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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight a shocking fatal mistake, an elderly woman shot to death by a police officer while playing an intruder during an academy drill. an investigation into a accident. trump defiant, strongly denying he was trying to incite violence while saying second amendment people could act against hillary clinton. and hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. drama on the high tower. police emerge as a man suddenly scales the bui building. the gold rush continues in rio. michael phelps makes history in dramatic fashion and america's
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franklin in for a big comeback. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in rio. >> good evening from the olympic park. americans with a chance to increase their medal count in just a moment. florida is called an unimaginable accident, the fatal shooting of a volunteer who took place in a police academy training drill, the 74-year-old woman seen moments before she was killed when real bullets were somehow fired in what was supposed to be a demonstration. how does something like that happen? keri sanders tonight from punta gorda with late details. >> reporter: 74-year-old mary
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librarian, married 55 years with her husband, gary, just moments after they attended a community event on tuesday, gary witnessed in disbelief as this punta gorda police officer dressed as a criminal during a role playing exercise shot gary's wife, first in the shoulder and then a second fatal shot to her chest. mary's son, steve, describes what her father saw. >> it was surreal. at first we thought she just fell down and the turned her over and ts total pandemonium trying to do cpr and keep her alive. >> reporter: by all results it was a tragic accident, it was not supposed to have live ammunition. they had gathered at a public complex for a citizen's safety class much like this one. >> get your hands up. >> reporter: demonstrating a shoot don't shoot scenario, mary was cast as a cop and chaos in sued
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at her and fired. >> i know chen when she hit the ground i looked over at the police chief and saw the angst tiety and panic and horror in his face and that's when i knew this was serious. >> reporter: tonight, the officer, lee cole, a two year veteran is on paid leave. earlier this year, controversy surrounded officer cole after a man sued the city, the man claiming cole and his this video went too far after a traffic arrest. >> reporter: her son said he attended partly to show support by the police, like officer cole. >> we forgive you. i know whthat my mom forgives you and nobody means for this to happen. nobody. >> reporter: tonight, everyone who witnessed the shooting is being offered grief counseling including the officer who fired the fatal shot. a state investigation is now under way to determine how bullets
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pistol. lester. >> hard to imagine how it happened. keri sanders tonight in florida, thank you. let's turn now to rio, a little wet weather, not dampening the move after another golden performance for team usa. it was an historic night in the pool, the biggest stars, michael phelps and katie ledecky both solidi solidifying their spot in sports history. michael phelps the most decorated and they're both back in the pool tonight. we have all the action. >> reporter: today on the road, the gold rush continues for team usa. >> that's a gold medal for kristin armstrong. >> kristin armstrong, the time trial her third consecutive win. >> this time was by far the hardess journey. >> reporter: on the beach the games went on in the rain but in the water, conditions
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postponed for the day. for all the concern of water in the bay, it was the pool that looked like a swamp after chinese divers dove for gold in water that was green today the chemical balance blamed for a murky pool and olympic organizers say it was safe. number 1 serena williams was bounced out by number 20, the queen of the court out in a stunner. the so-called final five, twisting, turning, vaulting to gold. >> it's so amazing, especially to share it with these girls, kind of like my older sisters, like i won a gold medal with my olympic family. >> looks like she will win another gold and she does. >> reporter: for katie ledecky, back to the top. gold in the 200 and gold in the 400 and now the 800 meter free. for michael phelps, redemption in the 200 meter butterfly.
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rival, chad le colole clos in london. >> there was so much emotion and build up to that race after four years. i don't want to say it was revenge but that's kind of what it was. >> reporter: victory for phelps and his team. gold in the relay, the 21st of his career. a moment in history, one his son won't remember but one this father will never forget. tonight, michael phelps and ryan lochte will be swimming in a south florida event and a busy aquatic center and meanwhile security was accestepped up, media hit with rocks and they're ur urging people to be cautious as they leave this beautiful venue. >> thank you. after five days of competition, we want to take a quick look at the leaderboard,
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top spot during the day leading with gold medals, 10, total medals at 28. china, 20 total medals so far and japan winning 17 medals overall. to political politics now, donald trump was out on the campaign trail today as was hillary clinton the day after trump sparked an uproar with comments quote second amendment people could act against hillary clinton. trump is now defending clinton herself is weighing in for the first time as she faces a new e-mail controversy. we have it all covered with nbc's katie cur. good evening. >> hey there, lester. donald trump is on defense. the report out today, the secret service spoke to him about those comment, both trump and u.s. officials denying that, but those words are not going away. 89 days before the election and donald trump isn't making
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own words again, de denying he was inci inciting physical harm against hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks, although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> reporter: tonight, he was saying he was talking about votes, not violence. >> you look at power they have in terms of votes. that's what i was referring to, obviously that's what i was referring to. everybody knows it. >> reporter: the campaign took to the air waves to push back. >> with a crowd like that, if that's what they thought he meant they would have gone wild. >> reporter: trump said he doesn't connote violence. >> knock the crap out of him. >> try not to hurt him. if you do, i'll d defend you in court. >> the audience hit back and that's what we need a little more of. >> reporter: the audience growing weary and the poll showing college educated whi whites are moving overwhelmingly to clinton in ohio,
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clinton argued today trump's words matter. >> yesterday, we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that crossed the line. >> reporter: tonight, the gop is in a bind. stick by a flailing candidate or cut him o by redirecting funding to senate seats. >> cutting loose your presidential nominee can cause a lot of more damage as a free agent untethered from the rnc. katy tur, nbc, sunrise, florida. >> i'm kristen welker in florida where hillary clinton is trying to cut into donald trump's turf working class voters. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: a conservative vaccination group raising fresh questions about the relationship between the clinton foundation and secretary clinton's state department, one dated 2009, a clinton foundation executive e-mailed secretary
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advisors, huma abedin and cheryl mills suggesting they set up a meeting between a millionaire donor and ambassador to lebanon. this is very important they said. and critics have pounds on the foundation whether that bought access to the state department. >> it's called "pay for play." >> reporter: last year, bill clinton defending the foundation to cynthia mcfadden. >> we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate in terms of taking money to influence any government policy. >> reporter: the clinton foundation telling nbc news these e-mails don't relate to the foundation's work and say the donor never met with the ambassador. the campaign also on defense tonight about why the father of the orlando nightclub shooter was seated behind clinton at an orlando rally. >> he is a very radical islamic extremist, what's drawing him to hillary clinton? >> reporter: the campaign says clinton
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support. >> they know these are the kind of controversies that can put the spotlight back on hillary clinton and away from donald trump. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is trying to keep the spotlight on donald trump today announce agnew initiative aimed at recording republican and independent voters, secretary clinton writing an op-ed in red utah and in it she cites former mitt romney former republican is there a jaw dropping spectacle catching the nation's attention this evening, a man scaling the trump tower in new york with suction c cups, many watching it player out on television. police on the scene trying to coral him inside. what can you tell us? >> reporter: lester, i can tell you moments ago, that man was corralled inside a window of trump tower by members of the emergency service
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show you. the members of the emergency service unit called the navy seal of the nypk -- nypd, this man's name unsnend motives unclear, was captured by authorities this afternoon and mesmerized by people from the city of new york for hours also snarling traffic in the area. authorities tried to bring him inside the building when he was around the 16th floor but he from one side of the building to another. they broke out windows of the building and saw he tried to get through to duck authorities but again, he was able to be commandeered and brought into the bui building just moments ago, lester. >> glad it ended safely. thank you. high anxiety in new york. a scathing new report out tonight from the justice department s says police in baltimore have lost the trust of the community and they say
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the law is enforced. the city is now responding and our justice correspondent, pete williams has details. >> the civil rights investigation found that officers in the baltimore police department routinely stop, search and arrest african-american residents for no good reason. these violations have ke de the community it serves that is essential to public and officer safety. >> reporter: over the past five years police have stopped over 300,000 pedestrians in african-american neighborhoods on little or no suspicion of law breaking fri frisking them and even strip-searching some in public. one man in his 50s was stopped 30 times but never give an ticket. this man says he tried hard to avoid int interacting with
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instances with law enforcement i'm pretty sure were predicated on the fact i'm a young black man. >> reporter: the report says police too often resort to excessive force even when there's no danger to officers or other. the mayor, who asked for the civil rights investigation says it will help lead to refo reforms. >> i believe transparency is the only true foundation upon which we can rebuild community trust. >> reporter: city officials say it could cost up to $10 million a year to change the trained, equipped and supervised but say they are willing to make the changesing this blistering report calls for. pete williams, nbc news, baltimore. still ahead, she was an olympic darling
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we're back from rio, where missy franklin, one of the biggest stars of the struggled here. some disappointing results, helped team usa clinch a spot in the 200 relay. and we caught back up with her since we last saw missy on the olympic podium. >> it's going to be a world record for missy franklin. >> reporter: in london, it seemed like missy franklin never got out of the water. >> her first individual, yes! >> reporter: competing in a record seven events, winning gold
6:48 pm
>> i still wake up and i'm like, did that really happen? are you sure? am i just dreaming about it? that pride and honor, it's with me every single day. >> reporter: this day, dick and deanne frank lin get choked up thinking about it. >> your child's face is on the jumbotron and the flag is going up on the rafters, you can't imagine how much that pulls on you. >> i saw the tears her cheeks. that when we lost it. >> reporter: the last four years began with college, studying at uc berkeley, swimming and sometimes dancing with her team. missy turned pro and was back in colorado two years later, trying to recreate the same magic formula that prepared her for london. >> coming back to my coach, my family, having all these things kind of remi reminded me what i was able to do before and helped me believe in
6:49 pm
>> reporter: it hasn't been perfect. missy injured her back in 2014 and struggled at olympic trials. >> franklin will finish second and punch a ticket to rio. >> reporter: she's had a rough start in rio as well. >> missy franklin in trouble, second from the bottom, has to close some ground here. >> reporter: after not qualifying for the 300 freestyle she tweeted so heartbroken by my results last night, doing everything i can to keep my head up and keep fighting with all i have. 's and discipline we saw first hand in colorado. to come to lunch and have people -- mm -- >> thanks for that. you know what? this cucumber, all right? >> reporter: don't let that lighthearted laugh fool you. this fierce competitor even as a kid, wouldn't settle for second, is not giving
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there is sad news tonight from the world of sports and broadca broadcasting, the loss of long-time espn broadcaster john saunders who hosted sports reporters for the last 15 years, a cause of death was not announced. saunders was just 61 years old. espn president his accomplishments among the most impressive this industry has ever seen. in happier news, a sweet surprise unve unveiled by the girl scouts that will leave you wanting s'more, the brand new flavor in their brand new irresistible line of cookies coming to a doorstep next year. next, 21 gold
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phelps finally, he is arguably the biggest star in rio. michael phelps, the most decorated olympian ever through five olympics america has watched him grow and change into a
6:57 pm
whose achievements may never be topped. a look at his remarkable journey. >> reporter: in a sport that's unforgi unforgiving, michael phelps has become unforgettable. >> michael phelps resume gets even more incredible in this night on rio. >> reporter: far from that 15-year-old who first stepped on the blocks in sidney and in athens only dreamed of dominance. phelps at 31 just became the oldest sw swimmer to win an individual olympic gold, one of 25 medicmedals around his neck, 21 gold. he's been growing that collection more than a decade and remarkably keeping pace with his younger self-. his butterfly last night only about a second behind his time eight years ago. one of phelps teamma teammates sharing the podium with him last night was only 3 when the icon made his olympic debut. >> it's incredible. it's so hard for me to put into words.
6:58 pm
phelps now relies on power and endurance focusing on shorteder races and acknowled acknowledging his recovery time is longer than it was. >> it will take time for him to do that. >> reporter: for a young boy with ahdd, from london and rio, americans watched phelps stumble in the spotlight. >> you have four years to build up and you're at this peek and you kind of roll down the hill. >> reporter: those giving way to depression and unfl unflattering headlines. every time, phelps came back stronger, as memorable as his victories at rio, the heartfelt celebrations that follow, phelps being a father greeted his son. >> i wanted to be with him more. being able to share that one moment i had with him something very special. >> reporter: delivering a statement about staying power as an athlete and maturity as a man. nbc news, rio.
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that is going to do it for us on this wednesday, nbc primetime olympic coverage begins at 8:00, 7:00 central. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc
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>> now at 7 a developing story a violent stabbing leaves 2 women injured the suspect in custody. >> a former mob boss charged with murder. how the fbi cracked the case. >> reporter: these showers fade away and then heat and humidity take it from here. >> anchor: a dog attacked at kennel. the owner accused of covering it up. >> reporter: shut down by the city health department stepped in. >> anchor: team u.s.a. shine nothing rio. >> anchor: getting you ready for night 5 at the olympics. >> 7 news at 7 starts now. >> anchor: first at 7:00 breaking news out of new york city to share with you. a climber cornered and capt ured on the iconic trump tower.


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