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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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girls tumbling more than 40 feet when their ferris wheel feet when their ferris wheel cart flipped over >>. >> off duty police officer sharing a special bond with a 5 -year-old boy. how he saved -year-old boy. how he saved the young boy from drowning we start with a dangerous drive leads to a deadly crash in westboro. a car heading 2 other vehicles, now police are trying to figure out why the driver who!woe was killed was heading in the wrong direction. >> dan housely joining us live. reporter: moments ago, new information from state police. this driver started out going westbound like the traffic you see here at some point, he actually pulled off to the
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for some reason, he decided to turn around and head into traffic. why he decides to do that, they still don't know. this investigation is bringing about more questions than about more questions than answers >> investigators say the wrong way driver was going eastbound into westbound jim and don tpha/ ma retphroeud/ were in the westbound traffic and say the wrong way driver just missed them seconds before the crash. >> as i started to shift, i realized there was not a construction site ahead of me. there was a car heading towards us. >>reporter: state police say the wrong way driver, a 20 -year-old man from rutland was
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with serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. they think the wrong way driver got out and exited 11 afrpblgs/ where the pike meets 495, what they are still trying to figure out is why he was going the wrong direction. >> we will look at impair factors lead him to do that. >> just feeling lucky, they got out of the way. >> it was a split second, it was a great night, all of a sudden t-rbgs/ turned into tragedy for somebody else. reporter: tkwepb/, late information from state police is that the driver was actually heading in the right direction, pulled off into the breakdown lane, turned around and headed
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why. they are hoping toxicology tests might provide some answers. sky 7 over the scene of a deadly crash. police say a pedestrian was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer at 9:00 this morning. it happeneded on route 290. westbound, at this point, no charges have been filed. state fire marshall said yesterday's deadly fire started in the kitchen. because of the damage, investigators are not sure what appliance sparked those flames. a 54 -year-old man living on the first floor died in the fire. a huge fire in south boston, breaking out, 2 brown stones up in tphraeups, everybody was able to make it out safely, but the fire caused significant damage. jennifer ebegan has the latest. reporter: fire spread in minutes, but it was intense. >> you could feel the heat.
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flames. >> the smoke was incredibly dense. >> firefighters were up on the roof, trying to get the flames down. reporter: people in neighboring apartments evacuated. >> the police did a great job of insuring everyone got out of the area so no one was getting smoke inhalation. >> courtney watched from her home across the street. the fire started at 10:30, gutting 797 east forest, a home that was under renovation according the home to the right was also sraeu/ can. the third brown stone had 5 adults living inside, all got out safely. one person returned this aptment severelys grateful >> very happy about the men and women that came to the scene and made sure everyone was saf safe. reporter: you can see right through the roof, fire
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the fire. damage is estimated at well over $1 million. >>. >> investigators find the man suspected of stealing a state cruzer from a maintenance facility. it was found in summerville a short time later. the man was found walking along the pike and was taken to the hospital to get checked ou out. now, we are heading to the olympic zone, a live look at rio where another day of action is well tries to add to their lead in the medal counsel. >> everyone still buzzing from last night's competition, a big night for the u.s. let's look at what is going on. another big day of drama, but u.s. swimmer, lilly stole the show with her win in the one hundred
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>>. >> crazy feeling, right now, i'm so happy, right now. i can't put it into words, i'm so glad to represent u s a, swim clean and still come out on to top. >> just one person who!woe has spokeen up about athletes found doping and still allowed to compete in the rio games. travis stevens who trained in wakefield, grabbing a in judo for the u this is the first olympic medal for stevens who has competed in 3 olympic games. now for tonight's must see moments. gymnastic squad looking for back-to-back gold in the team competition.
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individual medal competition in these games. you can root for all of our olympians right here on "7 news"starting at k-l/. "7 news"turning to tennessee where frightening flip seupbt/ 3 girls to the hospital when the ferris wheel cart they were riding in flips over and they fell to the ground. sara french has the latest county fair kicked off monday with fun and games, but it quickly took a frightening turn when a ferris wheel malfunctioned. >> rescue command, we have had a majorathe fair grounds, at the ferris wheel. there have been at least 3 fallouts at the ferris wheel. >> one of the carts on the ride flipped over, sending 3 kids plunging ha/ feet to the groun ground. 2 children were flown
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center. the third went by ambulance. >> the third child does have a head injury and was intube at ateed last night and is still in the hospital. as far as i know, all 3 kids are still in the hop. reporter: all rides at the fair were immediately shut dow down. >> and will remain closed until third party inspections are completed. no amusement park rides until the state of tennesgi light to do so stkpwhr-fplt/ we want the fair to be safe and fun for everybody. reporter: police do not believe the company that owns the ferris wheel is at all connected to a tragic accident at a water slide where a so/ -year-old boy was killed over the weekend. an unusual accident at disney's hollywood studios. the character of dopey fell
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ambulance was called for the 2 employees. both were treated on the scene. the incident on the scene. the incident remains under investigation. changes ryan lockte has made to stay on top. made to stay on top. . a disturbing crime, an elderly woman sexually assaul assaulted in her home. the suspect facing four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year.
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four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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ryan lockt
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goal. nancy chen has a closer look at how he has done it. >>reporter: cutting out fun was not one of the changes he has made. ryan is a world record holder, 11 time olympic medallist and known for never missing a good time. at the age of 3 31 and fourth olympic games, he has proven you are never too old or too good to stop trying to improve. in the last 4 years, change, a new city,a new coach and a new training regime. >> compareed to florida and charlotte, it has been like fight and day. florida, we are known for training, a lot of yardage and training quantity. here's it's more technique, sprinting. >> his changes extends beyond the pool. he has improved his diet and dialed back on extra curricular activities.
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change, who likes eating greens? >> there is one meal lockte won't give up. >> the other thing i do is eat wings every friday. >> fry night tradition goes back 23 years. >> buff lowe, ranch, carrots on the side. reporter: some things may never change, but these adjustments in his olympic preparations have rejuvenated his love of the sport. >> the thing that keeps me around i accomplish in sports swimming. i'm having alot of fun. >> lebron james ' former personal chef, the man responsible for his change in diet. the 2 met through
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coming up, making the save -- -- >> tracking scatteredfor tomorre only chance of rain in the forecast. and then at 6:00, we head back to the olympic zone as the patriots nate abner makes his
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beautiful summer day outside. we had better enjoy it, now because things are changing. >> jeremy ryaner is standing b by. i have some friends coming to town and they are saying,
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". red sox, 76 in boston. bedford, close to 930, a dry heat, dew point temperatures into the 40s. these numbers here will change big time. dew dew points are higher than further inland, low 60s, pure tropical air, thursday, friday and into saturday. for the afternoon and the rest of this evening, mainly sunny skies, a few it's this weather system here that will deliver the goods houpldty building. more how many overnight and through the day tomorrow, overall, it's not too bad in terms of sleeping weather tonight. through the day tomorrow, alot of clouds, a few peaks of sunshine, scattered showers and thunderstormsa muggy day, high temperatures,
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increase through the day tomorrow and here come the shourplt/. notice the warmer colors. if you are lucky enough to get under one of these downpours, you will get some beneficial rain. others, just a 10th of an inch ofn. nott to happen in wooster lawrence. to give you an idea that the atmosphere is beginning to load up with tropical moisture. tomorrow and more so by the end of the week, thursday, the storm chance goes away. the humidity races into new england. a hot, humid day, not a dry heat. temperatures thursday, mid-930s. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel close to one hundred degrees. dew point temperatures with the
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all we need is something to ring out the tropical moisture. here you go, the fronts, great producers of clouds and showers and that will be the weather system that slowly moves into new england. friday, isolated perhaps and saturday, scattered showers and thunderstorms and we are talking about downpours for sunday and again on monday. this is just wwe do trocal system because then you have to worry about the winds, what you get out of a drought, you get a pattern like this. several dales of a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. for many of us, coming out of this pattern early next week, there is a chance where you can walk away with 2 and in some cases, 3 inches of beneficial rain.
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eventually leading to a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms sunday and monday. see you at 6:00. a 5 -year-old playing in a creek when she found him unresponsive when the off duty stepped in to help. giving the boy cpr for 30 minutes when paramedics arrived. i said "jesus compressions, down an felt a pulse. i neverve 30 minutes of cpr. good evening, everybody, a look at some of what we are working on for "7 news"at 6:00. first, a local teacher's aide facing troubling charges. what he is accused of doing at a
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with julian carted off the field. the latest on his field. the latest on his condition we have all of that and much more, join adam and me for "7
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into the police station with gift bags in her hand. the south shore kindergartener along with her aunt juan!wanted to do something nice for the community. they teamed up it make one hundred care packages for the police department. >> we have gift bags for the police department. >> inside of the bags, lots of yummy goodies with a special message.
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a life saver. gum to remind to you stick together. that's awesome. skwrolly rancher -- -- reporter: this family said with the rash of violence directed at officers around the country lately, they wanted to reach out and show the department they care. >> i want them to know the community loves them, we appreciate everything they do and god loves them. reporter: as for the police chief, he said seeing things like t more worth it. >> it means a lot to the guys. this sends it home to us that we have support. >> the chief will be giving out the bags in different shifts. every time an officer walks through the door and sees the bags, their faces light up.
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30 minutes of "7 news"straight ahead. "7 news"at 6:00 starts right now. news about the murder of a jogger in princeton, investigators asking for the public's health in the gruesome case of the young woman. a sex offender arrested. police say he broke into a woman's home. >> a few showers tomorrow and the mug. >>. >> we are taking you new the the field in rio >>. >> we'll start with breaking news, police are making a desperate plea for a job and never comes home. police, the next day after the gruesome discovery are still looking for a killer. still urging people to be on high alert. >> they are hoping someone can help solve this case with the next plea to the public for any
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steve cooper live in princeton with the latest. reporter: from one end of town to the other, everybody is nervous and anxious for answers, a break in the case, so far, nothing, the district attorney saying moments ago everything here is still on the table. >> we don't know if it was a random act. reporter: 48 hours after the murder of vanessa tips, but no no arrests. >> we are considering anyone and who could have committed this crime. >> shook up about this, it's horrible. reporter: around town frigh frightened women are arming themselves with mace. >> i loved riding, i won't lied alone any more.
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google in new york was visiting her mother when she went out for a jog. 7 hours later, her body discovered on brooks station road,a half mile from her mom's house. now, shakeen residents are gathering for a candlelight vigil. >> our thoughts go out for the precious that was lost. as a town, we need to hold together and say we are not go down. >> investigators appealing to the number. the number, anonymous tip line, 508-45 3-7989. no arrests at this hour, ongoing and active investigation. autopsy perfor performed. that information not being made public. steve cooper following a developing story. controversy at fenway.


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