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tv   Today  NBC  August 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in in rockefeller plaza. >> it is a great day here, everybody. it is thirst day thursday. hoda sends everybody her love from the olympics. she's having a good time. look who just happened to be in the neighborhood, actor, dancer, singer, ukulele player, and you're a tap dancer -- everything -- among a million other things. tony danza is my co-host today. and welcome! >> thank you very much. so niles of you to have me on
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>> it is pretty much the same thing every day. fun day monday, booze day tuesday, wines day wednesday, thirst day thursday. tony is one of those people i met very, very early in my career. your big break was on what year would that have been? it was out in l.a. i met you. >> '78. >> i moved out there in '75. >> my son was 6. i was just doing "taxi." i can't remember the actor's name. >> we met at a barbbarbecue, on those great los angeles barbecues that you can have all winter long. >> that's true. but i would rather be here. >> you are a new yorker. is life good these days?
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>> what happened is my friend and his wife and myself bought -- invested in the oldest cheese store in america. >> i heard you saved it from going under. >> no, no, no, no. >> i like that story better. >> it's been there since 1892. >> so have we! >> but, please, don't let it go out of business now, now that i've taken it over. >> no, it looks ch >> cha-cha, unfortunately, we lost cha-cha. anybody who knows new york, cha-cha was a character in little italy for many years. we lost him in november. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> karen and i were on the show. it is an amazing place. we make moozzarella. >> of course you do. we should encourage everybody to come down when they come to new
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rightee. so you're also going to be performing at "54 below" in new york city. >> let's do it. >> let's take a look. i think we have something. ? ? ? >> there he goes! and you're coming again, right? >> yeah. i'm there next tuesday and wednesday night, the 9th and 10th. there again in september, the 8th and 9th. >> it's like a residencresidenc. come see tony. >> "54 below." >> i love watching you perform
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you have a passion for everything. is it because you're italian? >> someone said i've fallen in love with things every day. i've fallen in love with something new every day. >> that's what life should be. >> i fell in love with the ukulele. i fell in love with tap dancing. i fell in love with you this morning. >> that ain't true. you have two grandchildren. >> my son has two boys look at that kid. he's crazy. by the way, you know what he calls me -- >> is that toilet paper? >> there's my son. don't they look like something out of a wallet? >> yeah, they're beautiful. >> that's lucas and nicholas and my son mark. >> that's mark now? he was their age when i met him. you and i are going to get to taste something today. >> is it the wine? >> 14,000 people are waiting to
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these are rose infused gummy bears and chocolate. here's the chocolate. >> i just wanted to say, i will never be on a waiting list for gummy bears. >> me neither. but it is because they're rose. i'm going to dip mine in eye own stuff and see how that tastes. hello. get it tat rated, baby. >> mm. >> they're good. >> get off the line. i'm just they're delicious. >> it is good. >> no, it's really good. and pink chocolate. always good for you. mm. >> why do i love to watch people eat? >> get back online. >> is there something very kinky about that? >> candy and wine in the morning. >> we also have rose chocolate and rose chocolate bar in a pink chocolate bar infused with rose wine decked out in edible
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available at i don't know what your children have been up to but my daughter has been out in los angeles. >> she's an actress. >> she has been for quite a while. her seventh movie is coming out. >> wow! that's more than i have. >> it is coming out this saturday on -- saturday night on lifetime. her character is a girl named daisy. she confronts a sorority sister, sara, about her friend jodi's stand-up comedy could damage the sorority's reputation. it is called "sorority night mail." she stars alongside sierra mccormick and anthony del negro. here it is, cassidy. >> you're more than happy to ditch your friends for a sorority events. >> hey, i said i was sorry about that. and also like this is completely different. it's not the same. >> really? had how? why are you letting daisy
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>> it's complicated. you know? >> oh, i'm so sorry, am i interrupting? >> i was just on my way out. >> liam. >> what? do you know what your funny friend jodi did to us last night? >> they call themselves the sci-caps. yeah. more appropriately, the psychos. you shared our secret with an outsider breaching the outside code of conduct. you're going to have her take this video down before it does any more damage to the sorority's reputation. fix it, sara, or i will. >> wow! >> yeah. i raised her right. >> she's beautiful. >> she's a pretty girl. she's a sweet girl. >> my uncle would say apple trees make apples. >> she got a lot of good stuff from her daddy. yes, she surely did. that's on lifetime this weekend.
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game. okay? because everybody teases you about "hold me closer tony danza." we thought it would be if unto try and guess the song that these commonly misunderstood lyrics are from. >> let's see. >> the misheard lyric is "it doesn't make a difference if we're naked or not." "doesn't make a difference if we're naked or not." other it doesn't make a heck of a difference if you're naked. i don't know, what song? >> i don't know any of the new songs. what is it, you guys? >> oh, it's bon jovi. oh -- ? hold me closer tiny dancer ? >> it's "living on a prayer" by bon jovi. this was a bad idea since day one. you and i don't know songs like this. >> i might know a song or two like this.
11:09 am
>> that's his lyric. >> no, that's from the next song. kicking your cat all over the place? >> isn't it -- "we will rock --" ? we will we will rock you ? ? >> you were sort of close. >> the misheard lyric is dancing queen, "feel the beat from the ta tangerine." >> i know this one. >> "dancing queen." >> that's 80 years old, like i am. we're going to have a good time today. >> we're going to meet the fairest of them all. >> our "ambush makeover," step into the spotlight and we'll cook up something absolutely delicious in our kitchen. >> hoda! [siren] come on! ?
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all right. it is a bhfl deautiful day to b outside so we scoured the plaza for a few women to do some "ambush makeover"s. >> you should see what we're doing. >> two lovely ladies will get the star treatment and are ready to reveal their brand-new looks courtesy of our all-star glam team. today corrector and stylist to the stars -- louis licari, la la la la la la. >> and who >> the editor of, lilliana vasquez. >> like va-vavoom. va ke vasquez. >> i'll remember that. >> our first lady is janelle marshall, 50 years old from annapolis, maryland. she works in washington at the department of justice and is
11:14 am
her daughter and friends. she's never colored her hair before and says her hair dresser has been trying to get her to do it for years. and today i got a feeling louis is going to take a hold of her. let's hear her story. >> janelle, you are visiting new york. today is your last day. victoria, why does your mom want a makeover? >> i think she's really mad that i told her just to wear whatever today because i didn't think she thought she was going to be on camera. your style. are you excited? >> i am. very excited. can't wait. >> okay! she is here with her daughter, victoria, and friends tammy, addie, darlene and lexi. i don't know why they're all the way over there. >> they're camping. somebody has to guide them. here, girls, come this way. >> i don't know how we missed that one! let's take one last look at
11:15 am
marshall right out here! >> holy mackerel! >> right there, sweetie. right there. all right, ladies. are you ready? take 'em off. >> it's really, real ly -- you want to see what they're talking about? turn around, please, look. >> i'm going to cry. >> we can take care of that. don't wipe your eyes, honey. just tap. >> actually, she does look a bit like twiggy and susan sarandon. isn't that amazing? i lightened her color, made it into her original color, pretty close to her birth color, i
11:16 am
sort of. >> you look like -- you look like an irish lass. are you an irish lass? good to meet ya. >> we gave her this great haircut. shaped it, layered it. >> oh, my gosh -- what a difference! >> and what a gorgeous dress. i thought this dress totally captured that spirit of brazil with the cool palm print. this dress is from maggie it almost looks like it's separates. it almost looks like a top and a dress so it has a ton of versatility. she knows who you to work it! >> and look at that body. unreal. let's give it up for janelle! you can join your family. >> ready? she works in washington at the department of justice. >> no, no, no. >> she works in a hospital! as a human resources assistant.
11:17 am
>> janice balmer. she is in town celebrating her son's high school graduation. she stays in shape and does pilates every week but never thought it would be possible to get an "ambush makeover." she's very excited. >> she's 53 years old from decora, iowa. milk-fed. >> i like iowa. >> let's listen to her story. >> janice, you and your family are visiting from iowa. i typically don't ask men for fashion advice but what would you like to see in this i guess. >> oh, i like that. >> she's so beautiful already, i don't know what more we can do. >> now the main star. what would you like to gret out of this makeover? >> new makeover with my clothing. new hair style. i've had this style for years. >> i have the perfect team for you. >> she is here with her husband dwayne, son garrett. let's take a look at what she looked like before just a few
11:18 am
janice. yes! i flow that jump suit because i have it. i love it! let's look at the boys. hey, guys, you ready to look at her. she looks gorgeous. >> wow! >> whoa. that's a good response. whoa. >> this is all good. this is trending well. >> oh, my god. oh, look at that! >> all right. tell u >> she had a gorgeous hair color so all i did was highlight it. not all the highlights start from the scalp anymore. they're uneven, there's some in the front, some on the lower ends. >> i like that. >> of course updated her hair cut. just wanted to sharpen it up, cut her bangs a little bit. >> just youthful and sexy. >> and of course it all comes together. >> dwayne, is that sexy to you?
11:19 am
>> it's awesome. >> its pea's different kind of now. >> i have to say, sometimes a woman just needs one standout piece. this jump suit feels like pajamas but it looks like a million bucks. and you look beautiful. >> it is the most comfortable thing you'll ever wear. >> i told you, scrunch it up, and you can take a 12-hour flight and it will be exactly the way it was. and it is washable. good job, everybody. >> the son -- he's speechless. the son is speechless. >> well, good job to lewis, great job to you, my darling. all right. we want to ask you this. you can go on over and join your -- come, ladies. >> this one is for you with your color formula. >> there you go. >> so you can keep it at home. all right? ladies, thank you. his new album has been called one of the best of 2016.
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gue, and headache. don't take botox? if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. . . . . . . . . . . ? it is time to meet the newest hot, young music star. or as we like to call it around here, elvis's artist of the moment. >> that's national radio hostel v
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>> love that. now at just 25 years old john is secelebrating the release of hi first album, "the human condition." >> from the parents' basement? >> a lot of it. >> that's fantastic. >> he still lives in his parents' basement. he's been so busy he doesn't have time to move out. out everywhere they go. >> that's fantastic. >> he has a refreshing approach to lyrics and music. john, here you are on the today show. >> crazy. >> how would you describe your music, john? >> oh man, i was in an era with mtv where it was jarule and sum 41 at the same time. it's a little bit of everything.
11:24 am
the sonics are really bubbly and round. >> where did you grow up? >> long island, new york. >> another new york boy. >> like smithtown area. >> elvis mentioned a new. approach to lyrics. so how important in your music -- >> painting that picture is everything. that's all it's about. concentration on the music is what got me here. i wasn't necessarily ever really concerned about followersr instagram people or management. it's the music. the music comes first. >> wow. >> when you hear his music, it's -- >> i checked it out. i'm already up to date. >> you can hear colors. it's a creative approach to music. >> what are we going to hear from you?
11:25 am
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re. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go. blinds for life. ? it's thirsty thursday. i'm here with tony danza. today we are about to play a game. >> a little competition. i like that. your growth or >> have you ever wondered if those old wives tales are true. >> joining us is dr. natalie azar who's going to help us separate fiction from fact. i know this woman. i'm onto her. >> oh my gosh. we're going to head right in. i'm going to say a statement. you decide whether it's a myth or a fact. >> is there a prize?
11:31 am
upset stomach. >> you're both correct. that's right. peppermint oil even can work to help spasms. it helps people with irritable bowl syndrome. people with acid reflux, it can make it worse. number two, caffeine stunts your growth. >> no. >> that is correct. excellent. no evidence that caffeine can inhibit growth once again, that's not a free license for adolescents and kids to be drinking caffeinated b d beverages or sports beverages. >> can you imagine paying for kicko coffee what they do today? >> rest, don't exercise when you're sick? >> i feel better if i do get on the treadmill. what are you saying myth?
11:32 am
>> no. i find if something's coming on me, if i go and sweat it out, i feel better. >> exactly. >> a lot of people have a rule of thumb if it's from the head up, go ahead and exercise. if you have a high fever, stomach virus, the flu, not only are you going to make people sick at the gym, you're probably going to waste too much energy. >> doesn't it help to do little bit of something no matter how you are. >> of course. that to me is super logical. do what you can. don't over exert. maybe go 50% of capacity. creased ear lobes are connected to heart disease? oh my goodness. diagonal ear creases can be a marker for underlying heart
11:33 am
pressure. there it is. yours isn't quite as diagonal as the one in the picture. make an appointment after that. the show. >> he's a freak. it's a modest correlation at best. number five, eating late at night results in weight gain. >> i'm going to say that's fact. it's not healthy. >> tony's got it. it's not so much when you ea it's what you eat. the problem with eating late at night you're going to eat the fatty stuff, the stuff that tastes better. also metabolism is generally pretty stable throughout the 24 hour period. >> but you know it's cumulative. the calories you eat during a 24-hour period -- >> does your metabolism slow down a little bit when you're sleeping? yes. but your metabolic rate
11:34 am
number six, you need to sweat for 45 minutes to get a health benefit from exercise. >> myth. >> you guys got it. high intensity is all over the place. you don't need to be sweating for that long. >> it feels good. >> number seven, eating sugar, candy or any food before bed will give you nightmares. >> you got it. it's a myth. not nightmares. it might disrupt your sleep. we don't want you eating too close to bedtime, but no >> what's the score? it can't be a tie. we had seven. >> it's a tie. nobody wins. >> get out of here. >> tony wins. >> thank you. we love you, honey. love the shoes.
11:35 am
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11:40 am
song, "all-time low." here he goes. make some noise, john. ? ? ? ? low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low
11:41 am
? i was the knight in shining armor in your movie ? ? you put your lips on mine and loved the aftertaste now ? ? i am a ghost that calls your name you look right through me ? ? you're the reason that i just can't concentrate ? ? that's been broken ? hey now you know it and that i am an at all-time ? ? low low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low low low ? ? whoa ? ? woo whoa ?
11:42 am
? i was the cross outside like three stacks on that cd ? ? an example of the perfect candidate now ? ? all your girlfriends say that you don't want to see me ? ? you're the reason that i just can't concentrate ? ? i would like to fix my pride but that's been broken ? ? that's been broken ? hey you try to help me but now you know that i am at an all-time ? ? low low low low low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low ? ? whoa woo whoa woo whoa ?
11:43 am
? low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low low low ? ? low low low low low low low low low ? >>. jon bellion! thanks, guys. thanks, everybody. you can find all of elvis' artist on his play list at free. and we have an italian favorite -- risotto! favorite -- risotto! and heather's goi ? favorite -- risotto! and heather's goi doing a little cleaning i see. sparkle paper towels are great for wiping up fingerprints without wiping out your savings. just right for cleaning up...jelly... ...water... ...refrigerator doors... ...and look at this... security camera lenses.
11:44 am
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if your weekend plans include a trip to the farmer's market for some fresh veggies, we've got some ingredients you want to add to your shopping list.
11:49 am
together some ingredients for the perfect summer dish. roasted corn and tomato risotto. >> heather is the author of a book full of allergy-friendly recipes. you were waiting so patiently in our kitchen. you say this is dairy-free. >> it's dairy-free, it's also naturally gluten-free, also free of nuts and soy and >> these are all our ingredients. they will be on our website. >> we're trying to if he cuss some of these market fresh ingredients. cherry tomatoes, basil and arugula. >> that's one of the things about august is everything's finally ripe and ready. >> and all the colors. we'll start by making the pesto. we have boiling water here. add the garlic. >> some cloves of garlic into the water. >> that's all. it will take away that bite when
11:50 am
we don't want to knock anyone out with our breath. >> he p's a boxer. >> to italians, garlic breath is like cologne. >> they don't trust somebody that doesn't have garlic breath. >> tony, do you mind just putting that in the ice bath? just a quick shock. this is a tip. or you could just take the greens out and stick them in there. >> oh! i see. i didn't understand. you know, i'm an i always throw the stuff in the coland colander. i want to get that piece of garlic. hold on. boom. >> we're going to add some rice wine vinegar which adds natural sweetness. >> there is absolutely no rehearsal here. you understand that, right? and they give wine. so at some point it's every man for himself here. but i'm eating that risotto,
11:51 am
the olive oil? >> it goes here. >> no, it definitely doesn't. you'll do this, it will emulsify, make a nice smooth pesto. like this here. >> please, just leave that. you've done enough damage! >> this is roasted corn and tomato risotto. >> i just want to do a little more damage. >> drink it all. we've got cherry fresh corn. a nice sprinkle of kosher salt. i put it in about seven or eight minutes before the risotto is going to be done which takes roughly 20 so everything comes out at the same time. we've got arborio rice cooking here with onions. the rice is ready to add stock when it is translucent and just has a little white dot in the middle.
11:52 am
chicken stock. you just want to stir and stir and stir until the chicken broth starts to cook off. >> did you tell me to toss this somehow? >> no, you're good. >> you roast for about how long? >> seven minutes. >> this is cooked risotto. the key is to stir and stir. then you get that nice creamy texture without dairy. then you take it off the heat, add more raw corn kern slightly. we would add the pesto. >> that i messed up. >> everybody understands. >> we would stir this all together. season it with kosher salt. then serve it up like this. i love kosher salt. nice showmanship there. >> presentation. >> it totally is. thank you so much. we're going to do this.
11:53 am
avocado with olive oil. then you would add the roasted tomatoes and the corn. and the basil. >> it is so beautiful, isn't it? take a bite, please. to get this recipe, everybody, go to we'll be back in just a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc. what do you say, buddy? >> goes great with the stuff. >> the wine.
11:54 am
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hundreds of styles and colors. every item through the store. buy one get one at half price. that's something to celebrate! blinds to go.
11:56 am
. lots of new parents like to throw big birthday bashes for their kids when they turn 1. don't they. >> yeah. celebs. like ki . >> before hoda left for rio we asked is it or not okay to have lavish birthday parties. here's what we had to say about it, tony. >> i'm not going to judge how people spend their hard-earned money but in a world where so
11:57 am
inappropriate. >> i say, no, it's not okay. it seems really elaborate and they won't remember one second of it. why not just get a cake and let them smear it on their faces. >> or anywhere else. >> wherever they want. >> oh, that hoda. she's a kinky girl. she is. we love her to pieces. >> she's in rio. >> i want to thank my long-time friend for helping me out today. >> thank you very much. i feel like, holy mackerel. >> you c when we're going to throw a
11:58 am
>> next on 7news at noon. >> a final farewell for a boy, funeral services for seven year-old kyler lewis. >> and a breaking news story out of london, a knife attack, what suspect. >> a driver lucky to be alive after this crash with uber driver. >> heading into the weekend, we could be tracking storms. >> and the kick-off in rio, the
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> s a 7-year-old kyzr willis. he drowned last week at city-run summer camp. his death breaking the heart of the company. >> christa: the funeral services began an hour ago. mayor marty walsh joined his family to mourn this little boy. byron barnett is in boston with more on the tribute to kyzr willis. byron? >> reporter: yeah. morning star baptist church here in mattapan was absolutely packed with the folks who came to pay their


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