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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  August 11, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> boy, that was really something, wasn't it? so we conclude here with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journey toward olympic gold. the americans still have a sizable lead. meanwhile, kohei uchimura was part of a big day for the japanese. they won three gold medals, their most in a single day since 2004 in athens. you like uchimura often win overwhelmingly but sometimes what's needed is the knack for winning even when you don't have your a-game. last night we saw michael phelps swim an imperfect race in the 200-meter butterfly and yet still win by 0.004 of a second. today kohei uchimura was at less than his best today so he needed
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one here for him, uchimura still has another event remaining in rio, that's the floor exercise, but it won't end for him here as his final olympic bow will likely come four years from now in his home nation when tokyo hosts the 2020 olympics. as we say good night, the medal ceremony for uchimura, ukraine's oleg verniaiev who had gold in his sights until the final restation winds up with whitlock wears bronze.
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? [ cheers and applause ] and that does it for us.
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show from copacabana beach bright and early and we'll see you tomorrow night from rio. pride, glory, cultural expressions, it has more flags than the opening ceremony, only here it's all stars and stripes. mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign.
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liberty mutual insurance. now at 11:00, rain has moved out and we focus on heat and humidity for tomorrow.
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>> as michael phelps and ryan dual. we'll have the highlights. plus, patriots safety tries to keep the olympic hope alive. then, sky high at trump tower but not for long. >> what he told police when they pulled him inside. also, a family devastated about their dog. the owner of the kennel facing seriou a local restaurant shut down. what investigators found inside. first at 11:00, another golden performance by team usa in the olympics. katie ladecky closing it up. team usa looking good, an exciting night in the water.
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rivals. both of them qualified for the 200 meter relay finals. nancy joins us live from rio. >>reporter: wrapping up just behind me. the american women, as you mentioned, what a big night for them. they went for team gold in the women's 4 x 100. katie did not blowing the competition out of the water. made up of allison, leah smith and mia to earn a first place finish. it's a very different squad than the first one we saw. and there are more highlights for usa swimming. >>man: michael on the right. >>reporter: a story renewed in
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up a show down in the 200 meter. first place finish, lochte a close second. >>man: we bring the best out of each other. we've been doing it forever. any time i get up and race him, it's the best. >>reporter: josh preno snagged silver in the men's 200 meter breast from gold. >>man: that is it. the americans survive switzerland. volley ball while april defeat -- despite dropping the second set.
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brooks in 14th. japan came out on top winning his second straight olympic all around gold. and a come back for team usa on the basketball court. just two games remaining before the knockout phase. also today, the us men's rugby team now to fiji. he told me today that he will walk away from this with fond memories of the olympics. patriots safety nate has made history in rio. he's the first active nfl player of playing in the olympics. but his dream of adding a medal ends today when the team lost to fiji. they had a chance to move on to
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a late score by edner tied the gap but their fate was sealed. >>man: we tried to win the game as best we could. fiji was great and it was a tough game. >>reporter: he did it all with support from his team back home. players had a watch party for one of his matches. tom brady posted a message of support on facebook and even coach bil practice. what do you have to say to the people back home? >>man: it's hard to put into words, i can't say how much it means to me, the support. not only the fans, but my teammates and the coaches. i keep saying it but it just says so much about the organization and those people up there that -- what type of people they are for how much support they've shown me throughout the whole process. i couldn't have done it without the blessing and their support
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>>reporter: he plans to take times to reflect on his olympic moments. but the one moment he'll never forget is walking in in the ceremony. >>man: it was fantastic. being there live to watch the whole thing unfold. to watch it so many years as a kid, to see it in person gives you chills. it was awesome. >>reporterhe once again tomorrow against spain and that will decide if they're in 9th or 10th place overall. coming up, she's talking about the ufc fighter who has pushed her to be better. also, famous fans reaching out to members of the final five. what ally is hoping for the next time taylor swift is back in boston. she's set to compete in the
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biles. >> she's good at predicting the future. you have proof of that. >>reporter: yeah, this is really cool. this was tweeted by an old summer camp classmate of ally showing ally with a group of girls. under the picture, there's a section where the girls will be in 20 years. ally's answer an olympic gymnast. an olympic champion. >> she's had incredible games. thank you, nancy, we'll see you again. now from the night team, trouble in trump tower. >>man: he wanted mr. trump's attention. >> a guy scales the sky scraper with suction cups. tonight, the end to this high drama. >> so, it took close to three hours for police to finally grab
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>>reporter: police say this 20-year-old from virginia came to new york after posting a video on youtube saying he wanted to meet with donald trump. a dramatic ending as police pull this climber through an open window on the 21st floor. the fight to get him inside playing out hundreds of feet in the air. >>man: we pulled his hand and said sir, you need to come with me. we pulled him inside with the help of my partner. >>reporter: the 20-year-old had been and had one mission. >>man: he wanted a personal meeting with mr. trump. the youtube video explains that he's an independent researcher and he wanted to meet with him and that's the reason he was climbing the building. >>reporter: floor by floor, the climber moved slowly, trying to zigzag to avoid the police. down below, the fire department inflated air bags in case he
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watched the drama play out above them. >>man: at no time did he express that he wanted to hurt anybody. his sole intention was to meet with mr. trump. >>reporter: and donald trump tweeted tonight saying great job by the nypd by protecting the people and saving the climber. that climber was arrested and taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. we have news out of fenway park. david after fouling a ball off his leg. how is he doing? >> that's the big question right now. he was in significant pain and had to be helped off the field right now with red sox fans thinking is this it? let's hope not. bottom of the 9th and he follows that ball up the right leg. just below his knee, right in the middle of his shin.
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could not put any weight on the leg and had to be helped off the field very slowly. the team is hoping to rule out a fracture right now. ortiz had x-rays after leaving the field but the results of those x-rays are not available just yet. the night team now turning to the forecast. we'll be taking things back to the extremes over the next few days. temperatures back into the mid 90s with high humidity. chief metrologist long gone but leaving humidity behind. look at these dew point temperatures. this is stuff you find in south florida. meaning the air temperatures will have a hard time falling tonight. mid and upper 70s. hazy sunshine back in action tomorrow. because it will be so warm overnight tonight, we start in the warm. boston tomorrow afternoon at 94. frame 94. then you factor in the humidity
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degrees out there tomorrow afternoon. that's dangerously hot and because of that, the weather service has issued a heat advisory beginning noon tomorrow through 7:00 p.m. much of the same on friday. we'll talk more about that and the weekend forecast in a few minutes. we're following more news tonight. it's another night without an arrest in the murder of the 27-year-old jogger in princeton. there was a vigil tonight in her hometown. the mayor says this is more than a place to grieve. >>man: there's somebody out there that saw something. maybe it wasn't on the road, maybe even in another state or city, maybe a gas station, maybe they found clothes somewhere. somebody out there has a piece of information. >> her body was found in the woods by her mother's home after she'd gone out for a jog.
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police investigating into the night after a man stabs two women inside this home on weston street. an 83-year-old woman was stabbed in the hand. a 52-year-old woman is in critical condition after she was stabbed. this attack was not random. also from the night team, the health department investigating sickening salads at a popular salad bar. sweet green now shut restaurant for us. >>reporter: well, adam, it turns out this restaurant has had several recent violations, a lot of disappointed people showing up and getting turned away tonight as we watched employees turn the tables upside down. leaving a bitter taste in a lot of people's mouths tonight. many people tonight left surprised and turned away. >>woman: i usually come every day here. i really like it but i didn't
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green restaurant shut down at least for now. this, after a woman reported getting sick after eating there monday. >>woman: i go there for lunch all the time. >>reporter: the city decided to close the doors. meeting earlier about this, the boston inspectional services saying the restaurant failed an inspection in june and had multiple violations. >>man: sweet green is a restaurant that has been on our if there's a problem, it has to be addressed. >>reporter: but many people tonight saying they're not worried. >>woman: i know from being inside the restaurant often that it's not a dirty place. i feel it's really clean and i've been to different sweet greens even when i visited other cities and i'll definitely still return. >>reporter: so sweet green did release a statement today saying that they've created a new
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just on food safety. that person will start at this location. meanwhile, they're trying to open as soon as humanly possible. a former mob boss called to court today. investigators say they've uncovered key clues in a 23-year-old murder case. cadillac 82 years old now charged in federal court with the murder of a south boston nightclub manager in 1993. the fbi providence earlier this year, following a tip. >>man: he denies these charges, always has, always will. this case will go to trial. >>man: for 23 years, they've had more questions than answers. they're hoping now at some point they'll have their questions answered and eventually justice for steven. >> if convicted, he'll face life in prison or the death penalty.
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owner facing charges after one dog is attacked by another and dies. a tornado touches down in new england. forecast coming up. back here live in rio, there's a lot of support for team usa. coming up, we'll tell you about high profile help judoha defend her title when when you can take your hands off the wheel to get out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers!
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smartphone. only from fios. a local family distraught after their family is fatally injured at a kennel. the family says another dog malled theirs. >> now the kennel owner is facing serious charges. tim is live in hanover tonight. >>reporter: kim and adam, the
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owner. you find out your dog has been attacked by other dogs and is in critical condition. >>woman: this is a dog that did everything with me. you know, he was like a kid. >>reporter: tracy considered ben, her three-year-old golden doodle, a member of the family. last month when they went on vacation, she boarded him at the kennel place that several times before. when she came to pick him up, he was in such bad shape that she didn't even recognize him. >>woman: i kept saying it's not ben. as he got closer, my daughter said he's bleeding. >>reporter: they said he was bitten more than 400 times. >>woman: there were bites all over his head. from the top of his head to the bottom of his tail.
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surgery, that estimated at least 8 hours had passed after the dog fight to the treatment. >>man: it clearly was several hours that passed after the attack. it's likely, certainly possible, that the dog that was attacked, could've survived, had the operator of the kennel been more attentive. >>reporter: on tuesday, the town shut down the kennel and the owner is facing animal cruelty charges. >>woman: it gives me a relief that this won't happen to somebody else's dog at this kennel. >>reporter: next monday, the town will hold a meeting to vote whether or not they'll close the kennel for good. wild weather in southern new england. a tornado tearing through north haven, connecticut this afternoon. a driver drove right into the funnel. he's okay.
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damage but that twister uproot the and snapped many large trees. and that was rated an ef-0. they had another tornado on the north folk of long island. same system that brought us all the rain. over an inch of rain in lexington and native. and now the rain is gone but the humidityge to stay for several days. dew point temperatures mid 70s. when those are really high, that's the floor for the overnight lows meaning it's not going to fall that much. the bermuda high is in control for the remainder of the week. hazy, hot, and humid weather for the next several days. eventually this front will slowly drop out of canada and as it gets closer to us, that will pop showers and storms. the chance tomorrow is very small, much the same on friday.
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higher chance of showers and storms. saturday at this time looks like the better of the two days for the beaches, pools, and lakes. as does tomorrow. when you factor the humidity, the air temperatures will feel close to 100. the heat advisory is in effect from noon until 7:00 p.m. a slight chance south of the mass pike along the south coast. i think metro boston essentially dry and hot. 7 on 7 heat friday, saturday, but beneficial rain on the way through the weekend into early next week. all right, let's head back into the olympic zone. history in 2012 when she became the first american to win gold in judo. >> she actually isn't the only big name to come out of that gym. nancy joins us live again in rio. what's the story?
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trained with some of the best masters of judo in the world. among them, olympic medallist and former ufc champion, ronda rousey. they're two of the strongest women in competitive fighting. kayla, the first american to win golden judo. ronda, the first american to medal in >>woman: she's my teammate, my roommate, my training partner back when i first moved here. >>reporter: she met ronda when she first moved to massachusetts at the age of 16. she became ronda's training partner for the 2008 olympic games. >>woman: she's probably the only other girl i've ever met who hates to lose as much as me. >>reporter: ronda left judo to fight in the ufc but the two of
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kayla reached out to ronda while recovering from the london games. >>woman: i was feeling down and she always had the best play lists. ridiculous music that i would never be able to find. so i would text her and send me them. i was like okay, thank you. >>reporter: and that play list seems to have helped kayla recover from her surgery and is ready to title here in rio. and some famous fans also cheering on ally who won her second all around team gold on tuesday. taylor swift tweeting at ally and the rest of the final five saying sending my biggest congratulations to the final five. you did it, girls. an excited ally responding to swift sharing her love.
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ally and the rest of the final five getting love from zac efron. he said "of course i'm watching the final five dominate the floor." just two of the celebrity fans showing the support for the final five. >> all right, nancy, thanks again so much. >> remember, today new england is half hour earlier throughout the
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we have an update on the condition of david ortiz's right leg. initial negative. the leg is not broken. he's listed as day-to-day and walking around okay. he was in an awful amount of pain. red sox fans were hoping this wasn't it for him. planning on retiring at the end of the season. this was a painful 9-4 loss to the yankees tonight. giving up 8 runs in a four hour and 15 minute debobbing kl.
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preseason opener tomorrow. no tom brady, no julian, and no gronk tomorrow night. he hasn't played in a preseason game since 2012. down to rio, team usa still pacing in the medal field with 32. china in second with 23 and japan third with 18 medals. barely beating australia for the men's basketball team. that game was much
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