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tv   7 News  NBC  August 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> a weather alert at 7:00 tonight. strong storms are moving through area, with several counties were under a severe thunderstorm warning. >> those were just canceled and we go to bri eggers for what is going on. >> right, the dropped and this is showing that it is weakening with lightning still abundant with the threat of heavy rainfall and you can tell by the oranges and reds and possibly damaging winds with reports of trees taken down in the path of the storm and you can see the lightning traveling south of worcester and we're not seeing that lightning activity, nevertheless, heavy rainfall could bum out a barbecue if
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minutes of rain from bridgewater and half hour from middleboro and marshfield, 40 minutes until it gets to you and we are not expecting more to pop up. the storms firing in the south coast of new england so cape cod and the islands not out of the question in the next hour or two hours, but the forecast models for this evening have been a little bit overactive. the good news after we get through the storms we really drop with the dew point trend and sticks around and we'll get to the delightful summertime forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, bri. heading to the "olympic zone" and they are under way. this is a look at the flame and america got its first gold thanks to the youngest member of the u.s. shooting team.
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usa. >> bizel getting hugs from michael phelps before her preliminary heat and finishing fourth. not result she was looking for but good enough to qualify for tonight's final, a race you can catch in prime time here on 7 nbc. and stone getting off to a good start, a two time rower in the women's skulls advancing to the quarterfinals on tuesday. the u.s. soccer team shutting out france 1-0 and the lone goal for game enough to win and an impressive play by solo, with very impressive saves and the u.s. women's gymnastics team gearing up for the first day of competition and the line-up has
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compete on all four events and you can see her on the vault, balance beam and the floor and the all around event for team usa later in the week. to the spoiler alert, we want to warn you, these events have not aired yet, so if you don't want to know what happens, turn away for a minute. again, you can watch them on prime time on 7news, and the final warning if you're not a fan of spoilers. top in preliminary qualifying round. the americans moving ahead of reigning japan and mccoolic is third in the all around despite a fall on the pummel horse, team captain brooks is in the top 18. the top 18 move on and the top 24 qualifiers move to the all around final coming up on thursday night. let's check in with the medal
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. >> men's gymnasticses taking stage in prime time with the team competition under way latet for sports. >> the young e members of the team usa's shooting team hit the mark. >> she landed the country's first first. >> jamie thrasher shot her way in the women's air rifle with the first medal for team usa, na native learned to shooting while hunting with her dad. >> i'm completely and grateful to stand up on the "national anthem". >> the rug by team is hoping to
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match to fiji. this day began on a picture's exnote with a scenic tour on rio and tonight, men and women's swimming have two finals with the women's 4 by 100 relay, and hoping for this more than any woman in history. and jennings and april ross team up in beach volleyball >> secretary of state john kerry was talking about supporting team usa. >> secretary of state john kerry was in brazil as part of the team delegation and i caught up
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>> kerry attended the opening ceremony, his first one in the olympic games. marching and they terally filled up the stadium from one end to the other, i was closed to embarrassed. >> not quite? >> no, not quite. >> earlier in the day, the former massachusetts senator visited with team usa at a training facility. >> i, first of all, congratulated them for getting here because champions to be here and they're so disciplined and what struck to me is they're confident and they feel great. i asked are you nervous, and no. they're just full of joy to be here and huge competitive spirit, which i why they're champion. >> as the world comes together for summer games, the diplomat tells me sports play a key role in international relations. >> i think in this world right now with all of its tensions and
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like and how people can get over the hurdles that divide us. >> and before flying out tonight, the administer went to a couple events including beach volleyball, cycling and men's gymnastics. >> we'll have all you need to know on the "olympic zone" next at 7:30. >> "7 news" in beverly where a small plane made an emergency landing. the plane was missing a wheel and the pilot was safely without any injuries. fire crews were ready at the runway when that plane went down and the faa is investigating. >> a lumberyard in new hampshire goes up in flames and that was engulfed this morning and someone noticed the glow and called 911 for help. there are no reports of injuries here, but that business has been around for more than 40 years. we are live with more on what's
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still out here on scene making sure that all the hot spots in the effected buildings are right down these roads, but thanks no firefighters, these buildings will be back up and running by monday. a 46-year-old business taken over by flames. >> when you're in the lumber business and you have a mill like this. it's a nightmare but these things happen. >> he owns this business that processes and produces lumber. just after 1:0 driving by noticed the lumberyard was on fire. >> when you're burning lumber yard and it's dry. with the hot flames, it could have been more devastate. >> the firefighters used ladder trucks to douse the buildings with ladder and the propane tanks to keep them from exploding and it took more than four hours the contain the fire. >> we had one firefighter
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exhaustion. >> despite the damage, because the firefighters managed to save the other buildings, operation also continue. >> i'm just very grateful that nobody was in the facility at the time, and that everything was shut off. >> now, we're told that firefighter is expected to be okay. officials are still trying to figure out exactly what caused this fire. live in kingston, new hampshire. >> and we are live on the cape with more on this family's plans. >> taking it easy, a few rounds of golf and bicycle riding and this is the final vacation and they're in their vacation at home and in for night. president barack obama, first lady, michelle obama and their daughters malia and sasha
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summer vacation in martha's vineyard, while still in the white house. >> it was awesome. >> i didn't know we'd get to shake their hand. >> reporter: what was that like to shake the president's hand? >> words can't describe. i'm just so happy to meet them. they're such a nice family. >> in 2012, the president has spent all of his summer vacations while in office in the vineyard and this is their 7th summer strip on the island and they rent a vacat secluded 8100 square foot mansion with infinity pool, 7 groups and a tennis court. and the commander in chief was given a golfball before boarding marine one. >> what is the significance of the golfball? >> i know what he will be doing within an hour. believe me.
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made in new bedford and they are to stay in martha's vineyard for a little over two weeks. >> turning to the race of the white house now, with donald trump bringing his campaign to new hampshire tonight and his focus will be on hillary clinton and some comments she made recently. jo john cocoa in windham with more of what we can expect. >> school, and if you take a look this way, this place is packed in and you can see the stage where donald trump will be standing a little bit later tonight and trump tweeted out, he is going to talk about hillary clinton's comments saying she short circuited when it came to her emails and on the way here to answer. clinton sent out a few trump tweets, as well, and she doesn't have any events scheduled for
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you can see there are plenty of people behind the media risers, and i will tell you this, it's hot inside the gymnasium and the people will be holding the trump signs, but for now, they are using them as fans because it is really hot in this gymnasium. and the event starts soon with donald trump taking the stage behind me. heading to rio where a local girl is going for gold. >> preparing to compete for tomorrow. she what she fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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. >> training six days a week, sometimes twice a day. >> there's definitely days where once a month, i feel super great and energized and the rest of the days, you're exhausted because you're constantly working out. >> but the dream of another
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alley not only made the 2016 u.s. olympic team but returning as team captain, a role she flourished in in london with the teammates calling the 22-year-old grandma alley because of her age and maturity. alley, though, is taking it all in stride. >> this have less pressure because i already accomplished winning, so i want to relax and do it for my coaches and >> alley will compete in the team event tomorrow night. in rio, nancy chin for "7 news. " >> there are moments ahead in prime time, and rhode island native bizel competes in the 400 individual medley and ross beach volleyball for ross and
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ice unique family pets live from rio. >> next in the forecast, it almost felt like rio here in our area due to the humidity, but the cold front sweeping in these storms sweeping out the four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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live look at rio de janeiro, it's darker over there. >> it's the sun going down earlier, but speaking of torches, things heating up and the humidity, until the rain came. >> like a tropical rainforest today, it felt like it, at least, and we're still watching the storms rolling through some areasing and as you can see, north of bridgewater stretching up to the edge of plymouth county and in providence with the heavy downpours and don't have warnings or advisories or watches posted right now, but you can see how strong it was that hugged the mass pike and headed to southeast and we should be down within the next hour or so with 20 minutes to ducksbury and an hour before it gets to the canal if it holds together that long. these storms have been picky and choosey where they ended up and
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downpours that moved through earlier today, but they didn't amount to very much or last very long. the forecast models have been really overdoing the storms, but i show you this to give you an idea that it's not completely out of the question as we head through the evening hours with an isolated shower or storm across the south coast, cape cod or the islands overnight tonight. again, won't last for long or amount for much. highs today, a hot one, and once clouds, 90 in new bedford and nashua and the dew points were high, and i say 60 degrees is a good threshold and anything above that is humid and when we get above 70 degrees, that is when it feels like a florida afternoon. to put it in perspective for you, this is where we were today and this is where we'll be tomorrow and we keep that humidity in check, sunday, monday, tuesday and doesn't
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not the greatest thing with severe weather with the fronts that can come through in the summertime, but behind it, less humid air that charges in. i think maybe a few clouds as we get into tomorrow afternoon, but other than that, it's another one of the summer stunners in store for us, not just to wrap up the weekend but also for monday or tuesday. this is vacation week and it looks good for the first half of the week. we get another chance of rain on wednesday, but, again, it's just not going to be a drought showers and storms, again, in the forecast and will take the remnants of the tropical storm to bust the drought and we're so far in the hold at this point. very clear tonight, mild and 70 degrees for a low in boston, so doesn't cool off very much tonight and tomorrow, mostly sunny and lower the humidity and highs topping out in the mid-80s with a great beach day with the water temperatures 70 to 73 and
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. >> 7news takes you into the "olympic zone." >> alley razeman the most decorated gymnastics for the games and her teammate, simone biles and considered the greatest jam -- gymnast and she hopes the third time is the charm and continues to chase


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