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tv   7 News Olympic Zone  NBC  August 6, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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. >> 7news takes you into the "olympic zone." >> alley razeman the most decorated gymnastics for the games and her teammate, simone biles and considered the greatest jam -- gymnast and she hopes the third time is the charm and continues to chase
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third olympic games. i'm trey daerr. there is plenty of local intrigue in the first full day of competition with elizabeth beisel in the medley and the one and only event in rio. getting a hug from michael phelps, the most decorated lamian of all time and and -- decorated olympian. the two time olympian and cambridge boat club coming on top in heat two in the victims skulls advancing to tuesday's quarterfinals. four years ago, alley razeman was the most decorated gymnast and hoping to add to the
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returning as team captain for the second straight olympics. >> along with gabby douglas, alley razeman is the first u.s. gymnast to make it to the second olympics in 16 years, which was not easy, but she said it was worth it. it would have been easy for alley razeman to walk away from the olympics in london taking photo shoots, endorsements, red carpets and a turn on "dancing with the stars" but through it all, there's always been that feeling, she wasn't quite done yet. >> i took a full year off after 2012 olympics, and something was telling me to come back to gymnastics. >> rio was calling. it wasn't easy to get back on that beam, though.
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go months of conditioning before doing any gymnastics. >> the first six months, i was so sore, and when you think of a simple back tuck, you don't realize the muscles you use. >> she wanted it, wanting a second shot at olympic glory training six days a week, sometimes twice a day. >> there's definitely days where you're exhausted. i feel like once a month, i feel super great and ene exhausts because you're constantly working out. >> but the dream of another olympic medal pushed her forward and not only made the 2016 u.s. olympic team but returning as team captain, a role she flourished in in london with the teammates calling her grandma ally because of her age and maturity. >> this time, i say i have less
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accomplished winning, so i want to relax and do it for my coaches and my family and of course, myself but relax and enjoy the experience. >> reporter: ally will compete in the team event tomorrow night. in rio, nancy chin, 7news. >> the games of the 31st olympiad getting a start in the ceremony last night and for the fans, one of the highlights was watching one of the most decorated olympian and we look at a once in a lifetime generation in the name of michael phelps. . >> beaming with pride. >> michael phelps given the honor. >> reporter: the most decorated olympian of all time held the
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samba filled ceremony and the swimming legend glowed and his ralph lauren high-tech blazer with the usa symbol shining like a beacon, the first time he walked with his teammates in the ceremony. >> it's incredible to know they voted for me. it's an honor and a true. >> since his olympic debut in 2000, he changed the face of the game with his record shattering success. >> does he have enough in the tank? he did it! he's going to stand alone in olympic history, is it going to be a world record, yes! here comes phelps to the wall.
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superman. >> reporter: with 22 medals, including 18 gold under his belt and perhaps more importantly, the countless young athletes he's inspired. he's had personal challenges along the way and is candid time spent in a rehab center in 2014. >> i think i was at a point in my life where something needed to change, and i needed to figure things out. >> but michael phelps is in a different place now. he's engaged and a four to three-month-old things that i'm looking forward to sharing with him. as the next chapter in his olympic odyssey unfolds, michael phelps has a renewed spirit of health and joy. >> this is something i haven't had in a really long time. >> phelps entered in three individual events in rio and swim in as many as three relays looking to add to his 22 medals,
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gabby douglas struggled in the trials and the reigning olympic champion is ready to defend her crown. and what does it take to be an olympian? we'll take you inside the minds of america's top archers. moms know their kids need love.
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. >> on the
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with a gold and silver in the first full day of competition. . >> it's actually china jumping out to the early lead with four total medals, with the united states and the republic of korea with two apiece. some athletes display their skills through speed and power and others do it through a sense of calm and stillness, but what they have in common is a powerful mind excellence. we have talked to archers. >> their bodies show it. olympic athletes reach extreme levels of physical strength and perhaps less visible is the fact that their mental game is even stronger. in the run up to the olympics, i wanted to get a glimpse inside the minds of the athletic elite. we're here in the olympic training center in my hometown
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this is where many athletes prepare for the 2016 summer games in rio and archery was taking place and while they were focussed around their competition, we talked to two olympic hopefuls with their sights set on rio and mckenzie brown and zack garret hit their goal and will be competing in the first olympic games and both 21 years old, they are focused on their sport and the tiny target 70 they shoot 300 arrows a day. >> your eyesight has to be key. >> it's more important to have the instinct to shoot. when i first started, i was feeling the shot and what's around you and what you shoot. >> zack said having a good philosophy for unexpected situations helps him stay calm. >> the hardest thing is handling
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for any shot. >> i have a lot of experience and we visualize that and try to feel the emotions, so we know. >> i've had coaches compare it to a dance in the same way like a martial art is. >> i want to see if my own boxing and martial arts skills would translate so mckenzie and zack agreed to archery lesson. >> let it go. >> my first arrow i ever shot. that is so weird, though. it's like in the way and you want to squint your eye, and every athlete would agree, fun matters too. >> one more. >> this is fun. >> a little high. >> i might as well finish these arrows. i only got a couple left. >> this is so cool.
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the women's team competition and up next on the 7news "olympic zone," inside the mind of elizabeth beisel and find out five things you never knew about the three time olympian and favored to win team gold for the
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. >> gabby douglas is one of the olympics' brightest stars at age 16 moved to hollywood and thought she left the sport behind, but as nancy chin reports, 20-year-old douglas couldn't seem to shake it and focused to go for gold, again, in rio. >> apparently the time in hollywood has rubbed off on her,
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planning a summer sequel. >> it's a gabby gold. >> nothing's really better than seeing all your hard work pay off and everything just coming together, so it was really nice. i think at that moment, i realize had the. >> at 16 years old, gabby douglas won the gold medal in the individual all-around and burst into the spotlight and quickly became a household name. >> douglas is champion. >> all around gold medal, gabby douglas. >> it's funny, because i didn't realize how big the media would be when i got back. i'm not going to lie. it was really hard and really tough. i experienced that freedom of not having gym like every day and kind of doing what i want to do, and not sticking to a rigorous schedule going to gym
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hard jumping back into that regimen, and i just had to get that discipline back. >> a gymnast muscles are built on repetition and balance and the mind is no different so she wanted to get back to a routine. >> it starts clicking, one day, i really need to get back. i'm going back to the gym every single day, and i had to just follow that schedule again. >> reporte douglas in the past four years, going from underdog to champion and really, though, quite the brand with a line of leotards, a book and even a reality television show. in rio, nancy chin, 7news. >> her teammates, biles with a list of accomplishments and you know you made it when she shows off the biles in her floor routine and simone is one of the
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women's gymnastics next big thing. >> there she is. she is world champion, absolutely unequivocally. >> without a doubt, back-to-back, world's champion. >> worlds all around champion. >> that is state of the art, as good as it can be done. >> simone biles decimated the limits of her sport and become its towering figure. >> 32 one routine, so once you hit it with a clean set, it just feels amazing so all those hours were worth it. >> they certainly have been for biles. >> that is a 10, absolutely, positively a perfect 10 execution. >> that is what makes simone biles, simone biles.
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>> if she gains one point in the entire field in one rotation. >> she is continuing to shock the gymnastics world. >> 15.9. you don't need to know anything about gymnastics to know how good that was. >> biles' senior debut in 2013 had many wondering if her success would last the three long years to the next olympics, but after her third world all around title last is wondering that anymore. the only question is if she can maintain her dominance her place and as she gears up for rio and faces the culmination of her 13 years of training, biles is singularly focused on what's ahead. >> to me, it means everything, all the hours and the dedication and all the fun and experiences
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waiting for your whole life. >> biles kicks off her olympic competition in the rio games tomorrow with 2012 gold medallist gabby douglas and ally razeman. >> we return to the 7news "olympic zone" and we check in with two years ago, silvertech had 40 to 50 employees.
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. >> after winning a silver and bronze medal in the summer games, elizabeth beisel was welcomed with a hero's welcome and here's five more things you don't know about the three time olympian in tonight's fast five. >> i would probably be the one winking with their tongue out, like, that one.
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oh, my goodness. probably a hamburger or fries or pizza or both, and then definitely a dessert. oh! so many good movies. okay, when i was really little, "titanic" was my all time favorite but still maybe my favorite move, but i since graduateds in the "the titanic" movies. >> i have played the piano and violin since i was five years old. i don't really advertise it. sometimes of berries. i love blueberries and i think i always have blueberries in my fridge because you can snack on them, throw them in a smoothie. they're just so versatile. >> catch beisel in prime time coverage when he hits the pool
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. >> welcome back to the 7news "olympic zone" and here's bob costas with time in night two of the olympic games here on 7 nbc. >> from the international broadcast center in olympic park, bob costas welcoming you to rio and the games of the 31st olympiad. coming up in prime time, the men's gymnastics team competition that gets under way with familiar rivals china and japan, the ones for the americans to catch and swimming begins with a host of races
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meter and the individual medley with derotto swimming for her first olympic medals and won three events attain olympic trials in omaha. and kerri walsh jennings and april ross will christen that venue and that will be exciting and jennings seeking her fourth consecutive olympic gold at these olympics all coming up in prime time. >> thank you, our half hour for this evening. thank you for joining us. we're going to be back after prime time coverage for a special edition of "7news" at 11:00 and the chase for beisel's chase for gold and the 400 meter im. and you can check any time you want to check information. i'm trey daerr.
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e. no one has won more. the most dominant in olympic history and it's pure gold. in rio de janeiro they open the olympic games with a brazilian signature. a massive party welcoming the globe. now the samba gives way to the rhythm of competition.


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