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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> anchor: breaking news, progress in the search for a killer in princeton. police now say the woman mu attacker. >> anchor: on track for a collision, an mbta train pushing a pickup truck down the tracks in wakefield. >> kim: a collapsing court. an uber driver accused in an alarming assault breaks down. >> adam: war of words. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. >> adam: donald trump not backing down after controversial comments about president obama. >> we're cooking with the
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>> kim: going for gold in rio as ali raisman competes for the title of best gymnast in the world. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> kim: we're following breaking news first at 5:00 7 police revealing a key piece of evidence in the case of this murdered jogger in princeton. police say vanessa marquette injured her killer. >> adam: police are looking for someone who may have come away with scratches or bruises, dan with breaking details for you, dan. >> reporter: we got the word less than an hour ago, the district attorney told us that vanessa mark cott put up a fight and left maximum on him just before he left her for dead. vanessa's body was found sunday night after she didn't come back from a jog that afternoon. she worked for google in new york but was visiting her mother here in princeton when she was' killed. police were searching again
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vanessa's body was found. back in the woods off the road less than a mile from her mother's house. now the d.a. says vanessa marked her killer and they want people to look for the marks. >> we believe there was a struggle. between vanessa and her killer. that resulted, may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries and her assailant we know was a man. these injuries specifically or bruces. , therefore. we would ask that anyone who observed a male with these types of injuries that would have been fresh earlier in the week to contact the massachusetts state police tip line. >> reporter: that state police anonymous tip line is 508-453-7589. the d.a. also tell us for the first
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crime happened to 1:00 to 3:00 sunday afternoon and they indicated they believed the killer came to or left the area in a car or boat. they are asking anyone who may have seen any vehicle parked or moving down brook station road between 1:00 and 3:00 sunday afternoon to give them a call to give them clues. police, people i've talked to her tell me how frustrated they are as the days go on and no one is caught but police are asking for their help to catch the hausle, 7 news. >> kim: new at 5:00 a pickup truck on a crash course with an mbta computer rail train. we had sky 7 over the scene after it happened an the train pushed the truck more than 100 feet down the tracks. >> anchor: the whole thing was captured on cameras. jonathan hall is live in wakefield with more on what happened. >> reporter:ment good afternoon. transit police are investigating but initial
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operator did nothing wrong. the security gates here were operating properly. they believe the pickup truck driver went through a railroad crossing with those gates in the downposition. >> right under it, boom. >> reporter: the impact is dramatic. the sound hard to miss. >> like two quarter sticks going off. >> reporter: dynamite. >> yeah, i knew what happened right away. >> reporter: security cameras at youngs automotive in wakefield captured theism pact when a southbound commut r pickupelan first he got the air bags out of the way then tried to speak to the driver. >> he started to move. he was making noises but he was out of it. you know. >> reporter: the air bag was deployed? >> both curtain bags were deploy and the truck was bent in half. >> reporter: it was about 11:30 this morning. the mbta says the railroad crossing warning system was working properly.
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driver went through them. young wonders if he had a medical emergency. >> it's possible. anybody in their right state of mind wouldn't just drive through that, you know like that. he didn't go around it. he drove through it. >> reporter: the t.brought in heavy equipment to hoist the truck off the tracks. the man was seriously injured and medflighted. people aboard the train were somewhat shaken by the experience but uninjured. >> we didn't see anything. we're sitting on the train and we felt the boom then everything stopped. >> repte waiting at the crossing dialed 911 and was worried about the driver. >> i was crying and i was shaking calling 911 and i want to make sure that he is all right. >> reporter: this afternoon transit police say there is hope for the elderly driver. his injuries appear to be nonlife threatening though again pretty serious. 70 people on the train, none of those people were injured. live in wakefield, jonathan hall, 7 news the. >> kim: on to a court collapse.
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courtroom when the uber driver falls down during his arraignment. in everett. driver accused femae byron barnett was in the courtroom and joins us live with the dramatic details of the case. >> reporter: yes, authorities say this new former uber driver has an eight-page long criminal record. they say he used the media app snap chat to rape one of his customers. a 16-year-old girl and this morning in the there was drama when the suspect was arraigned. an anxious looking darnell booth suddenly collapsing in court as the rape charges were read. the 34-year-old former uber driver from dorchester is accused of raping a 16-year-old of rest girl. police say booth drove the girl home, added the girl to his snap chat account then contacted her later asking her to come out of her house
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the next day police say booth contacted the girl again on snap chat after she missed the bus to school and offered to driver her. after accepted the ride booth drove her to a parking lot and rained her. >> he slapped her in the face on two occasions then he used his body to pin her down. he pulled off her pants and her underwear. he pulled off his own shorts that he was wearing. and at that point he raped her. >> reporter: but defense attorneys tried to punch homes in the allegations suggesting the girl may have given booth her snap chat information. >> i'm certainly no on snap chat but it's my understanding that one needs either a phone number or a screen name -- you don't snap chat in the universe, your honor. >> he is beside himself about these allegations. he adamantly asserts that he is not guilty. >> reporter: now uber
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that booth no longer has access to the uber app. the mayor of everett and the police chief in everett are both calling for more stringent background checks on uber drivers. the latest live from malden, byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: a developing story we're following out of pennsylvania where a child has fallen from a roller coaster. this happened at an amusement park in the western part of pennsylvania. the child taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital. >> kim: this comes days after a decapitated at a kansas water slide. at-h jadiann thompson has the latest on this. >> reporter: sad story here, crews say the 3-year-old boy was conscious and alert when crews arrived. but they couldn't confirm the extent of his injuries. the boy was flown to a hospital in pittsburgh about 50 miles away from the park. a spokesman says he fell off of a wooden roller coaster in the middle of the ride but didn't know the height of the drop.
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daily and the coaster has been shut down. the accident comes days after a boy was killed on a water slide in kansas and three girls were hurt after falling off of a tennessee ferris wheel. we are going to keep you updated as we learn more about the child's condition. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: 7 news turning to the forecast. quite the sticky situation in the northeast today. boy, it's hot and humid. people who are lucky get to go to try and cool off at the can you imagine working outside right now? temperatures so up comfortable, a shock to the system really as you head outside. chief meteorologist jeremy reiner is here with the forecast, how much more humidity? >> reporter: we have a lot of humidity now and we hold on to both heat and humidity tomorrow. boston is 96. filmburg at 94. the other itch shoe is the humidity. dew point temperatures 60s and 70's so when you factor that humidity into the temperature, it's similar
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heat index. it feels like 105 in boston. that is dangerously ohio norwood it feels like 101. providence feels like 102. we do have the heat advisory in effect until 7:00 this evening. with those heat indices up near 100. any shower or storm activity with the heat and humidity? not in massachusetts. but there are some severe thunderstorms east of hartford connecticut dropping southeast. these will fizzle out before they reach narragansett bay. we may have an isolated shower or tomorrow. more about that as well as the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> adam: the patriots kicking off pre-season play tonight at home when the saints come marching into foxboro after holding jane practices with the pats earlier this week. the patriots have four preseason games before the regular season begins. all eyes will be back up quarterback jimmy garoppolo as he prepares to lead the team as tom brady serves his four-game suspension.
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tonight's matchup. alex. >> reporter: after j.r.just talked about how hot it is outside, it's hard to believe i'm saying that football is back. but here we are. it's the first pre-season game for the patriots, they're taking on the saints after two days of joint practices and all eyes tonight are going to be on jimmy garoppolo but the young quarterback tells us he is ready for it. >> it's always different on game day. different feel. it's you a some. football is back. >> reporter: garoppolo ready to let it fly tonight and with tom brady set to set out the preseason opener the third--year-old quarterback is taking center stage. >> it's an opportunity to go out there and perform. it's different than practice, different situations will come up and you know, you don't know how many snaps you are going to get. it's coach's call. when you are called on you have to perform. >> reporter: he won't have the gronk or edelman at his
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who suits up there is a job to be done. >> you never know who you are going to be out there with. all the tight ends, all the receivers, all the skill guys on offense it's a long process in camp. but we're going in the right direction. >> reporter: there is only one direction bill belichick wants his team headed in. >> we are all on the same boat there. none of us are perfect. we all make mistakes we all have to learn how to move on from them and i think we all do. >> reporter: now according to several reports the patriots plan to sit tom brady w multiple starters but certainly not a bad thing to get group le plenty of work as he gets ready to make the first four starts of his career. live in foxboro at gillette stadium, alex corde 7 news. >> kim: let's head to the olympic zone. the torch continuing to light up rio. it's tonight there because it's winter so it's dark. tonight is a huge night. it comes down to two big rivalry, one in the pool.
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but we've results in from the women's judo competition, joe amorosino has more. >> reporter: judo star caleigh harrison lives in danvers, trains in wakefield and she will be coming home with the ultimate hardware again. she tore through the competition in dominating fashion capping her time in rio off with this arm bar for a gold medal. she became the first american ever to win gold in judo at the 2012 london games and now she goes back-to-back with the nate eastboundner and the men's rugby squad go home on a high note. they took down spain 24-12 to finish in 9th place. he hopes people watching an athlete like himself prioritize rug by. to the pool where we where nobody can stop katie lid eke, nobody else in sight. the 19-year-old phenomenon
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wreaking the olympic record and the 800 meter freestyle. she will swim the final on friday night trying to keep the 200, 400 and 800 free styles. that would be for the first time since 1968. mike phelps looking to add to his legacy. he finished fourth in the prelims today. he will be busy tonight racing in the 200 meter individual medley time then about a half hour later he is diving right back into the pool for the butterfly semis. ali raisman will look to add to her olympic medal collection in the all around individual finals. the final five captain will compete alongside simone biles right here on 7 nbc. ali and her team mates are one of tonight's must-see events. it will be a final battle between phelpsed and ryan lochte in the individual
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around for phelps as he looks to advance in the men's butterfly and an event that he won four times straight at this . take a look at the med al count. the red, white and blue leading the way. 33 medals including 12 gold and 11 viral. china has been study in the two spot. 25 total medals and japan has 18 medals. see if phelps the final rife and rest of our u.s. athletes can keep the medals coming beginning at 8:00 right here on reporting lye in the newsroom, joe amorosino, 7 news. >> adam: still a lot more to come in the olympic zone. >> kim: she is being called the best gymnast in the world. at 5:30 simon biles proving she is the one to watch. we're also watching ali riseman but we'll talk about how the gold medalist is going for another gold. coming up at 6:00 before she left for rio kayla harrison did talk about her days
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rhonda rawsy and how she pushed her to be bert. tonight at 11:00, more on the local gymnastics golden girl. where does ali raisman cep r keep her medal, that answer coming up later tonight. >> adam: a vault maybe. >> kim: plain view. >>. >> anchor: a shocking scene in maryland. an apartment explodes then bursts into flames as rescue clues continue to seven for survivors. >> kim: police in the boston area they say someone appears to have tampered with cruisers. kinch. >> adam: the feds making a decision on whether to reclassify main. >> kim: police say the young woman jogging killed in princeton injured her attacker, huge clue. we are continuing to follow the story and will bring you the very latest as we get
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>> our government has unleashed icircumstances i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis, they're the founders. >> kim: donald trump repeating his controversial comments at rally in miami calling hillary clinton and president obama the founders as you heard of isis. >> adam: it's the late nest a string of comments that have left some catching
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donald trump repeated his isis obama clinton charge. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders ever isis. they're the founders. >> adam: clinton because she backed insiding iraq. obama because he pulled u.s. forces out allowing isis to group. the g.o.p. nominee opened his attack last night. >> isis is honoring president obama. >> adam: trashing talking a false claim side hillary her plan to race raise the middle class. >> the economy would complete more than 10 million new jobs. [applause] >> adam: she promise as $225 billion jobs program most that have private money. tuition free college for the middle class, profit sharing for workers and tax hikes on the wealthy. wallets street and big corporations. she vowed to fix trade with china, not fear it like her
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usa was as fearful as trump phelps would be cowering in the locker room afraid to come out. >> adam. >> at the end it's either going to work or i'm going to, you know, i'm going to have a very, very nice long vacation. >> adam: trump says he thinks he will win. the with less than 90 days now until the election boat candid a and negotiating upcoming debates. >> kim: explosion sparks a massive spire at an apparent building outside of washington, d.c. two people are dead with as many as seven people reported missing. another 30 had to be rushed to the hospital. the fire started just before midnight after an apparent natural gas explosion. and the gas just continued to feed the flames. firefighters a mile away felt the explosion and it took them a long time to
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with several people trooped inside. they were' rescued by ladders and by the way, two firefighters did have to be treated for heat exhaust shun. still no word on a cause. >> reporter: hot and humid. temperatures in the 90s right now. we'll do it again tomorrow and cooler for saturday. numbers coming up next. ? ? ? award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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>> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: right now boston 96. beverly at 95. bedford 95. the record is 99. near record heat. another day with 90 degree heat which is actually day number 14 this year. that is where we should be for this year when you talk about 90 degree heat in the city of boston. dew point 60s and 70's pure tropical air ought there with the heat leading to the heatex are out and the about. feels like 105 in boston, providence it feels like 102. heat advisory remains in effect until 7:00 this evening. not a lot of shower and storm activity around the metro. there has been storminess back through western new england and the storms are sliding southeast. that will be the case i think for the next few hours where the storms mainly hang out. there may be one or two downpours that take advantage of our heat and humidity but a lot of the activity to the southwest of us and that will continue into the evening hours.
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humid with temperatures at kickoff, you don't see this very often, patriots forecast with a kickoff temperature at 90 degrees, maybe in miami but not in new england. high pressure is with us again tomorrow. another hazy, hot, humid day. look at the overnight lows. 74-79 through the day tomorrow. hot and humid. with an isolated shower or storm because it will be so hot and humid. really anywhere in southern fluid there is the chance of popping one but nothing significor new england friday night so saturday features cloudy skies. still humid but temperatures on saturday in the upper 70s, then we're back to the low 90s for sunday. sunday should be a decent beach day. 7 news at 5:00 after the
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>> adam: as always very glad you are with us. another hour of 7 news is still ahead. i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, stay right there for 7 news at 5:30. >> jadiann: breaking news in the case of a jogger murdered in princeton. what police are saying about the killer. tampering with danger an alarming crime targeting boston police officers that the boston mayor is calling dangerous. a big decision about marijuanaure what the feds ruled today that will impact now the drug is classified. heading into the olympic zone. simone biles the talk of the town. how she is looking to add to her med al collection. >> jadiann: breaking news out of princeton. police narrowing down the timeline in a tragic murder case. investigators also providing new details about what happened in the woods before 27-year-old jogger was killed. >> the public is being


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