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tv   7 News  NBC  August 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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ood. always hood. >> now at 7 a developing story. 2 men facing weapons charges. >> reporter: rain moves out of new england. >> anchor: summer camp back open after a traged nesouthie. tonight a community comes together to remember boy. >> last call. and a top bar closing its doors for good. >> anchor: a local wrestler steps into the spot light. >> anchor: 7 news on the road to rio. >> 7 news at 7 starts now. >> anchor: first at 7 there's a developing story to share with you. police in salem new hampshire arresting men on weapon's charges. officers say those men were listening to an app on their
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playing. >> anchor: those aren't the only things that police felt threatened about. he has the latest for us. >> reporter: jadiann, adam. those 2 men facing a list of gun charges now for that arrest which happened early this morning. it wasn't just the guns that had police alarmed. it was comments allegedly made about recent police shootings. crying in court. 26 year old breaking down as prosecutors describe his arrest this morning. >> and walked aggressly towards officer tucker yelling what the f is this about. >> reporter: mendoza and rodriguez from salem were pulled over for a traffic violation. mendoza became hostile towards a salem police officer bringing up recent police shootings around the country.
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erratic and irate. and additionally made references to police officers being shot all over the country. >> reporter: inside the car officers found a large capacity rifle with three 30 round magazines. police found a cell phone with a police scanner app playing a live feed of the salem police frequency. >> they believe that application had been on and open during the observed served no other purpose than to monitor the police. >> reporter: all right. so police say that mendoza after he was arrested said that he was discharged from the military and diagnosed as bipolar. the district attorney's office say he is active duty. >> anchor: and 7 news is tracking tropical stormarily.
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the dominican republic. >> reporter: and here is earl right here. a rule is typically when they pass south of cuba it takes the east coast off the playing field. that's the good news for us. this is a healthy tropical storm. these are the thunderstorms that have been swirling about the center of the storm which was officially upgraded to a tropical storm this morning. right now the latest from the hurricane winds sustained at 15 miles per hour. moving west at 16 miles per hour. the general thinking hasn't changed that westerly track will continue. it may get upwards of 60 to 65 miles per hour. still classified as a tropical storm. back into the bay of cam peachy and making a second land fall in
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closer to home rain ourselves this afternoon and early this evening. we've got sunshine now. >> anchor: and remember you can stay one step ahead of the rain -- you can get the interactive radar. download the 7 mobile app for updates on the go. >> anchor: a community comes together to remember a boy who drowned at summer camp in south boston. police say he wandered away from the camp and swimmer. brandon gunnoe live in southie with more on the emotional feelings obviously out there this evening. >> reporter: it's been exactly one week since that boy drowned after slipping away from a summer camp at carson beach. friends and family members are coming together for a candlelight vigil. they're going to release balloons in honor of a young boy taken too soon.
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members coming together this evening to remember the life of kaiser willis. a memorial has been growing outside the l street bath house. people stopping by to leave baloons and condolences. opened its doors to families today one week after the boy drowned. kaiser willis wandered off from the group last tuesday. a search included state police and life guar inch of carson beach in south ston. the mayor put new rules in place at city summer camps. an hourly head count of the kids and the children must wear life jackets when they're swimming. now that candlelight vigil is expected to begin any moment. the boy's funeral this thursday. brandon gunnoe 7 news. >> anchor: a man in court today after a chilling confession.
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charged with murdering his wife of 27 years. he turned himself in this morning. detectives showed up to the victim's house where they found her body. steves and his wife carmel as saunders were going through a divorce. family members of the victim now speaking out. so we'll get to that in a bit. investigators say the victim feared for her life after steve posted he was widowed on facebook. >> anchor: getting to more news today a woman in worcester feeling violated after a trip to the dentist. she said she was groped in the chair. get to 7's kimberly bookman live with more details for us. >> reporter: this man has been a dentist for 26 years. his attorney says he's never been in trouble until now. this worcester dentist keeping his mouth shut after a woman claims he groped her while she
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from her. >> reporter: officers charged 54 nica pattle with indecent assault and battery. >> and he's going to vigorously defend himself in this court and in any other forum that charges him with any offenses having to do with the care of this individual. >> reporter: the dentist defense attorney looking to see if cameras inside the practice can help with the medical privacy laws. >> he's saddened by the serious allegation that this patient has made. the charges are serious. we take them very seriously. >> reporter: one of pattle's patients showed up ice with a tooth ache to find it closed. >> he's a nice person. he's very friendly. he told me one time i was pretty.
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pretty. >> reporter: the dentist is out on bail. the judge ordered him to stay away from the alleged victim. >> anchor: also on 7 police in wilmington searching for a missing person. police asking for the public's help to find this person on your screen. she was last seen yesterday around 5 in the evening on glen road. again in wilmington. if you have information where she is you're asked to contac police. >> anchor: a boston man locked up after a shoot out in roxbury. stayed hidden behind a door in his arraignment today. facing gun charges including assault with a deadly weapon. after reports of shots fired there the shooting captured by a driver's dash board camera. that person turned the video over to police. a lowell man under a arrest
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woman's skirt during work. when he pointed his cell phone up her skirt in the garage area. arraigned on charges of secret sexual surveillance. >> anchor: and this just in the long time owner of the taxi company boston cab is facing fraud and tax charges. investigators say the lied. >> anchor: the massachusetts men accused of conspiring to sell more than $200,000 of stolen razors on ebay. back in 2011 and started selling them online. they could face several years in prison. >> anchor: take a look at these fish lying on a local beach. according to the harbor master the fish are called poguies and pushed ashore by striped bass
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this isn't a rare sight per se. it's happening for month. people use them to bait their hooks and things and catch other fish. >> anchor: one still -- >> anchor: use them as bait. >> anchor: still moving. >> anchor: yeah, still hard to see. a lot of people wondering why. >> anchor: coming up, representing with pride. a massachusetts man on the road to rio with a special role in the opening ceremony. >> anchor: officers on the cape stepping up little girl. >> reporter: beautiful evening across southern new england. lots of sunshine now. >> anchor: and a local watering hole tapping out. why the owner say they are being forced to shut down. all that and more when the local news station rolls on. >> tonight if you have a prescription for pot you can
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first medical marijuana facility. tonight on 7 news at 11. >> all eyes are on rio as we count down the days to the opening ceremonies. >> some things making their first
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this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ? ? >> a massachusetts on the road to rio. he's a wrestler.
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bearer during the olympics. born in haiti but lives in springfield massachusetts. >> anchor: he's looking to bring home a medal on the international stage now. nancy chen caught up with him in rio. >> reporter: we are 3 days away from the opening ceremony. coaches athletes and spect willitators arriving for competition. brazil prepares for the the tennis stadium with the flags hanging. we saw them putting the flags up. one exciting development for new england to tell you about. he is the first wrestler to ever represent heighty at the olympics and had to lobby the nation for years to let him do so. he told me that competing in rio is more than about him. it's about his country.
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next generation. that's my country, man, i could be next. >> reporter: still have to keep an eye out for our local athletes during the opening ceremony on friday. in rio nancy chen 7 news. >> anchor: the girls checking out the iconic olympic rings today. simone biles tweeted out this picture with he taking in the sights while getting ready for competition. posing with a picture here of volleyball player david lee. lee sell towering over the need ham native. nancy, can't believe she let us say this on tv. that's not nancy. that's alley. my mind is on nancy. did i give away something.
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>> anchor: we're not revealing how tall nancy is. >> anchor: she's 6'5" i think. look for her live reports starting thursday. inance seone of my best and closest friends on channel 7. >> anchor: long ways from home. >> anchor: tweeting pictures as she has in past olympics. of some of the international stars. >> anchor: i'm sure she's bringing us great reports. down i'm sure. i haven't been out yet jeremy. i'm hearing it's nice as well. >> reporter: i'm hearing that rumor as well. sunshine returned to southern new england. with us for 2 days. on portions of the south shore still clouds. warming trend. tropical storm earl no threat to
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november 30th. for all intents and purposes the height of the season is midaugust to midoctober. that's when you have most of the activity. quite the storm here continuing to barrel west. winds at 50 miles per hour. moving west at 16 miles per hour. might strengthen a bit before making it's first land full in the zucha tan peninsula. late tomorrow night and early go through some weakening through the zucha tan through the bay of cam beachy. television makes a second land fall in mexico. that red line not posing any threat to the united states. mexico different story. flooding rains in the next few days. we have seen clusters of showers and storms. nothing organized. it is that time of year when you start to see the activity ramp up.
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june first. we are august first, august second. it dwindle as we work toward november 30th. earl now the newest storm named. this whirled across new england through the day with clouds and showers and downpours throughout western new england. as that weather system moved east over the last several days it fizzled out. the rain across southern new england. but higher amounts through the berkshires and the hudson river valley of new york. 2 to 4 inches of rain from albany to new york city. moving ahead dry tomorrow and thursday. next chance of rain an isolated shower or storm possible friday night into saturday morning. that would be about it. high pressure calling the shots
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that means it's comfortable. low humidity. seasonable temps. on thursday and friday high pressure scoots south of new england. when that happens the temps start to warm. mid and upper 80s getting close to 90 on friday. saturday that chance of rain. scattered showers in the morning. and sun in the afternoon. see you at 11. >> anchor: we like that sunshine. 2 mashpee police officers special visit to a girl who was injured in a bad accident. stopped by rehab center in boston. she was hit by a car 2 weeks ago. gabby says she's feeling much better. she's home sick. she can't wait to get home. >> anchor: wishing her the very very best. saying goodbye. a local land mark pouring out one final round. why this institution is more
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thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human. ? >> anchor: well unfortunately it's closing time for a west bridge water favorite. >> anchor: the charlie horse restaurant you might be familiar with it making a surprise announcement that it's closing its doors. after recently celebrating 25 years of offering food family fun and drinks. crowds began to shrink.
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to close. >> reporter: the people going out drinking today are looking for a trendier place. each though we love it here. we've been here 25 years. i don't think it fits into the trendy definition. >> anchor: customers employees are sad to see everything go. and i just have to beg to differ. i guess a lot of people like trendy. i like kitchy, ; not going to call it a hole in a wall. >> anchor: i agree let your hair down a bit. >> anchor: i don't like running in places like that. >> anchor: did you say running into me? i'll be home in my p j's. >> anchor: all right. >> anchor: 7 news at 7 will be
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>> anchor: coming up tonight on 7 news at 11 a story on just one station. >> anchor: an exclusive look inside boston's first medical
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jennifer eagan shows us how the process works. few in the state already. first in downtown boston. take you in there if you're interested. >> anchor: and that's our time for 7 news at 7. thank you for joining us i'm jadiann thompson in for kim khazei. >> anchor: always a pleasure. i'm adam williams. we're on cw 56 for a full hour of news, weather and sports at 10 p.m.
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bachelorette gets her man. we've got jojo and jordan today. >> he did so good. >> and one big wedding surprise. >> now on "extra." ? >> bachelorette jojo and her fiance jordan rodgers in our hot seat. >> so excited. >> dishing on his family drama. do they want kids and can we get them to say "i do." right here? >> this is an "extra" exclusive. >> bad chad unloads on his ex. >> we'll see how long that


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