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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, live from rio. let the games begin. a star studded opening ceremony, wild excitement as team usa goes for and a man killed by police, suspected of stealing a car. sudden change, as his poll numbers plunge, donald trump does an apparent turn got. and a cold-blooded sniper sending a new city deep into fear. tonight a dramatic plea for help. and here in rio, a
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light the cauldron. live from copacabana beach, "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news with lester holt" reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in rio. good evening, from copacabana beach, the picturesque ocean front skyline ablaze in lights as this city, this country this, lighting the olympic torch began. a lot has happened from this country, in a zika pandemic. it starts just a few miles in from us, at the maracana stadium where the olympic opening ceremonies are
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evening. >> reporter: i'm standing in front of the russian teammates, they are among the more than 11,000 athletes from 207 countries that are getting ready to march into maracana stadium. tonight it will be on display like never before. for rio, it all comes down to this. nearly seven years after winning the bid -- tonight their olym >> welcome to rio. >> reporter: this week, the first sneak peek of what the opening ceremony is going to look like. from leaked photos of a dress rehearsal. the goal is to re-create that gold on unforgettable moment. queen elizabeth parachuting into the stadium in london. the drums in beijing. but brazil is throwing this party in the
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economic recession, a political crisis, and the zika outbreak. today thousands demonstrated to show their support for the president, who faces impeachment. the budget for the opening ceremony was significantly cut back to about one-tenth of what was expected. >> even when you go to very poor areas, you smile, are friendly, and are happy and i guess the spirit is in the ceremony. >> reporter: it's that music, dancing and history. there will even be an appearance by beloved brazilian supermodel gisele bundchen. also the security operation, 88,000 strong, among them 1,000 u.s. intelligence operatives, according to a classified report
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specific threats. and this week has been about the fun. >> every time we're in the room, we're like screaming and laughing. >> reporter: the mystery over who will light the cauldron tonight, the rumor is it's going is to be a brazilian tennis legend. the chicago police department released nine videos showing in officers fired at a teenag teenaged suspect in a stolen car. with the chicago police already under intense scrutiny, it's the first time they have released videos so quickly. tam t >> reporter: police in
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misses a policeman, he then crashes and then flees on foot. officers cha and he's shot. minas. the car, hit me. >> he shot back, right? >> repr: was not found with a gun. his sister, distraught. >> i want everybody to know that paul had goals. >> reporter: the chicago police department acting swiftly, stripping three officers of their power, pending investigation. >> these police officers decided to play judge, jury and executioner. >> reporter: the fatal shot was not caught on camera. authorities are investigating why the body camera of the officer who killed o'neil was not turned on.
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disturbing as it is, is not the only evidence to be gathered and analyzed. activists praised the department who have been under scrutiny ing the video just eight days after the shooting. and there is a new sense of urgency in phoenix tonight where a serial killer has been on the loose for linked the suspect to a ninth shooting, where concerns about his capture increase. >> reporter: a renewed sense ofphoenix, as a serial killer sets his sights on a new neighborhood. can't even go out in my frontyard. >> reporter: police shooting on a serial killing suspect, 15
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occurred. police have widened their search include this new area. neither victim was injured. nancy lost her twin brother on june 3 when he was walking outside his mother's home. >> we can't let this guy take away our sense of security. >> reporter: police sergeant jamey roth child says the reward has been height $50. >> reporter: police describe the suspect as a light skinned latino or white male in his early 20s. he has used severalludi a black sedan, the gunman's motive unknown. t m is a disgusting monster, i don't even know why he's on the state. >> reporter: police here in phoenix are declining to provide
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situation, his family's grief and a community searches for answers all the while this serial killer is broadening hispath. latest developments in the and a pair of changes for donald trump. and hillary clinton trying once again today to clarify comments abou e-mails as the issue continues to surround her. we have got it all halle with >> reporter: in the last ofnsin donald trump's ni, hillary clinton toda new attacn wa to unhinged. >> reporter: but trump is expected to endorse paul after refusing. ryan standing by his candidate for now. >> with any
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anerybody, a blank check. >> reporter: fo trump, the endorsement with a rare backtrack. >> taking that money off that airplane. >> reporter: for days, no one's known of what footage he mceant of an iranian cash payment. after days of doubling down, today tweeting, the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva, trump maybe trying to show he can grow. for the first time since january, hillary leads withmen, white voters overall those with no c education. struggling in some battlegrounds, but his team hoping for a turn aroundeflate. >> reporter: i'm kristen welker, tonight hillary clinton on the trust factor. >> people have count on me and trusted me. >> reporter: while
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association of black and female journalists, clinton trying to clarify this comment about fbi director james comey. >> director comey said that my answers were truthful and my answers were consistent with what i have told the american people. >> reporter: that debunked by fact checkers. >> is this not under cutting your efforts to rebuild trust with the american people? >> i may have short-circuited and for that i will try to bringing back one of her previous explanations. >> i never sent or received anything that was marked classified. >> reporter: despite this testimony from the full-blooded itali italian -- fbi director. >> tonight trump bouncing. >> i may have short-circuited and for that --
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trust, hillary all right getting a boost. there is tragic news tonight from georgia, a pair of toddlers, twin girls found dead in a hot car. the latest such tragedy during a stifling summer. as nbc's rehema ellis reports, there are already more cases already this year than all oft >> reporter: tonight a family is mourning the loss of their twin girls who died thursday after they were allegedly left in a sweltering suv by their father. >> i never thought they would come to my doorstep. >> reporter: the 24-year-old father is charged with involuntary manslaughter, the mother who was away visiting teams at the
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to cool the girls down with an ice pack. >> do you have an emergency? >> we have two babies here that i think are dead, they're not breathing. >> reporter: there are reports that 26 children have died from being left in hot cars, that's already more than all of 20 15. >> one of the reasons it's getting faster is the failure of the brain's memory, and what makes that happen is we're just doing too much. >> reporter: minas traffic appwaze is testing a feature that tells parents to check before getting out of the car. tragedies that didn't have to happen, and warnings tonight to prevent them. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. >> a thought that makes you shudder. still ahead tonight, we'll take
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with opening ceremony about to get under way, brazil is highlighting its attractions and
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where violence and poverty can be a way of life. we join paul almaguer on his journey inside a city where so many live. >> reporter: rio is known for its culture, history and city, in this city, there are over 800 sprawling cities called provella's. this is one of rio's notorious favellas. with security, we traveled into one of the few places considered safe enough to enter. some of rio's favellas are literally cities within cities.
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this favella is under police control. this commander tells us police in the community are now working together here. even in the post pacified favellas, people are unarmed. dozens of favellas are effort to bring peace meets with violence. this woman's son was pole who swept through her favella. she says her son was an innocent vicm aggressive beltrave headed the operation a few years ago.
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con frontati confrontation is inevitable. >> we expect people not only to be able to see the beautiful side of the city, but actually to see the huge problems we have on the ground. >> reporter: tonight as rio takes the world ale of two cities, one on asits in theshadows. miguel almaguer, nbc news, rio. and when we come back, i'll have more on how we are covering these olympics from
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welcome back to rio, a cit framed by it's dramatic beaches and it's soaring peaks. to show you a little more closely where our broadcast is positioned, we'll have to take you back a few hours time. it's winter here and dark comes early. so before sunset, i took this short stroll along the beach. school's out on a
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olympics here in rio, kids, surfers, everyone having a good time on copacabana beach. this is a city that has bea ches and miles. we're anchored by this giant rock, pedro, leme. as you tilt up, famed sugarloaf. the views there are stupendous, as we continue to move the camera to the left, there are some of the hotels and apartments that frame this gorgeous piece of real estate. and in where we are, we're only about five minutes from one of the most popular beach venues. there's the beach volleyball venue, the beach stretches out
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impressive story to tell. but one of the women on the first refugee team, it's a remarkable story of perseverance. >> reporter: it's in feels most at peace. >> when i am in the water, i forget about everything. >> reporter: one of syris pool, she evendn the world stage at just 14. but never imagined she would be swimming for her life country crumbled around her. last august, ichra and her sister fled, with plans to join their father who had left them earlier.hra and her siste escaped damascus, they made it to lebanon and then turkey. after way to greece,
6:57 pm
started to sink. ichra and her sister swam. >> we swam and tugged a boat all that time and you with respect afraid? >> i was afraid, but no one would help me, i had to try. >> reporter: they struggled to survive in waters thousands of others have not. finally o germany. >> i am now in munich. this is the train. ter: are you happy now? >> yeah, lly. >> reporter: it took 25 days.k two crucial years out of her training. a new coach is showing her the ropes, working on her strength and speed. and she has taught him something too. >> this girl changed
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live too. and now odds, ichra has a shot at her olympic dream, on a small team of refugee athletes competing under the olympic flags. >> i'm to thepics >> reporter: her father, a former swim instructor has been by first stroke. did you think that was r this was possible? >> it's a dream. >> i hope i can give op a inspire them, evening if y even if it's war, if you lose your house, you have to continue. >> reporter: live by from one young woman who never gave up. >> this is about so much more than just sports.
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website. be sure to watch the opening ceremony tonight at 7:30 eastern and pacific, right here on nbc. that's going to do it for us here tonight from rio.
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>> anchor: now at 7 sharks looking for cape.pular beaches to close through the weekend. >> anchor: breaking silence. why tom brady says it was time to call it quits in the deflate gate battle. >> anchor: we are entering the olympic zone. getting >> reporter: clear skies overnight tonight. here comes the next chance of beneficial rain. >> anchor: pot hole problems on 495 causing trouble for drivers and backing up traffic for hours. >> 7 news at 7 starts now. >> anchor: first at 7 sharks along the cape. looking for a late lunch. and forcing beaches to close through the weekend. spotters say these sharks were snacking on a whale on


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