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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> adam: as always very glad you are with us. another hour of 7 news is still ahead. i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, stay right there for 7 news at 5:30. >> jadiann: breaking news in the case of a jogger murdered in princeton. what police are saying about the killer. tampering with danger an alarming crime targeting boston police officers that the boston mayor is calling dangerous. a big decision about marijuanaure what the feds ruled today that will impact now the drug is classified. heading into the olympic zone. simone biles the talk of the town. how she is looking to add to her med al collection. >> jadiann: breaking news out of princeton. police narrowing down the timeline in a tragic murder case. investigators also providing new details about what happened in the woods before 27-year-old jogger was killed. >> the public is being
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be looking out for. kim khazei live at the breaking news desk. >> reporter: the did d.a.telling us today that vanessa mark cott put up a fight with her killer leaving marks on him. markot's body was found sunday night after she didn't come back from a jog. she lives in new york where she worked for going. she was' visiting her brother in princeton when she was' killed. police continue to search the area where her body was found and they narrowed down killed saying it happened between 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon on sunday. police still asking for the public's help finding vanessa's killer. >> we believe that there was a struggle between vanessa and her killer that resulted, may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries, in her assailant we know was a man. these injuries specifically
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or bruises. therefore, we would ask that anyone who observed a male with these types of injuries that would have been fresh earlier in the week to contact the massachusetts state police tip line. >> kim: we have this number for you right now. it's anonymous, it's the state police. there is the number. 508-453-7589. police really pleading with the public to information, maybe cars they saw on brook station road during the afternoon on sunday. any clue at all could be very helpful. live in the newsroom, kim khazei, 7 news. >> adam: boston police believe someone may be tampering with personal cars of officers. >> jadiann: the latest incident happened last night. cheryl fiandaca live for news east boston with the very latest. >> reporter: that's right. it happened just last night right here. a female police officer on
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stopped. she noticed the lugnuts on one of her tires was missing. >> we got to find out who is doing this. this is a dangerous thing to do. >> reporter: the mayor called the possible tampering of police officers' personal cars dangerous. >> we don't want to start patrolling the lots but we're going to if this keeps up. >> reporter: there have been three separate incidents where officers found the lugnuts on tires of their own personal the first report on july 15. a boston police department was driving home in his personal car when the left rear wheel nearly fell off. he told investigators he usually parked the car in the rear of the station. the second time it happened august 4th. a transit police officer driving home from the gang unit roxboro when his rear tire nearly fell off. before it happened he was parked in the police parking
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incident. this time in east boston. a female officer was leaving the station in her own car and had difficulty steering. she inspected the car when she got home finding the right front wheel was missing two lugnuts and a third was loosened. >> it's dangerous situation. you don't do that. you are putting the officer innages you are putting other people in harm as well. >> reporter: the good news is no one has been injured in any of the incidents. police are investigating. they're not se related. in the mean time they're asking police officers to remain vigilant. i'm cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> adam: an s.u.v. carrying new hampshire governor maggie hasan gets into an accident. no one was hurt. police say the other drive was at fault when he blew through a stop sign hitting hasson's vehicle. it was being driven by a new hampshire state trooper. a school bus full of children rear ended a car
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injured. alarming assault in dorchester overnight. an 18-year-old woman stabbed several times. attack happened just before 3:00 on millet street. police shut down the street as they collected evidence and sevenned for suspects. a 33-year-old dorchester man has been charged in the attack. >> jadiann: new details about the trump tower climber there, is tight security after a man scaled the building yesterday. we brought a lot of that to u grab the climber and pull him to say. you can see that the window has been boarded up. the climber has been identified as 19-year-old steven rogata from virginia. the teen climbed six stories using suction cups and rope you see his police capture gh the windows, they took out officials say he did it to meet donald trump. >> he wanted a persona pledge with mr. trump and he posted a video on tuesday.
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and he wanted to meet with him at no time did he express that he wanted to hurt anybody. his sole intention was to meet with mr. trump.>> reporter: the man was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychological evaluation. >> adam: denied. the federal government announcing today they won't approve marijuana for medical purposes. that means the drug will stay in a class that considers it illegal. the dea says the value of pot scientifically proven. there are a lot of opinion ons this but research on the drug they say will expand. the dea decided to leave marijuana in the most restrictive federal category for controlled substances banning doctors from prescribing and striving medical research. the decision comes as an answer to a petition filed by two former state governors asking federal agencies to losen regulation on the drug. as the gap widens between
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laws. three dates have legalized the drug for recreational use but according to the safe. has no medical benefit and use. high potential f advocates of the drug say most americans support legalization and think that it should be placed in a lower category with controlled drugs such as vicodin and oxiton couldn't anyone. federal officials say they would consider allowing more access so far only the university of mississippi has been issued a license from the dea to conduct such research. this is the 4th time the dea has been issued a research request and the 4th time it has been denied. >> jadiann: shocking -- allegations coming out of wimbledon. her mother says he was intentionally poisoned. ditextives are investigating. it happened during the quarter final match at wimbledon's junior
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gabriella taylor ranked 381 in the world got sick in the middle of her game. she was' forced to pull out but her mother says her daughter's sickness was so accident and thinks chefs' targeted by a rival player or coach. the 18-year-old was hospitalized and spent four days in intensive care. >> most people come up with mild flu-like symptoms and probably went even report to a doctor. those that do, they've pass in about four, five days but sometimes it can recur in the sec actually invades the organs. so you can get renal failure meningitis symptoms and ultimately it can become fatal. >> reporter: she was' diagnosed with an infection spread by animals like rats. >> it's a disease, it's an environmental disease, it comes from as you said from rodents. >> reporter: the infection is rare in the u.k. with only about t dozen case as year. >> about 40 case as year but
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it. i think there is a olympic died. >> reporter: police say no one has been arrest and they're waiting go what if any poison was involved. heading now into the olympic zone. for the first time in more than a century golf is returning to the big games. >> adam: this comes after several big games said they wouldn't make the tripo compete. joe amorosino has more on the golfers looking to bring hoar dustin johnson but there were some big stars hitting the links today representing team usa. rickey fowler, two-time masters champion, bubba watson and the top finishing american through today's round mat coucher six strokes off the lead but the best shot of the day game from justin rhodes. the 7 iron on parr three.
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the first uno in olympic golf history. der witts had a disappointing time. he lost in the first round of the fencing yesterday in an upset. he graciously spoke with us after his match clearly emotional. he is staying positive and says it's name to look ahead to tokyo for the games in four years. >> every athlete has days where they're feeling the best. where they're moving great. thinking great and i had a bunch of terms l where i wasn't feeling great. today wasn't one of the days. i gave it my all. but it wasn't enough today but we'll get back to the drawing board and hopefully four more years be back up there in tokyo. >> reporter: six days after he gets home he will start his sophomore year at harvard. joe amorosino, 7 news. >> adam: she is the gymnast everyone is talking about. simonepiles wowing crowds winning hearts. we will look at how she
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>> jadiann: still ahead -- >> adam: courtroom collapse. what this uber driver is accused of doing to one of his passengers. >> jadiann: terrifying collision on the tracks, computer train plows right into a pickup truck. it's all coming right here on 7 news. (jet engine reving up) you hear that?
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>> jadiann: let's go back in the olympic zone. she is being called the best gymnast in theorld. simone biles proving she is unstoppable. she has a move named after her. >> adam: hur olympic journey filled with hours of practice and nancy has more on how the decorated athlete is still >> reporter: simone biles already has a gold medal in rio but experts say it won't be her last. she has become the premier figure of it. this is simone biles. the numbers work for her. >> some days i train 5 or 6 so at the end of the week i trained 32 hours. >> reporter: she has dedicated countless hours to perfecting her routines on each apparatus, time that
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the times she will perform at any given event. each discipline at a gam nas tick competition is over 90 seconds after it begins. >> we put in 32 hours a week to compete the one roundine. once outhit, it feels amazing so all those showers were worth it. >> reporter: they have been for biles. >> that is a 10. absolutely, positively a perfect 10 execution! >> simone biles. >> twisting double. >> double layout with a half twist at the end. >> two and a half times around. full twisting double back somer saturday. >> is that going to be a huge number. [applause] >> far and away the best gymnast on planet reporter: as s up for rio and faces the culmination of her 13 years of training she what it has added up to.
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all the hours and all the dedication, all the fun and experiences i've had. it all goes to the one nt that you've been waiting for your whole life. >> reporter: there has been a lot of talk about biles upbringing, s a her sister were adopted by her maternal grandmother. both are cheering her own, nancy chen,. news. >> jadiann: a competitive fighter becoming the first american t in judo coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from kayla harrison and who she trained with right here in massachusetts. >> reporter: we're tracking more heat for tomorrow. forecast up next. >> jadiann: we continue to follow breaking news out of principleston. police releasing new information now about the man who killed a 27-year-old jogger there. stay with you, we'll be
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>> adam: we're back on this thursday, great to see you and hopefully you are inside and you have the kraft. cranking or you have plans to jump into cold water or -- >> jadiann: carrying ice cubes around with you. i don't know. it's one of those days where everyone comes in and they're dripping. sweat all over. no relief out there. j.r. what is going on. >> reporter: look at beverly 95. bedford 95. it's not even a dry heat. oh,. humidity is the issue, especially the first part of the day. today marks day number shall where boston has had at least a temperature of 90 degrees. here are the dew point temperatures. 60s and 70s worcester, that dew point of 70. the city at 72.
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fitchburg feels like 98. this is our hottestsumm of 2013u find the number of days that feature 90 degree heat. granted last year we had 14 days but four of the days happened in the month of september. june, july, august were not loaded with heat. about showers and the storms? they're been focusing back through the connecticut rif vale. they continued to drop southeast and weaken then a new batch gets going. a for the remainder of the evening. there may be one or two isolated downpours that pop in the heat and humidity but moist of the activity is going to shift southwest of metro boston. meaning red sox game against yankees will feature humid conditions. temperatures at first pitch close to 90 degrees. begin with a high humidity, that does not allow the temperatures to fall very much. so those temperatures will stay in the upper 80s
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evening, maybe a low of 79 or 80 degree, very uncomfortable with an isolated storm otherwise partly cloudy. warm and muggy. tomorrow another hot, humid day. hazy sunshine. slightly higher chance of storms tomorrow but still isolated in nature. not wide spread. you are thinking beaches, lakes pools, you can do that. it b h. boston tomw billerica 96. lawrence 96. advisory in effect tomorrow. meaning the heat index will approach 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow, not much expected throughout the afternoon. here even at 3:00 you notice there is not much aroun metro. one or two isolated storms possible. a little more activity up across northern new england. that is drop through metro boston late tomorrow night and temporarily break the home. temperature ons saturday in boston, and the beaches only near 70, farther inland near 80 with an isolated shower.
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beach day because the heat comes back with temperatures on sunday in the lower 90s. see you at 6:00. >> jadiann: up next a cambridge rower in rio, how her time in boston helped get her ready for the games. >> kim: good evening, i'm kim khazei. here is some of what we're working on for 7 news at 6:00 tonight. we've breaking news with investigators releasing a key piece of information as they search for the person who took the life of this young woman jogging in princeton. also a tra truck, pushes it down the track. the impact as you can see caught on camera. more on that. plus we're going back to the olympic zone. kayla harrison bringing anothergold back to new england and the famous face who helped her train for this moment. we'll have those stories and much more. we hope you join us at introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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? sip in summertime with a frozen coolatta from dunkin' donuts. stay cool this summer with a new sour apple, watermelon, or blue raspberry coolatta. america runs on dunkin'. >> adam: now in the olympic zone we're featuring a rower who has already had a long list of accomplishments. she graduated from tuft medical school and she is it hadding waters in rio. >> jadiann: part of her training she completed on the charles nancy chen has the story. >> reporter: she is as talented on the water asn it but home rowing, something she was' born to do.
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rowers jenny stone got an early start. >> she was' pregnant with me and in her second to last year of coaching. right there. pregnant belly behind the overautomakers. >> reporter: was that your first appnc >> you could count that. >> reporter: three decades later stone spends as much time on the as she does on land. she is competing in the single skulls race in rio, those are entirely she finished 7th in london. she say she is is faster than she has ever been and ready to take home a medal. >> this time around, i've been to the olympics to go to the olympics and i keep back because i think i can be on the podium so while i will enjoy the experience, it's a little bit more pressure about performance this time around. >> reporter: stone's making all kinds of waves now but it hasn't always been easy. after failing to make the team in 2008 the princeton
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nntil her dad and coach greg the char f fun. it'swaters pilot o -- >> i learned to row right here and definitely head of cole was a great time to come back,xp course. >> reporter: restructuring her training rebuilding herself stone is ready to compete. >> 100%. >> reporter: she is known as doctor stone after graduating from tufts medical school in 2014. the solitude of the water is sometimes her biggest challenge but the feeling is fluid. >> it's a special feeling. >> reporter: she plans to apply for residency. she is looking t orthopedic surgery. nancy chen, 7 news. >> jadiann: that is cool. >> adam: she has it all. >> jadiann: there is another 30 minutes of 7
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williams, 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> announcer: breaking news. >> we believe there was a struggle between vanessa and her killer. >> reporter: new details about the jogger found dead in princeton. whict attorney revealed about her killer and how you can help solve the case. then collapsing in court. the charge consequence an uber driver that caused him to fall down in front of the judge. >> reporter: hot and humid with the risk of showers and camera, a crash course, a commuter rail train slams into a truck pushing it down the track. hear from passengers who were aboard the train. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> adam: first at 6:00 we're cover breaking news. investigators releasing new details in hopes of finding this woman's killer or killers. vanessa markot was found death in princeton on sunday. investigators say that she
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>> kim: they say that could be key to identifying this man. dan hausle explains with the details. >> reporter: it has been four days since markot was kill and for the first time investigators told us something about how she was' killed. they're giving this up to hope to get something back from the public. a tip that helps them catch their killer. >> we believe there was a struggle between vanessa and her (stand by for captions.) >> scapes and or bruises, therefore, we would ask that anyone who observed a male


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