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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  August 4, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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getting started. construction workers have been pouring down concrete, build he retaining walls to dig out the dirt. they have 500,000-tons of dirt to remove, the first step in a long project set to open in june, 2019. >> 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: the construction of win boston harbor is now under way. a $2.1 billion casino, when officials hope will class destination resort. >> there is no stopping us now. on ward and upward to the opening of win boston harbor. >> officials say this is the largest private development in all of new england. creating 4,000 union construction jobs, and 4,000 more permanent hospitality positions. >> i fought for this project because of the opportunity it offers to everett residents for jobs that provide a living wage for families, with good benefits. >> but the project has run into road blocks.
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permit, citing concerns about the impact of the casino on the mystic riff and the environment. by tuesday, the city choose not to appeal the decision to grant the permit. >> it's a mess out there. they're abandoned barges, contamination, everything you can think of. we have to clean all that in. >> officials say they will restore the shoreline dredging a place every one can enjoy. >>. >> look dramatically different than today. >> reporter: the city can still appeal that water waste permit, with the state superior court. they have until august 22 to do that. >> anchor: sky 7 over a serious crash on route 495 on the northbound side, just earlier this accident. one person had to be taken to
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officials had to shut down the highway in both directions for a short time. right now all lanes are open. >> reporter: a bold break-in, police responded to a columbia about a home invasion. a group of men broke in, took cash and loaded guns. police are warning the guns are on the streets. the homeowner had a license to carry and the guns were inside a safe at the time. >> fire commissioner speaking about recent fires revealing that 3 large fires in july were started by people disposing of cigarettes or other smoking materials, carelessly. the large fires in charleston, east boston and dorchester all started outside while people were on their decks. he stressed while it's good people are smoking outside, they need to be more careful. >> we're in a significant heat wave. not a lot of rain. there is a lot of dry brush, leaves, you know, rubbish. you know, material that
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that doesn't take much for a cigarette with a little wind, little anything to get that debris going, which in turn causes these significant fires. >> reporter: no one inside the buildings was hurt during these fires but the damage totaled more than $10 million. >> anchor: to a developing story out of london, we're learning the american woman killed in the stabbing attack is from florida. the governor just released the statement saying the 60-year old woman is the wife of a florida state university professor. she was expected to come home today. investigators sayre suspect of the stabbing attack was motivated by terrorism. they have not ruled out terror ties but say mental illness was likely the driving force behind the attack. the suspect is a norwegian teenager originally from somalia. he was arrested. 5 others were hurt, non with life threatening injuries, witnesses describing a horrific scene. >> there was a body laying
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[indiscernible] police were jus. really intense. >> reporter: the attack came hours after london authorities increased police presence following a recent terror attack there all across europe. >> anchor: we continue to track hurricane earl after making landfall. it weakened to a tropical storm but hit with 80 miles an hour winds and heavy rain leaving a lot of damage. we're getting a look at showing the storm right there. you can see the circular path. there earl was the first hurricane to make landfall in belize since almost 4 years ago. even though it's weakening, flash flooding and mudslides are expected throughout the weekend. here at home another beautiful day. i don't think there is any complains, warm, plenty of sunshine. the best part, the low humidity.
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>> tomorrow, more sunshine on the way. we have all sorts of sunshine across southern new england, temperatures running in the 80s. the city at 80 degrees. norwood, 87. bedford, 87. fitch burling, 87. it's warm out dr. the the same locations, the dew points only in the upper 40s. so it's a dry heat, if you will. with dew points down through portions of plymouth and bristol county, upper 50s to 60, low humidity. we don't have showers and storms. this eventually is our next weather system, a helicopter moving through the great lake states. that will pop scattered showers and storms in southern new england saturday afternoon. between now and then we're talking about dry conditions. this is earl, i wanted to point that out. continuing to weaken. it's over land. becoming a tropical distress, then rain out and reemerge in the pacific. it might joint forces with another system in the coming
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we'll talk more about our weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> donald trump facing pressure from his own party, key republicans asking him to tone down the rhetoric and focus the campaign. our reporter has more on this campaign, where it's headed from here. >> you happen to have -- >> reporter: donald trump packed an auditorium in maine today. this week he's been battling some in his own party, including over his refusal to endorse house speaker paul r re-election. key republicans rallied behind trump including ryan, himself, said he continues to support trump's election. >> the voters -- he won the delegates fair and square. in in north korea vice-presidential nominee an 11 year old asked if pence was going to clean up trump's miscue. >> i couldn't be more proud to stand with donald trump. we're shoulder to shoulder.
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clinton stretching her lead, including in several swing states. but republicans say 3 months remain for trump to recover. >> this is a fight that we still think is worth fighting. we need donald trump to get on our page right now to hawk this happen. >> reporter: clinton touring a nevada manufacturing plant accused trump of outsourcing jobs. >> everything he's made, he's made somewhere else. he has not put americans to work. he imported foreign workers instead of hiring americans. >> reporter: republics want trump to target avoid other controversial topics. about reports of a possible gop intervention with the trump campaign, a spokesman says it's pure fiction. rudy giuliani one of the people doing the intervening says it's not going to happen. nbc news, washington. >> anchor: a restaurant dealing with review rage. one of the chefs posted about donald trump on facebook. that man posted antitrump video ophis personal facebook page.
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here is more on how they responded. >> reporter: the whole review system, it should work where people -- should be an accurate representation. >> reporter: keith says his restaurant, center street cafe, is getting facebook reviews, anything but accurate. >> about 9:00 i noticed a review come through as a one star review. >> reporter: they kept coming. one after another. claiming horrible food, bad service. some explicit. >> pretty homophobic, aggres, dangerous sort of sentiments. >> reporter: the storm of negative reviews started when a chef at the restaurant put a post on his personal facebook page. it was about a video taken at a local trump rally. it appears trump supporters saw the post. figured out where he worked, started commenting. >> it's disturbing to me in a time like this, something on someone's personal page should jump over to something completely unrelated.
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bogus reviews to facebook, slowly been taken down. >> on a personal level it's a sign of what a divisive political climate is happening right now. >> reporter: in a twist, when words spread about what center street cave acafe was ceiling with -- >> we have now had 50 consecutive five star reviews. >> the pentagon is confirm33 contracted the zika virus. all the cases are outside the united states. one does involve a pregnant woman. mean time, with no new cases reported since tuesday, health officials in florida are hopeful zika concerns could be under control. the city of miami continues to spray and they want residents to be aware. >> you can never say something like that is 100% safe. what you should do is just tell people that if they see the plane coming over, to go inside.
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department of health is offering free zika testing to all pregnant women. >> anchor: let's head into the olympic zone. jessica parker posting this picture. she captured the photo saying she loved supporting team u.s.a. for every "like," $1 goes toward supporting young athletes training for future games. >> gymnasts showing their support for hometown olympian alley, more than 100 white and blue for this, wishing alley, her coach and all of team u.s.a. good luck. >> the soccer team, athletes kicking off their first game. >> they certainly started things off with a bang. nancyis has more from rio. >> the opening ceremony is a day away. competition is already under way with the u.s. woman's soccer team kicking things off with a
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world cup champions, looking for their 4th straight gold medal. in the first half, rising for the header scoring. then less than a minute into the second half alex morgan gives the united states a 2-0 lead, enough for the win. next up, team u.s.a. plays france on saturday. but the game wasn't without controversy. the crowd going after hope likely in response to her recent twitter post about the mosquito bourne virus. solo taking it in stride saying she's glad the fans were having fun. >> the brazilians love soccer. part of the culture. i expect it. they're having fun. it's loud in the stadium. i'd rather have that. >> michael phelps arrived in rio in style. thanks to dallas mavericks owner mark cuban. the team tweeted this out saying
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safely on physician plane. another person arrived, new england patriot on the rugby team. team u.s.a. posted this quick video, follow local rugby player and other team militaries. he's spoking about the risk. >> bad things can happen. there is risk involved. i have a career in football, what not. but those weren't good enough reasons for me to not try. once in a lifetime dream. >> today, the american athletes get settled into their home at the olympic village joining athletes from all around the world. in rio, nancy chen, 7 news. >> a local swimmer with her eye on the gold coming up, we'll introduce you to rhode island native elizabeth, her third time at the olympics. why she's awe probleming this race differently than the others. we're in rio for all the excitement. >> and the olympic zone begins tonight here on 7 news. everything you need to know
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see. it starts tonight, 7:30 right here on 7 news. >> talking about it so long, it's finally starting. >> summer has flown by. >> for sure. >> really fun to watch. >> much more ahead. amazing make over at boston medical center, all the result of generous donations and teamwork. >> heavy rainfall causing some serious problems for this wall of mud left drivers in trouble. >> 4:30, allegations of dog abuse in quincy. rehear from the woman who stole from the homeowners. >> heavy hearts in south boston. hundreds come out to remember the little boy who tragically died at a city run day camp.
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>> anchor: a model make over at boston medical center. a waiting room getting a serious face lift t thanks to do fashions and teamwork. >> here is a closer look. >> anchor: the transformation is now complete for the paediatric intensive care waiting room at boston medical center. >> we didn't expect how beautiful it would be and didn't expect what a change it would make. >> reporter: replaced with color. the room now filled with toys. pictures, warmth. >> this room was very important.
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your make over. >> reporter: 7 news teamed up with 2 sponsors who donated money to buy the new furniture you see here in the room, including these reclining chairs that roll out to be sleepers for parents to stay over. >> it really means a lot for us to be able to support such a great cause, and for me personally, to be here and kind of see the impact of that contribution. >> reporter: the make over was part of giving back during one boston at that with help from uber and signature staffing, the room designated for ill has become a welcoming and cheery space. after the marathon bombings, the hospital admitted 21 patients. local businesses wanted to say thank you to the staff for all their hard work that day and every day. >> i'm not one for bullies. and so i felt that it was important to send the message that we are strong. and that nobody is going to take us down.
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>> so i mean i think it means really everything to us here at boston medical center. >> reporter: nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up, a wild scene lighting up the sky. where it was all caught on camera. >> anchor: no showers and storms tomorrow. there is the risk of scattered storms on saturday. forecast up next. >> anchor: and ahead, a uber driver lucky to be alive after a terrifying crash here, now her family talking about this situation. pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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flood washes, a wall of mud and debris came crash trying a section that burned earlier this summer. forecasters say the heavy rainfall could continue into tomorrow. around here, we are bone dry,
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>> anchor: we could. and we're going to toss it over to jeremy. i was out near the common and it was crunchy. everything was so dry as you walk through. >> reporter: yes. very dry. and i wish i had better news in terms of the drought but the best we can muster up is a few scattered showers and storms on saturday afternoon. not widespread. here is the updated drought monitor. the severe drought has expanded westward across the commonwealth. much of southern new england under the mat year to date, rainfall deficits 7-8 inches below normal. i don't want to make that up in one afternoon or even a few showers, so it's a delicate balancing act. the ground is so attribution even if you get 2 or 3-inches of rain that's too much. the ground can't take that. you have to slowly ease your way out. i don't see that happening in the month of august. i think overall, august and perhaps early fall will be dry.
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that's another bag of issues. if you're wishing for tropical moisture. that's not in the cards either. we're dry tomorrow. scattered shower and thunderstorm chance, about have 0% chance. so not 100%. some may go all of saturday, sunday, monday, dry, once again. very comfortable out there, dew points in the 40s to the middle upper 50s. it's warm, but not humid, not yet. that will change soil. the city at 80. the numbers in the 70s on cape and islands. high pressure with us overnight. and through the day tomorrow. this right here, this cool front which is now popping some scattered showers and storms, that's our next weather item. that's in new england on saturday afternoon. for tonight mostly clear. comfortable, lows between 57 and 64. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. like today it's warm.
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temperatures tomorrow between 83 and 88. tomorrow afternoon boston, around 83. norwood, 89. lakeville, 83. sea coast, low to middle 80s. man chester, new hampshire, probably at 90. fitch burg, 89. jaffrey, 82. working to to cape and islands, chatham, 77. beaches tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. water temps into the 70s. uv index very high. 7 op7 forecast, risk of scatter showers and storms on saturday afternoon. believe we have the challenge this weekend so they'll be hit and miss. sunday, breezy, less humid. temperatures on sunday upper 80s. >> thanks. here is jackie with an update on the rods. >> thanks. as you you can see with the helicopter we have a crash investigation going on. this is on 495 south, after route 119. the left lane remains closed.
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transported a victim from the scene. and now as you can see the investigation continues. delays ra reaching back to 93. that's over 17 miles. on 495 south. northbound side you're backing up after route 117 up to the scene. that is about 8 miles so be prepared. also, very busy today downtown as you can see. zakim is tied up poth both ways. you're crawling out of the city on the expressway south jammed past south bay. back in it again before granite. northbound inching from braintree past new pons the. volume is picking up stop and going passing newton corner, slow after the weston tolls. i'm jackie murray, 7 news. >> anchor: up next, a violent home invasion inside a florida home. what the robs did after the break in. >> anchor: a woman accused of
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>> anchor: also new, hurricane earl making landfall. not before leaving behind a trail of damage. >> san diegoy concerns not going weigh. what health officials are now
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>> anchor: a quincy dog sitter facing troubling charges. she's accused of abusing a dog and stealing thousands of dollars. >> anchor: it happened when the dog owners were on vacation. jonathan hall is inquencey where she faced the judge. >> this local firefighter and wounds and was crying for hours and hours according to neighbors while he was in new mexico trying to enjoy a vacation. in court, he staired down the woman that he trusted to care for his dog and stay in his home. >> a lip dog walker, sitter, accused of animal abuse claimed she did nothing wrong. >> tears come to my eyes when i think about it. it's so sad, what that dog is going through.
4:30 pm
13-year old dog overnight for a week, late last month. while his owner was vacationing in cancun. the owners found the dog living in filth and bruised when they got home from the trip. >> said you're going to be charged with animal abuse and theft. >> i am. it's all false. i mean i'm -- i'm wrongly accused. >> a quincy image straight found the dog owner story is believable. this owner says his dog is doing bitter now with the proper ce. but still very angry with barker and claims he's still getting unwelcome credit card charges and other surprises. >> she changed my bank account information at my bank. you can't do that without the account numbers. so -- >> she had some time at your house. >> she did. she had a nice vacation. >> reporter: joe says thousands of dollars in coins from 3, five gallon jugs are mission. he found her id nearby in a spot


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