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tv   7 News  NBC  August 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> now at 7 a developing story. a cruiser stolen off the lot. where state troopers tracked it down. >> a murder mystery rocks a massachusetts town. police with a chilling warning for neighbors. >> reporter: one more nice day tomorrow. we track beneficial rain. >> delta flights grounded. passengers digital dilemma. >> anchor: a gold rush in rio. >> anchor: and teeing off together. star power joining the president. >> anchor: first families vacation on the vineyard. >> 7 news at 7 starts now. >> anyone who may have seen anything suspicious contact the princeton police the state police assigned to the worcester
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>> anchor: a murder history gripping the town the princeton massachusetts. vanessa americault was found in the woods. she was out jogging or walking when she was murdered. >> anchor: sources say her hands and feet were burned. we have team 7 coverage. begin with brandon gunnoe live in princeton. >> reporter: kim and adam, this is the first time in 3 decades there has been a murder in this community. and with no is still on the run. police are canvassing the small town of princeton after vanessa americault was found brutally murdered. >> stuff doesn't happen in princeton. we were shocked. >> reporter: there were burns to her hands head and feet. >> we are asking the residents of princeton to use an abundance
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>> reporter: graduate with honors from bu. she worked for google as an account murder. google released this statement. and known for her ubiquitous smile. and a love of boston sports. we are shocked and saddened and our thought its are with family and friends. the da she's been at princeton for a few days. and gone for a yesterday afternoon. then at 8:30 last night the grim discovery. >> absolutely unbelievable. i'm grieving for that family. >> reporter: detectives who had the crime scene sealed off for hours. scrambling to locate any possible surveillance video and turn to the public for help. no one can seem to say if this fatal attack was random or not.
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if you see anything suspicious or out of place contact the princeton police department. >> reporter: no arrests. if you know anything you're asked to call police. extra patrols have been added to make people feel safe. >> anchor: obviously police are telling people there in princeton and surrounding towns to be on high alert while they search for the suspect. dan hausle continues our team 7 coverage from >> reporter: here at the market the air is filled with sadness and concern. >> shaken us to the core. people are rattled. >> reporter: police have been nearby asking if anyone had seen vanessa monday. joannan kay grabbed her mace this morning for the first time in 10 years. >> i had to dig it up and brought it with me out of panic. >> reporter: robin springfield made sure her children were with
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today. >> i'm worried about my kids. they walk around playing pokemon go and all things. think twice about it now. >> this doesn't happen around here. >> reporter: many people jog or hike in the area. the mother now checking her watch and worrying when her daughter isn't back on time. >> i get a little panicky just because. she's my kid. >> i think it's terrifying. i'm probably terrified to be ru here. i don't know who would come to princeton with that in mind. >> reporter: people find themselves wondering if the killer or killers might be in the area. >> it's the sense who is this person? or what really happened? the unknown is what makes people very uncomfortable. >> reporter: so far police have been unable to come up with answers that would make people feel more comfortable right now.
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story. a state police cruiser stolen from a maintenance lot in southie. police tracking it down hours later in somerville. officers are trying to figure out who stole that suv. nick emmons live in south boston with details on this. >> reporter: the state trooper's suv was taken from the lot behind me here. there are state patrol vehicles parked on the other side of that fence. this happened this morning. at out how something like this can happen. this is a massachusetts department of transportation lot. that suv was apparently getting worked on because it had engine issues. it is not assigned to a specific trooper. it is actually a reserve vehicle in case a trooper has to bring in their car. they can take this one out. it was being worked on when someone apparently hopped inside and took off around 12:45 this
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it was not damaged. state police telling everyone once they figured out that car was missing they shut down the communications inside that vehicle. they are stressing that the suv did not have any weapons inside and nothing appears to be missing from that vehicle. now the investigation is ongoing. there are surveillance cameras outside of this building this massachusetts department of transportation building. you bet investigators will to figure out how a vehicle that belongs to state police can make it off a lot. i'm nick emmons 7 news. >> anchor: sky 7 hd over a fire in peabody earlier. an elderly woman who lives there answered. she had no idea the house was on fire. she grabbed her cat. got out safely. no one was injured. >> anchor: 7 news focusing on
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what if you have a few days off later in the week. here's chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: we're okay tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, friday we add heat and humidity. that will lead to the chance of beneficial thunderstorms. dew point temperatures in the 40s. almost unheard of here in early august. that is going to change. not tonight and not tomorrow. high pressure with us overnight. mostly clear. a comfortable night for sleeping. in downtown boston. few clouds in the afternoon. low humidity. 82 to 87. as we move out of new england this weather system here this front which is sleepy that will wake up and generate a scattering of storms midweek. >> anchor: now on 7. >> the united states will win gold in the 400 free relay. >> anchor: history in rio. >> we're happy.
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>> the u.s. will once again dominate. >> anchor: it's the olympic zone. >> anchor: the flame burn nothing rio after sun set in the brazilian city. it has been another exciting day of olympic action. >> anchor: u.s.a. looking good. tonight's line up is jam packed with big events. joe amorosino has highlights. >> reporter: get you started with women's hoops. our ladies keep on roin despite spain jumping out to a kick lead the women rocked them. they made it 43 in a row for the u.s. womens basketball team. it was a team win too. 9 players scored 8 or more points in that game. now to the spoiler alert. this event has not aired yet. if you don't want to know the results you can turn away for a
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if you want to be surprised time to look away and cover your ears. last warning. here are the results the mens synchronized platform diving. taking silver in the mens synchronized 10 meter platform. china finished first with the olympic record score. the silver is the highest the u.s. has placed in the event. third for bodia. speed. michael phelps racing today the winningest olympian of all time. it was more than enough to qualify for tonight's 200 meter butterfly semifinals. his legend continues to grow. phelps is trying to extend his medal record. katie ledecy stealing the show. coming off her world breaking
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crush the competition. she had the best over all time in the 200 meter free style preliminaries. the u.s. swimmers are back in the pool tonight. you can catch all the action right here on 7 nbc. reporting live in the newsroom joe amorosino 7 news. >> anchor: stay tuned after this newscast for our olympic zone special at 7:30. and we ll coverage of the olympic games on air and online. we will be check nothing with her tonight live on 7 news at 11. >> anchor: there is more news today delta flights grounded across the country and that does include right here at boston's logan airport. passengers spent the day facing delays all because of a computer glitch. amaka ubaka live at logan right now.
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in the last hour things improved dramatically. there is barely a line now. we do know 650 flights world wide have been cancelled today. lingering lines at the delta check in counter. >> a little frustrating for the people waiting here. >> reporter: children along with adults forced to be patient after a power outage in atlanta caused flights all over the world to be cancd delayed. >> i don't understand how a power failure can take out an airline across the world i guess. that's baffling. >> reporter: 650 flights today were cancelled. many more were delayed. the outage making it impossible to check in via the key of course or the delta mobile app causing a domino effect for customers. >> i've been trying to get a hold of delta throughout the day.
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airport. >> reporter: waiting in line for 2 hours to get home to seattle. >> i think i'll have to hop around on a couple different flights to get home tonight. just try to be patient and trust delta will get me there today or tomorrow. >> reporter: his family will miss their lay over at la guardia to get to pittsburgh. >> trying to find out are we going to get bumped to tomorrow. not knowing what is going to happen is not good. >> reporter: delta just announced they're offering a $200 voucheur if you're flight was delayed 3 hours or more or cancelled. for now live at logan airport amaka ubaka 7 news. >> anchor: a gaming tragedy. a 20 year old with strong ties to lowell shot and killed while
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california. >> reporter: more sunshine for tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms middle of the week. >> anchor: president obama hitting the links with the nba's mvp. checking in on the president's
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>> anchor: a deadly shoot nothing california hitting home
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pokemon go when he was shot and killed. >> anchor: we learn from police that calvin riley grew up in lowell. kelly o'hara with more. >> that's calvin right there in his eighth grade graduation picture. >> reporter: as she proudly shows us the lowell native's year book. a young man who would grow up to a well liked and reec very outgoing boy. friendly kind of guy. guy you'd like to have as a friend. >> reporter: center mailo was shocked to learn her former student had been murdered in a popular spot in san francisco over the weekend. gunned down in giraffe deli square while playing pokemon go with a friend. riley was shot in the chest
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shootings here are unusual. >> you expect the students to grow old gracefully. you don't like to hear that they've been shot violently. you can't love somebody that long bond with people that long and not feel it. and not let it touch you. >> reporter: and we did reach out to riley's family here locally. understandably they are up there's more than $40,000 raised for his family. kelly o'hara 7 news. >> anchor: the state fire marshal investigating after an inferno in homes in bridge water. a man in his 50 was found dead inside his first floor apartment. another family member living in the home was able to escape. the cause is under
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barrier on the tobin bridge. the right lane did have to be shut down. crews had to clean up a minor fuel leak from that truck. all lanes are back open tonight. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: the city at 79. bedford 83. nashua 83. there's no humidity. dew point temperatures are down into the 40s and 50s. again that's the case as we head through the overnight hours gh and really as we roll ahead tomorrow. tomorrow is a great day. here's the dew point temperatures. better clicker. dew point temperature 43 in bedford. and then look what happens wednesday, thursday and friday. the dew points jump into the 60s and low 70s. pure tropical air by the end of the week. we have not seen that often this summer season of course with the drought. also with the pure tropical air
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thunderstorm activity. temps overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning mid 50s to the mid 60s. it's going to be warm like today. but also like today the humidity remains low. the city 83. attleboro at 88. merrimac valley the numbers in the lower 80s. fitchburg 87. worcester at on the cape province town at 78. and nantucket 77. great beach day tomorrow. water temps 60s and 70s. uv index the high category. high tide not until late in the afternoon tomorrow evening. red sox taking on the yanks first pitch at fenway park. settle into the upper 70s by tomorrow evening. wednesday we go and that's the building humidity and with that
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showers and storms. rain drops and lightning bolts over the 7 day. no one day is washed out to rain and lightning. would not be bad to have a couple of wash outs. not in the cards for that. time line for wednesday shows increasing clouds. this green blob indicating thunder showers. the darker green the better chance of showers and storms. it works up wednesday midday and in the afternoon. most towns a quarter to and in some locations up to 3 quarters of an inch of beneficial rain. thursday and friday hot and humid. temps those days in the low 90s. we hold on to the heat and the risk of showers and storms this weekend. enjoy the game tonight. >> anchor: you too jeremy. coming up an instant classic. men and women in blue out on the
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and why this tournament means so much to them. ? i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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>> anchor: the mvp and mr. p. mr. president that is hitting the links in massachusetts. president obama was in oak bluffs enjoying golf with nba super star steph curry. the president is on a 2 week
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police departments across the state teeing off today for a good cause. >> anchor: more than 80 police departments participated at pleasant valley country club in suton. this is the 27th year they've held the tournament. they raised nearly a half a million dollars for cancer patients and families. >> it's a long time commitment. they're a wonderful organization. we're blessed to have them in the back yard. folks come from over the country and the worl to have access to jimmy farber and folks at the fund. it's important for us to support them. >> anchor: they're doing a great job. this year's tournament alone expected to raise $50,000. >> anchor: hope you stay right there. 7 news at 7 will be back right
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eat well for less. only at my stop & shop. >> anchor: well that's it for 7 news at 7 on this monday. as always thank you for watching. i'm adam williams. ; i'm kim khazei. the olympic zone is next. see you after the games. big night swimming and gymnastics to name a couple of the events. enjoy the coverage live from rio.
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>> live from your olympic station. 7 news takes you into the olympic zone. brought to you in part by dunkin donuts. >> reporter: instead of fighting through the dog days of training camp in foxborough nate ebener is living out his olympic dream. not familiar with rugby don't worry you are not alone. we will give you a crash course in one of the fastest growing team sports in the world. and after winning his 19th career gold medal last night in the first race of the rio games. good evening everyone and welcome to the 7 news olympic zone i'm joe amorosino.


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