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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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google in new york was visiting her mother when she went out for a jog. 7 hours later, her body discovered on brooks station road,a half mile from her mom's house. now, shakeen residents are gathering for a candlelight vigil. >> our thoughts go out for the precious that was lost. as a town, we need to hold together and say we are not go down. >> investigators appealing to the number. the number, anonymous tip line, 508-45 3-7989. no arrests at this hour, ongoing and active investigation. autopsy perfor performed. that information not being made public. steve cooper following a developing story. controversy at fenway.
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before the game, that's because once the team received the figure reasons and got a look, they said they were offensive. the red sox are speaking out about their decision to pull the promotion. do we get to see one of these actual failed bobble heads? . we haven't seen stphe/ her here. they pulled them off the shelves. this excitement has been met with controversy because of the bobble heads. alot of people have been lining up here at fenway, gate b, alot of people have been looking forward to that. awe have a picture of what the promo looked like. the red sox
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head, supposeed to commemorate the moment when ortiz said that famous line "this is our blanking city "a few years ago. but people will not get that. the team's president said he decided to pull the bobble head because it was an inaccurate pour trail of david and he thought it would be offensive, racially sensitive. he went on to say if hs way, other people would as well so they decided not to have the bobble heads. >> we are here to see the game. we are here to see the yankees and the red sox, one of the things that sold us on the day was the bobble head. >> the fans deserve it. it's a big thing. i came from miami just for a bobble head.
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will not get one? >> very, very disappointed. reporter: back out here liv live, people filing into the stadium. the game is at 7:00, red sox saying that fans will have an option to get that david ortiz bobble head at a later date. hopefully, it wouldn't have the same problems this time around. they are planning to release more information on the game's website after tonight's game. we are following more news at 6:00, a suspect accused of sexually assaulting an elderly woman if her home last mon. investigators say he followed her from the grocery store and broke into her home. jonathan hall live where the suspect appeared in court earlier today. john? . reporter: adam, this case of a stranger breaking into a house. alot of people were talking about it on the south shore. this woman actually chased the guy from her home,
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arrived, they say she was visibly shakeen. police say they have arrested a dangerous sex offender who broke into a stage stranger's home and attacked her. 65 -year-old donald hopped in and gave a not so friendly wave to the camera cameras. police believe july 28th, he spotted the woman shopping at this grocery storean home. >> i had no idea he was follo following people from the fruit center. a police report said she prayed to god outloud and tried to fight back. even threw a glass of water at his face. police arrested the suspect at his apartment. prosecutors have a dna match with a 93 3
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is a registered level 3 sex offender, >> i'm surprised they caught him so fast. i think that's him so fast. i think that's really good news. prosecutors say steven mc!ml1cl0 tkopbd/ rapeed a 16 -year-old student with disabilities under his care in the school. police are saying threatened to hurt his family if he toeuld/ anyone. mcdonald!ml1cl0donald is no longer employed by the school. his attorney said he maintains his innocence stkpwhr-fplt/. >> a north reading woman in jail accused of spray painting a donald trump campaign sign, writing the word "scum "on it. the homeowner said when he confronted brian, she drove off
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counsels. let's take you into the olympic zone. we have some live images, major events happening in that city tonight, including gymnastics, swimming, everyone is hoping for a strong showing in prime time. >> this is one of the best nights, u.s. leading in the medal counsel as we head into this important night. but a good chance to pick up more hardware. hardware. reporter: patriot safety abner got his first taste of victory wednesday brazil. he takes the pass from the team captain who's mom is from the state, nate making bill belichick proud with the stiff arm. team u s,a won. newton native, stone,
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place finish. she advances to the semi-finals on thursday, 6 time head of the charles re/ tkpwat/ that winner. tkpwat/ that winner. one to watch tonight. leading the women's gymnastics team g going for back-to-back gold in going for back-to-back gold in the team's finals. . michael fel chance to add to his collection in the men's 200 meter butterfly. this is his first shot at an individual medal in the rio games. you can you watch all of the excitement here beginning at 8 o'clock. nate abner taking the field in rio. >> his teammates taking the field and showing their suppor
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is live. in our country, we stop every sunday in the fall to take on the nfl. patriots turned rug bistar in the olympics, so, too are his teammates. >> they are a lot crazier than we are. they don't wear pads. reporter: stating the obvious a that fulfilled a life long dream for nate. >> you think about those who work their whole lives to compete every 4 years, in nate's case it's even more of a special circumstance. i can't express how proud we are of hi
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bill belichick telling the entire team they will be collectively watching nate compete. >> nate is guy, most humble guy i ever met. he started with the whole rug bithing. i will be tuned in. he knows we are go watching. >> everybody loves natewh he brings to the team. to see it come full circle, it will be a cool experience. >> great news for nate's olympic debut. as far as the patriots, going on the field to not so good news. raoeubg/ reese reporting linebacker tor his tri-accept except and there
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>> where pats player nate abner already has a superbowl ring. now, he is looking to add new blink an olympic medal. he chose football as a career. but the 27 played rug bilong before he ever put on a helmet and pads. when rug to the olympic for the first time in decades, nate knew he had better look into it. >> watching his games, 5, 6, 7 years old. it got me involve in the game at a really young age. >>reporter: the father and son were inseparable. on the rug bifield and off at the family auto business. but the bond was tragically broken when jeff
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only 19 years old. >> when his father was killed, nate kind of went into a dark place. i was very worried about him. reporter: after 2 months of grieving, nate's mom nancy told him it was time to start to live and play again stkpwhr-fplt/ i said, you know, nate, you are still ave are youf your dad were standing here next to me, he would be upset to think you are not moving on. reporter: nate to at ohio state. he excelled on the gridiron and then the patriots came calling, drafting nate in 2012. when nate asked the team to let him take a leave of absence to train for the olympics. he not only got their permission, he got their support. >> it's awesome to have the
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comes for nate to step out on the field in rio, he will be thinking about his father. >> it was our game, me and my dad. it would have been something special, a little more for him. >> nancy chen, "7 news". coming up later, second olympic team reflecting on the 2012 london champion. and how her new team pushes her gorgeous day out there. we understand some heat -- -- >> it is warm, now, if you think this is hot, wait until thursday and fry. forecast coming up in a bit. scary moments on the field in foxboro when a pastry four hundred million dollars.
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u.s. women's gymnastics is on fire. nancy chen reports from rio.
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to represent the united states in gymnastics at the olympic games, >> -- --
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>>. of course, it's not a regular day, alley and her team will be going for the gold in the team final late tore day. nancy chen, "7 news".
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showers are in the forecas forecast. and that leads to a lot of humanity. scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and with billing heat and humidity heading into the weekend, the chance of showers and thunderstorms will go back up, especially saturday evening and through the day on sunday. 70s and 80s, right now, boston at first glance, you say sea breeze at 75, but the water temperature, 71. the dew they jump as well, along the coastline in the 60s, further inland, the dew points are lower. mainly clear skies, red sox at home. first pitch, partly to moist mostly sunny skies. this warm front will eventually jack up the humidity over the next 3 days with temperatures, 62-68, through
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peaks of sun, scattering of showers and thunderstorms. i'm not concerned about severe weather, but there will be some storms out there. mid-to late morning, showers and downpours, then that will wind down tomorrow night and it's about the heat and the humidity thursday, friday, middle to upper 930s. that's the case, cooler on sunday, but still very humid. i'll see you at very humid. i'll see you at 7:00. another big name, julian ed/ el/man, limping off. multiple reports say it was a scare and not believed to be serious, but this is still a concern given that the left
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before, already. his team eut/ mates know the importance. he is part of a heart and soul of our team, i don't know what happened, but he is a big part of what we do here. >> if you have a ticket to thursday night's red sox game, you will see him to last appearance in red pin to last appearance in red pin stripes >> it has been an incredible history, dating back to 1994 when i debuted here. the fans
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team u s-frpbl/,a, still pacing the field, 22, china in second with 16, russia and
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breaking news tonight. what did donald trump just say? controversy erupting as we come on the air after we hear what he said about hillary clinton, the second amendment and justice. and babies in critical care being urgently moved after a potentially deadly bacteria is discovered. ferris wheel accident, children being hospitalized after a terrible fall raising questions about safety. who's regulating all those rides? and golden statement. an american champion caught in a cold war against a russian rival, showing who's really number one.


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