, five more minutes. >> sara: hit snooze. up next on "today in new england" celebrate bug in a big way. >> sarah: what one maine restaurant cooked up to celebrate a milestone. we are keeping an eye on scattered showers, much-needed showers, but tapering off until this afternoon.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
a restaurant in maine celebrating the first anniversary by cooking up a huge burger. >> chris: we always do these food stories when we are starving. >> sarah: might have lunch after this. >> chris: customers can take a bite out of a giant piece of meat. the restaurant made a 100-pound hamburger. 70 pounds of meat. customers bought tickets to take a bite out of the burger. the proceeds were donated to a local food bank. >> sarah: danielle, i don't know, would you eat it. >> chris: made of quino a and lentils. >> danielle: i don't eat animals. leave me alone. scattered showers. and i think the main focus this afternoon will be just isolated showers and south of the pike. high temperatures for today staying below normal. in the 70s. turning up the heat into the 80s. nice and pleasant through the middle of the week warming things up.
9:58 am
saturday. >> chris: you know bacon counts as meat dans dainz don't eat bacon. >> sarah: only when your by yourself. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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10:00 am
this morning on "today's take," craig robinson, star of "the office" in a new role like you've never seen him before and we countdown to the opening ceremony with gold medal movies to get you ready for rio and long and short of summer's hottest fas all that and more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's a beautiful tuesday morning here in new york city. we've got a beautiful crowd outside on our plaza. it's the 2nd day of august, 2016 i'm willie along with al and tamron. we haven't been together at this table in a month.


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