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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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whether, a cool front popping scattered showers and storms toward the land of cheese in wisconsin. it's not here tomorrow. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, another warm day. no humidity, 83 to 88. saturday, the cool front with a few scattered showers and storms. challenge this weekend, i get that. not a widespread rain event. just scattered. humid, sunday, much less humid. >> thanks. thanks for watching. another hour of 7 news straight ahead. >> 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: now, a lowell dog sitter facing animal abuse charges. why she says she's falsely accused. >> a restaurants slammed with bad reviews, the owner says it's because of a facebook post about donald trump. >> anchor: a violent home invasion caught on camera. the suspect attacking several
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cinderella story. committing in the olympic games. >> anchor: first, a dog sitter accused of abusing a dog. the owners say they want on vacation. their pet was in terrible condition. >> anchor: the dog sitter claims she didn't do anything wrong. she faced the judge today. >> reporter: she did, a local firefighter and he was on vacation, his pet was cruelly treated. he says the dog has open wounds, and was crying for hours while he was away in mexico. mean time, the accused says the dog is recalledly, familiars down on his own. may of caused the injuries to himself. >> anchor: tears come to my
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it's so sad, what that dog is going through. >> she will face a criminal arraignment after sitting for a 13-year old dog overnight for a week, late last month. while his owner was vacationing in cancun. the owners found the dog living in filth and bruised when they got home from the trip. >> said you're going to be charged with animal abuse and theft. >> i am. it's all false. i mean i'm -- i'm wrongly accused. >> a quincy magistrate found the dog owner story is believable. this owner says his dog is doing better now with the proper care. but still very angry with barker and claims he's still getting unwelcome credit card charges and other surprises. >> she changed my bank account information at my bank. you can't do that without the account numbers. so -- >> she had some time at your house. >> she did. she had a nice vacation. >> reporter: joe says thousands of dollars in coins from 3, five gallon jugs are basement. he found her id nearby in a spot
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because the ac had tripped a breaker in the house. >> so i had to climb up on a chair, on a table. get up to the fuse box. that's probably how it fell out. >> when i realized it was all a rye. i did everything i could to get out of embassy. you just can't. >> anchor: he said he couldn't change his flights. he said he agreed to pay her $4e refrigerator to make sur now he says he's out at least $8,000 in cash and coins. and scratch tickets. live in quincy, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> a dorchester man independent arrest. a woman flag down officers saying a man threatened her with a gun. officers found the suspect hiding behind a home. he's charged with assault and unlawful possession of the a
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he drove into a utility pole. they say the california native was drunk when they got to the scene. the crash left some people in the area without power. vermont state police make a heroin bust, finding close to 4. they were found wrapped inside of small boxes. police made the arrests during a traffic stop. the 32-year old driver is charged with heroin trafficking and having ammunition without a list. >> a disturbing discover ray, a group of fats found conditions. officials say they were tipped off about the property whens noticed something wasn't right. >> back at this home in upton. >> as far as the animals, we want to make sure they're safe and helpingthy. healthy. >> reporter: neighbors didn't
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>> recently, the past year or two, especially this summer, the stink is getting real bad. >> the town's board of health condemned the home. investigators were called in. 9 cats were removed from the property yesterday. two cats found dead. the mspca returned looking for several more. >> we want to make sure that all the cats are out. at that point. the town will do what they need as far as the conditions. >> investigators say there was a similar situation at this home five years ago. >> we worked with the owners. they always cooperated. they willingly signed the animals over as they did yesterday. when the case was closed out, a couple years back, the home was clean. and any animal that was left behind was spade and neutered, vaccinated. >> reporter: neighbors want this property cleaned up and safe. >> you see them in the windows. every time the drapes, the shades are down. bottom of the window sill. never open.
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>> reporter: the two women are not facing charges at this time. the cats were taken to a shelter in boston. they'll be up for adoption once they have been checked out. in upton, jennifer. 7 news. >> a jamaica plain restaurant dealing with bad reviews on facebook, coming in within after another after another. the owner says he thinks it all started when one of his chefs posted something on a personal facebook page concerning a donald trump rally. here is more. >> the whole revue system, it should work where should be an accurate representation. >> reporter: keith harman said his restaurant, center street cafe, has been getting facebook reviews that are anything but accurate. >> about 9:00, i noticed a review come through as a one star review. >> reporter: they kept coming, one after another. claiming horrible food, bad service. some explicit. >> pretty homophobic, aggressive, and, you know, dangerous sort of sentiments.
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chef at the restaurant put a post on his personal facebook page. it was about a video taken at a local trump rally. it appears trump supporters saw the post. figured out where he worked, started commenting. >> it's disturbing to me in aisn someone's personal page should jump over to something completely unrelated. >> harmon has been related to bogus reviews to facebook, slowly been taken down. >> on a personal level it's a sign of what a divisive right now. >> reporter: in a twist, when words spread about what center street cafe was dealing with -- the community came commenting back. >> we've hood 6o consecutive five star reviews. 65>> anchor: more news, a school settlement for alleged fowl abuse systems at st. george's school.
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money. the allegations come from as far back as the 70s, as recently as the 200 oz. a sexual assault assault trauma center directer said this is a milestone. >> no amount of compensation can make up for the damages. we want to continue to support these victims as they go through the healing process. >> anchor: she says there are like lay other victims out there. >> a close call for a family in ohio when a car drives into their store. it crossed over the center hit another vehicle which swerved, ended up straight through the wall. family's appliance store. the car pitting the store's owner between owe washer and vending machine, while his granddaughter was in his arms glithappened so fast. couldn't register what happened. >> the memorial says they can deal with fixing a whole in the wall. glad that that baby is okay.
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olympic scope. athletes with ties the boston planning her spot on team u.s.a. >> at 6:00, day one of construction at the $2 billion win casino in everett, one group making a last difficult effort to bring it to a stop. >> getting his bike back. a wish com a teen after a compassioned plea right
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>> anchor: the olympian zone, a woman with ties to boston hoping her [indiscernible] has a fairytale ending. laura moved to boston to become a hair dresser. the vermont native gave us the career to focus on equestrian competition. because she's one of the top riders in the world. >> something very different about being in an olympic venue, feeling like an athlete. part of a bigger team than our equestrian team. we feel part of the team u.s.a., something we don't get at any other competition. so for me that's really special. >> anchor: graves and her
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games in summer. >> the u.s. woman's gymnastics team going for goal. they hot to keep that momentum going. nancy chen has more on the athletes and a very special member. >> this heir can trace its way back to one hungarian woman. the team u.s.a. is looking to center out a winner. >> as rio beckons the american women face a shot at history. the u.s. has never won wack to back o gymnastics team competition. should they do it, it would be a fitting tribute to the organization's driving force. >> she loves when we win the team competition. that's the most important thing, that we win the team gold medal, especially next year at the olympic games. >> marta defected from commune kansas romania in 1981. they created a live around gymnastics and based it in their
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over the years, no one has taken greatest papers to cultivate a winning culture among the u.s. women. >> that's one of the things that makes her unhappy, when we don't carry ourselves, if we just like lounge around. she went she wants us to represent ourselves well, especially because we're representing the u.s.a. >> she has said this is her last olympics, after more than 50 years in t stepping away. her band of athletes want to send her off equipped for her golden years. >> what an era for women's gymnastics. >> the greatest competition won't come from other countries but from each other. 7 news. >> anchor: and coming up, rugby star nate talks about the support he is getting from the
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as the first south america city to host the games. nancy will look at the iconic locations where the events will be taking place. and the olympic zone begins tonight right here on 7, news, everything you need to know about the upcoming games starts right here. >> anchor: sunshine right now,
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>> anchor: the sunshine is gorge, although we're starting to see the effects of this drought we have going on. the grass is all crunchy. earth is thirsty. >> we definitely need rain. possibly this weekend. >> reporter: the best i can offer up, again, only as the manager, not like i -- messenger. a few scattered thunderstorms possible saturday afternoon.
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what you get. gorgeous summer weather, granted we're in the middle of a severe drought. the city, 79. bedford, 86. the cape and island, 60s, 70s. high pressure is with us. so we have lot of sunshine. a few fair weather cumulus clouds drifting through. they'll fade away. mostly clear skies tonight. this cool front, you see that. that will be our next chance of rain. you notice as you look along that front, we just have scattered showers and storms. not like it' that's what would really take to get us out of the drought. we're running about 8 ins below normal for this year. back into last year as well. much of last year featured below normal preparation. so getting 2 or 3 big rain storms would go a long way. i don't have that. mostly clear, comfortable, 57 and 64. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. another warm day but also another day with relatively low humidity.
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we should be for this time of year. 83. norwood close to 90. merrimack valley, southern new hampshire, probably the hot air. cape ann, refreshing for 70s to around 8o worcester hills, fitchburg, 89. partly to mostly sunny skies. toward the cape and islands, 77. nantucket, 76. great beach weather tomorrow if you're starting the weekend early. is going to be a premier. get after it early. waves 1-2 feet. for the weekend here comes the cold front. scatted showers and storms. some of the storms may be feisty. mid to late afternoon on saturday. not widespread. in any event the front blows off shore. partly to mostly sunny skies, breezy, less humid. sunday is the nicer of the 2 weekend days w. that said, i'm not writing off saturday.
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times in between the scattered showers and the storms. 7 on forecast, more sunshine for sunday, into early next week. and the temperatures running seasonably warm. middle to upper 80s, a dry heat. no humidity behind the front on saturday. >> jr, a perfect painting for big poppy celebrating the final season. he was surprised by his friend on the seattle mariners before last night's game. the robinson cano and really cool work of art as a going away gift. so as you can see, big poppy loved it. the work of a local artist who cano got in contact with. >> i have a few friends that work at rock nation. which is robinson cano's agency. he had seen my work through social media, things like that. and he wanted to -- they wanted to do something for david, for
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look at this masterpiece. you can see the cite government sign, the green monster and poppy's family. >> next here on 7, a waiting room, a local hospital git ago huge make over. how it all came together. >> anchor: i'm adam williams. this is what we're working on. a major role of the dice. win casino starting the $2 billion process to bring a new casino toughly ne. a local police department used this picture to iss challenge on oil spill. the reaction it's getting now. and this bike was a gift from a local boy's late brother. thieves stole it. see what happened after the boy spoke to 7 news about this heart breaking crime. we'll have those stories and a lot more. hope to see you next at 6. >> good day for rio, our temporary headquarters. trump tries to get back ok on
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london attack. and the day before the opening ceremony, a look at the athletes that could steal headlines when we see you back here for nightly new s. pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly.
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record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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>> anchor: a local hospital waiting room getting a major make over. the area full of color and comfortable furniture. the transfourmation was thanks to donations and teamwork. >> anchor: all part of -- remember boston one day. nicole oliverio explains. >> reporter: the transformation is now complete. for the paediatric intensive care waiting room at boston medical center. >> we didn't expect how au't expect what a change it would make. color.orter: replaced with the room now filled with toys. pictures, warmth. >> this room was very important. and we never realized how unwelcoming it was until you did your make over. >> reporter: 7 news teamed up with 2 sponsors who donated money to buy the new furniture you see here in the room, including these reclining chairs that roll out to be sleepers for parents to stay over. >> it really means a lot for us to be able to support such a great cause, and for me personally, to be here and kind of see the impact of that contribution.
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boston day with help from uber and signature staffing, the room designated for families with children who are critically ill has become a welcoming and cheery space. after the marathon bombings, the hospital admitted 21 patients. local businesses wanted to say thank you to the staff for all their hard work that day and every day. >> i'm not one for bullies. and so i felt that it was important to send the message that we are strong. and that nobody is going to take us down. >> a recognition the staff is grateful for. >> so i mean i think it means really everything to us here at really everything to us here at boston medical center. >> reporter: nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> anchor: the waiting room looks amazing. >> bright and cheery for the kids. >> anchor: it's great. another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. >> hope you can come inside, sit down, relax.
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>> the big gamble. win casino begins the $2 billion plan to build a terror casino. >> it's gone viral. over 40,000 views on this facebook. >> a local police department issuing a gun challenge on facebook. the questions officers posed about this picture and the astounding reaction it's getting. >> anchor: back into the sunshine tomorrow. the threat of beneficial rain for the weekend. >> anchor: and we're in the a member of the new england patriots going after new england glory. what his teammates think about his quest for gold. >> anchor: digging in, construction today for the $2 billion win everett. this comes after years of legal fights about environmental concerns. >> anchor: there could be a last ditch effort to try to slow down the casino. live with more.
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officials say building a lustry 5 star re-- luxury 5 star resort will build millions of dollars to the state. the fight is far from over. >> 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: the construction of win boston harbor iw officials hope will be a world class destination resort. >> there is no stopping us now. on ward and upward to the opening of win boston harbor. >> officials say this is the largest private development in all of new england. creating 4,000 union construction jobs, and 4,000 more permanent hospitality positions. >> with the waterways permit we begin creating real jobs,. >> but the project has run into
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the city of somerville legally appealed a state environmental permit, citing concerns about the impact of the casino on the mystic river and the environment. by tuesday, the city choose not to appeal the decision to grant the permit. >> it's a mess out there. they're abandoned barges, piles, contamination, everything you can think of. we have to clean all that in. >> officials say they will restore the shoreline dredging 8-acres, making the harbor a place every one can enjoy. >> thiss we're excited about it. >> the city can still appeal the water waste permit, with the state superior court. they have until august 22 to do that. it's scheduled to be officially opened in june, 2019. 7 news. anchor: a final fair wel for a 7-year old boy, kyzr willis drown attending a city operated summer camp last week. so today, friends, family, and even boston's mayor gourd for


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