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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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breaking news, an emergency in dubai when flames en gulf a plane on runway. the search for a suspect on the way after armed robberies carried out in billerica. the first of its kind in boston. we take you inside the medical marijuana dispensary set to >> this is 7 news in new england. >> sarah: good morning, i am a tsar. send it over to bri eggers with more on your probing. >> meteorologist: the fog situation has much improved. low clouds in norwood. other than that we are in for sunshine this afternoon and temperatures are already responding to that bright sunshine. mid- to upper 60s away from boston. 70 in the metro area right now. and again the sunshine coming
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pressure in control which also means warming air. so 75 to 83 for our highs this afternoon. a light sea breeze might keep the immediate coastline in the upper 70s, and we will continue this warming trend into the weekend, but we also are to watch out for our next weather maker. more details on that to come in just a few minutes. breaking news at 9:00, hundreds rushed off a plane in b -- dub ai after a crash and goes off the runway. nobody died and nicole oliverio is at the breaking news desk with more. >> reporter: that plane made a hard landing at dubai international airport. the moment the plane burst into flames and explodes. smoke and fire can be seen coming from the emirates airplane that appears to be on its belly on the runway. the airline says 275 passengers are on board and everyone safe. the plane was headed to dubai
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dubai have been delayed until 5:00 local town and inbound flights diverted to other airports. in the newsroom, nicole oliverio, today in new england. crews rush to the scene of a serious accident involving a police officer and a motorcycl motorcycle. this was the scene on slade street after 1:00 this morning. the damage to the front of the cruiser. no word yet to any injuries. the search is on for an armed that man hit not one but two stores. police sorting throughout surveillance video from both scenes to track down that suspect. 7 news's victim rick live in -- victoria warren with more. vicki. >> reporter: this was an absolutely terrifying situation and we spoke with a witness who may are seen the suspect running away. the second instance, the on that happened here behind me, the suspect scared a woman so
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hospital billerica police got the call just before 9:00 last night. witnesses say the suspect had a large hunting knife. while police were investigating a second call came in. another armed robbery. the suspect looking and acting the same. that one at a convenience store two miles away. the woman working there physically was fine but was so upset they brought her to the hospital to get checked out. a man we spoke to this morning that lives near the first door thinks racing away. then all of a sudden when i got out of the car, i saw a gentleman, tall, skinny, wearing a hat, running around the corner. got right -- right into the sonata and just sped right off. >> reporter: he describes the car as a black but shiny sonata likely with the windows all tinted in. so billerica police are continuing their investigation. the suspect is still out there
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store behind me and the other store that was also targeted hoping that something in those images can help them out. live this morning in billerica, victoria warren, 7 news, today in new england. happening today, family and friends will be saying goodbye to a 7-year-old boy who drowned at a beach in south boston last tuesday. a wake will be held for kazr willis. the young boy was found in the water at carson beach after he wandered off from his groupt week. at a vigil last night, those who helped during that frantic search say they feel the family's loss. >> what brought me out here today is the loss of kazr, he is -- he is a family member, not to me but to all of us that live in south boston. >> sarah: that summer day camp curly community center reopened its doors on tuesday. a man accused of burning home his home in swampscott
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in court. timothy bronsan set the house on fire on sunday after he was ordered to hand it over to his ex-wife as part of their divorce agreement. no one was inside at the time. bronsan has been charged with arson. new this morning, worcester police continue to investigate after woman was injured jumping out of a moving car on tuesday. investigators say the 25-year-old rolled down for about 40 feet after she jumped out of the back seat. police say the car kept accelerating when the driver tried hitti the victim suffered minor injuries. to the race for the white house now, donald trump continues to take heat over comments he made about a sol soldier killed in combat. and now even more people are firing back after trump refuses to endorse two high-profile politicians within his own party. nbc tracey potts has more. >> reporter: hewlett-packard meg whitman a top fundraiser
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to help hillary clinton. she calls donald trump a demogogue. >> it is a crooked system. it is a rigged system. >> reporter: trump is refusing to pack house speaker paul ryan for reelection. i am just not quite there yet he tells the "washington post," exactly what ryan said initially about trump. >> i will support the nominee of the party. >> reporter: trump is not supporting john mccain either and calls new hampshire kelly ark yotte a weak leader. president obama calls trump unfit and he is challenging republican >> if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he said sun acceptable, why are you still endorsing him. he is woefully unprepared to do this job. >> i think barack obama knows something about being woefully unprepared. >> reporter: analysts doubt republicans are abandon trump.
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and others will hold their nose and donald trump is a standard bearer. >> reporter: tim kaine hit florida and trump is there today. another battleground state, hillary clinton has an event right up the street from mike pence. both of them campaigning in downtown denver this afternoon. tracey pittsburgh, nbc news. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren sounding off again on donald trump. >> just when you that i donald can't demonstrate more clearly how disqualified he is to be president of the united states, boy, he manages to top even himself. >> sarah: talking about america's agenda, she will appear at an event in worcester. we are following a developing story. the white house is coming under fire this morning for making a $400 million payment to iran. the "wall street journal" reports the obama
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transferred the money on the same day that iran released four u.s. hostages including massachusetts native rather matthew trefick. the white house said not ransom but settlement over a failed arms deal in 1999. police arrest two men after they brought up recent police shootings after a traffic stop. they and in court on tuesday and investigatorsay made references to police being shot over the country. officers said they found a rifle and a loaded gun in the suspect's car. >> continued to yell at officers and then began to yell at the passenger, mr. rodriguez telling him to say nothing, don't know nothing. >> officers followed the men because they believed they might be dealing drugs. taxi trouble for the owner of the boston cab company.
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payroll taxes, employed illegal immigrants and did not pay overtime to workers. the company agreed to pay 2.3 million in restitution. police arresting 31-year-old justin norton for dui. they say he crashed his car into a guardrail in hookset on sepora drive and he refused to perform a breathalyzer or sobriety test. he was released on bail and will be back in courxtnext wee the zika outbreak. people in florida on alert after another person is infected with the virus. the 15th person to be infected from mosquitoes in the state. officials are working to figure out where this person was infected but they say it is not in the miami neighborhood where the other cases were found. health officials are also warning that the mosquitoes carrying the virus could be resistant to sprays leaving pregnant women worried. >> i am absolutely terrified. just completely terrified.
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is that our political leaders have really seemed to have failed us at this point. >> we are still on a steep learning curve about this viru virus, and so we are still trig to get our arms around how extensive this outbreak could be. >> sarah: public health officials are continuing to warn pregnant women to avoid certain parts of miami. still ahead on "today in new england." opening up shop, the first of its kind dispensary opening its doors marijuana goes on sale. at 9:30, spending a night without boston's finest. the community and police force meeting during a national event. start of the day with cool temperatures and a lot of fog out there, but now we are in for sunshine and stunning summer weather to make a comeback. we will get to the forecast up next. it has been around for years but now it is closing its doors. this beloved restaurant
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my man friend that i've been seeing... your man friend. like, as i was leaving i was like, "goodbye, i love you," and like... (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you.
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. all right, 9:12, everybody, and it is pretty nice outside. over to bri eggers for more on your forecast. >> bri: a little cooler and gloomy, but yesterday sunshine making a comeback in a big way and sticking around for us as well as a warming trend for the end of the week. we are in for a dry pattern again which means we will have to wait ale raindrops out. that doesn't look like a possibility until we hit saturday. more of that to come. visibility improving across the board. a few low clouds lingering in norwood but nothing that thank will slow down your commute if you were not getting out the door until now. current temperatures are warming up quite nicely. low 50s in norwood. already at 65 there. 70s in boston. 67 in worcester. you can tell it is going to be one of those days starting off cool, warming into the afternoon. high pressure in place to
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that sinking, subsiding air, hair moving down actually means it is hard for clouds to form. you need lift for clouds to form and warming air as it is sinking. 75 to 83 for our highs this afternoon with a bit of a breeze that will develop in the afternoon, keeping, i think, the immediate coastline around 80 degrees. maybe upper 70s as you can see for cape cod and the islands. mid- to upper 70s. maybe you want to eat lunch outside today. it looks great for it. you won't have to have the umbrella like recomfortable for lunchtime already in the upper 70s. as we get toward dinner, grilling outside may be in the forecast for you in the mid-70s this evening. mostly clear overnight tonight. comfortable. 65 to 53. nice for sleeping. open up the windows and take advantage of the free ac and tomorrow, mostly sunny, warmer temperatures than today. we are in for the 80s for most of us without a breeze. you get enough of that westerly wind component and take out the
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plus we are in for comfortable amount of humidity over the next couple of days. i say 60 degrees is a good threshold farce dew points go. any more than 60 starts to get sticky or muggy. any less than that, you are a okay. might be sticky on friday but the humidity doesn't creep in until saturday and as i mentioned before that is the next chance to see any rainfal rainfall. it looks like scattered showers at this point. possibly anion lateed storm into this aftern washout for saturday. good news for the weekend. high pressure in control for u us. and you see the front beginning to approach from the west and the northwest and slide in for those scattered showers on saturday. tropical storm earl checking in on this storm, gaining some strength here. you can see that really tightly wrapped convection with the dark red colors. bright red colors as well and pick up momentum. 70 miles per hour winds and
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category 1 expected later on today before it makes landfall in belize and continues that westerly track. we are not in or under the gun for this whatsoever and if you make it for your weekend or mi midweek get away you are a okay with sunshine and looking fantastic for the lakes region and cape cod and the island. the 7 on 7 forecast showing that warming trend, but you will notice no 90s across the board next week. this morning, last call for a popular west bridgewater restaurant. the charley horse closing its doors after 25 years. the restaurant and arcade packing up yesterday after making a surprise announcement they would be closing. owners say the large space and shrinking crowds are the problem but local employees and people are sad to see it go. >> a lot of people diet this
9:17 am
definitely have memories here and a really fun place and sad to see this place go. >> reporter: the owners say all employees are guaranteed a job at any of their other restaurants. still ahead at 9:30, taking action against pokemon go. who one lawmaker is trying to keep off the popular app. a inside look at the facility ready to open up.
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? ?
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now to a story you saw first on 7, medical marijuana patients now have a new option in the city. 7news got a sneak peek inside. the facility is in the heart of boston and in some ways it will be a first of its kind. here is 7news's jennifer seeingwin more. >> reporter: in boston's busy downtown crossing steps in front of landmarks medical marijuana dispensary is getting to open. you can pass by it and not know it is there. >> i don't see any signage or anything. was that by deion? >> one of the requirements. approval from the city that there would be no large signage outside. >> reporter: patriots ceo bob marson takes us inside. patients will show us a state medical marijuana card and another id to be buzzed in. then there will be called into the dispensary itself.
9:21 am
and eourselves as a medical company, so we want it to be -- we don't want to feel like a head shop, so all the marijuana will be kept behind the counter in cabinet and drawers. >> reporter: patriot care part of the company columbia care has licenses to operate three dispensaries in massachusetts, boston, greenfield and lowell, where the company also has a cultivation facility to grow all of their marijuana. smell it before they buy it. we will have eight strains of flower, smokeable and several infused products. >> reporter: in boston an added responsibility. the city is requiring patriot care to deliver marijuana to any patient who says -- patient who says they can't go dow downtown. the first time a company does a house call. >> one person, two people. >> i would rather not get into
9:22 am
the vehicle. >> reporter: we asked the city police commissioner about safety. >> if there are robberies to are what not we will make sure they tighten up their drives. >> reporter: cameras and security guards watch owl corners of the facility. >> we are not going to escort people to the t, but again part of being in contact with the boston police department to make sure we are aware of anything that is coming up. >> reporter: it has taken almost two years for patriot care to open this dispensary boston. they worked with concerned neighbors and met the demands of city councillors and now remember ready for business. >> we think that the neighborhood will continue to improve. the team was very deliberate where they wanted to open the doors of our facility, and they couldn't be happier. we couldn't be happy err to be here. >> reporter: patriot care ceo said they are committed to being a medical marijuana company land not expand into recreational marijuana if it
9:23 am
1:00. we are headed to rio to meet the athlete living in the bay state but not the u.s. that he will be recommending at the olympic games. another honor for michael phelps, the honor he will play
9:24 am
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closed captioning is brought to you by luna. brought to you by luna. welcome back. a massachusetts athlete receiving a very special honor on the road to rio. the 37-year-old wrestler will carry the flag for haiti during the opening ceremony on friday. kasteli was born in haiti but lives in springfield. he was selected for an olympic
9:26 am
7's nancy chen has more from rio. >> reporter: even though it will start on friday and the olympic torch lit then, brazil has been preparing for the olympics for years. they are putting the final touches here at olympic park. take a look behind me, the tennis stadium right over there with the flags hanging. we saw them putting those flags up. one exciting development for new england to tell you about, springfield wrestler casteli will be the flag bearer opening ceremony. the first wrestler to ever represent haiti at the olympics hand to lobby the nation for years just to let him do so. and he told me that competing here in rio is much more than just him, it is about his country. >> it is always my dream to inspire the next generation. the next haitian in the olympics 2016 rio. that is my country. i could be next and i challenge them to be better than me.
9:27 am
athletes on friday. i am looking forward to bringing all the highlights. nancy chen, 7news. swimmer michael phelps is named as team usa's flag bearer during the olympic ceremony. he is a 18-time gold medalist, the most decorated. being chosen as a flag bearer is an extraordinary honor for olympic athletes. station is your home for the summer game nancy is in rio for all the excitement. live reports all morning tomorrow on today in new england. pulled over for the need for speed. a driver arrested after a fast ride in this pricey car. come back today and staying through the end of the weekend it is never too early to talk about the weekend. we will get to those details ahead in the forecast. plus a supermarket storm. the gunmen barging in during
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breaking news. trouble on the runway. a plane bursting into flames after making a crash landing in dubai. a bus ride takes a deadly turn. multiple people killed when a pole slices right through that packed vehicle. banning players from pokemon go. who a local keep off the game being played around the world. >> announcer: this is 7news today in new england. welcome back, 9:30 on this wednesday morning. it looks like it is a gorgeous day outside, bri. >> bri: really fantastic, sara and right that the moment too. if off bike ride or a run you want to get done before it heats up, now is the time to do it. temperatures upper 60s, close to 70 degrees in most spots after cool start this morning. high pressure in control and that will ensure that the
9:31 am
tomorrow and friday as well. so i would say today is my pick day of the week, but still two more days that are just as good. 75 to 80 degrees with a high. and a light sea breeze and in for a warming trend; however, there are showers on the way for saturday. more details on that and the timeline to come in your extended forecast. breaking news at 9:00, hundreds rushed off a plane in dubai after it crash lands and burst into flames on the runwa runway. the good news here, officials say no one died could be seen from all around the airport. 7news's nicole oliverio is at the breaking news desk with more. >> reporter: sara, that plane made a hard land agent dubai international airport. you can see the moment that that plane exploded and burst into flames and fire coming from that emirates airplane. it and to land on its belly on the runway. 282 passengers and two dozen
9:32 am
everybody managed to get off safely. the plane was headed from dubai to india. all flights departing from dubai have been delayed until 5 owe catholic local time and all flights diverted to other airports. nicole oliverio, 7news today in new england. crews rush to the scene of a serious accident involving a police cruiser and motorcycle. this was the scene on slade street just before 1:00 in the morning. you can see the damage to the front of the cruiser. no word yet on any right now police are searc searching for a man they believe robbed two stores in billerica. investigators believe the suspect had a knife when he robbed a convenience store last night. they believe the same person also robbed a liquor store. investigators may release surveillance footage from both stores later today. anyone with information about the suspect is asked to contact police. more news today, a salem man behind bars accused of murdering his wife. douglas stevie walked into
9:33 am
strangling his wife. detectives found her body at her home. stevies and his wife had recently gone through a divorce and she had filed a restraining order against him. the victim's family now speaking out. >> all about the family, you know. a domestic violence situation and -- >> my cousin is not here no more. >> this morning he is being held without bail after pleading not guilty. he will be back in court next month. police arrest a man after a dangerous drive in new hampshire. a state blue maserati going 135 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour zone on monday. the trooper pulled the driver over on route 4 in durham. police arrested 21-year-old san cheng, he is being charged with reckless operation and is expected to be arraigned in court in september. police arrest a lowell man after they say he secretly recorded up a woman's dress while she was getting work done
9:34 am
cell phone up the victim's skirt at sooner lube in tewksbury. he has been arraigned on charges of secret sexual surveillance. hundreds gathered with local police for a night out with the newest addition to the boston police force. officers and officials took their new ice cream truck for spin spending time with the community as other night out programs took place nationde >> mr. you go, sweetheart. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> reporter: not your typical police interaction. check out out newest car in the boston police officer fleet, an ice creme trust looking to build trust. and it was on full display on national night out. >> a showcase what we have been doing all year long. >> reporter: the annual event to promote police and community partnerships and this year comes at a time when across the
9:35 am
imposing views on police. >> a young girl came up to me tonight and said she was so impressed -- she is a teenager. and that all she is hearing is about negative impact and she said and the police are really nice. people need to see that positive impact. they have to eit and it is important that the police department in boston, and we work at it every day. >> reporter: in boston not much tension but there has been. >> once you accept that issues did happen, then you can come together on common grounds and know that for each have empathy, sympathy and respect. >> reporter: night of relatio relationship building especially for kids to react in a positive way. >> i think the most important thing about this is it gives people a chance to see each other as people. and i think the more -- the more time spent doing that the better off we all are in the long run. >> no better icebreaker than ice cream on a warm summer night. >> we are all warm at heart, right. >> reporter: tim caputo, 7news today in new england.
9:36 am
recovering from successful brain surgery. a message posted on his facebook page said that doctors removed a tumor. they are touched by all of the love and support they have received in the past few days. hundreds of animals from a westport farm moved to better conditions. 900 animals living in deplorable conditions at the 7 70-acre property. they will be living in a temporary helter for now. the owners are being charged with animal abuse. the officials won't appeal a decision to grant an appeal to a casino in everett. somerville's mayor announced the city did not have any intention to request that the state department of environmental protection reconsider its ruling but the mayor said the city could still bring the issue to court. a massachusetts lawmaker fighting to keep sex offenders from playing pokemon go. a state rep has called for a
9:37 am
offenders. pokemon go may make it easier to track down where children may be. no word yet where the bill will be voted on. also on 7, five more are dead and several more are injured after a charter bus went off the road and slammed into a pole. that pole sliced through the metal trapping those passengers inside. a horrific scene along a central california freeway after a charter bus carrying around 30 people careen a pole that sliced through the vehicle. >> this is a tragedy, and this will take a substantial amount of time to investigate and clear. >> reporter: what isn't clear why the bus went off the road around 3:30 in the morning. the exit highway sign pole cutting the bus almost completely in half. five people were killed. six were air-lifted to area hospitals. several other passengers were transported by ambulances. the bus driver, a 57-year-old man from the los angeles area
9:38 am
injuries. and was transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: the bus was en route from mexico to washington state making several stops along the way.they were stopped in los angeles last night and the next stop would be in livingston on their way to sacramento and all their way to washington. >> reporter: the crash happened along a rural area. a sudden and tragic accident now under investigation. officials on scene said there were no brake marks at the scene indicating the driver may ha full speed. the driver's family said he haven't been sleeping well because his wife recently died, but he wouldn't have driven if he was tired. caught on camera, a terrifying armed robbery in texas. surveillance footage show three men storming into a supermarket on friday. one of the suspects fired a shot at the ceiling sending customers and employees runnin running. two employees managed to hide in a back room locking the door. the suspects tried to break down the door even firing shots
9:39 am
somebody opened the door to let her in. because i feel like could you have been so scared, but you know what, the door is closed, it is staying closed, i don't care. >> i was down on the floor crawling back and forth thinking that if i am lucky enough to dodge the bullet. >> the gunman stole a cell phone and wallet from a customer before leaving the store. right now police are still searching for the robbers. a naval fighter jet crashed in nebraska during a routine check when the pilot noticed something was wrong. he tried turning the jet around to go back to the air force base but the plane didn't make it. the pilot was able to eject from the jet about ever it went down. he was taken to the hospital. people are missing after a bridge collapse in india. heavy flooding caused the bridge to crumble and several vehicles fell in the water. a massive search operation for
9:40 am
through tooeshtion. storms hit the area hard causing flashflooding. crews racing to the rescue pulling an elderly woman from her car. officers helped push a woman's car off the road after it died in the middle of a street. fire fighters continue to battle a massive wildfire in california. a coal fire has burned down 17,000 acres of land since it started yesterday afternoon. 35 homes h helicopters are dumping water on the fire in an attempt to contain the flames. in 7 healthcast, a new study shows bounce houses can get too hot putting children in danger. researchers found after a few hours, temperatures inside the bounce house was consistently higher than outside it. these temperatures can cause illnesses like heat stroke in children. doctors say you are in weight could affect how your body responds to the flu vaccine.
9:41 am
that obese mice were more susceptible to the virus than lean mice. they think the same can be true in humans. more studies to see how weight may affect the vaccine. the gift of giving. one teening out of birthday presents. instead trying to make the lives of others just a little sweeter. who said the beach was just for humans. the fur ymca friends who showed up tso we will be soaking up the rays throughout the end of the workweek. the next change of rain is
9:42 am
9:43 am
quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing.
9:44 am
i can't believe this. that is so cute away, right. the family of bears cooling off in the water at a california beach. they are hugging one another, splashing each other. drew plenty of reaction from the beachgoers. the bears went into a nearby forest. i hope the camera filming that had their camera lens zoomed in and back. b ri you never know what the bears are going to do. >> bri: looked like a family
9:45 am
have the day off. warming trend in store and we are back into a dry pattern again. really no significant rainfall that is on the way at least not for the next week to ten day. current temperatures warming up quite nicely with that sunshine returning. we are right around 70 degrees in most spots. 67 in worcester. very comfortable when you think of you keep the inside thermostat at 69 to 71 degree degrees. we will keep warming into this afternoon. high pressure is in control for us. that sinking clouds away. you will see a few light clouds later this afternoon and that sinking air is also warming ai air. in for that warming trend. 75 to 83 for high this afternoon with a light sea breeze this afternoon which will keep the immediate coas coastline maybe a little cooler than 80 degrees. upper 70s, still very refreshing away from the coastline. looking at the low to possibly mid-80s for this afternoon under, again, abundant sunshin sunshine. and now a check of the dew dew points.
9:46 am
afternoon, they will be falling and i always say 60 degrees is a good threshold for how muggy it feels. any more than 60 on the dew point kale is getting muggy. any less than that is fairly comfortable and this afternoon, dew points are in check as well as tomorrow and we start to creep up there with the stick stickiness. once again for friday and into saturday. music tonight at fenway for james taylor looking fantastic at the 6:30 start. very comfortable in the mid mid-70s. comfortable for sleeping. if you like the cool temperatures of early this morning, you will like that again overnight tonight. you mentioned the dry pattern not looking for anything until saturday; however, i did mention nothing significant and it looks to be the case even with saturday's weather maker. so high pressure slides farther to our east. and as it does so, start to give thus return flow of more humidity and also more heat hence our warming trend that we are in store for. here comes this cool front
9:47 am
and that can pop some scattered showers earlier in day and possibly an isolated storm late in the day and does not look like a washout for saturday and definitely not close to a washout today. beaches looking fantastic. water temperatures are getting warmer. away from home, a check on thunderstorm earl. when we look at all of these bright or rages and reds that we are seeing here. that is conviction and -- convection picking very gathered. strengthening storm close to will be category 1 hurricane earl later on today that could happen within the next few hours and maybe landfall at coastal brazil before continuing that westerly track. not at issue for us whatsoever in fact the next seven days are great. temperatures in the 80s. scattered showers but not expecting a washout on the weekend. birthday are full of
9:48 am
trading that in for cancer patients to get the boost they need to keep on fighting. >> reporter: the lifetime of birthdays. >> june 24. >> reporter: a big one at 13. for a long list by asked for lotion and socks and puzzle books. >> reporter: not to keep. >> giving feels better than getting. >> reporter: but to give away, at 9 years old kyra will spread happiness. my one birthday. >> instead of asking for all you give them to someone else. >> reporter: this year she made chemo care kits for patients battling cancer. >> you put your heart and soul and i made this for you to make you feel better. >> reporter: kyra made two bags for one family, 30-year-old tess and her baby. at 8 weeks pregnant, tess lear learned that small lump in her breast was something much longer. doctors told her of her baby was at risk.
9:49 am
one that was life giving not only for baby grace but with one round more of chemo to go for tess as well. kyra came to spread the love. >> says pretty like mama. >> aw, how cute. >> reporter: small act of kindness sealed with a message. >> you don't always need a plan. sometimes you just need to breathe. you are amazing forget that. so true. >> sarah: kyra has made donations to the ronald mcdonald house and animal shelters. jimmy fallen will host the golden globe awards. he will be the host of the three-hour ceremony set next january in nbc. the first time ellan awards store since 2010.
9:50 am
pets" raked in $300 million since it opened in july. universal says the sequel will hit theatres in july of 2018. a couple's dangerous stunt on america's got talent goes horribly wrong. a woman shots her fiancee in the neck with a flaming arrow. she missed trying to hit a bull's-eye he had in his mouth. oh, the man was immediately rushed to the hospital. he later tweeted he is doing just fine. that is heard to watch. all right, a frustrating night in seattle for the sox and things only get worse after the game. one player needed an x-ray. and one olympic team having trouble on the road to rio. why nigerian soccer players are stuck in the states.
9:51 am
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the red sox lose a frustrating game in seattle. they had a big lead late in the game and couldn't quite hang on. boston had a 4-0 lead in the 8th but allowed 5 runs in the bottom of the inning. the sox leading, pitcher abade made his first appearance and allowed a three-run home are for robinson ca know. sox lost 5-4. cautionary x-ray. he injured his left wrist when he fell going back to the visiting clubhouse. the olympic games are just few days away and the nigerian team haven't arrived. their tickets haven't been booked yet and their accommodations have no the been finalized.they have been practicing in atlanta but not where they want to be.
9:54 am
resting for the fest march. this is crazy. tsara playing this year would -- >> sarah: playing this year >> sarah: playing this year would mark 20 years . getting settled in rio. team captain and needham native aly raisman and the rest of her team raining in the start of the game with this picture taken pretty cool photo. 7news is here for the summer games. our nancy chen is in rio. it look for her live reports starting tomorrow morning right here on "today in new england." coming up next tom brady
9:55 am
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my man friend that i've been seeing... your man friend. like, as i was leaving i was like, "goodbye, i love you," and like... (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you.
9:57 am
patriots quarterback tom brady and gisele bunchen are set to make a pricey purchase in new york city. the couple will buy a new condo in new york for $20 million. according to the "new york pos post" brady and gisele will move into their new home in 2 2018. that is not the only thing they are celebrating, today -- did you know it is tom brady's birthday. the patriots quarterback turning 39 years old. no word yet how brady and his family plan to big day. and i wonder what they will do next year, bri, big 4-0. >> bri: oh, man, a $20 apartment doesn't say happy birthday, i don't know what will. picture perfect 75 to 83 degrees for highs this afternoon. in for a warming trend. you like the sunshine? stick around for the end of the week. showers on saturday will be scattered showers early. possibly isolated storm late on. >> sarah: much more of the
9:58 am
have a great morning and hopefully see you back here for 7news at noon. you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering.
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this morning on "today's take," oscar winners matthew mcconaughey and charlize theron take their star power to a new movie. then we cannot curb our enthusiasm for "nine lives" star cheryl hines. and ceremony approaches, we've got some gold medal games. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in this f rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," wednesday morning. it is going to be a lightning morning with tamron hall out here. 2016. >> hold on just a sec. i know you are going to say this is tamron's morning, but did you know that tamron hall's real name that she was born with was


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