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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 9, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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the first ever gsf is here. with a 467 horse power v8 engine... torque vectoring differential... and brembo brakes. it's the next expression of f performance, from lexus. >> now at missing jogger becomes a search for a killer. >> clear skies over night. then we track some rain. >> the top swimmers grabbing gold. and the men's golden duo. >> some celebrity sightings.
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summerville. who took a police cruiser for a ride. >> how they helped get her out in time. >> first tonight, a murder mystery leaving the community of massachusetts devastated. found dead after going for a jog. family s killer on the run. reactions from her friends. >> no arrests or suspects tonight. this is the first time in three decades there's been a murder. >> after investigators say
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>> i'm just grieving for that family. >> the young woman went for a run sunday afternoon. at 8:30 her body was found-a mile from her mother's home. >> it's just awful, i feel awful for them. >> things like this doesn't happen in princeton. >> police are asking everyone to be on the look out. >> we don't know if this is a random act. we're asking everyone to use caution. >> if you see anything suspicious, please contact the police department.
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she was a much loved member of the google team. known for her smile and love for sports. we are deeply saddened. interiointerviewing neighbors. the town of a 3,000 people is on edge. >> i'm just worried. >> again, no arrests. if you know anything, you're asked call police. extra patrols are put in place. >> the people who knew and worked with her are in pain.
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>> can we talk to the victims, she's described as loved by everyone. moments after her body was found the street was reopened, but nothing is back to normal. >> it's kind like a people are upset and angry. >> he hired her right out of college. when the business hit hard times, she kept the morale high. >> i just remember thinking to myself, this is fantastic we have her on the team.
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people in princeton fear for their safety. >> we've go toen calls from the police to be vigilant. >> her former boss hopes to keep her memory alive. i knew she was going to go very far in her caree she was so smart and ambitious. >> a medical examer is going to do an autopsy to determine the cause of did he have the. did he havdeath.>> part of a pr bit off on the first day of the
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she lunged and bit the officers ear off. she's okay. >> team usa racking up the medals. he becomes the 6th straight american to win. taking gold in breaststroke. kathleen baker grabbing second. just a lot for team usa to celebrate. >> also finding success on the beach. monday's memoriable moment. >> another big night of competition. there was a grudge match in the
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highlights. king setting a record to win gold in the breaststroke. the showdown came after sunday's semifinals. she came in second, finishing third. michael phelps came in second. he will now advance to the finals tuesday night. it will be his first chance at a individual gold.
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semifinals, but didn't advance. the american diving team taking silver in the ten meter platform. making his olympic debut. silver is the highest america has ever placed. >> look at that, another error. filled with errors. williams taking out her frustration on her racket. something curious the coach
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wearing only one pearl earring. a diver went in to look for it and we're happy to announce she'll go home not only with a medal but her earring. they came up wi also ahead tonight. making a name for themselves. before i left for rio i asked what they go through and what it's like to raise an olympian. i'll tell you when you can see
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we are following breaking news at home. >> fire fighters are still out here. it's a pretty active scenery. here is video massive flames. it's a four alarm fire. it was vacant and under going renovation. they were on the roofs trying to knock the flames down.
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home. we're live in south boston. cruiser concerns. a police car swiped and they're still trying to find out who stole that suv. >> it happened sometime in the mo that cruiser was on the other side of that fence. this is a mystery state police want to solve. people can't believe someone was able to hop in a cruiser and take off. >> i don't know how you can get away with that.
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sometime this morning. police say once they noticed it was missing, they shut down the radio. it was found around 12:45 in the afternoon. there were no weapons, but some people feel concerned about someone driving around inhe unmarked cruiser. >> someone setting behind a million tv screens. >> there was no damage done. nothing taken out. as you can see, there are su
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white house, dozens saying they won't vote for trump after his speech today where he focused on the economy. >> this is the living breathing example of my opponents failed agenda. >> racing his >> hillary clinton saying his speech was just damage control. >> this is from a guy that says he knows more about the war than the generals. now he's putting our economy at risk.
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donald trump. frustration for delta passengers. a computer melt down causing flights to be canceled. flights have been resumed, but the ripple could continue for days. life. >> trying to recoulrescue a strg dog. >> we talk with ally about the nicks name they have given themselves.
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returning now to the olympic zone. >> they are a team in every sense of the word. they have a nickname. >> it's a big secret. be s up with the team name. >> online i saw a couple people tweeting it and it's in a couple articles. it was in a group mes message ad we're excited. we're going to keep it to ourself until we get there.
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name until after. you might see it getting a lot of attention. before we left for rio, her parents holparents told me whate raising a olympians. this reaction video went vie >> we found out they put us on tv and we were oh my god. >> it's crazy, we really didn't realize how crazy we were acting. >> they are now reality stars.
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they have a seating position. >> all the hard work will help her with luck. >> she looks to her parents for grounding. they know how much i care and they want me to be happy with the results. >> she always calls us and just say love you, have fun, you got it. you can tell clearly they just want their daughter to succeed. now to some big news for a big olympic fan.
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so this is the story line we've been following. leslie jones clearly a huge olympic fan. she is very excited. passion for the games earning her a olympic invite. she'll be meeting athletes. how can you resist had that ch. >> you can catch all the headlines and highlights. mainly clear, temperatures
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humidity is low and that is the case again tomorrow. then the dew points will jump into the 60s. it's going to feel like the tropics thursday and friday. once this works into new england, -- another warm day, but a day that humidity. great day for the beaches. high tide about 4:45 in the afternoon. lots of sunshine, no humidity, not even in the evening. that humidity will pop a scattering of showers and
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we'll hold onto them into the weekend and cranker u crank up e humidity. >> a mother and daughter credited with saving a life. all this before the fir firefigs showed up. the woman they were knocking. it stretched to thatiat -- >> a dog finds himself in too deep. the fairy circled the dog and
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pads with the saints. leading up to thursday preseason opener. not taking part in the drill as he gets better from a concussion. >> shesee what we can do. going to be a first time. >> a quick look at the updated medal count. a big day for the american's leading with 19 medals.
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>> ryan seacrest here in rio de janeiro. if you didn't catch the action today, these are the three stories you need to know. rio, day three. we start with which won the first gold of the game. always a big moment. it was magnified when silva who grew up in the city became an olympic champion in one of brazil's favorite sports. judo. >> emotion pouring out for one of rio de janeiro's. >> at the olympic aquatic stadium, the united states had a huge night. >> murphy stretching to the wall! olympic gold, gets it.


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