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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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. >>. >> breaking news from princeto princeton, princeton, tracking a few showers anded uncredible heat and humidity. >> going for gold in rio. the women's gymnastics team gets
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the investigation is going full steam. we know police say she had burns on her body. did they say anything new at this news conference. discontribute attorney telling us they received hundreds of anonymous tips. we'll give you the number shortly. so far, no arrest. it around here on edge. >> if you have daughters of that age, it has to be frightening. arming themselves with mace following the murder on sunday of 27 -year-old vanessa -- -- >> you can't go running any more, you can't walk in the woods and not feel safe. we are all buying mace. >> with march could have's
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clock, scheduleing to find the person response eub/ for the grad aou/ gruesome killing. she had tkpw-pb/ out for a walk. body that was partially burned, located in the woods a half pile from her mother's brook station road home. >> any information you have may be relevant to this. now, the community will gather for a candlelight vigil to remember a life lost with so many sw unanswered questions. leaving so many frightened, but resilient at the same time. >> this is a wake up call to be aware, but not be terrified. this is the tip line, 50 508-45 3-7589. the vigil is set for 7:00 tonight. right now, the district attorney said they can't be certain whether
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an autopsy, completed, but the paeugs/ is not being made available. charges filed against a teacher's aide in phald/en. police say he abused a special needs student you saw him there in court that was his first in court that was his first court appearance a school employee accused of sexually assaulting a student in his care. 46 -year-old steven mc!ml1cl0 tkopbd/ charged with raping a 16 -year-old boy with multiple disabilities at phald/en say mcs supposed to assist the student
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police say that's where he raped to harm his family if he told. >> the defendant continuously threatened to go to the victi victim's home and kill his mother. the victim would try to hold his urine while he was at school so he would not go to the bathroom with defendant. the victim had accidents at school and was left in the hallway >> mcdonald!ml1cl0donald was put on lead immediately and indieded last week. reporter: no comment from him, but his attorney said he defies the charges. >> the story being told by the alleged victim is incredible story and it will all come out at trial. >> mcdonald!ml1cl0donald was released or personal recognizance and ordered to stay away from the victim and
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ordered to wear a gps monitor. his attorney appealed to that and got the dropped. following a developing story, red sox controversy, the team canceling a david ortiz bobble head give away hours before the game. tee reasons offensive. the red sox is speaking out about their decision to pull this promotio promotion. live at fenway wit kim, first pitch expected in a couple of hours. the red so back from their west coast swing, taking on the yankees, a rival club. ale exrodriguez playing his last game for the yankees, but met wt of people waiting to get inside of this game. what we are told
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standards of what the red sox expect when they want to give something to fans. he told the globe wasacrate pour trail of david and didn't look like him. he felt that if he was feeling that way, certainly other people would you can see the picture of it for yourself. you can decide. obviously,hents to do right by this, saying fans can get a david ortiz bobble head at a later date. more information can be found on their website after tonight's game, which is at 7:00 one. also developing a scare on the patriots practice field.
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an injury while on the feel. do we know anything about the injury? >>. reporter: as evidenced by last season, there may be no player to means more to the team tan julian. 2 days after he returned to the field for the first time, all off season, you start to wonder sunday might have been one step forward and today could be 2 steps back. >> injury is tough. i the game of football is not always easy aoss the leagueat are out of your control. that's an unfortunate part of the game we play. >>reporter: julian exited the field, appearing to reactivate his surgically repaired left foot. >> he brings his ownen thaous/ kwrafpl/, you know? he is real contagious.
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he is part of the heart and soul of our team. i don't know what happened, but he is a big part of what we do. >> unrivaled competitor with toughness, probably pushing the envelope way too soon. >> you want him to be as healt healthy as possible, but at the end of the day, we can't stop playing football. we have to keep competing. >> alot of guys like julian in the league and there is certainly no one like him on this team. i don't know what is going on, but, we are hoping for the fast. reporter: julian, not the only injury concern, another one rob nick sreufp/ could have possibly torn his triceps. he is scheduled to undergo an mri later on today. let's head into the olympic zone, a live look at
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will very likely add even more. this is a real big night. captain of the team, simone biles, the best gymnast in the world. let's get started with nate -- -- sports director here to tell us he is off to a disappointing start in rio. >> a disappointing start for nate. the captain, who's mother is from massachusetts, looking for an ups against 8th ranked argentina. on argentina's very last attack with time expired, they make a lasted scramble, held by a few tackles or missed tackles and ram it in for the winning scor score. the u.s. plays brazil.
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native rowing her way to first place in the quarter finals, advancing to the semi-finals thursday. one step closer to her first olympic medal. one to watch tonight, coming up in prime time, she leads the women's gymnastics team. they are going for team. they are going for back-to-back goals -- they are heavy favorites for a gold medal, geting a chance to add to his medical collection in the 200 meter butterfly. this is his first shot at an individual medal in the rio games. you can see all of the action tonight starting at 8 o'clock. tonight starting at 8 o'clock. u s a is top, china is up next, followed by japan. >> you can watch team u s a try
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gymnastics, fell -pies, missy franklintonit for a chance at goal. just talking about him, joe, michael fell -pies putting on his game face. fell -pies was actually caught glaring at another swimmer as he warmed up up. that look has spawned hundreds of fames and he will have it on again, tonight. . >>reporter: it was a photo finish as the women's team eplged new zealand out of the finals. that wasn't the only close call in the water. kale la dressler had a personal bes best, but nathan adrian barely
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gymnastics team looks for another golden prime time performance. a lot of pressure on the shoulders of simone biles, who is competing in all 4 women's gymnastics event. back to you. >> you are coverage of the rekwroer/ olympic summer games rekwroer/ olympic summer games just started ryan is making a lot of changes
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take a look, coming up at 5:30. also, a show of support for nate abner. he is representing team u s a on the rug bifield in rio, back home, he is not far from his country's minds. getting a lot of support from his family. nancy chen speaks with his mother and she tells nancy what makes her ne today in new england is going on a half hour earlier. you can catch all of the highlights starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. other big news we are following. more to come. more party problems for the gop, donald trump raising eyebrows with a new attack on hilary clinton. fall from a ferris wheel, 3 children hurt, one seriously, at a county fair in tennessee.
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going the wrong way on the mass pike. under arrest, a man behind bars after police say he assaulted an older woman inside of her home. we have details coming up massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention.
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announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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more trouble for donald trump, another republican
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is in our newsroom to explain. >> donald a comment saying second amendment advocates might be able to do something if hilary clinton picks justices in favor of gun control. donald trump in north carolina when he got the bad news from other battle ground states. since the 11 in pennsylvania, despite his attacks on hilary clinton. she lacks temperament and judgment, i'm the one that used unfit many months ago. now, they turn it around and use it on m me. >> senator susan collins of maine said she can't vote for trump after he attacked the gold star family.
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trump. what you see is what who!woe would get and who!woe make what is already a perilous world even more dangerous given his tendency to lash out. reporter: today trump suted second ameantment activists could 0 go against hilary clinton if they go after gun rights. >> if she gets to pick her justices, maybe for the second amendment people, maybe there is something they can do. reporter: hilary clinton was city sures congress to give funds for zika virus. the trump campaign said he meant gun rights advocates should gun rights advocates should vote against hilary clinton tracking scattered showers for tomorrow and incredible humanity shows up for the end
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i found some rain. it's in the forecast for tomorrow, scattered showers. that leads to a lot of heat and humidity for the end of the weekings, thursday, friday, saturday. those are uncomfortable days, heat index where it will feel like close to one hundred. all of the heat,e event second rounf
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go, here's your chance of rain, 60% chance oscattereded shower showers, close to 90 further inland, but dew point temperatures inland tell the difference. it's a dry heat, but along the coastline, a sea breeze does not mean refreshing air in august. it adds more humidity because the ocean is so warm. mostly clear skies, lots of sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. red sox taking on the yankees pitch at 7:00 10 near 80 degrees. this system is the front edge of more humid air. clouds will be on the increase overnight. there could be a shower towards early tomorrow morning, with more humidity, 6 62-68 and through the day, tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sunshine. emphasis on the clouds to start the day and scattering of showers and thunderstorms. muggy, temperatures between 79 and 84 and then for thursday and friday, it's about the heat and the humidity, temperatures
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will feel like the upper 930s to around one hundred. going into the weekend, there will be a front, 930s on saturday, 70s on sunday, showers and do you remember pours. see you at 5:30. now, let's jump into the olympic zone, nate abner playing rug bion an international stage. rug bi. he said he is happy he can h team u s a on the field. >> he is getting tons and love and support from home. nancy chen spoke to abner's mother. reporter: special teams monster 4 new england patriots and he is hoping to go the distance in his first love of sports, rug bi. his mom shares an intermate look at why this game is so important. >> nancy preufp/ ard/, gets
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football field. she said she is not nearly as nervous when he plays rug bi, but know us nate was giving his all in rio. >> he doesn't expect anything to be given to him. he eubgs/ pebgts to earn if all. >> his first love is rug biwhich his father tautd/ him stkpwhr-fplt/ when nate was growing up, he took him to the rug bifields all of the time. they played constantly weekend, >> jeff abner was fate's perso personal coach, father and best friend. when nate was in college, tragedy struck. during a robbery at the hom hometown business, jeff was attacked and killed. >> when his father was killed. nate kind of went into a dark place. reporter: after months of
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to carry on, telling him. >> if your dad was next to he would you are not going forward. reporter: nate found success at ohio state and as a new england special teams handout. coming back to play rug bion team u s a is a family legacy that lives on. >> for him, it's a dre were here would be as proud as mom is. reporter: so many inspirational athletes here in rio, nate abner one of them. he will head to foxboro and put on the pads again as soon as rug bicompetition wrapping up here. that was an incredible story, knowing that background. this is an incredible athlete -- -- getting ready to compete
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around final. it's her parents that often steal the show, tonight, we'll reveal what her dad must do at every competition. ahead at 5:30, call her the queen of the pool. how one olympian squashed her gold
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thank you for being here with us for "7 news"at 5:00. with us for "7 news"at 5:00. we'll see you here at 6:0 a deadly crash on the mass pike. police say a driver hea heading the wrong way plowed head on into 2 other cars. the
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girls tumbling more than 40 feet when their ferris wheel feet when their ferris wheel cart flipped over >>. >> off duty police officer sharing a special bond with a 5 -year-old boy. how he saved -year-old boy. how he saved the young boy from drowning we start with a dangerous drive leads to a deadly crash in westboro. a car heading 2 other vehicles, now police are trying to figure out why the driver who!woe was killed was heading in the wrong direction. >> dan housely joining us live. reporter: moments ago, new information from state police. this driver started out going westbound like the traffic you see here at some point, he actually pulled off to the


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